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  1. Boring game, but how was that not a penalty or was the old chestnut not clear obvious error by ref. Two boring games, for me isn't enjoyable, scrap the season and do on points
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=143633727205398&id=107771164124988 If you have Facebook follow the link to vote for the King Power as best ground in the Premier we in the semi against the Toons but miles behind so share share share and their taking mick out of ground in comments too
  3. Liverpool 71% of the ball one shot on goal 😂 Watford only had 29% and completely outplayed them 😂 3 goals it could have easily been 5.
  4. I wasn't going to, it's erased after tonight's result 😊
  5. Well done Nigel played it perfectly the guy is a legend outplayed Liverpool no flook
  6. Good to know I'm not the only one that see that, we going back to backward build up its pointless, it says to the other team we are not a treat, you might as well just take you chances which what teams are doing week in week out , its hard to see where our next win is coming from.
  7. We need to put the disappointment of the last few weeks behind us and focus starting another unbeaten run so can at least keep up challenge on man city and get away from Chelsea
  8. Can someone explain how we got a corner out of it I assumed that the goalkeeper never touched it and that the only reason he wasn't booked/red carded, but even saying that if an outfield player who wins the ball but follows through with two feet taking the player out it would be a red card, it seems for goalkeepers there are no rules for challenges on players, but if you as much as touch him it's a foul.
  9. Well all I can say is.... Good thing their number 9 was shite, he kept us in the game 😂
  10. A chant for Liverpool at home next season "We won the premier title before you* and it took you 28 years to do" Thats the first two lines, anyone wants to add to it, be my guest
  11. Today result was fine as they didn't gain ground on us, we just need to keep playing the same way i don't think we have much to worry about, champion league football next season, no one can really moan about the season, on the whole we are where we deserve to be
  12. They'll probably win it! Theyll play exactly the same way as the two legs against us, why would they change their stye
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