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  1. zealot

    first city game

    1988 - Boxing Day at Filbo: 0-1 loss to Bournemouth I learnt more insults that day than any other day in my life... Most of them from the old boy screaming at a young 20-year-old Paul Reid or our manager David Pleat! It's such a good thing that in these enlightened times we get behind our youngsters and the manager and negative fans are well and truly a thing of the past...
  2. zealot


    Someone please make a lovely juicy gif of that!
  3. zealot

    Gray ??

    He could have risked a pass through legs of an on rushing Robertson. It was far from straightforward so fair play for him having a crack! Give the kid a break....
  4. zealot

    Are we short sighted?

    That Chaudhury tackle towards the end tonight was truly beautiful! Give Puel more time - let him build.
  5. zealot

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    I think so too. Howling dreadful snowy weather on a Weds night. 2-2.
  6. zealot

    Next win?

    Yes, lads! Fill the breach with our Leicester dead. Bring it on. I'm with you!
  7. zealot


    Jeeezus! Some people.... Time to sit in here for a while in front of the fire!
  8. zealot

    Southampton (H).. pre match thread

    Yes - I think he might!
  9. We lost to Newport through mistakes from two title-winners. Big Wes misjudging a cross for one of the only times in his life and Marc Albrighton giving away a needless penalty. To say they are not full strength players is a weak argument. We lost in the third round of the FA Cup away. For god's sake man it happens sometimes. Get over it. Most on this forum have. It's not and shouldn't be the biggest defining moment of our season! Securing European football would surely make it one of our most successful seasons ever. With big games against Liverpool and United coming up good on Puel for resting a few. It's not his fault Ihenacho and title-winner Shinji have lost their shooting boots this season!
  10. zealot

    Clean Sheets

    If this doesn't start a 'Claude Puel is having a party!' song I don't know what will. Good effort Dahnsouff.
  11. zealot

    “Nothing to play for now”

    Yes, I've been pondering this too. Does anyone know what's likely given current form if we projected to end of season? There was an excellent Statto-type user on here (I can't remember who it was but prob from Crazy Stat Thread) during the title-winning season who was working out permutations after ever game. It was brilliant... Finishing 7th would be a serious achievement considering all we've been through this year.
  12. Whatever it takes to be 7th or above. Points irrelevant...
  13. zealot

    I love Claude

    Qualité. Intensité. Fraternité. J't'aime Claude - vous etês en genié chuchotant. De bonnes choses arrivent à ceux qui attendent... Allez les bleus!
  14. zealot

    Season over!

    Hahahaha. . . Absolute state of this thread. We're 7th in Prem despite a squad that doesn't punch that high on paper. As a club we have gone through considerable trauma recently and manager is doing a good job steadying the ship and still uncovering a few star youngsters such as Hamza recently... We lose away in 3rd Round of the FA Cup and the sky is suddenly falling in. Perspective please!