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  1. Need to get silver 2 in squad battles this week to get a fut swap player, I always miss these ones
  2. Some of the games are quite close, then the odd one where you can tell straight away they are much better than me. It seems like the match making is all off. I have been rubbish since the latest patch
  3. I am exactly the same, getting battered most of the time. Got beat 8 1 last night. Couldn't get near him!
  4. Be careful if you are transferring the coins to someone else. They are pretty hot on that this year. I know a few people who have been banned
  5. You are at a massive disadvantage starting this late in the game. That's before you come up against people who deliberately relegate themselves to get higher points and better rewards
  6. That's with the market absolutely bottoming out! If the market hadn't crashed it would be even more crazy.
  7. 1.3 million according to futbin.
  8. Half price packs out so loads of packs being opened. I am sure they will go back up when the offers stop
  9. I am nearly there, shouldn't be too long now
  10. I couldn't bring myself to play weekend league this week, so only played a few DR games. I got In Form Donnarumma and Kroos in my rewards. Best rewards I have had for a while.
  11. Glad I sold all my ibrahimovics for a profit in the build up!!
  12. You play a few games and it works out where you are and puts you in the league with similar players
  13. Opened a small rare gold player pack for the first one, and then the rare gold player pack for the 88 rated squad on the stoichkov sbc! Pack luck has been terrible up until today tbf
  14. Finished stoichkov and packed this!! I am on a roll! I really should get back to work now!
  15. Best card I have packed this year. Can finish off the stoichkov sbc now
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