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  1. I find this news mildly acceptable. Which is very satisfying and nice.
  2. You're just referring to the twonk on the right I guess?? Looking back, we have a lot to thank Mandaric for. Saved the club financially at the time and met a very nice Thai family that had a dream, of buying a football team. The other guy, well, that shall never be mentioned again...it's offensive!
  3. Errr and bit awks...it's been. I thought you knew?! Here's me at Pat Butcher
  4. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/10414351/leicester-city-players-photographers-costumes-party/amp/ My guess is that a photographer crossed a line, or they just got fed up with them. Looking at the initial footage of them arriving, the photographers do look like they're almost on the players feet! But shouldn't have let it get in that situation, I'm glad the club took security staff along and they sound like they stopped it before it escalated.
  5. But this is a positive as we're doing so well, this is the only thing that people can think of to complain about.
  6. I don't know why but I'm not got a good feeling about this game. It's definitely going to be a tough game. I would take a draw, but if we're going to be serious in battling with the top 5/6 it's the sort of game we need to be winning. I'm going with 2-2 with a late equaliser from palace.
  7. Lloyd Dyer on the bench for Burton. What a legend!
  8. Am I one of very few that really and honestly doesnt give two hoots about this? It's all a bit pathetic and there are more important things to worry about....like how to get Albrighton into the England squad
  9. England's problem for years has been creativity in the midfield and the last match just proved it. Maddison has the highest chances created by any Englishman by far and in Europe! You should build an attack around his strengths. Kane, Sterling would love to have that kind of stat behind them. Just don't get it. Who you you prefer; headless chicken Henderson or creative Maddison. I know who I would choose.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't slating albrighton or saying he was a bad signing, in fact Im grateful we signed him and love his attitude. I would class him as an inspired signing rather than a world class one. He's definitely a grafter and that is what has made him a success here. Every manager has tried to drop him, then realised actually he's needed. But wouldn't class him as world class. None on my list think we shouldn't have signed as they were perfect for us and worked well, but they're not world class. Just solid players with heart. I would always welcome players like that as they're needed in every team to be a success
  11. Albrighton? Nugent? Dyer (legend), Okazaki, etc. I'd class them as all right, bit of a grafter
  12. Don't forget the Sporting Blue and I want to say at one point there was a sporting pink?
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