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  1. Well even if they don't go straight away, they will play 34 games and a play off in the new super league and 38 games in the EPL, they won't be playing full teams in our league if they know that they are guaranteed another year in that competition. Tell them to do one. Charge them 4 times as much for every player as they can afford it and when new investors realise that the new league is a closed shop and boring, they will invest again in the epl. They will become franchises and be placed around the world and people will start drifting away from it.
  2. Couple of changes for rotation but what is the point in working hard all of last season to just sack it off? Get some minutes in the legs. Kasper Castagne Little wes Big wes Thomas Mendy Youri Under Madders Barnes Nacho
  3. Complete lack of creativity. We obviously need the likes of ricardo back desperately, but why do we always look out on our feet after 80 minutes? They looked fitter than us and seems to be a regular thing. Mendy should have stayed on and under was needed as perez created nothing again. Big shout out for fofana though, great debut.
  4. Tbf they deserved that. We have offered nothing second half and too many of our players out on their feet
  5. Very even half. Mendy and fofana have been brilliant
  6. Solid start. Good start for little wes. Need to get praet into the game more
  7. Guendouzi has just tested positive for Covid-19 and been around fofana during the international break. That doesn't affect him playing this weekend does it?
  8. Off to hoffenheim on loan
  9. Fairplay to them. They deserved that. We were awful, not one good performance. Hopefully we have praet and madders back as we missed them badly
  10. Get fofana on. Evans and cags are all over the shop
  11. We look so off the pace all over the field
  12. This could get nasty unless we wake up and change this up
  13. Justin and perez not at their best to say the least. Need to up the tempo
  14. Tough but winnable group. The long trip to Ukraine won't help. Hopefully qualified before we have to do that one.
  15. All of the team were fantastic. Special shout out to amartey and mendy. Never thought either would play for us again prior to this season and they were brilliant. What a win
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