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  1. Never watched Gogglebox but I had a weird dream the other night about the Vardashians. They were walking round the pitch, end of season game, waving to fans etc. The whole crowd were singing the Kasabian song....... "You're in love with a psycho You're in love with a psycho And there's nothing you can do about it Thought you outta know about it" Now I can't get the bloody song out of my head.
  2. What are you implying?
  3. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/16261/11739137/demarai-gray-under-the-spotlight-with-england-u21s-this-summer
  4. Met Orlando Bloom today, a bit non-plus and vacant tbh. Also spent some time chatting to Spurs midfielder Harry Winks. What a really nice bloke! He's in Los Angeles for a few days and is then catching up with Ben Chilwell in Vegas. They know each other from England duty. Rates Harvey Barnes too who he knows from England under 21s. Asked him who was hardest player he's come up against, with no hesitation he said Messi. Asked him what Vardy was like to play against and his reply was that he just doesn't leave you alone, he's on you the whole time and and doesn't give you an inch. Says Harry Kane is the most humble of people and Christian Ericson is his idol. Didn't realise he's been at Spurs since he was 5 years old, he was even "Spotted" as promising at that that young age. Seriously nice unassuming bloke, spitting image of Liam Payne who one of my colleagues mistook him for.
  5. What are the odds he'll now get to Neil Rudock proportions?
  6. Remember the Sports Mercury on a Saturday evening/night? Think it was called The Buff??? A mustardy coloured newspaper with all the results, fixtures and tables of all the local football of every league and a report of that days LCFC game. When did that disappear?
  7. Hardest ones I've seen........ James Pearson, Tom Hopper, Adam Smith. Think that's a different type of hard tho.
  8. When the new owner said he wanted to repaint Demarai Gray the decorator thought it was a new shade he wanted all over.
  9. Met the first two with work, Johnny Marr was starting a US tour in New York with his band. All nice guys and far from a "Rock n' Roll" persona you'd imagine. Would love to sit at a bar with him and listen to his stories. What a life he's had but seems very clean living now. Not sure what Clint Eastwood was doing where we were but he wasn't linked to my work, just chatted as we were introduced in a hotel lobby bar in Los Angeles. Still making movies and has future plans for more direction of films. He asked questions about us and seemed generally interested in chatting but think I caught that he had a flight to New York to catch from a nearby airfield which suggests a private jet was waiting. Looked in great shape like he looked after himself and still worked out. All those famous quotes from films come back when you hear his voice. Complete and utter legend.
  10. Been a strange and very diverse last 7 days. Nicholas Holt - The kid actor (obv not a kid now) from About A Boy Johnny Marr - Complete legend and really nice bloke Clint Eastwood - Totally and utterly starstruck for once. Even in his late 80s the guy still has the presence and aura of legends. Then when he looks at you and speaks, jeez it takes you back. That voice! Shook hands when we met and he shook my hand when he left. Really didn't want to wash my hands. Think I will die a happy man.
  11. Actually got goosebumps watching some of that. ****ing incredible display. Really don't want this season to end after watching that.
  12. No Dr Singh, he wasn't asked whilst we were talking with him but I reckon Khan might look for that one last pay day with Brook now as I'm convinced it's Khan that's been running scared of this clash . Brook has called him out enough times and after this loss I don't think he has anywhere else to go and nothing to lose now but, it seems, Brook now has a bigger fish in his sights. And who can blame him?
  13. Was at MSG for the fight last night. General and huge opinion between fans was that he bottled it, quit as he knew he was never going to win and this should now be a wake up call to see if his heart is still in it. We said beforehand that if he was to lose this then surely his days are over at the top of this sport but the way he lost only emphasised the general consensus among us. Managed to chat briefly to Kell Brook, asked what does this mean for him V Khan but his absolute target is now Crawford.
  14. I rarely bet on stuff but would be curious to see what the odds were. Can anybody with an account somewhere find out?
  15. What odds do you think I'd get now with a speculative punt on Barnes getting a future full England cap? I reckon it might be worth sticking a silly tenner on that.
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