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  1. This season he seems to be playing deeper, or perhaps with less freedom to go forward. Could be to do with Maddison performing better and being the focus of or attack from midfield. Hes still playing well just not scoring/assisting as he did last season, so people think hes off form. The tackle and through ball to vardy yesterday was class, and he was involved in the build up to a lot of our chances
  2. How about: Weeeeve got Farquaad Super Caglar Super Caglar
  3. I need one more membership ID for getting 3 tickets to man city. If anyone could PM me, it would be hugely appreciated and you would get the extra priority point of course. Or if anyone has 3 tickets for sale, please let me know! Cheers
  4. Or if I could use someone's member ID that would be hugely appreciated. It would give you a priority point for away games. I have two memberships already but need one more. Cheers!
  5. Was it Burton who scored two absolute screamers against us in a Tuesday night cup game?
  6. He wasn't the worst but this thread reminder me of this man and this goal
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