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  1. Yep - Radio Leicester not sure if internet though with it being PL.
  2. Aha right - cheers for that!
  3. No commentary: https://twitter.com/StringerSport/status/886631693146345472
  4. Do think we might actually beat them in a PL football match then? 'Cos that's not happened since like 1994 - a season that we ended up being relegated again.
  5. Deary me... https://twitter.com/bbcrlsport/status/883271579152547840
  6. Just our luck! Why can't other clubs have corrupt owners - Man City for instance...
  7. Must win.
  8. And then lose the fecking game anyway.
  9. TBF a number of Italian football 'experts' predicted Inler to be a very good signing for us.
  10. Ah Muzz-eh.... Anyway isn't that wrong? Shouldn't it be LES - TOH?
  11. Yep. We'll need to have a decent pre-season and hit the ground running.
  12. What if the only signing on deadline day is this guy on a full?
  13. Hull away?
  14. He was posing for photos in the players car park before the Watford game.
  15. I appear to be in a minority but I really like it. I also like it that our shirts have KING POWER on them, and not WONGA or BET365.