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  1. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    What have you done with the camera? I messed with it once a few years ago and messed it up and have been scared to do it ever since!
  2. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

  3. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    I hope not, I have been buying Kompany and Bernardo Silva thinking it will be a Man City player!
  4. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    I have done the boateng sbc, got matuidi on the bench so not too worried about his stamina. Absolutely nothing in the packs as usual
  5. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    Mine did that but it went into my unassigned pile. Got Verdi who I won't use anyway
  6. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    I switch in game to 4231 so mertens goes to cam and the other two go to cdm, seems to work quite well
  7. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    How did I forget dybala?! That's all the coins gone!
  8. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    Where can I improve my squad? Thinking of moving mertens back up front and buying niangolan, any other ideas?
  9. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    Had played 18 won 11 was going to push for gold 3 but was 2 1 up with one minute to go and inexplicably score 2 own goals, thats me done for the weekend!
  10. ketteringscott

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 78 seconds  
  11. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    First time I have played weekend league. Won 8 and lost 4 so far, pretty happy with that as I thought I would get battered every game
  12. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    They had to take it down as the requirements allowed people to do the other 3 sbcs for 60k and get packs worth 150k so people were just repeating the whole thing over and over. I am sure they will sort it out as they ballsed it up
  13. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    After months of horrendous pulls from packs, I have just packed the Dynamic Fabinho card in a rare gold pack. Now have 300k to mess around with
  14. ketteringscott

    FIFA 19

    I have gone for it, packs were rubbish but let's hope it pays off
  15. ketteringscott

    House subsidence

    The house isn't unsellable, I am a conveyancer and have dealt with the sale of a property recently which had similar issues 6 months ago. As long as the new lender is aware of the works and you have a certificate of structural adequacy then the property can be sold. The company who carry out the works for you will issue the certificate