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  1. I parked up roadside in a 4x4 I owned many years ago to respond to a text I'd received only to have a police car immediately pull up at the side of me. Obviously I was higher up so looked down at the PC in the passenger seat of the car. He wound his window down so I did the same. He asked if I was OK and I replied I was and had just pulled over to reply to a text to my partner I had just had a row with before storming out of her house. He asked if I had been drinking that night to which I looked around my cars empty interior and seats and said "Why, is there a fat girl in my
  2. I posted this in November 2019 as noticed JM's corners were shit.......... "Has anything ever come from a Maddison corner? I stand to be corrected but I can't remember us scoring from one but that's a different thread on it's own" Nothing has changed and his set pieces are utterly woeful. Well past time for a change.
  3. Just as an aside, I have noticed JV's groin and hip niggles flare up when he strikes the ball with heavy force (Wasn't it last year or maybe 2019 he uncharacteristically hoofed the ball high, grabbed his groin area, went down and subsequently had to leave the pitch and was out for weeks?) He also passes the ball a lot more in the box rather than strikes it when he's always been a poacher and predator towards the goal. He's missed a few recently too which usually would be a dead cert goal and doesn't seem his usual ultra sharp self. Has me thinking the impact of strikin
  4. My feeling is we are starting to see and benefit from the days Vardy gave up International football for. Hope he plays but the plan surely must be to extend his game time long term and manage the injuries and niggles he's starting to pick up with that in mind. Risking exacerbating his injuries for single games is a no no for me as I think things are starting to take their toll on him and his body. The way he left the pitch on Saturday doesn't bode well for Tuesday.
  5. I saw her too. I've never seen anything so perfect. The looks, body, eyes, hair, smile, voice, intelligence, class, caring career. She had it all......... Including a fu*king boyfriend.
  6. Thank God. Was a donkey amongst thoroughbreds.
  7. Francesca Cumani (ITV Horse Racing Presenter) Bit Of Posh Totty.....
  8. According to BR on RL Cags, Ricardo and Ndidi will be back for this one.
  9. Can anyone confirm if the PS5 is dual voltage? I'm pretty sure it might be as the PS4 was apparently. My GF is a New Yorker and still lives there, I've told her the issues regarding getting one before Xmas for my son and the cost of em on eBay etc, which I'm loathed to pay and she wants to buy him one and send it over. Cheers.
  10. For no other reason than I can't stop laughing at this I'm posting it here.......
  11. Genuinely GUTTED! Ive been flying for BA for 28 years and we are all seriously devastated the big bird is being retired. She has been a dream to be on, her safety record is pretty much second to none and she has safely delivered us time and time again back to our families. Every single one of us that has ever had the privilege of working on these aircraft, wether we are pilots, cabin crew, engineers, caterers or cleaners have a huge affinity with our own 747s, it doesn't seem plausible that we won't be seeing our BA liveried 747 400s around the globe again. BA 747's have been such an icon
  12. They were his Hazelnuts
  13. Jeez, Calm down mate. I didn’t make it. To me it just reminds me of everything that’s wrong in this world.
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