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  1. I was hoping our David would hit him with that one, but he missed his chance!
  2. No - actually I didn't get any cookies message on that site at all.
  3. Im getting this on every page. safari on Mac.
  4. Is there a better mascot in the entire football league? I think not. Just look at his massive furry head. Happy birthday Filbert, you awesome bugger.
  5. I think we'll play them off the park and lose. Dodgy penno. Debatable sending off. Dubious disallowed goal. That sort of thing.
  6. They only rate Leicester players so they can put them on the shopping list. Cleary Maddison is on it now. **** them.
  7. I used to be so indifferent about them but after this summer I hate them, I hate them. I hate them, I hate them. Destroy.
  8. Other clubs said we were mad to build it in a swamp, but we built it anyway. Just to show em.
  9. Sky Sports pre match: Franks triumphant return to the bridge. Post match: where Frank went wrong. come on you foxes 0-2
  10. Well his wages will have certainly fallen.
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