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  1. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Robbed yet again at arsenal
  2. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Why were two minutes injuring I was expecting just one
  3. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Maguire I got every faith we should be building defence around him, future captain
  4. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Do you have season ticket? If so and king plays happy to make you offer on it
  5. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Who you going to drop for Gray? I think against arsenal away first game of season you got to start with most experienced players so Albrighton
  6. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Will he risk him with a start, I know we played in a lots of the friendlies but premier a completely different type of game, I think he'll go for King's experience
  7. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    I'm curious who will play instead of drinkwater I'm guess we'll go safe and play King?
  8. Chelsea - 9th September

    Have they changed so you can buy family tickets online? Or blip on system, In past I've always had to phone up as I did this morning.
  9. Brighton - 19th August

    thanks for reply Chiltern, ill stop worrying that they have been lost in post
  10. Brighton - 19th August

    Has anyone that bought tickets last Wednesday received them yet? I'm still waiting, usually get in a couple of days
  11. Brighton - 19th August

    i noticed that too i was going to buy online cause i thought was going to be mad scramble but seems really quiet online so i decided to ring box office cause i wanted family stand i had to try few times but got through after about ten minutes and was one in queue, I got tickets in row e behind the goal for family stand, I can see at this rate they'll be offering to season ticket holders, be interesting to see if the priority points needed will come down for the next set of games?
  12. Brighton - 19th August

    Has anyone successful bought Brighton tickets online, I was going to phone up for tickets in family stand tomorrow, but not sure if its good idea if still loading of people calling box office? Going to ground isn't an option for me
  13. Membership 17/18

    The impression i got from the box office today is that they set the priority points high to start with, so that all priority will automatically get tickets, when I asked if the point would change as the season went on, I expected to say yes, they will go up, but answer was they may come down? but I think honest answer that no one has a clue how this will all pan out?clearly there will be long standing members who for what ever reason didn't get to as many game last season as in previous years, but clearly we got this new system and is no going back to gold silver and city, they will sell tickets to someone and that all that matters to them. While it might work for me this season I'm not so confident it will next season cause of location with additional cost and time of getting to games doesn't allow me to get to all the games. so any advantage of been a gold member will be lost after this season.
  14. Membership 17/18

    to be fair what emails have we had about it ? if i hadn't looked here or gone on website id probably be none the wiser, the club say members were consulted, but i doubt most would say they knew much about it until it was sprung on us out of the blue
  15. i thought Drinkwater did ok today, at the end of the days its only a friendly, even if there is a trophy at the end of it, its all pretty meaningless, but I got impression that Drinkwater realised his form had dropped at the end of last season and seem more focused today. A few of his passes where short, but nothing major to worry about. I think at start of season he are going to see Drinkwater of old. Maguire looks a good signing, had a confident game and looks like he has an alert brain, can sees danger before it arises. The only other stand out player I saw from 2nd half was Fuch he was getting in some good forward positions today, but seemed sometimes he was two steps ahead of the rest of the team