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  1. We won't be signing a big center forward like rondon. Rodgers has already said this when asked at the q & a session.
  2. Not sure how true it is but I'm hearing he's due to sign a 5 year contract with us. Much salt to be taken with this one though.
  3. Better than most rap music these days. At least it's not mumble rap. Gwan lad.
  4. Got a link to that interview?
  5. Mans ****ed watching at at crowded hotel( managed to convince the staff to put the game on) bar in Turkey, so missed much of the game. But managed to catch the goals. Happy days! How was it?
  6. Anyone else going to the Q&A tonight?
  7. It was more that I was expecting a tweet or link and you gave me nothing you stingy bastard
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