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  1. What is Foxestalk going to do?!! No Chilwell...who is Foxestalk going to blame today??
  2. Maybe Maddison isn't enjoying where he's playing. For me he's more effective just behind the striker/strikers. Since he's been told to player slightly deeper he's been less effective and certainly looked frustrated against Brum. Granted he was hobbling, but didn't look too happy to me. Chilwell is just down to confidence, or well, the lack of it. He looks completely shot of confidence in his ability at the moment.
  3. Don't worry lads! I've got the loo roll and pasta, just in case we don't make the top four. #panicbuyingforfailure
  4. Liverpool lift the trophy in an empty stadium.
  5. 1-2. Same as other games. No change, no urgency, no intensity, and more crucially...no aggression. I would love to know why we have started to be so far apart in games, not keeping the quick short passes that works so effective when going forward. When either Evans or Cags has the ball everyone spreads across the pitch behind opposition players, not wanting it. We not only need a win, but a convincing one to get the confidence up. Sadly I can't see it against villa, they know us too well and know exactly how to stop us.
  6. Praet has impressed me recently. You need a player like him in s squad. You have flair players, that can't tackle. You have defending midfielders who can't pass consistently accurately. Praet does both well, but is not outstanding. What he is good at is close control and keeping the ball ticking over. He also makes good decisions on passes. Don't forget, against Man City, he was the one keeping KDB quiet for most of he game. Personally, I've been impressed with him and there is definitely space for him alongside Maddison and Ndidi. He's performing better than tielemans at the moment.
  7. And to be fair to him, he put a good tackle in when they were bearing at goal in the second half. I still wouldn't rate his performance as good, but better than other games.
  8. Painful to watch, painful to recall. Yes it's a win, but I don't see any improvements to give me hope for the up and coming fixtures and to say, "that was a lot better!" Because it simply wasn't. Subs made absolutely no difference to the game. No one would take responsibility or stamp their authority on the game. All seemed very.... stale.
  9. Why have I got a bad feeling in the bottom of my intestine that this is going into extra time and won't be a pretty watch? Or is it just wind?
  10. I knew there was something wrong in the dressing room! Didn't think it would come to pinches though
  11. How about a straight swap for me wife?
  12. No good for me...as I don't have Facebook. But to be fair, I will be there. Come on, there's plenty of tickets left. Don't watch on a dodgy platform (faceache) and come and watch for real!
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