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  1. Felt like a loss with 5 mins to hold on. Fair result
  2. Got to give credit to Pep and Man City, they still looked awesome. This has 0-0 all over it
  3. Good to see the players do a game of thrones
  4. Anybody else find Troy Deeney really good looking
  5. I want to put another nail in Pearson's coffin
  6. Better win this, or #someoneslifedoesnotmatter
  7. This is the thing that gets, all those years of being called paki and spat on by our fans, and all of sudden those same fans are still In in the stands. Worse still is the hidden racism now. I was.in the crowd and this poor Hindu guy was abused just for kicking accidentally the seat under neath the seat before him. I've sat in my seat many times and I see this guy all the time. Every time I go this gent has been chatting vibrantly all around the stadium and seems so friendly. A Hindu guy turn up behind him his face and deamonor was like lucifer turned up. And the poor Hindu guy has to deal with his abuse and apologize. For seasons no white guy has upset him.
  8. We need to win full stop. No penji penji
  9. I'm.comfused, I would love to go Scarborough. Are people in Scarborough racist? I sort of agree of people.that are said to go back to there homelands, but the context have to be in light not being from racist stuff
  10. Gamma ray next week on draught is good
  11. Drinking 3 monkeys from draught, taste alright.
  12. Not saviour, just a football player for man city
  13. Why didn't they just outsource it.
  14. Not surprised, go Leicester twice a week and the feel is lime there is no lockdown
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