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  1. southfox66

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    Maybe Puel has the right thinking sort your defence first and the rest will fall in place whereas in last two seasons the whole team has had to muck in to cover for the weakness we have there, but hopefully with a quality back four, those in front can be more forward thinking :)
  2. southfox66

    Dilly ding Dilly Gone

    Maybe he'll position himself for the West ham job, he has better Premier record than Moye has haha
  3. southfox66

    Who Do You Want As Manager Next Season

    Cause he said he wants money to buy players, something they seem not willing to do as the owner is trying to sell the club, so he might want a club with ambitions of building success ie us
  4. southfox66

    Who Do You Want As Manager Next Season

    Clearly our defence is a shambles but then again it has been for the last two seasons and something Puel will need to address, to be fair Puel predecessor seem to be more interested in the attacking aspect of our side hence we spent £70 million plus on it, we should be spending that sort of amount on our defence as a priority i would suggest.
  5. southfox66

    Who Do You Want As Manager Next Season

    I think whether you like Puel or not, personally I don't, but the thing is what reason do the owners have to get rid of him 47 points 9th place, its an improvement on last season,so they are probably quite happy with that. i think they will expect improvements and he will tell them he can deliver, so i think come start of the season with hopefully new quality players bought in we'll all be giving him a second chance, so why don't we just stop asking question.
  6. southfox66

    Jamie Vardy

    The thing that would worry me is how many goals has scored this season and we still come away with no points, whereas in previous seasons they would nick a draw or even three points. Today and start of season arsenal there's 4 goals no points :(.
  7. southfox66

    End of season Puel poll

    Benitez is your man, he said if he gets no money from Newcastle to buy players, he will have consider his future, if the owners have any sense they will be sounding out this week, give him a figure they will allow him to spend on players, to me its no brainer to both parties.
  8. southfox66

    Puel - what about now

    His pre match interview on sky gave a completely different impression to the players performance on the pitch tonight, he didn't seem bothered and didn't give the impression he expected us to win tonight, either he knows its over or he given up on this season and mind focused on next season already..
  9. southfox66

    Arsenal post match 3-1

    Rubbish Puel is clueless, the only time we done well under him is when we played in our usual style, that has served so well for three seasons but good old Puel decided he knew best and screwed up our season with his ridiculous tactics so I wouldn't get carried away with one result, no doubt Puel will revert back to his master plan shortly
  10. southfox66

    Arsenal post match 3-1

    Great result but still prefer new manager Puel is too inconsistent for me, we seem to do well when we ditch his tactics and play in our usual style, which to me suggests its nothing to do with his management skills.
  11. southfox66

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Puel just on sky pre match interview whay a joke he doesn't give the impression we even going to try and win tonight, that is the problem we have, all the pundits and experts say he's the man to turn it around, but i just dont see it, to me he gives the impression of not been bothered, he just too laid back, no sense urgency and thats why we only won 4 in last 18 games.
  12. southfox66

    Robert Huth to Leave at End of Season

    Huth appearing before the match is going to be the highlight of the night, will all down hill after that :)
  13. southfox66

    Andy King

    He looked better tonight than any one playing for us on Saturday, but then he hasn't got Puel as his manager and he had a shot on target with first 20 minutes which bettered our first after 85 mins on Saturday :)
  14. southfox66

    David Wagner

    No thanks, the minimum requirement should be a top flight average of at least 45% win rate
  15. southfox66

    The Arsenal next, lord help us!

    To be honest does anyone really care i think are season ended after Palace beat us 3 0,Puel has lead us a merry dance and mislead the club that he actually knows anything about football, if we were to beat arsenal, what does it tell us, not alot, as much as id hate to see it maybe two 5 0 loses, will finally convince the owners enough is enough