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  1. Would be complete Leicester to **** this up after everyone screaming for the line up. Spurs not won an away game for 9 months... gwan lads!
  2. Happy with that! C'mon city 3 points for my birthday please!
  3. Love the guy and he's been brilliant these past two games but he scares the shit out of me when he comes flying out from the back to try and win the ball. Hes rapid and comes out of nowhere but if he ****s it up we're in trouble.
  4. If we play 4-3-3 I'd be confident of getting a result. I'm not sold on the weird diamond with two DMs we played today, was no width and we looked much better when Barnes came on. Not sure what BR was thinking tbh.
  5. Any one else think his thumbs up to the city supports was his goodbye?
  6. Championship quality that line up.
  7. I think west ham will be in the mix for one of the top 7 places this season. They are signing quality where they need it.
  8. Was in Weymouth over the weekend and our holiday park was full of city shirts. Blue army was in full force.
  9. That Harry chant was so cringe.
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