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  1. ketteringscott

    House subsidence

    The house isn't unsellable, I am a conveyancer and have dealt with the sale of a property recently which had similar issues 6 months ago. As long as the new lender is aware of the works and you have a certificate of structural adequacy then the property can be sold. The company who carry out the works for you will issue the certificate
  2. ketteringscott


    Hi guys, I have added you all my handle is malconaty
  3. ketteringscott

    Current LCFC Players Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 68 seconds  
  4. ketteringscott

    Pedantry Central

    It drives me mad when people write "can't be asked". I can't work out what they think it means
  5. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    That has never happened to me in this fifa and I played about 200 online season games
  6. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    Same here! His card is insane! Happy days
  7. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    Sold all my la liga players yesterday, just knew the sbc would come out today ?
  8. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    I have done loads, my transfer profit is something stupid. Just over 6 million last time I checked. I ain't great at the game though
  9. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    No, staying well away from it as I know it will suck away all my spare coins!!
  10. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    Vardy scores more than 1 a game for me. Larsson is 1 in 2, not sure what it is, he just isn't working for me. I think i will be sacking off Sb after this week, I find it quite tedious playing against the ai
  11. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    I just can't get on with Larsson, much prefer futmas vardy. That was a waste of 400k!
  12. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    You could have shifted those during the Chinese New year sbcs, a few of them needed Huddersfield players and they were going for a decent amount
  13. ketteringscott

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    I have only played a few games of this as I can't get the controller off the kids. Managed to get on it last night and didn't see anyone until I was in the final 3. The other two were already fighting when I got there so I hid behind one of the towers they had built until I saw that one had been killed, then the other got taken out by the storm. Won the game having not fired a single shot! Feels like a hollow victory but I will take it.
  14. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    Opened 2 half price mega packs, on the second one I got if firminho! 275k in the bank
  15. ketteringscott

    FIFA 18

    Chinese New year free pack is out. I got man of the match Lamela, Reus and Ribery. Shame they are untradeable