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  1. I'm willing to change Hamza, but no one has convinced me why i shouldn't vote for the BNP
  2. Yes, when Dianne Abbott is in power they will shit there pants
  3. India have been meddling for years mate, Keith Vaz has been a Indian Paid Agent for years
  4. No,.it was me dressed as a goat
  5. Performance wasn't great, it was a tough match but a fair result
  6. 'Caglar Sayunch, will eat ya fooking dog, will eat ya fooking dog'
  7. Perez has got to stop losing the ball in critical areas
  8. I heard Schlupp went into the wrong dressing room, and put a city shirt on.
  9. Match is on a knife edge, could go either way.
  10. Agreed, the sex scenes were actually real
  11. Like who, ally brothers and sisters on FT are more holy then Gandhi?
  12. White Dee is one fine women, you will be very happy together. I hope the best man, Jim the washing machine repair man will well enough to sort the stag?
  13. Finally the corrupt Radha Soami cult and it's leader is comming out. https://www.newsindiatimes.com/indian-tycoon-accuses-brother-spiritual-guru-of-fraud/
  14. In India they would have sent the poor girl to prison,.........but your right, Inna EU country it is surprising.
  15. If you ever nee your washing machine fixing, I know a bloke, although he is in hospital..
  16. I doubt they would when he was born
  17. Don't waste.your vote, vote BNP, there the real New Labour
  18. WTF, shows how rotten Labour are with there anti Semite shit......still haven't decided whether to vote for either yet,........white hoods are in fashion, especially in Kashmir https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-asia-india-50231022
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