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  1. He only won it because other strikers were in transition.
  2. Ah the moan in. What ever happened to Andy from Long Eaton?....
  3. Must confess I'm going to miss him this evening.
  4. Well he pretty much ignored us as Champions, so no surprise there.
  5. It's not the female LCFC team. Just so you know.
  6. It feels like Pat Murphy only turns up when there's some juicy gossip to report on, and he can then cast his authoritative opinion in his best "BBC VOICE". Can't bear the man.
  7. Interesting chat with Thierry Henry here: https://youtu.be/m0tEM4gBGu0
  8. Interesting chat with Thierry Henry here: https://youtu.be/m0tEM4gBGu0
  9. What an absolute legend.
  10. What an absolute toss pot. Me me me me me...
  11. I can only echo all the above - absolutely cracking season - I was football mad!
  12. Went to Wembley but watched the replay in a pub. Everyone goes on about the Tranmere final - but Middlesborough were a seriously good side side and had played us off the park at Filbert Street earlier in the season. They also reached the FA Cup Final, losing out to Chelsea. The FA deducted them 3 points for not turning up for a game against Blackburn (citing injuries/illness.) If they'd played that match and lost - even heavily - they'd have stayed up.
  13. PAYE for their basic contracts. Image rights, sponsorships and other gubbins all varies.
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