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  1. FIFA 18

    Opened 2 half price mega packs, on the second one I got if firminho! 275k in the bank
  2. FIFA 18

    Chinese New year free pack is out. I got man of the match Lamela, Reus and Ribery. Shame they are untradeable
  3. FIFA 18

    Always has been, god knows how it works!!
  4. FIFA 18

    I think you have to maintain div 1 for the week. I may be wrong but I think you need to play a "season" and not get relegated
  5. FIFA 18

    Completed marquee match ups, complete rubbish until the last pack. Then pulled kroos, happy days
  6. FIFA 18

    Not put any money on there, just played squad battles most weeks. I do all the marquee match ups and done the big teams on the league sbcs that is all. Just seen to be to be ridiculously lucky
  7. FIFA 18

    My pack luck this season has been insane. So far I have packed Messi, in form icardi, reus, erikson, de gea and tonight I packed neymar. Shame I am no good at the game 😂
  8. FIFA 18

    Did the Ajax sbc today and packed Messi! Scared the life out of the dog running round the front room celebrating
  9. FIFA 18

    That's the one, I haven't worked out how fast he is but he scores for fun
  10. FIFA 18

    Do it, I have always used quick strikers and didn't think he would work for me. I have whacked a hunter on him and he is unreal! Don't think you can use loan players on the sbc tho
  11. Depression

    I would try to get another job if you can. I had a gambling problem for years and working in a bookies normalised it as you are around gambling everyday. I know it's not always easy to start a new career but gambling will always be on your mind whilst you are working there.
  12. Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    Thank you
  13. Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    Just got a fire stick and kodi, how do I get a stream?
  14. Who's been on FT the longest but posted the least?

    three posts now, prolific!