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  1. I've lost weight. I can imagine you looking like your brother 😂
  2. He is well known to make love to himself, that's for sure.
  3. @MattP was a lost cause when he left white Dee to be Dianne Abbott, and then ask her for marriage
  4. Before lockdown it was every weekend
  5. Do you remember the time you went to the Blue Oyster bar and drank too much, and could not remember what happened, and had to go to the clinic.......that's what it is.
  6. This is an obvious case for Sherlock Singh to solve.
  7. After all that angry mastarbation what do you expect him to tell you
  8. Nobody has still told me if his Mrs is fit. I hear there are loads of dogging sites in Durham, maybe this could be the reason?
  9. Did he stay alert, though?
  10. Is his wife fit?
  11. I often on weekends and dress as a women and call myself Aunti Christ, let's hope I live for ever.
  12. There's loads of lunatics these days. I hope he doesn't venture too from a police station or hospital.
  13. Is he going to die?
  14. I think he wants to Shag you @Bilo?
  15. Loads. Only good to drink in within a few hours. I tend to get it poured in glass 3 litre bottle/Growler. I like keg IPA's so there only as good as the gas it has. I'm quite fortunate, the local taphouse, delivers a good range freshly poured.
  16. There is alot of guys that believe in lots of conspiracy against 5 G and this virus. I'm from a scientific environment, background and the evidence is compelling. To be factual there is not anything I believe in but there are things we need to think about
  17. He's my best mate
  18. We have one of the most historical city's and the people that run it, have sold itself to the universities. The city has such great potential, alas it will be remembered for its above average football team and a golden mile that is shit.
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