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  1. Their midfield without pogba is very poor. Maddison, tielemans and ndidi in the centre will be more than enough with maddison moving out wide and praet on if we are leading to shore it up. Same team as last time, keep james quiet and we have a very good chance
  2. Fairplay to rodgers. Much better this half. Praet looking tidy and maddison superb
  3. We look incredibly rigid. Absolutely no spontaneity in our play. Need to link the defence, midfield and attack better. Youri needs to get it together as not up to the speed of the game at all
  4. We have been tactically poor. How were not 3 goals down at least is beyond me
  5. Been a great game, largely because both teams do not possess great quality. All good players but both so open. I'd imagine one/both of these teams will be on the end of a battering at some point this season.
  6. Reasonable start and lots of positives to take away. A lot of teams will lose to wolves this season and hopefully we shake off the rust before next Sunday. Great for soy to look so impressive.
  7. Essentially VAR got the decisions right. It hasn't taken ages and led to the right result. All the people complaining will not mind when we finally get a decent correct decision away at one of the top 6.
  8. Thought that was a really positive run out. Soyuncu was rash at times but thought he improved as the game went on and thought he ended the game very well. We all seemed to be a bit shocked at the start with atalantas style and improved after 20 mins as we adapted. Interesting that Silva came on and not mendy. Think someone like Cahill and a winger that can play attacking mid is a must even though perez looked like a goal threat
  9. Tom Heaton signing for villa. Not sure on a few they have bought, but this is a very astute signing
  10. Nah it's a fair enough judgement based upon his form last year. Think both could be good additions to the prem. Making me really want a winger even more though! Haha
  11. Guess the thing in your favour is cutrone isn't coming in as the main striker whereas kean is. Both are brilliant youngsters but it is tough to adapt from serie a so your strategy of easing cutrone in is definitely a better way of doing it.
  12. Think from those two squads, we are only really light on an attacking mid and a top class winger. Really good strength in depth. Hope nacho bags a couple and gets his confidence up. Also looking forward to seeing perez again.
  13. Vallejo Looked very impressive from what I saw during the u21 euros with the ball. The only thing is that he is very rash and does dive in which will lead to few mistakes but guess that's what is to be expected from a 22 year old cb. Cutrone would be a smart bit of business, again looked very impressive in the euros as he was picked over kean in couple of the games and worked his socks off which would go well with Jimenez. Good luck tonight btw
  14. Very positive tonight. To think we can add perez and potentially 3 others to that squad (benkovic and 2 new recruits) is very exciting
  15. Good to see soyuncu and Evans playing together (presumably second half) be good for them to get a relationship before start of the season
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