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  1. That's not really the sort of healthy breakfast I would expect a professional footballer to eat. That's more the sort of meal a fat git like me would eat.
  2. I don't think anyone else will ever ink that.
  3. Would we spend 35m on a back up?
  4. Does this mean he is 29 this season? He has missed the best years of his career, not sure why we have kept him.
  5. If we sell Maguire, how about we offer to swap Slimani for Diop, West Ham need a striker.
  6. Agreed, players coming to the end of their careers, either through age or injury, must consider securing the financial future for their families. Obviously they have earned enough to ensure they won't be destitute, but young men, earning the type of money they are, will get used to spending it.
  7. I think this is the problem, we keep looking for a Mahrez replacement and there isn't one. I am not even sure that the team we have and the way that BR intends to play actually needs one. Can Perez, Maddison + A N Other provide the goals and assists that we lost with Mahrez's departure.
  8. I've worked out how he got the jump on other ITK's for the Perez deal, his real name is Mike. Go ahead Mike @Ashley, what's happening with Sean Longstaff?
  9. Does OGS have a history of bringing through young players into the first team? If they have decided that this is the way forward then it should be the club's strategy no matter who the manager is, i.e. it continues after they sack OGS 2 months into the season.
  10. You could imagine that side being quite good defensively as well, pushed back into a 5-4-1. All of the front 5 appear to be willing to make tackles.
  11. Albrighton is the best crosser of a ball we have, but we don't use a target man, so probably have no use for this skill. He is also the best defensive winger we have, if that is not a contradiction.
  12. Seems to be more Leicester, Man United and Arsenal. We are massive!!!
  13. Thank you for your thoughtful and in depth analysis of our future transfer prospects.
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