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  1. Think his problem is the same one Steve Walsh found, been at a club for the best part of his career, and can never settle anywhere else, perhaps his heart isn't really in it anymore.
  2. Also Dave Buchanan looked a better prospect as well ,and it was freezing.
  3. Think Bobby Smith made his debut as well ,could be wrong though .Think Youngy played for Oldham as well .
  4. Think he'll survive any run of bad form ,until fans are let back in in any numbers then the pressure grows . .
  5. Who cares ,we've had things go against us in the past and anyway it's just great to beat those bellends.
  6. Checked again ,not THAT Emma Jones, didn't think it was fright🙄
  7. Also played for Wales and Cardiff City women's team
  8. Always turned into a spit fest .
  9. Mclintock spent more than that on Roger Davies ,think wasted about 500,000 on lower league and has been crap.
  10. Asda have given all vulnerable staff 12 weeks off on nearly full pay if they want it .
  11. Been off work this week with symptoms, not sure what it was but bugger me ,drains the life out of you.
  12. Lee Chapman ,still house hunting apparently.
  13. 13 at the minute on worldometer.
  14. Same here ,new appointment 19th may hopefully
  15. Think he's married to a billionaires daughter,so he moves in high circles, but your right he seems switched on ,maybe next Tory leader?
  16. Can see why Brady wants the season scrubbed ,cause with their fixtures ahead they look a fair bet to go down.
  17. I'd have Wallington third ,and along with Banks and Shilts rarely wore gloves ,just a bit of spit and mud.
  18. Another goal from KDH ,seems to be grabbing his chance up there
  19. Junior Lewis and one from the past Roger Davies and most from Mclintocks reign
  20. Not sure if it's been said ,but had no trouble with vola sports ,used to be wow tv.
  21. Blimey 18 pts better off than liverpool
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