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  1. With the amount of crosses and corners we had for once I missed handsome Slim
  2. You talking to us or the Leicester team
  3. Weak squad Tactically inept Lack confidence = Mid table
  4. That penalty was unfortunate.
  5. Leicester crowd have gone quite
  6. Poor tracking by Praet to be fair
  7. Are Leicester the team in Blue
  8. Did I hear right, David Cooont is the ref?
  9. Good to hear the crowd are up for it
  10. He is great in The defensive box, how many penalties has he given away?
  11. That's the type of stat that always gets broken against us
  12. @Webbo likes a good dust up, but will want to kiss and make up or chase up afterwards
  13. For weeks the teams below us were not performing, giving us that comfortable 3 position. The lockdown has now brought about some normality. The quality is now showing for those clubs that have it and we seem to have gone back to mid table mediocrity.
  14. That's without the pills for there bowel movements
  15. My 2 grannies have more movement in them then Madders and Youri
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