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  1. 3-5-2

    Only looked good because WBA were so poor. If you change to that we need to see it from the start. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, however I'll leave full judgement till I see it for a full game. We still looked disjointed with this formation and a better team would have got in behind us. Be do agree we need to change something. Maybe Morgan, Maguire and Dragovic. Though that'll be harsh on Simpson who I thought was our best player today.
  2. West Brom Post Match

    Disjointed, slow to 'attack', lacking creativity in the final 3rd, lacking confidence, lacking ideas, too far apart when attacking... I could go on. It's not looking good. Though, I have to save WBA were the most negatively boring team I have ever seen! Not surprised, but that was a new level. The less said about Mike Dean the better. I also think that IF the club decide to let Shakey go we need to take a fresh approach to things and bring in someone with new ideas.
  3. is ndidi injured

    There's a lot of hate in this post for Ndidi. Firstly, look at it game by game - how much ground did he cover in 90mins? How many games did he play in a row?You're thinking about when we had Kante, he's exceptionally fit and I haven't seen anyone like him. N'didi covers a lot of ground in each game (may not make the right decisions, but he is always on the move). That will hit anyone's fitness. He is up and down all the time as his partners in the centre aren't cutting it at the moment. Keeping that up in the premier league pace the style he's been asked to is an exceptional achievement that only Kante can do. So, you could argue that you expect Albrighton should be able to run up and down at full throttle all game, Vardy can keep going at full speed for 90mins every game? Morgan wouldn't get tired chasing strikers? What about Okazaki? He very rarely lasts 90mins
  4. Here's to you, Danny Drinkwater

    Drinky isn't French...
  5. Most Punchable Current Footballer

    Jordan Henderson!!!! How that guy is not only Liverpool captain, but an England player too??????!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!! He moans about everything more than my wife!!! Harry Kane also makes my list for being the greediest, self centred footballer on the planet. Sterling as well for being a diving little mongoose.
  6. George Thomas

    Watched a couple of U21s and he has looked very good. You can tell he's played in a full league before. However, it will be a jump to not only play in the prem, but in a side lacking confidence. Also, I don't think he'll suit a 2man midfield. A 3 with him as the top maybe, but just think it's the wrong time. Maybe worth a shout against Leeds though.
  7. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    And they're probably younger than some of the FIFA mongooses
  8. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Rob Tanner has claimed that he can now train with the squad?! Hows that possible I wonder?
  9. Someone needs sacking

    This is definitely Richie Wellens' fault! How dare he!!!
  10. Something along the lines of - "I'm sorry I'm leaving, but I was told I was going to the former champions of England, and thought it was Chelsea. I have seen my new teams midfield, and want to come back! Please, give just €5 each to buy me back! Please, please"
  11. A positive way to think of the reason for the delay...they wanted to make sure they had the best case they could to get this over the line! Here's hoping there's a quick decision, and a positive one!
  12. Leicester 2-Liverpool 3 post match thread.

    Why are people slating N'didi? He was all over the place! He broke up attacks got his foot in. For Liverpool's 3rd it looked like he ran out of puff to get back after running back and surging forward a few times before that?! I can't remember Kante being an outstanding passer, and N'didi is the same...that is not his strength or job in the team. King I have to say was very poor. Never looked like he wanted the ball and wasn't taking up positions where he could collect the ball and move forward, or get his he'd up and look for the killer ball pass their defence. He did it once for Vardy when we won the penalty and that's it. He was hiding behind Liverpool players when we didn't have the ball and I can't remember him making a tackle. There was an instant were N'didi had the ball and was looking for a pass in the middle and King was nowhere to be seen! The defence didn't have a pass in the middle of the the pitch, hence they went long or looked at the wings. I tell you one thing that grind my gears yesterday was Jordan moaning Henderson! He is so shit and in my opinion should have got booked for moaning at the ref for every decision against Liverpool (which weren't many). He was always in the refs ear and he was shouting at the lineman's on more than one occasion. I thought the FA wanted to stamp that out? Or doesn't that apply to him as he's (somehow) an England international?!! Maguire bashing as well gets me. He's a young talented lad and I think he's been playing well. Morgan, Fuchs, Huth, Simpson need to share their experience with him so he can learn. He has the raw ability but he needs to get that youthful inexperience out of his system and learn from the others. I don't think he was terrible, bit does need to be careful when to make the runs forward. A battling performance where I think we didn't do too badly overall, but shows our weakness is in the most important part of the team - centre mid. But for a situation out of Shakey's contol the answer cant play. King isn't the short term answer and I dont think 4-4-2 is either. We just haven't got the Kante's or the Drinkys in our team at the mo, so he needs to look at the players he has got available and think of a plan b for now. Bournemouth is a very big game. We need to start winning again, and beating teams in and around us to start climbing the table and getting the momentum back.
  13. Liverpool home pre match thread - Colombian cup R3

    I wouldn't mind seeing Iborra with Choudhury in there. He looked good for the u21 games I've watched. And with the experience of Iborra by his side, it'll be a good learn point for him. A risk I know, but it can't be worse than sat. Choudhury looks like he has bags of energy and aggression which I think is missing at the mo. Josh Knight as right back as well. Then bring on the big guns later on.
  14. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Put him as Josh Knight, but he's spent his life in Portugal and look old for his age.
  15. Will our fan base ever be happy again?

    This is like saying will there be world peace? The simple answer, No. You'll never please everyone...Ever!!