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  1. Personally I would much prefer to sell to Man City if he is going to leave. Never thought I'd say this but United's fans are even more unbearable than Arsenals and at least he would be going to a decent team.
  2. Has Lozano still not signed for anyone? Very direct and scores for fun. Psv already got Bruma in presumably to replace him
  3. So he was desperate to follow his idols when sky were reporting that he would prefer to join city...utter rubbish
  4. He is a great player, would really struggle to see him coming as a back up though. Marseille are in all kinds of financial trouble though so might be able to get him cheaper than his actual value
  5. That might not be the worst thing as could show that our targets are currently still on holiday or in tournaments. Off the top of my head, the likes of sarr, bailey, chukwesze, ziyech, ferran torres are still not back with their clubs and I would take any of them in a heartbeat, no matter how late in the window it is.
  6. Watching man u vs leeds and they are being cut open so easily. They really look like that they need a cb (and lb but that's only as the hopeless rojo is playing)
  7. Would take bailly but not Jones. Not in a million years
  8. Great list that @Ric Flair. Out of that list, sarr or chukwesze would fit our recent youth policy with room to grow and progress and would add that x Factor that we are missing down the flanks. The interesting one is Mendez, just because he is very hardworking, can play in the centre or out wide and wondering whether he could be an option instead of praet if required. Would then give us a whole load of options if we looked at him as the 8
  9. That would be a very disappointing signing after all the hype of a big player coming in. Can understand why we like him as he is a slight upgrade on what we have but losing maguire and getting townsend pretty much evens out our team and doesn't improve us.
  10. Great thing to release. Either we try our two promising CBS and Rodgers thinks they are up the task or we have showed that we are not desperate so won't be bent over on a fee.
  11. It's not just the goals and assists for haller. He links the play for those around him and will suit the prem with his best years coming up. Considering the players behind him will likely be fornals, yarmalenko and Anderson, I can see him fitting in very well. Probably overpriced, but that seems to be the market this year.
  12. West Ham getting haller for 45m. Great signing
  13. In a way, I'm glad this is happening now and not early August. Hopefully now we know we are set for a huge fee, get our business done ASAP then let harry go with our blessing. Midfielder, winger and a cb now to finish the squad and have a team that want to be at Leicester and move on to have a successful season.
  14. Or every time they do come in for one of our players, they have to pay a world record for that position. i understand the stance that we should never sell a big player, but selling for world record fee is not having our pants down. We also show players that would usually choose other teams that we will sell them in the future if they join us but we will only sell when we get what we want for them.
  15. Think he would be a great player on the right wing and with giampouli going in at Milan, I'm not sure where he fits in there unless they convert him to the 10 position. Our only issue is that I don't believe his relationship with Rodgers was great by the time he left Liverpool.
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