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  1. I got banned from B & Q yesterday, some prat in an orange apron came up to me and said " Do you want decking ", luckily I got my punch in first.
  2. My wife was pestering me about getting another dog, I eventually agreed as long as we called it after a Leicester player, it arrived the day we were playing Spurs away of the title winning season, so I said we would call it after the first Leicester goal scorer, then it dawned on me what if Shinji, N'golo or Riyad score? Thank fvck for Robert Huth!!!!
  3. 24th April 1971 v Charlton Athletic - until 5 mins ago I thought we had lost 1-0 as my old man said Paul Went had scored, just checked the records and it was an own goal!!! We won 1-0. Was only a 6 year old at the time
  4. I've just swapped our bed for a trampoline. I love it, the wife went through the roof.
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