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  1. So you're rhyming 'know' with 'Maddison' and '10' with 'shine'?
  2. You're hardly sticking your neck on the line with that prediction - he's absolutely nailed on to play for England one day. I doubt bookies would even double your money with a bet like that.
  3. Thought he did really well today. I admit he's been poor in recent weeks but anyone criticising him for today's performance was watching a different game to me. He'll only get better and we're lucky to have him.
  4. Loved watching the aggressive high press today. Lost count of the amount of times we pressured their defenders into making a mistake, which then led to us having a decent chance. Under Puel we played too deep and never forced mistakes high up the pitch, which meant we relied solely on creativity to have chances - something we lacked dearly. Today, many of our chances didn't come from our own creativity; they came from mistakes forced by the high press. Quite simple when you think about it, but incredibly effective - especially when you have someone as hardworking as Vardy leading the line.
  5. I'm considering it. I occasionally move over for cup games and have always been impressed by the effort those lads put in at the top of SK1.
  6. Yes, Jobber is still there. I'm in K block and the atmosphere around me was terrible today - completely silent for the most part. The Kop really upped its game today but K and L just weren't up for it at all. I used to think it was the Puel effect but even a new manager and some exciting football couldn't lift us. A lot of the lads around me spend more time on their phones texting or checking how their bets are doing. The whole area (J, K, L) has really gone downhill atmosphere-wise in recent years. It's a real shame.
  7. Very brave of Matt to speak out about these issues, hats off to him. I also think he's a superb pundit and I always enjoy listening to his contributions on Radio Leicester. He often provides some great insight from a tactical perspective which many pundits don't - probably thanks to his personal background in coaching. Deserves great credit for the way he's turned things around.
  8. I think Brendan will opt for a back 4 in this one and we'll start to see the start of a more positive and aggressive playing style - 2-0 home win for me. And one other thing, PLEASE, for the love of god, can we not moan, groan or boo whenever we make a mistake or pass backwards. It was bloody obvious anyway but the fact that Brendan felt the need to mention this in a press conference goes to show that we've become part of the problem. Attitudes in the stands need to change if we're going to get the KP back to being the fortress it once was. Get behind the lads and they'll give you everything. Negativity won't help any of us.
  9. That's a decent effort to be fair. Who cares if it mentions Celtic? It's much better than the terrible 'Brendan Rodgers is a blue, he hates Celtic' chant which you just know we'll end up falling on.
  10. I've been critical of our home support recently but where I was today (K block), everyone got behind the players in the opening stages and the atmosphere was good. It only went south when the realisation hit that we were being embarrassed at home by a mediocre Crystal Palace side.
  11. Appleton in until the end of the season. Players know and like him. He'll be able to motivate them and steer us clear of trouble. Then move for Brendan Rodgers in the summer. People may turn their nose up at him because of the 'David Brent' persona tag he's been given in this country but he's a good manager who likes to play positive, possession-based football with young players. The perfect fit in my opinion.
  12. Accomplished nothing... aside from becoming the first Scottish team in history to win back-to-back trebles.
  13. Completely agree with this RE. Ghezzal. I'm not going to sit here and say he's been great since signing, but he's done okay. The sheer hatred a section of our fanbase has for him is absolutely bizarre. Where I sit in K block, he regularly gets booed when he comes on or if he misplaces a pass. It's absolutely embarrassing and the most counter-productive behaviour imaginable. In what way is that going to benefit him, us or anyone? I know our fans aren't blessed with intelligence but this Ghezzal agenda really is baffling.
  14. I think there's an argument to say that Maddison could have been dropped in there at times this season to offer some creativity from deep - especially against the bottom-half teams at home.
  15. I think you could easily find quite a few clips of us having sustained periods of possession like that this season, including in other games against the big 6. The difference here is that Tielemans was there to break the line and put Ricardo into a great crossing position. Too many times this season that pass has been missed for a more conservative option. The midfield had a really nice balance today - Ndidi did his job and Tielemans was left to do his. Puel's persistence with the unsuccessful Ndidi and Mendy partnership has arguably been one of his biggest downfalls this season. Great to see us finally using another option.
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