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  1. Can’t see us coming back from this...going to be a tough watch second half. Can’t argue with any decisions made. We just look tired and no enthusiasm to win. Look like a team that needs a break.
  2. Not much else he could do with the players we have available. we’ll have to see how till it goes, not overly confident considering the way we lost to Prague. I say draw.
  3. Well, we deserved that. Not good enough over 2 legs. Our injuries and amount of games is catching up with us.
  4. I think we’re hit our limit. Can’t see 2 goals in this as we can’t manage 1 over 1 and half games. Injuries and amount of games has caught up on us
  5. This is such a bad game. We haven’t got any spark up front.
  6. Why do I have so much hatred for Man Utd these days? Maybe it's because we're competing with them.
  7. Was excellent today. Defended very well and was good in possession
  8. Hard fought game in the end. An excellent 1st half is what we needed as it was obvious that we tired in the second half. Plan to hit them hard and quick paid off. Good win!
  9. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1400413/Tottenham-news-Daniel-Levy-Jose-Mourinho-Brendan-Rodgers/amp I wasn't sure where to post this. But Fuchs me "deserves to manage a top club" balls needs to stop. As it stands, we've won more, we've been more consistent then Spurs, so up yours express, take your bias crap somewhere else.
  10. Awful officials for today's game. Very poor. No consistency of decisions and apparently rugby tackling and being pushed is allowed. Ah well, not a bad result in the end. Not our best performance, especially in the second half. But there is still 90minutes and I think we can take these.
  11. This is awful game. Might watch Married at First Sight with my wife. It's that bad!
  12. Yep. It's terrible game of football. Best part was the half time whistle
  13. BBC News - Covid: Five reasons to be (cautiously) hopeful https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55941234 I have to say, this is probably the most positive thing I've read about covid recently. There hasn't been much, and for everyone it hasn't be easy in one way or another, so any glimpse of good news is a shining beacon. And I read it not being too cynical about it either, which I have been on others.
  14. Not pretty, but 3pts which is what we needed. Maybe a better side would have been a different outcome. But can't argue at the points. Nacho man was good as was Justin and Tielemens, who I think he's playing better this season then towards the end of last. We move onto the next game
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