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  1. Really need Man U to slip up, but there run in is easier then ours
  2. Good to hear the panel give a unbiased opinion
  3. The commentary is an arse fest for the rest of the game
  4. One slip, but the quality some teams show. SAKA, keeps his head and passes a great ball. Great decision making. Let's hope we can do the same
  5. Hopefully side show bobs will do one and give us a couple of goals
  6. I thought we were talking about carpenters
  7. Yes, I hate the club. Pearson is only going to be thrown away anyway.
  8. We played a sleeping CR team, however we were better but not exceptional in any way. We hope things will improve for us
  9. Guys planning to have a break with the Mrs in Manchester city centre. Other then the Blue Oyster bar, we have no plans. Where is the best area to stay? Love craft beer Love steak Love tapas Miscellaneous Cheers
  10. That's my life story right there except the minger fobbed me off aswell
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