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  1. Tindall has gone there as number 2 to Paul Heckingbottom. Reckon they'll bring in Howe in the summer.
  2. That Filbert Fox the rapper 'song' is the worst thing I've ever heard and I was at the game when Sam Bailey performed. And now it's stuck in my head permanently
  3. How many home defeats in a row, Jurgen?
  4. Disappointing lack of link up between our fullbacks and our wingers this game. Not seen Thomas from an attacking point of view at all.
  5. Ndidi isn't on it at all today. He's going to need a break in midweek.
  6. That's the threat Vardy gives you. Their defenders were so concerned with his movement they completely backed off Tielemans. Few other strikers in the league give you that
  7. The thought of having to play 2 CDMs in 2 of those games is terrifying. Would rather see Tavares of Leshabela involved in at least one of the games.
  8. Fairly common Hebrew name... Joachim Low, Joachim Andersen. Not sure on Gray though
  9. Vardy for 60/70 then Barnes up top after then? Can't see Vardy doing another 90 minutes on midweek
  10. I think the two teams are incomparable especially in terms of attacking players. In the 15/16 team the only 'luxury player' we had who didn't chip in much with defending was Mahrez. The rest of the team all did their part with Vardy, Okazaki and Albrighton pressing from the front then the rest of the team was compact behind them. With this team we don't have that same energy up front anymore and Vardy doesn't press anywhere near as much as he did. We then have Barnes and Maddison who don't contribute as much as i.e Albrighton and Drinkwater did defensively. Add to that we are more
  11. I think Vardy more so than any of our players is suffering with the lack of fans. He absolutely thrives on the atmosphere and it gives him that extra bit of energy and motivation. I'm sure he will have another scoring patch before fans are back in the stadium but I think he'll be really rejuvenated when we can get back in the stadium
  12. John McGinns Arms and legs are too short for his body
  13. Has he got bored with being an agent and decided to become a footballer himself?
  14. This just isn't true though is it?Granted Maddison was known for diving in his first couple of seasons with us, but this season there are so many times he could have easily gone down but rode the challenge and got past a player or two. The standout that I remember recently was his assist for Under against Brentford. Challenged twice and could have gone down on the edge of the box but wriggled through 3 or 4 players to get the ball to Under. Think Maddison needs more credit for improving his honesty in the game. Grealish on the other hand goes down if there's a small gu
  15. The missing verse from Bohemian Rhapsody?
  16. They finished 1 place and 3 points below us in sixth last season...
  17. Allison Becker looking more like Alison Hammond this game
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