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  1. I’m an absolute wreck. Shaking like a scared child
  2. Anything other than top 4 is a complete failure and questions will rightly be asked about the ability of Brendan.
  3. First time I’ve ever celebrated an Arsenal goal.
  4. Fantastic idea leaving albrighton and under out the team for 3 cdm’s. now we can defended a Burnley lead.
  5. Can’t see anything other than a loss here.
  6. Don’t take the cup seriously, get humiliated, have a end of season collapse under a Brendan masterclass. Rinse and repeat.
  7. This game wouldn’t look out of place in league 2.
  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen zonal defending work for any team. No idea why so many managers persist with it.
  9. Something really need to be done about our set pieces... Can no one in the coaching staff spot the issue?
  10. I know this isn't our strongest 11, but Christ almighty is that piss poor.
  11. The Algerians will not be happy.
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