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  1. Merchant_Banker

    Andy King

    Just a small and silly point....... THIS IS AN ANDY KING THREAD...!!!
  2. Merchant_Banker

    Manchester United Away Pre Match Thread

    My prediction for today's match: - Claude Puel decides to start Harry Maguire who puts in a man of the match performance including scoring the only goal of the match with a bullet header from a Maddison corner. Leicester win 1-0 and Mourhinho resigns as manager complaining of lack of support in the transfer window.
  3. Merchant_Banker

    How did we do?

    Depends on how we do this season, I can't see Harry staying unless we get a Europa League place, possibly not even then.
  4. Merchant_Banker


    I assumed that we were planning for next year without Maguire. The young CBs will need a year to settle in, Big Wes is coming to the end of his career, Benny is not good enough and may still go before the end of August and if Maguire has another good season he is likely to move on next summer.
  5. Merchant_Banker

    How did we do?

    When working out how well we have done in the window I think you need to consider signings in both directions. If you give a maximum of 5 points each for transfers in and out then I would give 4 for transfers in and 2 for transfers out, so, 6/10. I think we can still loan players out to the lower leagues and sell to foreign leagues, so we might get up to a 7 or 8 by the end of August.
  6. Merchant_Banker

    Jack Grealish

    This is the transfer, out of those rumoured, that I would be least disappointed with missing out on. He seems to be over-hyped for what he has achieved. Rather have Maddison and a Brazilian I have never seen play. :-)
  7. Merchant_Banker

    Realistic Starting XI and Aims for 18/19 season!

    Schmeichel Pereira Evans Maguire Chilwell N'didi Grealish Omur Maddison Anderson Vardy
  8. Merchant_Banker


    I thought I saw mention of £50m + Mahrez money, might have just been some random on here though
  9. Merchant_Banker

    Exit Rumours

    So we're going to swap our best crosser of a ball for a striker who requires a good crosser of the ball?