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  1. I had a gold membership last season I had to pay extra than I would this season but that suited me as a live down south and go with son so can't get to all the games but last season I got to 8 games so give me 23 point which seems will put on edge of priority and season goes on ill go down list if people round me start to take over getting one point a match so I'll end up in ballot said I wasn't happy about would prefer to keep gold card, they said would pass on membership ordinator as a few complaints about lack of information before issue and changes, suggest if gold member in similar position like me, contact box office and make complaint if they have alot ppl contacting maybe they'll makes change to how tickets allotted ?
  2. i was sat front row at Watford game guy next to me had a camera that bigger than a compact im guessing was a bridge camera no one seemed bother
  3. I think the owners will go for a high profile Manager they are driven by success thats their nature. I think Mancini would be ideal let him bring in own back room and build his own squad. I always thought it was only fair to give the players from last season the chance to play a season as champions and champions league football, but tonight showed us how out of our depth we are against a top side we looked a spent force they basically just walked all over us and their is no excuse for that. We've had three amazing season but it time to build a team that will finish in the top 8 season in and out
  4. I'm sure I read on previous away ticket post that someone said that always away tickets available at ground on match day. Can anyone confirm that ? Tia
  5. nope, that would have to be Chelsea v Spurs last season
  6. but that was with Chelsea probably be lower with us
  7. 37 percentage win record with Chelsea yep that really inspiring, might as well line up his replacement for when we go down
  8. Has to be 3 points on Monday, nothing less is acceptable or the last few days were completely pointless !!
  9. No cause I doubt we're ever win the premier title again so any future manager is going to always live in that shade. Unless we win the title again no manager will ever better what Ranieri ever achieved at this club
  10. I'm just expressing an opinion I didn't want him out I'm still in shock but is nothing I can do to change that, but I'm worried that we going to rush in and make wrong choice.
  11. Oops bonus point for spot
  12. Now Ranieri gone like he says the dream is over, so come summer we need a major clear out, if the stories are true that the players wanted Ranieri out, they have shoot themselves in foot and honest truth most just ain't good enough. In a way the end of season can't come quick enough I would stick with Shakespeare till end of season and appoint new manager in the summer I think we have to take the fall out from this and let the dust settle, last season has effected the club in a way we didn't expect, but can still build a great future, we need to get our scouting program back to how it use to be and get out find the hidden talent, we need to raise up and be great again. Keep the faith forever fearless.
  13. The king has left the room the best manager Leicester will ever have !
  14. Pearson at Liverpool game for half time wrestling match with James MacArthur, two falls or submission, he gets the job
  15. If its all about business why is Rudkin still at the club, surely no one here can argue for keeping him, if he was responsible for transfers or lack of them he failed miserably