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  1. If we play 4-3-3 I'd be confident of getting a result. I'm not sold on the weird diamond with two DMs we played today, was no width and we looked much better when Barnes came on. Not sure what BR was thinking tbh.
  2. It wasn't just Apple man. Ashley said the same last night.
  3. Had hoped we would sign a winger and was excited about what could of happened today. Looks like nothing is happening and im pretty pissed off about it.
  4. Only 7 hours to go. No wind.
  5. Transfer muppetry getting to everyone I see. Only half a day left of this at least. CB from oversees in on loan tommrow, maybe more.
  6. How long before this one disappears?
  7. Imagine if we went and got Koulibaly from Napoli for 70m after United fans have been banging on about how much better he is all summer.
  8. No Sean put down the crack pipe.
  9. Any one else think his thumbs up to the city supports was his goodbye?
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