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  1. I have long stopped worrying about his team selections. Even if it fails hes built up enough trust for me to not even be mad. In B man we trust. Let's go
  2. Your name didnt need 3 n's but you went with it anyway .
  3. Just read this on one of the braga forums and thought I was funny. "Leicester is in 2nd place in a country where the second division has 3 teams with a more valuable squad than ours (and believe me playing in England this Braga is a Championship team). Today the squad ran (with 5 or 6 injured players and 2 or 3 more on the bench), and not only thrashed us, but he did it as a frightening facility. To believe that Braga could win today is to believe in football. But to believe that this Leicester "is nothing special" is to believe in Santa Claus"
  4. Game not showing on hesgoal. Can anyone pm me a decent link.
  5. Got lucky in the first half for sure but second half looked as comfortable as you can playing like that. completely different game once vardy and under got on the pitch. Fair play, first arsenal away win in my lifetime.
  6. He was yet again brilliant tonight. Calm on the ball, knows when to tackle and when to press, great in the air, commanding in the box, great passing ability and looks to be positive when playing out. Pure class.
  7. Madders and under could change this game
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