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  1. Only one able to go in the shop and buy alcohol. Cactus Jack's and Smirnoff Ice all round
  2. So braindead. Imagine being paid tens of thousands a week to do your dream job and you still mess it up by breaking covid restrictions the week leading up to one of the biggest games of the season. Absolute stupidity by all of them.
  3. Looking at the original cover I didn't realise Harry Maguire starred in Green Street
  4. Arsenal's leaked home kit looking very Ajax
  5. Wilf absolutely adores this guy. A happy and in form Kelechi who wants to stay at the club is huge in keeping Wilf here long term as well.
  6. In all fairness she could have been directing the prat towards me rather than saying that's how it's pronounced
  7. I asked a Belgian person how it should be pronounced when he first signed for us and she said it was 'Prat' so I'm sticking with that
  8. The way Vardy plays in this 3412 system he is normally operating in the forward left position, receiving the ball and trying to set up Iheanacho. Could definitely see Barnes operating similarly in that position. Then once Barnes is fully fit again we have the option to rotate systems really effectively depending on opposition/personnel.
  9. Bit of discussion about us here https://twitter.com/Sporf/status/1375504068634931209?s=19
  10. Crazy that he's only 23 so probably not even in his peak. If we can hold on to him for a few more years we could have one of the best (if not the best) number 8s in world football.
  11. Take it as a compliment. We beat them by nullifying their attack and beating their high press. Pep is clearly worried about us and doesn't like being outsmarted by Brendan. On the other hand it's easy for him to compliment a team like Everton who he doesn't see as a threat and with a manager who is probably an old friend of his and not someone who he is threatened by in the same way he is by Brendan.
  12. So pleased for Kel and as others have said I hope he's turned the corner with us now. However I remember after a run of form last season or the season before, with goals against Everton, Villa and a few others and people were saying the same thing. I just hope the fan base don't turn on him again if he goes through another run of poor form.
  13. Not sure you can take a comparison as fans being irked that you've championed him. I think Tavares looked promising in his two appearances so far, and Leshabela also looked promising today. Albeit against weak opposition at 5-0 up. Just asking why he's seen by the club as less of a prospect than Tavares as I've not seen much of either of them outside the first team. If Hamza goes in the summer and Tavares resigns and is sent on loan then hopefully we'll see Leshabela a bit more in cup games or off the bench. If he does get game time and develops into a good player then our midfiel
  14. Both attacking midfielders who can seemingly play out wide or through the middle
  15. Looked really positive when coming on (a bit easier at 5-0 up of course). Some nice bits of skill and a lovely ball over the top to Albrighton. Genuine question, why is he further down the pecking order than Tavares?
  16. Tindall has gone there as number 2 to Paul Heckingbottom. Reckon they'll bring in Howe in the summer.
  17. That Filbert Fox the rapper 'song' is the worst thing I've ever heard and I was at the game when Sam Bailey performed. And now it's stuck in my head permanently
  18. How many home defeats in a row, Jurgen?
  19. Disappointing lack of link up between our fullbacks and our wingers this game. Not seen Thomas from an attacking point of view at all.
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