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  1. Halo is the plan, the connection is part of it. The reliability will be dependent on your location. I’ve been with BT for years and was, like most, working from home during the first and second lockdown and have to say that I didn’t experience any major outages or issues. Minor blip here or there, but nothing too drastic. I’ve had sky, ee and plus net in the past and all have had issue. I supported users at home across (teachers) in IT and we found BT to give the least amount of issues. Their new smart hub is very good. Virgin, TalkTalk, Sky and EE being the worst offenders for reliability/iss
  2. I’m not sure how I feel about these ‘passports’ or ‘certificates’ for COVID. I get it that they have to do something to get things back to normal, just not sure how I feel about having to have to show one (if I ever get on the vaccine list) everywhere I go.
  3. It is amazing to think how young he is. He got thrown in as a need, didn’t really have a settling in period for the club let alone the premier league. But he’s never looked out of place or out his depth. This is a mark of a quality player, but to do that so young is even more impressive. We’ll be lucky to hold on to him long term.
  4. Vichai had a dream... and were are living it. Forever in our hearts.
  5. A no contest. Man City were good, but thought we would show a little more fight. Ah well, on to the next one
  6. Now watch him be on the bench for today. But in all seriousness, he’s turned his form around and looks a threat in front of goal.
  7. One of the stand out players of the time. I was gutted when he left and it saddens me the way the club at the time treated him. if he could have stayed when we were relegated, his passion, work rate would have been a massive asset in League One and the sort of player that Pearson would have loved. Very Jamie Vardy like in a way. Wow, now there would have been a combo. Also, changes my opinion of Holloway a little, seems like he was another that was stitched up from the players that were bought at the time. As fans, we loved Hume as much as he loved the club.
  8. ah. You must have had the Bill Gates chipped vaccine instead. I would worry that at any point you’ll go blue and need to restart yourself, or would need regular updates. 😂
  9. 100% Leicester. No Fuchs given for England. International football for me is just not interesting. Bad decisions on England teams, poor performances over and over again just killed it for me since 2012.
  10. I’ve found my optimism. It was with Nacho all the time!!
  11. Seeing our bench gives me a sinking feeling. If we go behind, it will be very difficult
  12. So want to win today. Not only to have a semi, but to beat Man Utd. It would be such a good feeling.
  13. Yeah, I mean Rab Douglas was excellent.
  14. Fair play to him, he played well and took his goal well and a very neat pass for the 1st goal to unlock their defence. Needs to show that on a more regular basis.
  15. Surely that should have expired. There was one.
  16. I think if we win, they’ll be a lot of very strong semis! 😂
  17. I take back everything that I said about him. He’s happily proved me wrong and when confident, he’s excellent. Needs a striking partner though.
  18. Was it me, or has the 8 days between games been what we needed? We looked sharper, fitter and more organised. I know it was a poor show from Sheffield Utd, but the way we unlocked them was impressive and missing in previous games.
  19. You just know where this game is going to go. But hopefully, with a proper rest and some players coming back from injury, I’ll be proved wrong. We need a win to keep gap between us and the chasing pack. Won’t be an easy game now. Might be another hard watch.
  20. Manager sacking bounce coming up! They could have waited another 24hrs! Not thinking of others in that decision
  21. I’m still in shock...we scored a late winner...from a corner!!! A corner!!! An actual goal from a corner!!!
  22. Oh the fresh face foxestalk post. That positivity won’t be with you for long. 😝
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