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  1. Not surprised to see our 3-1 loss away to Spurs get a mention in that article. That was one of the most bizarre games ever. We literally battered them, created 4 or 5 clear chances, stayed solid at the back and still managed to lose 3-1! I was certainly Puel-out but couldn't help feeling sorry for him that day. It was the biggest 'false result' I think I've ever seen. I'd actually go as far as saying it was one of our best performances under him.
  2. I'm hardly inspired by the appointment but I'm also willing to give him a chance. He resigned from Sunderland because of how terribly the club was being run and the lack of funds available, and it's well documented how stubborn the board at Celtic were over transfer dealings. He wanted to sign Benkovic at Celtic but was told he was too expensive, so they had to work on a loan deal instead. The quotes from Rodgers below are probably worth a read too. There's certainly something in the argument that operating at a club like Leicester (decent funds, great owner, Premier League football) will be a much easier task than at some of his previous clubs. "He does a great job with the resources that he works with. He obviously has to scour the market and, at this moment in time, in terms of recruitment, it’s probably never been more difficult. “A lot of the time, he’ll find players we just can’t bring in. "His job is to find the players and, in his time here, he’s done that. Now whether we get them here or not is a different story. But, listen, the regular supporter wouldn’t know the operation. “And when one or two get emotional in the media and start to point fingers, that can snowball. But he’s very talented. He hasn’t worked in the game for this period of time without having that talent. And he loves it. "He enjoys working here and he’ll continue to work tirelessly with his staff. The players he identifies are exactly what we need as a team.”
  3. Not sure on names but here's what I think needs to happen over the summer. IN Tielemans Central midfielder Right winger Striker OUT Danny Simpson Adrien Silva Shinji Okazaki Andy King Islam Slimani I don't think huge changes need making, just added bits of quality in certain areas. If Fuchs leaves we'll need another LB too, but it sounds like he may be doing another year. Would anybody take Adam Lallana? I know he's 30 (almost 31) but he's still a classy player who could fit nicely into the two number 8 roles where Maddison and Tielemans play. I'm not saying he would be a guaranteed starter but could be used in games where we need some extra creativity.
  4. 3 adult tickets for sale - £30 each. Message me if you're interested.
  5. The OP will be someone from the Mercury, or know someone from the Mercury, and is just trying to drive traffic to their website. I've heard from someone in the industry how desperate places like the Mercury are for clicks nowadays. There will often be a leaderboard put up in the office and if reporters don't get a certain amount of clicks on their stories in a month, they're in trouble. It's the reason we now get terrible, non-story clickbait sh*te like this so often. Quite sad really.
  6. Really enjoyed the Q and A tonight. Had to laugh at the start when the Birch said 'you get what you pay for and you've paid nothing to be here tonight, so don't expect much' - or something to that effect. Rodgers walks onto the stage: 'haven't paid much? Leicester paid 9 million quid for me!'
  7. So you're rhyming 'know' with 'Maddison' and '10' with 'shine'?
  8. You're hardly sticking your neck on the line with that prediction - he's absolutely nailed on to play for England one day. I doubt bookies would even double your money with a bet like that.
  9. Thought he did really well today. I admit he's been poor in recent weeks but anyone criticising him for today's performance was watching a different game to me. He'll only get better and we're lucky to have him.
  10. Loved watching the aggressive high press today. Lost count of the amount of times we pressured their defenders into making a mistake, which then led to us having a decent chance. Under Puel we played too deep and never forced mistakes high up the pitch, which meant we relied solely on creativity to have chances - something we lacked dearly. Today, many of our chances didn't come from our own creativity; they came from mistakes forced by the high press. Quite simple when you think about it, but incredibly effective - especially when you have someone as hardworking as Vardy leading the line.
  11. I'm considering it. I occasionally move over for cup games and have always been impressed by the effort those lads put in at the top of SK1.
  12. Yes, Jobber is still there. I'm in K block and the atmosphere around me was terrible today - completely silent for the most part. The Kop really upped its game today but K and L just weren't up for it at all. I used to think it was the Puel effect but even a new manager and some exciting football couldn't lift us. A lot of the lads around me spend more time on their phones texting or checking how their bets are doing. The whole area (J, K, L) has really gone downhill atmosphere-wise in recent years. It's a real shame.
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