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  1. In the form of a contract I hope eventually. Just wonder if he'll fit in with the worth ethic of the team? Im not doubting his talent (he's proven he's got that in the prem), I just don't know what his temperament/commitment is like. Not watched him enough. Any ideas anyone?
  2. Was he also convinced that Liverpool will win the league next season? If so, I would have walked away very slowly and far, far away. The guy has quite clearly lost his carer
  3. Waiting on Pearson to be confirmed as his number 2?? 🤔
  4. How about a lad called Norberto Solano?
  5. I think players like Iheanacho will be heading to clubs that can offer European competition, Europa League as a minimum. To be honest, I think he's good enough to play at that level. We do have to be realistic this transfer window. We are not the Champions and we haven't got the lure of the Champions League. Players will see us as a mid table side with ambition of Europe at best. We missed our opportunity last summer to really kick on and stay in and around the top 6/7 and challengingfor Europe. These sorts of players want champions league regularly and we can't offer that. But I guess sometimes money talks and that's one thing that we quite clearly have. Would I say no to him coming, he'll no o think he's quite a talent. Do I think he'll come? Unfortunately, not.
  6. Good luck with that formation! The gap between attack and defence would be massive! Also Albrighton is not a wing back/ RB he's an old fashioned winger. The defence would be on top of each other and Gray and Mahrez would add little protection or won't win the ball high up the pitch.
  7. I want Messi and Ronaldo in our team next season, but that isn't going to happen. What they want and what will likely happen are two different things. Wouldn't make much sense to go there anyway.
  8. Keyboard worrier at its best. Bizarre comments as well. Why has he been horrendous? Granted, not the Drinky of last season, but not horrendous. Some people I think we're spoilt a little by last season.
  9. I think it's awful that Shakey has taken us to the champions league QF, almost guaranteed safety and has the possibility of finishing in mid table. I think it's a total disgrace for someone to change a relegation threaten team around and manage to get some clean sheets under our belt AND manage to get away wins this season?! Who does he think he is!! In reality, its the people questioning him that need to have a look at themselves. This guy has done wonders for us in the time he's been in charge, and I for one back him all the way.
  10. These comments i can understand more, and partly agree. It's my concern, however much players love being here, that they will now have a taste for the European football and will want it more. People like Kasper and Drinky who aren't getting any younger and who i can imagine are hungry for success. Mahrez is different as I've always thought he'd leave in the summer anyway. But I think Gray just needs to be more consistent, he could be a ready made replacement. Kasper will be the hardest to replace. Young talented keepers are hard to come by and, if you do, lure them away from their current club. He's right Top 6 will be a tough ask, but if we do things right, we could be one of those teams that are always there or there abouts. This summer will be big for us on the recruitment side
  11. I laughed my way through most of this. He contradicts himself by saying we should be ashamed to go out in the quarter finals, yet says there's no disgrace going out to Athletico Madrid?! Also, comparing us to other teams is a kind of compliment, but a back handed one. What he doesn't mention is budgets. These teams have a bigger budget and spend £££ on players. Moaning about our tactics? But didn't we score and had worried when we changed to a target man up front? They are used to playing against passing football style, that's why they can defend it so well. They weren't used to playing against that system so it put them on the back foot. Surely that was a good tactical move? If we played the passing or "sexy football" that he is suggesting Madrid would have just closed the space and not let it happen. And anyway, it wasn't all just hoof ball. I thought we opened them up more with on the wings. Bizarre comments from an arrogant man. He reminds me of Katie Hopkins, who justs says things to be controversial and to get in the news. Shows lack of intelligence to me.
  12. Benalouane needs to be given a hell of a lot of credit in the past games he's played. I was really worried at the time Morgan got injured, but have we missed him since? Not really. I had my doubts about him, but I'm happy to see him prove me wrong, and then some. He's been terrific for us and that performance against Madrid was outstanding. He has gained a lot of respect from me and I hope it continues. The question will be, what will happen when Huth and Morgan are fit together again? It'll be so harsh to drop a guy that's helped us to successive clean sheets and put in a MoM performance against one of the heavy weights in European football. Benalouane - I salute you!
  13. UEFA are doing all they can to end our run in the Champions League. They won't want us to win it, that's for sure. So they put in an inept referee and try to disrupt our team as much as possible. It's not just us, over the years English clubs have been part of some suspect decisions and refereeing. All football governing bodies are corrupt in my eyes. It's pathetic really, I also expect Barca to go through with some dodgy decision as well.
  14. It's the biggest game in terms of occasions, but not in terms of importance. There have been many times where a single game means a hell of a lot more, but this as a stand alone game is the biggest occasion that i can remember. My Little Leicester City in the last 16 of the Champions League?! It's incredible. I'm expecting us to go out, but I'm going to enjoy the game whatever as it won't come round again anytime soon.
  15. They'll just reuse their Pearson one from a few years back.