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  1. Although I'm not happy that he's starting at CB and would prefer he was a right back in a back 4, I thought Castagne was our best CB against Newcastle. Obviously that's not saying much but I think he is capable of playing there at least.
  2. Forgot about Preki! Did he ever show up after going missing ??
  3. Josh Knight wins Wycombe Fans' Player of the Season. Absolutely huge for them this season and one of the main reasons they were a lot closer to staying up than expected. Does he have a future here?
  4. Can see Thomas being hooked at halftime again. Looks absolutely shell-shocked
  5. That goes against COVID protocol surely?
  6. We are telegraphing every single pass so far
  7. Hamer over Ron Robert Zieler... Are you mad?!
  8. This is such a myth. Any manager worth his salt knows the best way to beat us is to sit back with a deep defensive block and hope to grab a goal on the counter or from a set piece. We struggle to break these teams down and are usually susceptible to a counter (although hopefully less so with Fofana, Evans and Cags in a back 3). If anything their need for a result will push them to start the game more defensively, rather than be picked off early by us.
  9. If nothing else this Super League has been great for Foxestalk. Never seen it so busy here
  10. I knew that was a fake tweet... Yet I had to check anyway just to be sure
  11. Robbie Savage has his foot stuck in the chair
  12. Interesting - lot of pressure on Timmy to perform if he's specifically asked to be moved. Agree that he has delivered from the right better than Ricardo this season.
  13. I will be sat with a clapper clapping along to this just like the good old days
  14. Ahmed Musa going back to Nigeria. Still only 28, do wonder what our scouts saw in him (unless they'd been playing Fifa)
  15. Not saying he is directly responsible for the goals just that he has an overall negative affect on our other defenders. Ricardo for example is much more limited in an attacking sense because he has to cover for Amartey more. You don't have to make an overt mistake or be directly responsible for a goal to come in for criticism.
  16. The back 5 with Amartey just does not work. Negatively affects every other player in the defence because they're having to compensate for his lack of ability on the ball and lack of positional awareness.
  17. Mike Dean ref as well... Haven't we had enough controversy already?
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