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  1. Beggars belief how he is still so underestimated. Arsenal set up like they were playing against Ian Marshall and Gary Coatsworth yesterday not Vardy and Ricardo... I know he's got a lot left in him yet but I dread to think how we replace the player our current success is built around. Maybe Tielemans and Maddison indicate a different style coming in future years...
  2. zealot


    Choudhury was absolutely brilliant yesterday. We outfought them. He set the tone for the game with those Torreira tackles. Firm but fair. Arsenal looked beat because they weren't physical enough. I didn't think I'd ever see that at Premier League level but we basically pushed them out of the game. Having said that defensively Arsenal had a shocker. Is it any surprise Vards scores so much against them - they are still underestimating him and us after all these years. Brainless defending against a pacy team. Do Arsenal have a defensive coach? Should hang their heads in shame... They could do with a Hamza or a Wilf!
  3. I don't think he took Wilf off because of anything other than tactics. Emery bound to bring on a defender at half time so he brings on extra attacker in Barnes. No need for two holding mids anymore. Especially when Chaudury is bossing it Kante fashion. I thought tactically that was very smart. Like Mr Rogers so far. Very impressed.
  4. I'm another Fossile! Some of the comments on here are shocking. Semper Eadem aye m'duck. Never change. Always the same. What a load of absolute dog-shite... 'City' is a completely average word to use in the club's name. It's rubbish. How fitting considering the city's motto! We have an anything but average history tho as a club so bring on the change I say - back to something that makes us even more unique, freakish and unusual than we already are... Time to take back control (of our original name). Definitely time for a 2nd vote...
  5. We don't need the money any more though. That's the point. We sold the rights to our stadium's name when we were desperate and in the doldrums. We don't need cash from it anymore - a more historic heritage like name would be incredible statement of our INTENT for the future!
  6. Loved this... My kind of survey. Can you send results to the club please Fraserja
  7. 1988 - Boxing Day at Filbo: 0-1 loss to Bournemouth I learnt more insults that day than any other day in my life... Most of them from the old boy screaming at a young 20-year-old Paul Reid or our manager David Pleat! It's such a good thing that in these enlightened times we get behind our youngsters and the manager and negative fans are well and truly a thing of the past...
  8. zealot


    Someone please make a lovely juicy gif of that!
  9. He could have risked a pass through legs of an on rushing Robertson. It was far from straightforward so fair play for him having a crack! Give the kid a break....
  10. That Chaudhury tackle towards the end tonight was truly beautiful! Give Puel more time - let him build.
  11. I think so too. Howling dreadful snowy weather on a Weds night. 2-2.
  12. Yes, lads! Fill the breach with our Leicester dead. Bring it on. I'm with you!
  13. Jeeezus! Some people.... Time to sit in here for a while in front of the fire!
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