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  1. North Leeds Fox

    Che Adams

    Good player. When Harry Redknapp was there, he rated him very highly If I remember correctly. would be very happy having him as an option and would understand what the club means to the city too.
  2. North Leeds Fox

    Europa League

    Love us to get into the EL. The issue is the time we would be coming back to play the tie. All of our internationals (including an u21 tournament so no benkovic, Barnes, gray and maybe maddison) wouldn't be playing, our out of contract players will be gone and it's a AFCON summer. That would leave us with very little to actually progress.
  3. North Leeds Fox

    Season over!

    It's rubbish that we are out the cup and I would always love a cup run. Hopefully though, it will mean we have a chance for 4 months to play relatively pressure free of results and set up a system to progress our play against every team that comes to the KP and sits back. Try out a few new prospect players like soyuncu, get Barnes back and play him for the rest of the season and make sure they are all ready for next season. Give the out of contract title winners a big send off for the final home game as they deserve it and use that as a clean slate. Apart from the chance to play the EL (from July and without our main internationals), it doesn't really matter if we play 3 up top or 3 at the back for example, it is a free hit as no way are going down and at least would be fun to watch as we get to watch our young talents progress
  4. North Leeds Fox

    Newport away match thread

    Just terrible offensively
  5. North Leeds Fox

    Chelsea 0 - 1 Leicester Post Match

    Get in! Fairplay to puel! Brilliant result
  6. North Leeds Fox

    Who do you want January 2019

    Batshuayi from Chelsea? Rumours today that Chelsea are looking to recall him to send him elsewhere on loan.
  7. North Leeds Fox

    Amartey signs new contract till 2022

    Playing well before his injury. Good utility player and could be another cb option if we ever turn to 3 at the back as he has the pace and strength to compliment our other defenders. Not dancing for joy, but sensible from the club.
  8. North Leeds Fox

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    I don't want us to become a Chelsea where we loan out all our prospects or young players with ability that are struggling for game time and consistency. However, he has lower prem or high championship loan written all over him. He needs confidence, we can't give him the time to get that confidence without making it worse but he definitely has ability. Think how many teams in the prem need a striker. Watford, palace, Cardiff all create chances and need a poacher. For all his faults, that's what he is. We just need him to develop on another teams watch and get him back (hopefully) the player we all thought he was going to be. Loans are obviously high risk, but our fans seem to have made up their mind and that negative mindset at the KP isn't going to get him back to his best form. He looks like he needs a few goals to really get his confidence back
  9. North Leeds Fox

    Who do you want January 2019

    What about someone like origi or niasse. Both have scored prem goals and are good at holding the ball up, don't think they would be too difficult to get on loan until the end of the season where either we keep or go for a longer term target
  10. North Leeds Fox

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    They could go for Deschamps. Hard to ever top what he has done for France, has a bit of prem experience and knows how to make pogba play well
  11. North Leeds Fox

    Man City 1-1 (1-3 on penalties) post match bickering

    Reasonable game by us, especially when the subs came on. Its hard to watch nacho at present, he looks devoid of any confidence and needs something to get him back up to scratch as he definitely has ability. We still have the same issues as always but we looked good when we pressed. 2/3 players from a great squad. Penos are a lottery so not too fussed about them
  12. North Leeds Fox

    Time for Puel to go

    It's weird as I have always stuck up for puel and think he would be the long term strategy for our club. However, it seems to be apparent that puel is not good enough to provide what we need, only on the proviso we get a jardim etc. i don't care if we lose, but my club loses in such a weak fashion, even in victory we are poor. I think we need a change soon
  13. North Leeds Fox

    Chilwell to Manchester City

    Must be a complete coincidence that before we are due to play man city twice, they are interested in one of our best players. Can't think where that has happened before....
  14. North Leeds Fox

    Adrien silva

    Completely understand that a move to Huddersfield is a very simplistic view. Just trying to think of best case scenarios that would work for us, however unlikely. Let's be honest, the likelihood will be he will be back at sporting next season on loan and then sold for a fraction of we bought him for after that.
  15. North Leeds Fox

    Who do you want January 2019

    He seemed to play well for West ham, good to have players with prem experience and played a lot this season for inter so wouldn't be ring rusty. Would probably require a change in system though