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  1. I rarely bet on stuff but would be curious to see what the odds were. Can anybody with an account somewhere find out?
  2. What odds do you think I'd get now with a speculative punt on Barnes getting a future full England cap? I reckon it might be worth sticking a silly tenner on that.
  3. A few months ago I sat across the aisle in First on a flight to San Francisco from a guy who was wearing a smart polo shirt with Aston Martin Racing emblazoned on it. Started chatting to him at length and turns out he was quite high up the chain at Aston Martin. Having noticed a new Aston Martin in the players parking area at the KP a few weeks earlier I asked him about it, assuming it was Vardy's for some reason. He confirmed it would be a DB11 and that JV was indeed a customer of theirs. His tone changed instantly and the roll of his eyes and wry smile confirmed that he wasn't all that impressed or enamoured with JV. Without pressing him I casually said "Oh, not your favourite customer then?" "You could say that" was the reply I got. Without knowing the ins and out of everything I can really imagine the Vardy's are not easy to deal with and have the demands and expectations of others to do as their wishes desire.
  4. Mendy hurt in warm up apparently Ndidi steps in
  5. Didn't see it coming but to be sacked by the same owners at two different clubs has gotta be a first surely?
  6. Just to add to my list.... In the last 8 days...... Olivia Colman - Really nice. Richard E Grant - Would be OK if it wasn't for his wife. Sting - Charming but you have to get him on a good day for him to be so.
  7. My New Years `resolution is not to make New Years resolutions.
  8. Apparently Vardy travelled with the squad so he's at Craven Cottage. Could have been a late decision?
  9. Try Norwegian Airlines. A long haul low cost carrier and are supposedly really good. Never used em myself but hear good things about them.
  10. One of the nicest, most likeable blokes you could wish to meet. Absolutely deserved that goal, had to go through a lot if I remember right. Wasn't his wife's mum shot and killed in that terrorist attack on the beach? Would've loved to see him in an England shirt. As good as he is now, he was outstanding for us a couple of years ago.
  11. My Bold I did see someone get medical aid and stretchered out of what I think was the Burnley stand. Was that connected? I hope not!
  12. Was that the lad (Or the one close by that did it) they arrested and escorted down and out halfway thro the 2nd half?
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