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  1. Am I one of very few that really and honestly doesnt give two hoots about this? It's all a bit pathetic and there are more important things to worry about....like how to get Albrighton into the England squad
  2. England's problem for years has been creativity in the midfield and the last match just proved it. Maddison has the highest chances created by any Englishman by far and in Europe! You should build an attack around his strengths. Kane, Sterling would love to have that kind of stat behind them. Just don't get it. Who you you prefer; headless chicken Henderson or creative Maddison. I know who I would choose.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't slating albrighton or saying he was a bad signing, in fact Im grateful we signed him and love his attitude. I would class him as an inspired signing rather than a world class one. He's definitely a grafter and that is what has made him a success here. Every manager has tried to drop him, then realised actually he's needed. But wouldn't class him as world class. None on my list think we shouldn't have signed as they were perfect for us and worked well, but they're not world class. Just solid players with heart. I would always welcome players like that as they're needed in every team to be a success
  4. Albrighton? Nugent? Dyer (legend), Okazaki, etc. I'd class them as all right, bit of a grafter
  5. Don't forget the Sporting Blue and I want to say at one point there was a sporting pink?
  6. Playing Hereford Utd at Filbert street in the cup. I was in the double deck stand as a young boy with the supporting post right I front of me. I spent most of the game looking round that thing. Also remember the foxes family nights to watch the reserves. Sitting at the top of the Carling stand and admiring the view. Those were the days. Also remember the signings such as Elvis Hammond, Josh Low, Mo Sylla and I remember getting all excited when Steven Hughes signed and thinking he's a great passer of the ball. Now we're selling players at record fees! It's ridiculous how far we've come!
  7. I wouldn't. Probably I real time, but not after seeing it back, its a yellow card for any team. But agree with you on your 1st point, and to be fair we have seen Vards do things similar. Just a shame it cost us the point and that VAR didn't over turn it. I get the impression from a few matches that refs don't like VAR as it will show up if their wrong and may show them as incompetent. And the ref on the VAR doesn't want to show up the ref too much unless it's absolutely clear it's a genuine mistake
  8. Reading what Klopp said after the game, I was expecting to see Hamza making a Hayden style challenge on Salah Got to remember in real time how quick Salah is. It was from behind and the correct decision was taken. You see Vards challenged lime that most weeks and never expected a red, unless he's through on goal and it's the last man. If Klopp is going to want a red cad for that, then every game someone will get sent off. We see one of these challenges down the KP almost every week, for and against us and a yellow card is correct. I know why he's angry because he's injured his best player but it's not in the same bracket as Hayden's challenge last week, which was no doubt a red! And to add; racism is not acceptable in any shape or form. I've seen some of the posts on Twitter aimed at Hamza and reported them. It's disgusting, just because someone does something people don't agree with doesn't give someone a right to be racist! Call them a twit or an idiot, but there is no excuse for using language like I've seen. I hope those people, mainly Liverpool fans get caught, given a ban from entering any football stadium and forced to attend courses to re educate them.
  9. I was watching and thinking the very same. I thought Salzburg attacked in a way that we do and does show that Liverpool can be attacked and broken down. I'm not for one second that this is going to be easy on Saturday, but to see last night gives a glimmer of hope. I was really impressed with Salzburg and the way they came back, and like someone else said, their striker reminded me of a Vards type of player.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7529787/Manchester-United-continue-track-Leicester-Citys-James-Maddison-ahead-potential-80m-move.html There is a glaringly obvious error in this article. Man Utd are not a 'top club' any more. Liverpool, Man City are, but Utd aren't. Also £80m?! More like £100m+ for one of the most creative English players in the league. Maddison would be mad to go there. Also, doesn't this show that Man Utd don't have a clue in regards to scouting? Shouldn't they be finding these players first so they don't have to pay through the nose for them? It's a weak club in a right mess and it's showing on and off the pitch.
  11. TalkSport sometimes just say things to get noticed. However, it is early in the season and I do worry about if/when Vards picks up an injury who will cover and get is the same standard and rate of goals. You can't knock the start we had, and I think we're playing the best football I've seen in a long time if not ever. So there is potential. Lets reassess at Christmas, if we're there or there abouts then we have given ourselves a real chance. This is the season if you want to break the mould is the time to do it!
  12. Dimi's head looks glued on! Just doesn't look right. To be honest, I quite like this idea of the album covers. The people complaining need to get out more and enjoy life and not moan about things for moaning sake.
  13. These are my actual thoughts at the time. You'd be glad I'm not a scout by profession 2008 - why have we appointed a manager without much experience? This Pearson guy will be the 1st guy sacked and I can see us stuck in League 1! 2012 - that Vardy guy looks a very poor signing! All he does is run around like a donkey without a head! Never worth £1m, what a waste 2015 - that new lad Kante looks like a 12yr old boy! Hows he going to survive in the Premier League?? But Inler is exactly what we need in the team and will be a great asset. Don't worry, I'll stick to the day job. Taxi!!
  14. Hmmm. Has it been taking out of context for click bait? Rodgers is more aware than that, and I can't understand the sudden turn on him after one game?! Before man Utd, best ever now blamed for everything!
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