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  1. Players you forgotten had played for us

    Patrick Kisnorbo - I remember when we all thought he was the best defender at the time, it was a shame he was always injured in his time. But Tunchev was a class defender, far too good for League One. I was gutted when he picked his knee injury. Apparently, only retired last year. Fair play to him. Another defender I'm not sure has been mentioned but was a great left back for us...Bruno Berner. Loved that guy. Best left back at the time, only recently been superseded by Fuchs in my eyes.
  2. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Considering he scored and had 2 assist against Hull, I'm pretty sure he isn't cup tied. He suits Chelsea style more than he ever did Arsenal, so he'll definitely be more of a problem for us.
  3. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Not the most inspiring game to have the pleasure of watching, but a win is a win and a place in the next round. Chilwell worries the hell out of me, made far too many simple mistakes or made the wrong decision. Needs to step it up. I did notice that when we scored Vards never went over to Mahrez and vice versa. Wonder if Vards is annoyed with Mahrez about the saga?
  4. Friday night

    No one gives too much of a monkey about the FA Cup anymore. Also the opposition doesn't help, if it was a 'top 6' side it would have sold more tickets. Also being a Friday night in half term wouldn't help either, lots go away this week.
  5. Sheffield United Pre Match

    This is more the squad is be expecting rather than want... Jakupovic, Amartey, Benny, Dragovic, Fuchs, Gray, iborra, Silva, Barnes, Diabate, Iheanacho. Subs - Hamer, chilwell, N'didi, Maguire, Vards, James, Mahrez. But would love to see Huth play some part. May see Morgan if he's alive and managed to get his stair lift installed at his house.
  6. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    All this money talk doesn't convince me at Stirling is not a diver. Does he think he's in Ducktales and diving into a massive pile of money? Or is this just his home life that has transferred to the pitch? Wonder if @Naz could explain, much appreicated
  7. Dragovic

    I have been really impressed with Dragovic recently. He's been solid, reliable and a calm influence in defence, never looks rushed or panicked. Watching him defend shows the quality he has. In a home game (think it was Swansea) he was virtually on his own when the opposition counter attacked and the way he took the runner wide away from goal and isolate the attacker was a thing of beauty. It allowed the rest of the defence to get back in position and we cleared the ball. His reading of the game is a big improvement over Morgan. He has to be a player we have to buy in the summer, surely. I also feel that was are seeing the beginning of the end for the old guard.
  8. https://www.lcfc.com/news/582461/love-for-football-has-kept-silva-focused/featured
  9. Lower league opposition with heavy tackles and sometimes late tackles flying in.
  10. Manchester United (H) pre-match

    I was the same. I wanted extra time but love the fact Bristol have won! Fully deserved
  11. Martin Atkinson today

    This is something I've noticed as well. Does the the 6 second rule still apply to keepers holding on to it? This isn't a dig from Saturdays game, I've noticed it a lot recently. Refs seem to allow the keeper to hold on to the ball for up to 10/15 seconds. I find it highly frustrating, winning or losing. They need to clamp down on it. I also feel keepers have too much protection from refs.
  12. Okazaki on the floor

    Because he thought he'd embarrass Newcastle a little on their 125yr birthday. Anyway, who cares the ball hit the back of the net and we won. I'd take an Okazaki bizarre moment for that. Love that guy!!
  13. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    Dennis Wise is just a pathetic little man.
  14. Why did we sack Craig Shakespeare...?

    When I was reading it I thought the same. He deserves a good job as assistant. He and Sam will sort out Everton as it sounds like they need someone with good man management skills to get the players back on side, and Shakey is definitely that man. He'll also be working with an old friend as well in Walsh. I have nothing but respect for Shakey. All they need now is Pearson to come in next season and the dream team is back in business!
  15. I bet Richard Keys didn't say the same when Mourinho got appointed at Man Utd. I bet he didn't say it when Conte got appointed at Chelsea. I bet he didn't say it Watford keep appointing foreign mangers. I could go on. The fact is that there isn't any good "British Managers" coming through. People like Giggs, Neville, Keane want the big jobs too soon because they have a good playing reputation, but struggle as they haven't got the experience and get the sack. As such no one wants to employ them. Maybe the coaching of bringing 'british managers' is wrong, or maybe this proves that British players stereotypes of being a little dim is true.