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  1. What if the only signing on deadline day is this guy on a full?
  2. Hull away?
  3. He was posing for photos in the players car park before the Watford game.
  4. I appear to be in a minority but I really like it. I also like it that our shirts have KING POWER on them, and not WONGA or BET365.
  5. "90 minutes getting torn a new one"? Weren't they just passing it around the centre circle?
  6. Riyad might still be playing CL football this season, if he'd played better against Atletico.
  7. You have to wonder at the average age of the posters on that forum. 12?
  8. I have re-adjusted my "expectation parameters" for this match.
  9. Just brilliant. More of this, I say...
  10. Huth is fit. robert_huth Just about recovered from the arsenal battle the other night #playon 🚑 https://t.co/YS2cxSjN3s 28/04/2017 10:43
  11. He has to stop beginning every sentence with "AGAIN". Other than that, keep up the good work.
  12. Expect 7-10 minutes of injury time.
  13. I am strangely calm. Let's go.
  14. Well we've won the mascots, at least...