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  1. Didn't liverpool have a record year of profit last year? Absolutely ridiculous that they are furloughing staff.
  2. Now that the 1st division has been completed with the current positions being final and the bottom team relegated, what will happen regarding the play off for promotion?
  3. The PFA have been way too quiet on this issue. Taylor is a crook. The big bundesliga teams and players have been exceptional in raising and donating money to their non playing staff. As others have stated, I really hope we lead on cutting players pay and ensuring all non paying staff can be fully paid without having to rely on the government.
  4. Tbf to him, they do have other good options in gosens and hataboer. Hes also struggled with injuries and into the last year of his contract come the summer. Still a very highly thought of player for them. Think if chilly went, this would be a very shrewd signing.
  5. Really good player! Just hope it's not a Riccy p replacement
  6. Glad that rodgers wants new players. To stay where we are in the league and continue to progress as a club, we need to keep investing in the squad, even though it is already blessed with some brilliant players. We need a starting CB to rotate with cags and Evan's (maybe demiral), LB if chilly does go (hope he stays), and a starting winger to improve the first 11. Also could do with a squad winger (maybe fraser) squad attacking mid and squad cb and that will do us nicely for a big season.
  7. Think he will get linked with everyone as Marseille have no money. Thauvin is close to coming back and has 1 year left on his contract in the summer, may be another option for the left sided right winger. Edit: thauvin is back on the bench tonight
  8. We have to get two wingers and an attacking mid this summer. If chilwell comes back into form, the rest of the team is champions league class. Barnes is going to be class but at the minute the opposition can double up as there is minimal threat from our other winger. I wouldn't mind if we tried to get fraser and lallana on a 'free' to allow us to go big on a player that could be the difference maker. There are a lot of options that could potentially be that player and I'm sure the club will make a decent choice.
  9. Really hoped he would come good but just not happening for the lad. He has a year left on his contract at the end of the season. We would be mad not to sell and make money before he leaves on a free next year.
  10. If taylor was to replace fuchs, then that's reasonable as taylor is a more than capable defensive lb. There has been a lot of times this season where we may have needed a more defensive player there. Just worried if it was to replace chilly as this rodgers system needs attacking full backs and not sure he would provide the creativity.
  11. Wouldn't mind us looking at gosens at atalanta if we were to replace chilly. Been fantastic as a wing back and left back this season. Also has CL experience and atalanta have also sold their players
  12. Only could see this happening if we are forward planning for brexit restrictions. Or we were actually scouting McNeil
  13. He has done remarkably here. The last few months haven't been great but teams with massive resources compared to us have been way worse. If you consider that we are currently playing with 2 players that a lot of our fans dont think are at the quality of the rest of the team, it means that we will improve with new players in the summer. Just to put into context, we have a team chasing us that has spent well around 200m on 5 players in the last year and with 5 wins, we finish above them. Brendon has been brilliant and I hope that whatever happens for the rest of the season, we appreciate that we have a great manager.
  14. Sarr was brilliant. Well played to watford Also, would love it if villa finish bottom
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