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  1. I'd question the build up play...slow, sideways. Not Vards fault. We need to attack quickly and with purpose and Vards will spring into life. Today wasn't his fault, it's the supply to him that's the issue
  2. I think it's disgraceful! Can't believe a 23 year old is enjoying time off and has gone on holiday and had a few drinks that he can afford. How dare a single 23yr old lad pull a good looking bird while on annual leave from work. Utter shambles...not! . As others have said, why are the media so quick to tarnish young English footballers reputation? I know it's all about selling papers, but it's getting ridiculous now.
  3. I think we'll struggle in this game. Just don't like playing against wolves. 2-1 lost
  4. We all like to moan about our team, (They're crap) Moan about our team, Groan about our team! Dilly-ding dilly-ding! We moan about our team, we moan about our teeeaaammm... Richie Wellens, it's your fault that we lost!
  5. Putting in an official complaint is good. Will it change the result...no. Will it force a replay... definitely not and shouldn't as Villa took their chances and we didn't. But it will highlight the frustration with VAR and we would all like to know why it wasn't given. Will we get an answer...no. The all mighty premier League won't want to as it will highlight failure in the technology and their referees on and off the pitch. For me, the standard of refereeing is falling it feels, season after season. This incident just highlights the problems. What's more worrying is the fact that Mike Dean was close by, and by some angles actually looking at the incident! That's the most worrying thing!!!
  6. Slight over reaction, I feel. So you are saying you'd sell Maddison, our creative spark, Ricardo, who has been one of our better players and all our wingers? I know you're probably hurting after that game, but don't you think this is a massive over reaction? I feel we are in need of a winger, but to say you don't want half our team is s little OTT. Just remember where we've come from over the years, and think of tiatto, Elvis Hammond, McGivern, mo sylla and co, then tell me our team now is crap! Just needs tweaking, not a whole rebuild.
  7. This is a massive game for both clubs to be fair. They're at home, fans behind them. However...that could work against them, we need to get at them from the start! Nervous for this one, it could go either.
  8. We seem to do well with left backs recently: Fuchs, Berner, konchesky, chilwell to a point. Fuchs has been a great servant to our club and he still has so much to offer. His experience, expertise in defending against all types of wingers has been a pleasure to watch. Mahrez ripped Chilwell apart, when he came up against Fuchs previously he had no joy at all. That is how good he is! Be a sad day when Fuchs is no longer a Leicester City player. Legend in my eyes!!
  9. Maybe it was due to teams concentrating on planning to stop Vards. When he's not in the team, they lose their focus which then frees up others to ope them up?
  10. Lets at least give him a chance...least wait till his first touch!
  11. Traffic is a nightmare! Stupid kick off time 7:30!!!
  12. Mr Sean From Enderby. Please calm down, you'll make yourself I'll will RSI with all that angry typing! Keep calm and keep taking those special medicine pills... they'll help.
  13. New game...who can piss Sean from enderby so much that he mentions you in a tweet? Your time starts....now!
  14. Are you okay? Do you need some help? (Quick someone...call the ambulance while I keep him busy!). Would you like a drink?
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