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  1. What have you got in your feeders? The birds around ours aren't touching the seeds now but devouring peanuts and suet balls
  2. Have you had a look at Rick Stein's menu boxes, my wife's birthday at the end of the month and tempted to get one of them
  3. Don't know someone sent it to my wife
  4. I can imagine he says he went to check his eyesight
  5. Flying saucers anyone, Can always remember being on a train and this 5ish year old boy was eating one after another and then his mother gave him a can of coke, luckily I got off before the reaction in his stomach started
  6. With you on the fruit salads, you must have had black jacks as well?
  7. Happy Birthday Frank Worthington. One of a few entertainers of the game even when he was warming up with his ball juggling skills, was privileged to see him play on many occasions
  8. Tip of the day, don't go on the holidays thread apparently some people have more than one holiday a year😁
  9. Great, we always go for the wine pairing, let me know how you get on
  10. How about Simpsons in Birmingham last one I can recommend, the rooms are amazing
  11. Black Swan at Olstead, been there as well, excellent place, bit further up north though
  12. Have a look at Winteringham Fields, we've been twice, on par if not better than Sat Bains, bit more than an hours drive but well worth it
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