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  1. What really grinds me gears... Man Utd!!!! That is all
  2. That's quite a rant. Some odd concepts in there as well. To say that people work from home are all "meaningless jobs" is bit of a broad statement. I will say that, yes some jobs are not able to do at home and are very important. From NHS, bin collection, postal workers etc...cant work from home. However, there are people who can work from home that have important jobs. Everyone has a role in the economy. Without pay, you can't spend. If you can't spend, then companies don't receive income...you see where I'm going with this. So matter what your job,it's important. I agree, maybe we can learn lessons from this, but I think you might want to rein in this rant a little. My hope is that we can get through this soon as possible to resume life and then get your wish to see Leicester lift the FA cup
  3. https://www.stocksbridgeps.co.uk/post/jamie-vardy-statement The reporter/paper have made their own story from a conversation with the chairman. This is the statement. Definitely believe the chairman over a dodgy journalist.
  4. Nothing and mean nothing could be worse than that!
  5. So, the places that are now classed as outside the zone...Birstall, glenfied, thurmaston are these restrictions lifted from now/sat or the 24th? I'm a little confused as he didn't actually give a date for this as.he said this in another part of the statement. Then I see parish councils and County saying different things. Why can't the government be clear.
  6. Non Leicester midfielder would be Xabi Alonso. Such a key player and so cultured on the ball, made the game look easy. Made Liverpool tick.
  7. I think this virus is going to be with us forever, so if we can find a way to weaken it, it will as the government like to say: protect the NHS and hopefully save lives. Not everyone can be protected, sadly but if it just becomes a few that suffer complications, then we can move to a more normal way of life. If that is at all possible.
  8. A question for those that know more than I do. Are the government/scientists only looking for a vaccine? Would it be possible to find a way to weaken the virus, and would this be more achievable and a way to control the virus until a full on vaccine is found? I happy to be proven wrong and to get more understanding on this from people.
  9. And now the unpopular opinion thread added to that list. Thanks.
  10. Oh lord, don't let a teacher or someone in education gear you say that! He's a slimey git! Don't be fooled
  11. What is Foxestalk going to do?!! No Chilwell...who is Foxestalk going to blame today??
  12. Maybe Maddison isn't enjoying where he's playing. For me he's more effective just behind the striker/strikers. Since he's been told to player slightly deeper he's been less effective and certainly looked frustrated against Brum. Granted he was hobbling, but didn't look too happy to me. Chilwell is just down to confidence, or well, the lack of it. He looks completely shot of confidence in his ability at the moment.
  13. Don't worry lads! I've got the loo roll and pasta, just in case we don't make the top four. #panicbuyingforfailure
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