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  1. I have tried benzema and have had to make room for him, he is brilliant! Surprisingly good in the air which I wasn't expecting
  2. Just done the ultimate TOTS sbc, packed Benzema. He doesn't fit my team at all, but it could have been a lot worse!
  3. I think so, I have plenty of high rated players to do it. Looking forward to packing an untradeable goalkeeper I don't want!
  4. Always the way, if you stay away for a few weeks I am sure they give you some decent packs to pull you back in
  5. Just pulled this from marquee match ups, not bad at all!
  6. Baggio is great, he seems to glide around the pitch and scores goals you wouldn't expect him to. I packed izzo today in the serie a upgrade so haven't used him yet
  7. He is unbelievable, I feel like I could play him anywhere and he would still be quality. Always seems to be in the right place as well.
  8. I think I have my final team now unless I pack someone incredible
  9. I played today after having a couple of months off. First team had ten icons including prime gullit and prime Viera. Quickly remembered why I stopped playing it!
  10. Me neither, but worst case scenario I will make a small loss discarding them.
  11. I have done the same thing, I bet they change the requirement for the upgrade sbc now!
  12. Couldn't work out why I hadn't got any rewards this week then realised I haven't actually played it at all. Just seem to have lost all interest. I think I enjoy building my team more than playing the game.
  13. Need to get silver 2 in squad battles this week to get a fut swap player, I always miss these ones
  14. Some of the games are quite close, then the odd one where you can tell straight away they are much better than me. It seems like the match making is all off. I have been rubbish since the latest patch
  15. I am exactly the same, getting battered most of the time. Got beat 8 1 last night. Couldn't get near him!
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