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  1. Commentator has just said on about 3 different occasions that Gray’s goal was an equaliser and it’s 1-1. I’m completely lost.
  2. Coote got the decision right in the first place and the fact he’s been told to check it plants the seed in his head that it’s a mistake, when it quite clearly wasn’t. VAR is an absolute joke.
  3. Rodgers was quoted saying we have no fresh injury concerns. Don’t know where this has come from. https://www.lcfc.com/news/1879185/vardy-in-contention-for-aek-test-says-rodgers
  4. He’s giving me the Kante vibes. Every time he’s anywhere near the ball you just feel safe because you know he’s either going to win it back or play the right pass. As others have said, Soyuncu is brilliant but still makes you a little nervous sometimes. Fofana is different gravy.
  5. This game has probably become more important after those two league defeats. It’s quite clear that we’re not going to have enough for top 4 this season, but we won’t be near relegation trouble either. At this point, it feels like we’re in for a bit of a nothing, mid-table season. Europa League is looking likely to be the main source of excitement for us this season. As I’ve said before, if we can grind out these next few months and get through the groups (ideally finish top) we could be entering the Round of 32 stage on 18th February 2021 with Ndidi, Ricardo, Soyuncu and Ma
  6. I’d take a point in all honesty, given the horrendous situation we’ve found ourselves in with injuries. I’m of the mindset that we just need to grind these next few months out. Let’s get to Christmas within 5-7 points of the top 4 and make sure we get out of our Europa League group and then have a big second half of the season with Ndidi, Ricardo, Maddison, Praet, Vardy, Evans and Soyuncu all fit and firing.
  7. Seen this link already posted but in case anyone missed it, for those thinking of paying £15 - don’t. Use this link and there will be plenty of good quality options: https://reditt.soccerstreams.net/home
  8. 100% this. There were so many times last season when I thought we were ‘too nice’. Putting 11 men behind the ball for 30 minutes and dragging players to the floor on a counter attack is the kind of sh*thousery you need to get points in tough games. Looks like this young squad is getting more streetwise.
  9. There’s no doubt in my mind that a fully fit Ndidi walks straight into the team but Mendy certainly gives us something that Wilf doesn’t. Mendy has a better first touch and seems to use his low centre of gravity to hold the ball in tight situations. Losing Wilf for 3 months is a huge blow but perhaps not season defining as many thought, as long as Mendy keeps this up.
  10. Not really expecting much result-wise but it would be good to put a performance in. When we went there a few years ago on that Monday night and lost 1-0 to Kompany’s screamer, we played well for large parts and did well to contain them. Last season, Brendan got it all wrong and hung Chilwell out to dry in a 1v1 battle with Mahrez. Despite going 1-0 up, it was men against boys for pretty much the whole 90 mins and that game, along with the 4-0 against Liverpool, seemed to have a lasting effect on us. Just hoping we turn up and give them something to think about. If
  11. Burnley: https://shop.lcfc.com/digital-matchday-magazine-leicester-city-v-burnley Arsenal: https://shop.lcfc.com/digital-matchday-magazine-carabao-cup-leicester-city-v-arsenal
  12. ‘120 minute encounter’ Am I missing something or does that mean tomorrow’s game is 2 hours long, instead of 90 minutes?
  13. Agree with this. I also don’t think this is the worst result in the world for us - Wolves needing something at Chelsea on the final day could be huge for us.
  14. Agree. 3 points today would be huge in that we’d go 2 ahead of Chelsea with better GD, but the momentum shift would be just as important. I think Chelsea will lose at least 1 of their remaining games (probably Liverpool away) so we’re likely to need 7 points. Win today and that means we can stumble home with a win, draw, loss and still do the job. Today is absolutely huge though. This is the one we quite simply have to win.
  15. Anyone got a link directly to those PaddyPower odds? Been on the site and can’t find them
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