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  1. I think they should switch back to icon sbcs next year, at this stage of the game you could grind for an icon and enjoy them, now you can't enjoy the game because people are relegating
  2. Packed salah in the guaranteed premier league sbc, was using 97 Messi on the wing and have tried moving him to different positions in game but can't get on with him. To the bench he goes
  3. I got ayoze and chucked him straight into wilf. Just need to buy vardy to make him fit in my team now.
  4. My boss was tested Sunday and received the all clear to return to work on Tuesday afternoon
  5. At least you waited, I opened all mine last night as I am to impatient
  6. I did the london marathon in 2007, seems a long time ago now! The actual marathon itself was great, I got a place through a charity and they have people every few miles cheering you on. The atmosphere is great and they have bands playing outside pubs along the route. I took my earphones off because there was so much going on. The training in the last few weeks was horrific, finishing work and then heading out for a three hour run was a right ball ache. In terms of distance, you just keep going a bit further every week and your fitness level just gets better do you are able to go for longer, it's just the boredom that gets you.
  7. I have signed up to do 100 miles in 30 days, worked it out in my head as just over 3 miles a day, not that I will be running everyday. Should be a decent challenge
  8. I wouldn't think so, they usually crash around team of the season and go down from there
  9. I have no idea how this is happening, I play against people who play constant pressure and their teams go all game
  10. He is awesome, quick, very good dribbling and a decent shot on him. Wins a lot of headers for his size as well. Not that they go anywhere near the goal on this fifa!
  11. I am a conveyancer and have been told we are working as normal, unless there is a full shutdown you should move on the day
  12. It got changed to this at some point
  13. Where is this video? I am far from a key worker but been told I have to work tomorrow
  14. I assume he was referring to them not being able to spell birth
  15. If you can fit him in keep him, he is awesome
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