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  1. He's alright, but not sure if he's in the top 4.
  2. If my brother was a girl, he would be my sister.
  3. Not sure if its just me being a miserable 35 year old git, or is Bruno Fernandes just the most detestable football player. I absolutely cannot stand him. Constant cheating, diving, moaning and just a complete rat. I swear he would push his own Grandma in front of a bus if it meant he got what he wanted. Horrible little fecker!
  4. Imagine the meltdown on here if we had lost 5 home games in a row and then were 1-0 down at home to Fulham 🤣
  5. Yes but it is part of the job description of being a "big 6" manager. They are all cnuts
  6. Close thread please. He's currently injured and unless you have evidence of his poor treatment, bore off with the Rodgers bashing. He isn't good enough. Move on.
  7. Yep, we aren't as fancy as the"big 6" and don't make them as much money. We are just an inconvenience
  8. They'll probably just give it to Bielsa when Leeds finish 12th.
  9. Sky saying its top vs 2nd in the Manchester Derby.
  10. Rhian Brewster hasn't scored a goal for Sheff Utd yet so that can only mean one thing...
  11. If we are to compete both in the league and in Europe next season we need 3 strikers. Perez isn't really a striker and we don't seem to have any strikers in the youth teams ready to step-up so unless we are planning on signing 2 strikers in the summer, surely we need to keep Iheanacho. But unless we are planning on offering him a new deal and then him actually signing it, we'd need to sell him or risk losing him for nothing next summer. Like others have said though, Rodgers doesn't seem overly keen on him and his gametime is possibly out of necessity as we have nobody else as opposed to Rodger
  12. We are a tough watch right now and that was another lacklustre performance but its all about the points right now and I'll take us playing crap right now if we win. Massive win that and huge credit to the lads for digging deep after that awful 1st half. Nacho was great again and massive credit to Amartey, that goal was harder than it looked
  13. This is what annoys me too. We can expect a slight drop in performance given our injuries but its doesnt excuse our lack of fight. We are being bullied in every single game and its as if the players are scared of getting injured. We can still grind results out with our injuries if we fight, do the basics right and stay organised. We literally are doing none of these things and it feels as if the season is coming to a close with nothing to play for. Its so bad its frightening
  14. Prague, Arsenal, Burnley and now Brighton have all wanted it more than we have. Yes we have injuries but we can't blame that on our lack of battle and fight. We are just being bullied and look absolutely shot. That 1st half was as poor as you are likely to see. If we can't complete basic passes and keep our defensive shape then we have no hope. Something has got to give or the season is over.
  15. Its a good job we have loads of attacking options on the bench to get us back into it
  16. Don't care about injuries, if pro footballers aren't going to do the basics of simple passes, keeping possession and basic defending then we may as well give up now and accept mid table. An utterly pathetic start
  17. Not a chance would they have sold Pukki and cantwell in jan when they are top of the league. There are miles better players than them out there that would cost less.
  18. 100% agree with this, Edouard makes perfect financial sense if the £15-20m fee is true. It would also leave us budget to get a winger and a midfielder but if we got Ings or Toney, it would limit the finances to sign other targets. Edouard is still quite young as well and Rodgers will know full well if he's good enough for the epl. The only way Toney would become attainable is if Brentford don't go up and even then I think hed be around the £30m mark. I think Ings will end up at Spurs
  19. Well we spent £40m on Youri so if there was a top class player attainable for £50m, I'm sure we would try and get the deal done. Alot also depends on how many players he feels we need in any given window. Say for example he's given £80m to spend and we need 3 players that's 2×£30m and 1×£20m unless of course we can add some free transfers. But if he felt we only needed 1 new signing, would he spend his whole budget to bring in 1 top class player? Aside from the transfer fee, we have a wage structure and you have to question how many £60m+ players would fit into our wage structure.
  20. Possibly protecting himself/saying to the "big clubs" look how good i am...
  21. I think he's probably managing expectations of some of our fans. Whilst alot of fans understand our transfer model and the fact we are miles behind the "big 6" in terms of finances, there are always some idiots that think we should be signing 5 World class players every summer and spending £200m on new signings. Other than Youri and Fofana, we haven't really done well with players that have cost alot of money. I personally don't care if we spend £10m or £50m on a player so long as they are good enough. Id rather we kept hold of all of our top players than having to sell to buy like we have don
  22. Pukki nowhere near good enough and also not young and Cantwell hasn't been great this season from what I've seen. And there is no way Norwich could afford the wages of Gray and Perez. And Gray given a chance between Leverkusen and Norwich? He definitely wouldn't have gone to Norwich
  23. Yes after losing again I can't see that either. I had a feeling they would pick back form up by they look shot. It almost feels like Klopp isn't too bothered about them losing as he can just keep blaming injuries
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