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  1. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Fcuking fax machines!!!!!!!
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Anybody worried that Man U will offer de gea and money for Ronaldo then come in for Kasper. I am
  3. 1st game and 2017/18 fixtures.

    Wow last 2 matches - Spurs away at Wembley, then week later FA Cup Final at Wembley
  4. Mahrez has asked to leave

    I'm sure his agent had already put the feelers out to potential clubs way before he released the statement. As most are saying, his heart wasn't in it for the majority of this season. The owners are in a difficult position, refuse to sell him and have a Payet on their hands, or sell him and there will be question marks over there ambitions possibly leading to a couple of others following suit. Buckle up your seatbelts it's going to be a bumpy close season. My main worry is the head of recruitment Must say though it's been a privilege to watch him at his best, absolutely unplayable at times
  5. FA cup 6th round 2nd replay 1954

    Didn't sack pearson!!!!!
  6. Title Winning seasons mementos

    It will be on my driveway soon, best of all I live in North Notts !! I'll make sure it's secure
  7. Title Winning seasons mementos

    I'll see your nuts!! and raise you a manhole cover
  8. Title Winning seasons mementos

    I will check tonight, I'm sure its because the passenger seat leaning slightly as is sat on the floor, the fixing brackets are a slightly different height each end
  9. Title Winning seasons mementos

    Thought I might start this as there might be a bit of a lull on here until the Stoke game The better half is having a horsebox built and she frowned when I wanted it painted royal blue with logos on so I had these done instead I've got quite a bit more but can only do this one due to size, others feel free to add there's
  10. Champions League 2016/17

  11. Yesterday my dream died

    Pure class from start to very sad ending. For once I agreed with everything Jose Mourinho said in his press conference nice touch having CR on his United top Thank you claudio
  12. Shame on our club...

    Everyone at the club should hold their head in shame from the owners ( we will not make a decision until the end of the season) to the players (99% of whom are still pinching themselves that they won the premier league, are still in with a chance of reaching the last 8 of the champions league and doubled nay trebled their salary). He has done what NO other manager in our history has managed to do. He has supposedly shown loyalty to last year's team shame they didn't repay him. I'm sure it will all come out in the wash
  13. Still major concerns

    If this was just after we had scored why has it got Full Time under the score? or am I missing something?
  14. Caption Competition

    "Don't look behind you just yet but when you go on I want you to give that zimmer frame to Wes"
  15. Musa - Opinions so far

    He's very trying!!!