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  1. I'd love to agree with you but 9 point gap even if we beat them still 6 points advantage that a lot to make up
  2. Look like we are in three way fight for 2nd place then. I hate to say it but Liverpool going to win the title this season
  3. I'm still waiting for the Vardy film to come to the Isle of Wight
  4. But would prefer a cup or champion league football? why get bogged down by cup fixtures
  5. Just forget about any other competitions and focus solely on the league top 4 gives us champions league whereas cup only give you europa place plus the top sides will have European fixtures, if they progress in tournament, the glory of possible trebles for Man city and Liverpool, could maybe help us who know where this might end?
  6. All 10s from me, I honestly can't believe when just won 9 0 away that people would actually rate the players less than 10, talk about jobsworths 😁
  7. He'll probably win the title with them every Leicester reject that goes to France seems to do better there than they did with us!
  8. I was at filbert st for the Peake beauty against Liverpool, was behind the goal for that one, you don't forget goals like that one :)
  9. I never needed any reminding, once we got rid of that clown that use to do something but not manage a team properly, thankfully Rodgers has a brain and plays to the strengths of the team he manages
  10. 'I think you must be an ostrich. Is your head in the sand?'
  11. Basically one is an excellent manager and the other is rubbish, I'll let you come to you own conclusions
  12. Man united must be kicking themselves now that they bought the wrong player from us 😁
  13. reality check i was talking nonsense
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