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  1. Grouse shooting and hunting exempt from England's rule of 6, that's going to down well with us peasants or should I say pheasants
  2. 1/2 points to Crinkleyfox
  3. To cut a long story short, Cheers Crinkleyfox if it's right
  4. Laughing all the way to the bank
  5. Revels - not normally into chocolate but they don't make a bag big enough for these, detest the coffee ones though
  6. Drivers who pull up at the entrance to the petrol station forecourt waiting for the first car to move off, just take a chance, pick a pump and wait Don't get me started on people who park at the pumps to do their f!!king shopping
  7. Unless you're a councillor
  8. Saw this moth on our wallthe other night, when we came in it landed on the glass of our patio door, it looks like it's giving me the finger!!!!
  9. Luv his rant about Dominic Cummings as Wolfox says he hits the nail on the head
  10. Conspiracy theory, are they trying to keep "unfashionable" Sheffield Utd out of Campions League/Europa League places for a more "fashionable" side?
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