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  1. Agree with this. I also don’t think this is the worst result in the world for us - Wolves needing something at Chelsea on the final day could be huge for us.
  2. Agree. 3 points today would be huge in that we’d go 2 ahead of Chelsea with better GD, but the momentum shift would be just as important. I think Chelsea will lose at least 1 of their remaining games (probably Liverpool away) so we’re likely to need 7 points. Win today and that means we can stumble home with a win, draw, loss and still do the job. Today is absolutely huge though. This is the one we quite simply have to win.
  3. Anyone got a link directly to those PaddyPower odds? Been on the site and can’t find them
  4. That’s quite possibly the worst decision I’ve ever seen. VAR backing it up after watching a replay is absolutely sickening too. It really does make you wonder what goes on behind the scenes.
  5. That could be a huge result for us if 5th place secures Champions League. I feel more nervous about Monday than for any game we’ve played this season.
  6. Agree. Chelsea winning that game, especially after that agonising late chance, is gutting for us, but with Sheffield United, Liverpool and Wolves to come they will certainly drop points playing like that. Over to us now anyway...
  7. £60m or higher and you have to take it in my opinion. Decent player, England regular and good age, but there are too many inconsistencies in his game to turn down a huge sum like that. Out of him, Ricardo, Soyuncu, Ndidi and Maddison, Chilwell is the one we’d miss the least. I have no doubt about that.
  8. Good news for us. Didn’t really expect anything else but reassuring to hear that from UEFA.
  9. When the lockdown is lifted it will be interesting to see what becomes of the typical work office. For companies who have managed perfectly fine with employees working at home, would it be irresponsible of them to call workers in just so everyone can ‘work together’? Without a vaccine, surely social distancing will need to continue which would mean desks being rearranged 2 metres apart? Seems a rather unnecessary risk to me. If you can work from home with no problems at all, then you shouldn’t need to be exposed to a busy commute and a crowded office before we have a vaccine in my opinion. Will be interesting to see what the Government’s guidance on that is - if there is any.
  10. Would be a great signing on a free if the wages were reasonable. For someone to come in and rotate with Tielemans and Maddison, with Champions League and Premier League experience, you couldn’t really find a better fit.
  11. Big game. Win today and you’d have to say that top 4 is done and dusted. Lose and more doubts would arise. A draw wouldn’t be the worst result in all honesty.
  12. I would usually agree with that but he gets it spot on every time, he’s receiving information of that I have no doubt. This isn’t one or two occasions where he could have had lucky guesses - it’s 10-15 times now and he’s been spot on with all of them.
  13. Absolute joke that our teams are consistently being leaked this early. I know it’s a nice little insight for us fans but it’s a bit ridiculous really. Should not be happening.
  14. Get in, was worried about this being moved until I saw this. Absolutely no way they can put us on a Friday or Sunday slot now, especially when those two games you mentioned are both televised themselves.
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