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  1. Napoli all over the place right now with the issues between players and president. Their player's houses/cars being robbed over a squad mutiny last week regarding ritiro could lead to a squad clear out. Mertins, milik, ghoulam, Lozano, insigne could all suddenly become available, even if they may not come here, it would definitely be worth a January enquiry.
  2. How did norwich beat man city? They are lacking in so many basic football essentials
  3. A winger and a CB. Someone like rebic if he is still not getting time at milan and I would love it if we could get demiral, even though that is unrealistic
  4. Who had the 73rd minute on the liverpool dodgy peno to win sweepstake?
  5. Percy is usually spot on. If rodgers is after a striker and cb, then he must think that 3-5-2 is a possible formation that will flourish with the players available. We could still fit Barnes, albrighton, gray and perez into that system. Personally I would prefer to go big on a winger but if we could add another class cb to compliment cags and Evans and a goalscorer, we would be really hard to break down and still have enough of a threat with vardy.
  6. Yeah that's fair enough. In hindsight you are spot on, I'm sure the club would back rodgers with any player within reason as he has shown how good he has been in his time here. Think I'm getting cynical when it comes to football expecting them all to be calling out their boards to get what they want on a side note, really hope we look at Dani olmo or ferran torres in January if their respective sides are out the CL.
  7. Wouldn't suppose rodgers would come out and tell the world without telling the wingers first. This may also have been a way of saying something to the board by airing it in public. We are currently performing well despite the lack of goals and could be a gentle nudge that another winger wouldn't hurt to push us from January onwards.
  8. I'd also be surprised if we werent one of many teams looking at Ryan Fraser in Jan, especially with him being out of contract next summer.
  9. It's the one position that separates us from the team's around us at present. Agree with the above points that albrighton and Barnes would work well, however we really could do with a new winger in Jan or the summer to take us to that next level, the rest of the team looks really strong apart from that.
  10. The only good thing about man United being linked with our players is that if we decide the sell, it drives the price up. We cannot become a feeder club to them though. Seems like there is a lot of rumours about chilwell. Do get the feeling that an agent is drumming up interest.
  11. No, I mean we should be buying someone like a telles as a Fuchs replacement or that quality of player that can play further forward but can also fill in for chilwell if this form happens again. Nowt wrong with a dip in form, but we need to get to a place as a club where our other options can suitably challenge someone when they are having a tough time. Competition will make him a better player and therefore hold any transfer value. Even though I wouldn't want him to leave unless as previous stated for mad money
  12. Wouldn't sell him personally unless we are offered crazy money in region of maguire fee. Not had the best start to the season but he is 22, a key part of the squad unity off off the pitch and has the potential to be England's left back for next 10 years. I'd replace Fuchs with a high quality left back which can play further forward too and that will challenge him.
  13. We will get them back boxing day. They will have just come back from the club world cup and hope our fans are bang up for it and give mane, salah, Robertson and klopp the same treatment we got from their whining fans yesterday.
  14. Think we played well yesterday against the European champions and will have caused them more issues than a lot of CL teams that will go to Anfield. Looked the better team after we actually passed it around rather than hitting it up in the air to vards where they recycled the ball very well as VVD won everything and he headed it straight to one of their players. Think we all know that mane went down easily and that TAA was lucky for his foul on youri but special mention to soyuncus pace and his anticipation. On about 4-5 occasions they hit it down the line from their full backs behind chilwell and he had a foot race with mane or salah and dealt with it brilliantly. Going forward, we have to play maddison more centrally, with him vardy and perez drifting around, we caused Liverpool no end of issues second half.
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