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  1. Either get a stream or listen on the radio. Whilst £15 isnt a lot of money as a one off, transfer that over 30 games and it's over £400. Some of our games will already be chosen by sky or bt so wont be charged but quite a lot of our remaining games will be charged. If you fancy paying £400+ for the rest of the season sitting in your living room then fair enough, but if you dont, then boycott this whole disgusting thing and if enough people do this then they will scrap it and hopefully make it more affordable to everyone. £5 a game would be fair
  2. But according to Liverpool fans VVD is the best back 4 in the league on his own. Not sure if any of you are aware though that he nearly died last week at Everton. It's not been reported much at all but he was involved in a horrific incident and it was touch and go for a while. In all seriousness though, the thought of Ricardo, Fofana, Cags and Castagne does sound great, however it remains to be seen if Castagne will be as effective at left back.
  3. They are not a European giant but comparing them to Blackpool is ridiculous. They just drew to a team who just won at the Bernabeu. We will have bigger tests but they are no mugs and despite a shaky start, we controlled the game really well and put in a very solid performance
  4. But according to some on here, Congerton is useless. If hes useless and we get the likes of Castagne and Fofana then that's fine by me.
  5. Imagine selling Maguire for a world record fee for a centre back and still having 3 centre backs better than him.
  6. Great start and Fofana looks a top player. I'd Maguire was £80m I'm saying hes going for £100m in a few years.
  7. Many times weve played well and lost/been losing, so makes a change to play shite and be 2-0 up. Barnes has been superb
  8. Bt ESPN I think. I just found it when flicking through bt sport. Starts at 730
  9. Fair enough. I always look for the negatives 🤣
  10. Dont be stupid. Do you not realise that Nacho is in goal tonight and Kasper is up front.
  11. Fair enough but feels like when Pep didnt name a full bench the game after we refused to sell them Mahrez. Making a point that the squad isn't big enough. Not saying he's wrong but if he is just trying to make a point, seems silly when a youth player could gain vital experience of playing in europe if we get a comfortable lead and put them on. Missing 1 u23 game wouldnt be the end of the world for a player and wouldnt make the u23 team any weaker
  12. Can we not name youth players on the bench like Thomas?
  13. 2 keepers on the bench is defo Rodgers throwing his toys out the pram
  14. Cant work out whether you're being serious or not. Often hard to tell on here
  15. Not a sexist, just a xenophobe 🤣
  16. Given our last 2 games, a 0-0 draw would not surprise me in the slightest. Hardly even mustered a chance of any note in either game. Please prove me wrong boys and put these to the sword. After Shakhtar beating Real with half their team missing, I'm not overly confident though
  17. I dont follow any American Sports so I don't really understand how they work to be honest. It's so sad though that our national sport is being destroyed in front of our very eyes by greedy business men that dont even like football. The fans of the big clubs need to make a stand and tell them to **** off. Problem is, there will always be some mugs around the world willing to pay top dollar to watch these "elite clubs"
  18. I cant see the fans of any clubs being happy with this. They are clearly aiming the whole thing at a tourist market rather than thinking of actual fans from the clubs. As if people would want to travel abroad every other week to watch your team play.
  19. He 100% would be better than Ryan Bennett was
  20. Totally agree with you that we shouldn't be considering sacking at this stage but the performances in the last 2 games have been very poor and it almost feels like weve gone back to the form we showed between xmas and the end of last season. Rodgers doesnt always endear himself to the fans either with his baffling tactics and horrific subs. Injuries are not helping but I dont want to see him using that as an excuse as we had good enough players to have been able to beat West Ham and Villa but his poor tactics and decision making and inability to change things cost us in both games.
  21. Grealish is class but he is a really unlikeable ****. Diving and going down easy is one thing, and our players have done it also, but constantly looking to get other players booked/sent off for every tackle is just appalling. Castagne should never have been booked last night for his tackle on Grealish but because Grealish screamed at the ref to book him, he did. I accept that he gets a lot of rough challenges on him but Barnes got just as much stick last night but each time got up and carried on. Grealish has to make a big scene every time someone goes near him and it is utterly pathetic.
  22. And just lost at home to 2 of them without even creating a decent chance in either game.
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