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  1. If you can fit him in keep him, he is awesome
  2. Played a few games tonight for the first time in a few weeks, game play seems really different, every game has about 11 goals
  3. As you say it's probably best you got caught as you will remember that look of disappointment every time you think of gambling again. It is so easy to slip back into even years after quitting.
  4. You just have to give them up completely. I used to be the same, go to the pub, ignore all my mates and stick everything I had in the fruit machine and then leave. Say to yourself that's it I am done I don't play them anymore and ignore them. For a while you will want to go on them but eventually you will get to the point where you watch how much other people put in and realise your glad it's not you
  5. I thought this, was chasing the ball down the left wing at one point!
  6. I have been struggling with him, scores insane goals sometimes but generally I don't notice him. Much prefer Prime Butra, he seems to make the great runs in behind
  7. Tots kostic and tots Zapata in a 50k pack. The games gone mad!
  8. Let's see if this bloke is any good then. Cleared out my club on his sbc
  9. I have tried benzema and have had to make room for him, he is brilliant! Surprisingly good in the air which I wasn't expecting
  10. Just done the ultimate TOTS sbc, packed Benzema. He doesn't fit my team at all, but it could have been a lot worse!
  11. I think so, I have plenty of high rated players to do it. Looking forward to packing an untradeable goalkeeper I don't want!
  12. Always the way, if you stay away for a few weeks I am sure they give you some decent packs to pull you back in
  13. Just pulled this from marquee match ups, not bad at all!
  14. Baggio is great, he seems to glide around the pitch and scores goals you wouldn't expect him to. I packed izzo today in the serie a upgrade so haven't used him yet
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