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  1. For no other reason than I can't stop laughing at this I'm posting it here.......
  2. Genuinely GUTTED! Ive been flying for BA for 28 years and we are all seriously devastated the big bird is being retired. She has been a dream to be on, her safety record is pretty much second to none and she has safely delivered us time and time again back to our families. Every single one of us that has ever had the privilege of working on these aircraft, wether we are pilots, cabin crew, engineers, caterers or cleaners have a huge affinity with our own 747s, it doesn't seem plausible that we won't be seeing our BA liveried 747 400s around the globe again. BA 747's have been such an icon
  3. They were his Hazelnuts
  4. Jeez, Calm down mate. I didn’t make it. To me it just reminds me of everything that’s wrong in this world.
  5. Better get the riot gear out.
  6. Colleague sent me this. Said it was in a toilet in Dusseldorf....... Translates as - Wash your hands like you've just chopped chillies and now you want to masturbate.
  7. I'm back in Manhattan NYC and it's like a ghost town. it's Saturday night and the it's eerily quiet. There has been the same panic buying and stripping of shelves here too but the bars and restaurants that are usually heaving are empty. Never known anything like this. It's weird.
  8. Only 1 guest for me Bernie I'd pay to listen to that
  9. Cheers for that The_77. Have a great time at the game. Spend half my life in NY so next time I'm there for a game I'll drop you a line and hopefully get to say hi in person. Cheers again.
  10. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/11024687/chelsea-spurs-fans-fight-benny-hill/
  11. Brilliant. Have done. (Just for complete clarity) Thanks loads WTW
  12. A call out to any New York Foxes for a bit of advice please. I'm bringing my son on a trip with me to New York. as it's his 11th birthday. We will be there for the Norwich game next week and am after advice as to wether I will be allowed to bring him with me into the Football Factory to watch the game with you guys? Generally I've found that if a pub/bar sells food (which Legends does)I in the states then children are welcome but just wondering what the rules are with your place? Cheers.
  13. Cheers Stevosevic, Been myself a few times but can't remember ever seeing kids in there so hoped he would be welcome.
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