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  1. For me the attitude stinks, they feel as though they have played by the rules and have done everything asked of them, for that reason I sympathize with them
  2. Because for the last 3 month they have abided by the rules, have endured mental pressures of it. Things started to get back to normal, they started to see family and loved ones,...and not because of there own doing they get locked down again
  3. The attitude stinks but I do sympathise with them also, being under lockdown for many is tough, and for this long it can have a mental effect on people. Let's hope things.ger better and Leicester can catch-up with the rest of us
  4. No one is going to listen. Everyone I have spoken to in Leicester are sticking 2 fingers to the lockdown
  5. I've alerted the authorities, your screwed
  6. Hope Everton rest some.of there key players
  7. Not sure buddy, I tend to go into the city. The government are releasing stats, so we will see.
  8. What did Brendan say after the match?
  9. Im a world champion at that
  10. Nick Griffin is a friend of mine, I think me and you could convince him....
  11. I go to Leicester twice a week, and throughout the shutdown the city's population have flouted the rules. Narborough road was like there was no shutdown, people drinking together in the streets, the parks were heaving with groups. Not surprised infection rates are rising
  12. I didn't realise Brendan being better then Puel was biblical
  13. Well it is his new team mate
  14. This is the beggining of the end of this season. Let's hope Brendan gets the cash needs to invest for next season. No CL, no EL, it's going to be tough
  15. We need some luck, talent and skill isn't going to do it today
  16. I believe he said so and decided not to, as he believed he has the squad and didn't want to pay the over the odds cus it's January.
  17. I've been told Youri struggles with his weight, and really messes with his energy level,
  18. Brendan has had the opportunity to bring talent in, in Jan
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