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  1. It's really strangely done isn't it. Even so I think we could be doing more and as davieG says I hope the club and of course plans for new stadium think through these issues in a bit more detail. Further detail on how we, and other teams, get sustainability points here: www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-2020/
  2. If only we got points for that we'd be streets ahead of Spurs and the rest!
  3. While we are doing so well in the league at the moment I was intrigued to see one way in which we are not doing so well. It appears we have relegation form when it comes to the club's sustainability. This year we scored a lowly 10 points and finished fourth bottom of the premier league sustainability table: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55790760 - 2021. Last time the survey was done we were also fourth bottom https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50317760 - 2019. Each prem club is marked under the following criteria. We may be in need of another great escape in comin
  4. Gotta be the Roteiro or the Tango Europa for me http://football-balls.com/balls/euro-cup
  5. The main thing this season is JJ's finishing has got a lot better. When he first started he didn't have that. Chilwell still doesn't have the finishing ability of JJ. Behind Liverpool I think we have the best left-backs and right-backs in the league.
  6. He was massive yesterday. The amount of times he got stuck in and won the ball and shut down their attacks was just beautiful. I even think that Wilf is getting up there now to be just as good in that holding role as the mighty Kante himself. As others have said he's come on leaps and bounds since his return from injury... That partnership with Tielemans just gets better and better too. Lost count of the number of times this happened yesterday and against Southampton: Wilf wins the ball -> gives it to Youri -> Youri sets up an attack
  7. While we are talking about corners it does make me wonder whether having a crowd in makes a difference to corner success too. We know that Home and Away results have definitely been impacted by lack of fans at games during Covid-19 pandemic. Home advantage definitely seems to have less weight at present that it would normally do. I think that could be partially down to moments like corners for the home team. I definitely feel that corners help with momentum during a game when fans are in the stadium. Certainly that has always seemed to be the case at Filbo and the KP. T
  8. I'm loving how much you hear him screaming during (non-artificial-crowd-noise option) games recently. It's an insight into his mentality. Although it would really piss me off having to defend in front of him... The guy never shuts up. Earache!
  9. I seriously think you could play them both when he returns. Ricardo and JJ on one side of the pitch and Barnes and Castagne on the other. The amount of pace there'll have most teams' knees knocking...
  10. Madds has definitely improved this and the corners versus Newcastle were very good, on the pen spot or 6-yard box or thereabouts and right where you want them. As other posters have said I feel sure the Foff will get a few headers from corners if that service continues. Soyuncu we already know can be a threat from corners too so things are looking up. Evans might as well stay back defending at corners bless him...
  11. Yes - and they've been truly dreadful this season. However, Maddison actually did swing in two or three beauties against Newcastle. Definite improvement from him in that game.
  12. The Wilf role is so key in the game nowadays and I can't believe some teams and managers... still... don't seem to understand that! Man U and particularly Arsenal still haven't worked out that they need a 'Wilf' in recent months/years. Everton went out and bought Doucoure. The Spuds went and got Hojbjerg. City have Gundogan as well as Fernandino. Let's keep him a secret and close the thread before too many others teams get ideas.
  13. Genuinely was thinking the same re long range strike in recent games - in my mind it was an outside of the foot curler (reminiscent of Julian Joachim versus Barnsley). He's bound to get 3-4 headed goals a season too once he finds his range... He seems to almost be trying too hard to get a goal at the mo - if he relaxes a bit more I think they'll come.
  14. Hello sacreblueits442 because Albrighton, Barnes (and yes prob JJ too I guess) are the three who are non-definites on the team sheet. Don't get me wrong I think Barnes is an amazing prospect. He's getting better every season and he's become more clinical in front of goal this year. Especially against defences who are poor I'd play him but I think he's still a little lightweight, particularly against the smartest defences in the league, so he doesn't always automatically get in the team in my view.
  15. Every other position is pretty much nailed down in my book: Vardy; Madds; Youri; Ndidi: Castagne; Evans; the Foff/Soyuncu; JJ; Kasper True JJ is prob most likely to make way but assuming he stays in that leaves Barnes or Albrighton I think there's an option where JJ keeps his spot and Ricardo plays right-midfield. Do you not think BR may take a look at that?
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