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  1. Same team as Saturday for me then rest the majority of the team at the weekend before everton. Only question would be cags or little wes. Either way we have great options at cb and sure we will just rotate them as the season goes on. Probably go for little wes and let cags complete his first 90 on Saturday.
  2. Great to get 3 points against a very good team. Wilf, youri, wes, cags and evans superb and great for barnes to score again. Hope vards is okay, not his best night but key for us.
  3. Southampton are very good. Seem to be all over us and forcing mistakes. Wes and wilf immense but need to keep the ball better as the gaps are there once we beat the initial press
  4. As noted above, no way would rodgers be interested unless he thought he could step up and be great business for circa 15-20m. Especially when a championship striker would cost 25-30m. Hope this happens, even if it has to wait until the summer.
  5. They have had their game changed midweek to Shrewsbury instead of leeds. They will go for it i would imagine so hopefully we can pick them off on the break.
  6. Good thing that Chelsea have had their game moved back from Friday to Saturday so we both have the same amount of time to prepare for next Tuesday. Harsh on Fulham but can see this happening a lot until the end of the season to fit in the matches.
  7. Cant wait to have him back. What a brilliant position to have him available in the next few weeks, despite how well jj and timmy have done. Personally the only real way we get them all in the team is having 3atb, jj in the back 3 and him continuing to attack in the same way sheff u did last season with overlapping cbs. It would allow us so much flexibility and jj is very adept (along with little wes) to step out and join the attack. With madders/praet as an inverted forward, that would also work very well as would allow riccy and jj a lot of space to attack into.
  8. Hes a great manager for us. Kept us in the top 5 pretty much since August 2019. Apart from 2015/16 we have never been close to that in most our lifetimes. Luckily we have tied him down and if he does go, it will be for a huge sum which will allow us to get a good manager. Back him in the summer and we have great times ahead. I cant see him going and if he did, we would suddenly realise how lucky we are right now.
  9. Lower league team at home next round and then a lower prem team at home after would be good. Just as that would suit our EL commitments. Still think its the third on our priorities but the further we go in it, the more it will either open up or to give the larger squad a few minutes if required.
  10. Strong team if so! Hopefully give cags and under some minutes second half
  11. And he will be under the manager who coached him then so must rate him highly. Very good move by them
  12. I was thinking that. Didn't they want iheanacho prior to us signing him?
  13. Personally would be happy with this one. He can play in a number of positions and is technically very good which I am sure would suit rodgers.
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