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  1. Okazaki on the floor

    Because he thought he'd embarrass Newcastle a little on their 125yr birthday. Anyway, who cares the ball hit the back of the net and we won. I'd take an Okazaki bizarre moment for that. Love that guy!!
  2. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    Dennis Wise is just a pathetic little man.
  3. Why did we sack Craig Shakespeare...?

    When I was reading it I thought the same. He deserves a good job as assistant. He and Sam will sort out Everton as it sounds like they need someone with good man management skills to get the players back on side, and Shakey is definitely that man. He'll also be working with an old friend as well in Walsh. I have nothing but respect for Shakey. All they need now is Pearson to come in next season and the dream team is back in business!
  4. I bet Richard Keys didn't say the same when Mourinho got appointed at Man Utd. I bet he didn't say it when Conte got appointed at Chelsea. I bet he didn't say it Watford keep appointing foreign mangers. I could go on. The fact is that there isn't any good "British Managers" coming through. People like Giggs, Neville, Keane want the big jobs too soon because they have a good playing reputation, but struggle as they haven't got the experience and get the sack. As such no one wants to employ them. Maybe the coaching of bringing 'british managers' is wrong, or maybe this proves that British players stereotypes of being a little dim is true.
  5. Welcome Claude .... positive posts only

    Message for the mods - I think there's a glitch on here, there's a thread that wants positive responses. I hope that this is sorted soon and normal service will resume soon. Thanks from a concerned user
  6. Leeds Post Match Thread

    Considering Dragovic has only played 2 games for us, it looks like he's been at the club for a while. I quite like him as a defender. Doesn't flap so much and always looked assured. Morgan I always feel looks clumsy on the ball, but he doesn't. He seems so calm.
  7. Iheanacho

    Dots under the I and O, that's what they are
  8. Claude Puel - Contender

    Positive on Foxestalk?! Don't be such a silly sausage!
  9. Claude Puel - Contender

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/10/24/leicester-3-leeds-1-michael-appleton-step-unbeaten-record-foxes/ If John Percy says it's happening, then I believe him. I'm not overwhelmed or inspired by the appointment, but I don't see it as a complete disaster. I see it a safe option from the management, and maybe that's what we need right now a safe stable option. I hope Appleton is allowed to stay on, I have like the way hes managed the players and like the way hes come across the past few weeks.
  10. Claude Puel - Contender

    I know most are saying words like "uninspiring" a lot, but would the owners see him as a safe option? Someone who, yes wouldn't light the Premier League to Ranieri's levels, but would stablise us as a Prem side on a regular basis? So in turn, not having to cope with relegation battles just be safe in mid/higher mid table for a few seasons? May not be entertaining exciting, but would get results, but not to the WBA standards. Now that would be terrible! I'm not saying it's the right appointment, as I'm still undecided, however it may be the "safe" option we need at the moment?
  11. Ryan Giggs?

    No experience at all. And the past cases of former players going into management to a prem side has never worked. ince, Keane, solskjaer and who could forget Neville at Valencia to name a few! They have all failed massively so the track record of former players wanting to manage is not great. Too much money in the prem and too much to lose to take such a gamble. He needs to start at the bottom.and work his way up rather than just jumping into a prem job. It's a big fat no from me.
  12. The Swans v The Foxes scoreline thread

    2-1 Swans. They score first, then we chase the game equalise on the 70th minute and they score in the 94th minute of 3 minutes of injury time. Appleton sacked and Mike Bassett hired. What is guaranteed is a shocking performance from the referee...again
  13. Manuel Pellegrini

    Oooo, now this is a great shout. Not a long term fox, however I think he'll be able to stablise the club and get the respect of the players. I definitely see this as one of the better options.
  14. New Manager Suggestions

    Paulo Sousa
  15. Roy Keane anyone ?

    Roy Keane is one of the worst managers. He's too up himself to be a man manager, he's too aggressive in the way he comes across and is not very good tactically. So that is a big fat no!!