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  1. Looked okay for schalke but nothing more than that. Highly rated though so definitely has room to improve and would be tough to look good playing for schalke at this present moment. Would be good as a third choice
  2. Sensible signing. If a last minute bid for chilly comes in, it will mean we have his replacement sorted but if he doesn't leave we also allow him a year to bed in and there are going to be a hell of lot of games to switch around if needs be.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if man City came in for him. They are doing a big overhaul and not sure FFP appears to be much of a problem anymore...
  4. Romano now tweeting that we are happy to take him on loan with an option to buy as they don't want to sell him. Not sure where the logic is there
  5. Next week they will be signing willian on a huge wage. Very poor look
  6. I'd be very surprised if we got anything more than 5m for him. Hopefully we can sell him to a team in the middle East for a bit more. Been a disaster from the moment we signed him.
  7. No way we would bid unless he we have had an indication that a suitable offer will be accepted. Hopefully we can get a deal agreed, as it is exactly the kind of player that we need. Great ambition by the club.
  8. Fabrizio Romano is usually spot on. Absolutely brilliant deal if we get it over the line. Very good player. Also like that he notes that was the first bid and we are in talks.
  9. They have sven bender who plays cb too. Usually plays in every game while the others alternate next to him. If they sign another, I can definitely see one going
  10. Leverkusen seem to be quite active looking for a cb. Hope it means that they are willing to sell Tapsoda or Tah! Both would be very welcome here.
  11. Couldn't agree more with both! 40m for brooks is madness after an injury like he has had
  12. Nixon on twitter saying that Edouard would be about 30m in a response to Palace fan asking about him. Also said bmouth want 40 for brooks
  13. Not worth 25m euros. He's very prone to a mistake but good distributor of the ball. I would much prefer fofana or demiral but for loan with an option deal would be the best bet as it would give us a chance to see if he adapts to the rigours of PL football.
  14. Id be over the moon with this signing. Not going to get much better for circa 30m. Young, goalscorer, European experience and worked with Rodgers before. If Rodgers thinks he would be better than Kelechi, we couldn't ask for a better judge, considering how much he has worked with both. Personally would prefer they were both here, but we will need to sell to buy id have thought. Got no issue with the league as I'd happily take dumbele now and he didn't look as good as Edouard.
  15. 1. Liverpool 2. Man City 3. Chelsea 4. Man utd 5. Spurs 6. Leicester 7. Wolves 8. Arsenal 9. Southampton 10. Everton 11. Sheffield utd 12. Brighton 13. West ham 14. Leeds 15. Burnley 16. Newcastle 17. Villa 18. Brentford/Fulham 19. Palace 20. West brom
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