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  1. Piss poor. Looked like there wasnt any desire and far too much respect shown. Poor all over the pitch. Deserved that. Justin probably one of the best of a bad bunch. Move on to the next.
  2. If I was playing the shot game for every time Sky blinking Sports mention the Liverpool injuries I would be hammered by now. Poor passing and panicking. Not good enough, people!! Midfield has been AWOL. Need to be more aggressive. Can't see us coming back from this
  3. Interesting he picks Nugent as the perfect strike partner. Proper bromance
  4. Doing well. Yes a few iffy passing, but he's improving and he's got age on his side. Been impressed
  5. Very tidy player. Good in tight spaces and does some good running. A steady player. Our midfield looks quite settled and looks like it's working well this season.
  6. And unfortunately, I can't see it changing any time soon, especially with our current injury list. 3-0 arsenal.
  7. Mainly, yes. But anyone can be effected. People can be effected at any age and the effects can cause "long COVID" in people who are generally healthy. "people suffering the most are the elderly". What are you classing as elderly? 60, 70, 80? Also an elderly person might be your mum, dad, sister, brother, uncle, gran etc...it's about protecting everyone as no matter of who you are you have the right to live.
  8. Really?? We've been woefully bad! Poor passes no creativity, gray has been useless and no one looks like they really care
  9. We've been so poor. Lacking any sort of quality and shows the lack of depth in the squad. Poor, poor show from us
  10. This guy hasn't really settled has he....
  11. That was one of his questions...what is a continuous cough and what isn't?
  12. Covid question - someone asked me and I didn't know what to say. They have a runny nose and a cold basically. A cough that is only there to clear his throat. Nothing more. Feels fine and they said they don't have a fever. Should they get a test?
  13. I did this at the start of the pandemic and it really helped along with Facebook. Seeing negativity day in, day out is going to affect mental health of some fairly easily, like me. Best thing I did was just concentrate on what you can control in your immediate surroundings...and talk!
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