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  1. zealot

    Adrien silva

    You're too scared to fail Charl91 and Dickov22! ...this is okay with a creative player! You can't expect humans playing games to be 100% accurate especially in creative roles. It's getting on a players back for no good reason (people would do this about Mahrez and it would really piss me off). I'd rather a creative player gave the ball away 7 out of 10 times if it meant 3 perfect balls created goals for the team!
  2. zealot

    Why can't we score

    I think we'll see the system, the team that Puel's built and Maddison improve even more next season. Gotta give squad and especially Maddison time to grow into a different way of playing in the Prem. We're doing fine at the moment and Puel clearly managing squad in prep for upcoming games. CrispinLA: The stats just don't back up your 'why can't we score' statement I'm afraid.
  3. This really is tragic... A park or a small sports pitch open to the public not just to residents as part of any potential development surely would be sensible way to honour the space. If they just concrete it all and build private flats only and private spaces only with the whole site it'd be such a soulless decision for what is an important heritage public space
  4. zealot

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Me too - especially about the possibility of a potential re-christening ... maybe!
  5. zealot

    Your last Pint?

    I had a pint of CWTCH! And it was pretty good... https://www.tinyrebel.co.uk/beers/cwtch/
  6. zealot

    Arsenal away next😳

    We've not drawn yet this season and neither have they; it's got 3-3 written all over it!
  7. zealot

    What if watford do a leicester

    Come on Watford! I hope they do. Cathcart certainly is doing a good Huth impression at the moment with his headed goals... And Deeney's a lovable rogue in a Vardy type of way. I'd love it if they did... Love it.
  8. zealot

    Our start so far?

    I'm very happy so far... Three very solid performances - slightly undone by a daft error in the first game. Five goals scored and three against. Some really great football. Things are on the up... Some brave decisions by the manager too despite negative fans. Bringing Maguire back before he's quite ready. Choosing Morgan (who played well) over Evans. Reselecting Amartey. Sticking with Iheanacho (despite failure to recreate pre-season form). Moving Gray up front. Puel may have his idiosyncracies but I'm very happy with his decision making in general at the moment. Reselecting Mendy is proving to be a successful decision too over the past two games. *Whoop Whoop That's The Sound Of Nampalys!'* Liverpool will be a fascinating game.
  9. zealot

    Best burgers in Leicester

  10. zealot

    Southampton (A) pre match

    0-2 again to city tomorrow. Goals for Gray and Maddison. Come on!
  11. zealot

    President Trump & the USA

    I don't think he did Thommo Impeachment was threatened or almost initiated in some small way I think and then he resigned. So I don't think it really counts...
  12. zealot

    President Trump & the USA

    No US present has ever been successfully impeached. Both Clinton and Johnson were acquitted by the Senate. That's why controlling both Houses is so important when attempting to impeach.
  13. zealot

    Bartosz Kapustka

    So what should we do. It's 0-0 with 70 minutes gone against Southampton on Saturday. Kelechi is just really not having a good day at all... How do you change it up? I like Gray but he's best on the wing. Okazaki is useful as a foil for another striker but not ploughing a lonely furrow on his own. I love Hamza too - but he's not a striker?
  14. zealot

    Indian Restauarants

    Kayal is my favourite: http://www.kayalrestaurant.com/. Chutney Ivy, Mem-Saab, Lilu and Chettinad are pretty good too. I often grab a Bombay Bites chappati as I walk down to the ground on matchdays. Would love if the ground offered local concessions to local businesses so you could get something as spicy and delicious as that at the ground itself!
  15. zealot

    Bartosz Kapustka

    I think it'll be interesting what happens if it's 0-0 come the 60-70 minute mark on Saturday... As I'd love to see Puel throw on someone like Kapustka (or Diabate despite his recent poor form) and give him 30 minutes or so to run at Hoedt and the Southampton defence. I think Bartosz has been a little underplayed considering he has great international experience compared to some of our other back up options...