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  1. We were beaten by the better side today they were pretty comfortable we didn't give them any serious threat, we have to go away and learn from it. We are still a young side and still plenty of room to improve, so I won't get too disheartened by today's result, Chelsea losing was an unexpected bonus
  2. I was lucky enough as a kid to see him at Filbert St a naturally talented and gilfed player RIP Frank
  3. It is an amazing time to be a Leicester fan and we are still a team in developing hopefully the top players will have the sense to stay and help push for another title for the future.
  4. Finally we playing him in the right way put him in the box and he will score goals that's how he played at Man City, I think we need to allow him to become our main striker and Vardy has to take secondary role but the way Vardy set up the two assist today still show the big role he can play without having to be the main striker.
  5. I don't know what we were worrying about for 88 minutes of the game, piece of p### really in the end
  6. At this moment isn't alot to say postive about the side we seem devoid of ideas
  7. Castagne doesn't seem to want to take on the defender to get in the box, he was the same against Burnley, so we became ineffective on the attacking left side.
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