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  1. Well all I can say is.... Good thing their number 9 was shite, he kept us in the game 😂
  2. A chant for Liverpool at home next season "We won the premier title before you* and it took you 28 years to do" Thats the first two lines, anyone wants to add to it, be my guest
  3. Today result was fine as they didn't gain ground on us, we just need to keep playing the same way i don't think we have much to worry about, champion league football next season, no one can really moan about the season, on the whole we are where we deserve to be
  4. They'll probably win it! Theyll play exactly the same way as the two legs against us, why would they change their stye
  5. His distribution of the ball out, is pretty poor these days too!
  6. I can only sum up both legs with one word....... Poor
  7. Unlikely we'll be on tv unless Liverpool get knocked out by Shrewsbury all other fixtures more appealing than ours as big sides away more chances of a gaint killing
  8. You can't blame teams coming to us and parking the bus, we need to learn how to break teams that shut up shop, that's one of our biggest problems, we seem to have two modes exceptional or dire. I'm just glad away goals don't count 😂
  9. It would seem that the general consensus here is no, suggest in future you keep such thoughts to yourself 😂
  10. I think we are worrying over nothing I'm sure he thought to himself this is going better than he expected probably when he came to us his goal in mind may have been get us Europa football maybe a domestic cup then I'm in a position to go to a bigger club, fast forward to today he has got together a team of gifted young players and find him 2nd in the league so the only way forward is to stay with us and make us Premier champs again, the only place he could go is Manchester City if we ended up higher than them and Pep goes, basically there is no logical move for him at the moment but stay at Leicester
  11. Why would he want to leave us now it after putting a winning formula in place, to leave it risk letting someone else come in and claim the glory of champions league place or higher. It would be insane ud have to be mad or think our league form will fall apart and that we were are, going to slip to below 6th. I doubt he thinks either, if he wanted more money im sure the club would match it to keep him.
  12. The problem is the team, not the manager, they had there day I guess he's paid the price. Another team will be more than happy to take him.
  13. I'd love to agree with you but 9 point gap even if we beat them still 6 points advantage that a lot to make up
  14. Look like we are in three way fight for 2nd place then. I hate to say it but Liverpool going to win the title this season
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