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  1. Does Shakespeare have any input on transfers

    I don't think this is a case of Shakey not having a say in transfers, I thinks it's more of the player wanting to play regularly. If this is the case, then you can't blame Shakey. Tom certainly proved last season he can cut it in the championship, and maybe sees things as take a step down to go forwarded again. I think that's fair enough to be honest and £7m if reports are anything to go by is good business. I don't want him to go as I think he's got the talent.
  2. Andros Townsend...

    That's not row Z, that's hit the High Cross car park
  3. Andros Townsend...

    Not sure what to make of this
  4. Ryan Shawcross

    He's got one England cap.I'm now intrigued...
  5. Shakey's interview with Oliver Kay

    In the Pearson days, he did a few bits of media pre match and always came across very well. Kind of Pearson style, but with a warmer tone. I quite like it. I'm hoping he's a success and just brings a bit of stability to our club.
  6. If/when Mahrez goes...

    What's Josh Low doing these days? He'll be a suitable replacement
  7. Molla Wague, should we use the option to sign him?

    I don't think so. It was a season end loan, so he would have gone back. Will he go down to having the shortest Leics career ever?
  8. Drinkwater

    Stuffed up a transfer window? Needed a young centre back and got Maguire who looks solid. We needed a good striker and struck a deal for Iheanacho!. We needed an experienced cm and brought in Iborra. I don't class that as stuffed up a transfer window. Yes we still need a few more (RB cover, Winger and a ACM), but we still have time. Chill out a little. Also, I wouldn't class of "fending off interest for Mahrez" as he's actively looking to move on. In his case, we need to move him on if he does t want to be here, even though he is our most creative, and possibly most talented player. I don't want to see him go but can also understand why. Oh and WRITING IT IN CAPITALS DOESN'T HELP.
  9. Drinkwater

    I think the big test for that theory on Drinkys side will be Friday, as he's missing the game and it'll show whether we will miss him IF he goes. With Mahrez, we've had plenty of time to sound out a replacement, so you'd hope the club has that covered. I hope.
  10. Welcome Kelechi

    @SheppyFox has actually exploded with excitement as we speak. Bless him.
  11. Iheanacho

    So is this Iheanacho lad any good? Don't think we've talked about him much. Seems to have slipped under the radar this potential signing.
  12. If Mahrez and Gray both leave?

    I can't see this happening. If Mahrez goes, Gray will be the main replacement. If Gray goes I would see this as a signal that Mahrez would stay. The club won't be that stupid to sell both, and I'm.sure Gray has been told that when Mahrez moves on, he'll be the main man.
  13. Drinkwater

    Selling Danny Drinkwater so close to the end of pre-season would be daft. He's a core component in the way we play and a main body in the midfield. If/when we/he decide it's the right time to leave, it should be early in the pre-season and for the club to have identified a replacement for him. To take him out of our side at the moment would be suicidal, and looking at the Burton game, the rest of the midfield doesn't fill me with much confidence, to be honest. (nothing against the guys, just think we missed Drinky. Always good to see James back playing). Like him or not, we all have to agree Drinky is important to the way we play and we can't lose him this close to the new season. If I'm being honest I think it's bull anyway.
  14. Iheanacho

    My special juices are tingling...
  15. Iheanacho

    breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. Stay calm, my friend