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  1. Sensible decision. Good second choice and always very solid when he does play. Youri and cags hopefully next
  2. For me I'd go, Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Fofana Castagne Tielemans Ndidi Maddison Vardy Seniorman
  3. Personally rodgers has got it spot on. They knew the rules and broke them. He asked them to be careful a day before the man city game and they went against him. Personally that should be the end of it. They won't be sacked or contracts cancelled. Just dreadful timing and they should be embarrassed.
  4. Very poor for 65 mins. They wanted it more than us and we handed them 3 very poor goals. Only kel, Albrighton (who was magnificant) and ricardos last 20 mins were any positives today. Played same formation against west ham earlier this season and had exactly the same result which was odd by rodgers. Just hope the last few mins fires them up for next week and onwards.
  5. I was wrong about nacho earlier. His first touch has gone back to a trampoline
  6. Put all of our squad and staff at risk. If they want to be idiots then that is up to them, but rodgers has done the right thing as they could have infected the rest of the squad who haven't (that we know of) done the same.
  7. Cant see him going due to the price. Only teams that could potentially do it are man u or psg under poch, especially if mbappe goes.
  8. Kane wants out if spurs don't get CL according to the athletic. Huge for them
  9. They were the better team and deserved the win. Fernandinho has been getting away with 6+ fouls a game since he joined PL with no card so thats grand but KDB was embarrassing today. Shame but actually shows us the difference between a team in 3rd and 1st, cheating does work and we need to be a bit more dirty as the refs are that terrible that they will not pick up on it and pep has worked that out. Something to work on next year. We missed barnes today but we have a bit of time before WH and hope we beat them next week.
  10. Their cbs are unbelievable. The strength and depth that the French have at the current moment is ridiculous. Wes has had to play rb in the first match. Guess it is good for us as teams may then take a punt on kounde rather than come for him.
  11. Little wes only on the bench for France u21s tonight. So only played once in the break which is good for us.
  12. Has demiral even been with the team? He hasn't played in any of the 3 turkey matches.
  13. Rubbish idea just to appease the teams pushing for a super league. It was inevitable that something would change and personally would have actually preferred the super league as they would have left 99 per cent of other teams able to go in a different more authentic direction for football. Doesn't make me not want us to push for a season or two in it, but hopefully now gives us better opportunities to win efl Cup and fa cup if we don't qualify.
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