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  1. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Lemina looks a good player. Would have been nice to get him.
  2. FIFA 18

    Not read through the whole thread, but mine just keeps saying 'Cannot download', when I click download. Anyone else had this?
  3. Season Predictions (17/18)

    Champions - Chelsea Relegated - Stoke/Brighton/Huddersfield 8th-12th Still manager Vardy
  4. My Mahrez moment

    So many moments. Has to be against Man City as his top one for me. People really will only appreciate him when he's gone. Just hope he goes abroad so I can be happy for him to do well!
  5. Atletico 2nd leg at home

    Think we'll win 2-1 and go out on away goals, unfortunately. What at an effort that would be though. Whatever happens tonight, we'll end the night being proud of our team I'm sure.
  6. Pogba? Been good today I thought, don't think he's lost the ball once?
  7. Liverpool post match 3-1

    Could tell the difference in approach as soon as the first ball was kicked. Pressed so high up the pitch (not so much last 25 minutes) when we got the ball, we were already inside their half - like our first goal. Rest of this season we'be been way too deep, won the ball and the only option is a aimless lump downfield cos Vardy was too isolated.
  8. Burnley match thread

    Ndidi been our best player by far
  9. no demarai gray

    Just set up a goal as well, 2-0. Good lad.
  10. no demarai gray

    Just scored for the u23's against Spurs.
  11. Leicester 1 Copenhagen 0

    Thought first half we were really quite poor. Long ball after long ball after long ball. Very lucky to be ahead I thought. 2nd half was much better. Kept the ball on the floor better, defended well, and what a save from Kasper at the end.
  12. 10th, and I'd be very happy with that come the end of the season as well + getting out the CL group.
  13. At least we actually have options of being able to rotate the team - good options at that. Ideally another CB and Mendy for would be nice. Hope pe they put out a half decent side on Thursday. Got to fly back from Israel Friday morning then travel up to Leicester Saturday evening. Reckon we'll sneak it, either 1-0 or 2-1.
  14. Drinkwater was immense last night. Best player on the pitch for me. Amartey was very good as well, the amount of work those 2 got through was phenomenal. Though Slimani, Albrighton and Mahrez (through flashes of brilliance) were also very good. Everyone else was solid, no one under a 7/10. Thought Porto were good to be fair. Technically very good, mad how we've just beaten Porto in the Champions League. Their play acting was shocking, and the ref didn't help. Their big CM (Danilo I think?), thought he was good for them.