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  1. Yeh I agree, I dont really want us to sell Soyuncu. Chilwell is replaceable but not sure we could get a centre back as good as Cags. The partnership hes formed with Evans has been superb
  2. That doesn't sound like a bad deal to be fair although I'm basing this on football manager as I've never seen either of them play.
  3. I say that about every player we miss out on
  4. Yes, hes just been spotted in Morrisons with Rudkin. Not sure why, but Preki was there as well. Perhaps he is his agent
  5. Chelsea, Chelsea, Man City, Man United, (maybe Barcelona). Seems we have developed some decent players over the past few years.
  6. I'm sure I read somewhere that he wants to stay close to his family who live in the north west, so unlikely hed come to us. More likely he will go to Everton
  7. Why would we spend £70m on 1 player? Every time we have sold a player we have used the money to buy 2 players which is how we can keep improving the squad. I'd much rather sign 2 player for £35-40m than buy 1 for £70-80m. Whilst we definitely need quality we also need to improve our squad, so signing 1 player for a huge fee wouldnt really help us with that.
  8. Using the gap between Man U and us and us and Burnley isnt exactly fair as Man U are arguably the biggest club in the world. If you're saying a player has a choice between us and Man U, of course they go to Man U. If you're saying a player wouldnt leave Burnley to join Leicester because we are not as big as Man U, then you're deluded. As I said earlier, it not just about the money. The stadium, the new training ground and the chance of playing in Europe and the potential to win a trophy. Yes you played in the Europa briefly, but it is more likely Leicester will play in Europe over the next 10 years than Burnley.
  9. Come on behave, we are bigger than Burnley right now. Look at our stadium, our new training facilities, our playing squad and we are miles ahead of Burnley. The fact Tarkowski is your best defender and would be 3rd choice if he came here speaks volumes. You say you were in the Europa league not long ago, we won the league and got to the quarter finals of the champions league and finished 5th this season. I'm not being disrespectful, as Burnley have a rich history, but if we are talking here and now, Leicester are miles ahead.
  10. Apparently he is available for only £1.5m now Wigan are in administration. I'd defo take him for that price as back up to Chilwell/a new left back if Chilwell leaves and loan out Thomas. Gelhardt is only £1m as well, surprised we've not pursued him at that price. Looks like hes off to Leeds.
  11. His contract expires next summer so we either get rid now or lose him for free next summer. Same with Adrien Silva.
  12. His contract expires next summer. Sell if anyone is willing to pay for him. When hes on a reported £80k a week, I've no idea why any of our fans would want to keep him. Add to the fact Rodgers doesn't and wont play with a target man means he will never play for us again.
  13. I still think Iheanacho can be a success here. It must be really tough for him as he rarely starts and when he does he gets taken off, even if hes playing well. And when hes on the bench, we bring him on when we are losing or need to score and expect him to try and dig us out the shit. He needs a good run in the side but that is also difficult as we dont often play with 2 strikers and Vardy is and has been our talisman for years. Iheanacho is still quite young and if he is coachable then Rodgers should be able to get the best out of him. Just dont bring him off at ht when we are winning 1-0 🤦‍♂️
  14. If he does want to leave, I cant say I'm surprised. Hes recieved dogs abuse from a lot of our fans this season so can see why he wouldn't be desperate to stay. That and the huge pay rise he'll receive going to Chelsea as well as champions league. Out of all our key players though, he is replaceable and for cheaper. We could get a left back as good/better for half the money we could get for him. Plenty of decent left backs across Europe. Just hope we dont end up with someone like Charlie Taylor.
  15. They had a transfer embargo so haven't spent hardly anything recently, other than on Pulisic. They sold Hazard and Morata for decent fees and will probably sell some more of the deadwood/masses of young players they have got. Think they had over 32 players out on loan at one point, not sure if it was this season or last season. As regards wages, alot of their current first team squad like James, Mount, Gilmour, Abraham etc wont be on mega money so they can afford to splash out on some new signings. Unfortunately we cant compete with teams like Chelsea in the transfer market.
  16. You do realise that we have neither the transfer funds or the wage budget to have a full 25 man squad made up of top class players. Whilst we do need to improve our squad, we cant just go and sign 10-12 new players. There are many players we need to shift before Hamza. We need 3-4 top class signings and the likes of Hamza will still be in and around the squad for backup.
  17. Yeh I get that but I fancied the Thailand smiles one as it's a bit different. Plus we will only be wearing the king power one in cup games.
  18. I really wanted the new shirt but what is the point in paying £55 for a shirt when I wont get it till November?
  19. Do Barce need a left back? Tell them Chilwell is really good like the media say he is and see if Barce will do a swap deal for Coutinho. They reckon Chilwell is worth £60m so I reckon it would be a fair deal 😂
  20. I was gutted after yesterday. But after sleeping on it I've looked at things a little differently. I remember the buzz, the excitement for our champs league games in 16-17 and the kp was absolutely electric. The chances are, fans won't even be allowed into the stadiums anytime soon so it just wouldn't be the same only been able to watch the games on tv. I know there is more to it than this, like the financial aspect and potentially being able to attract a higher calibre of player when we are in the champs league, but it would have been a real sickener to be in the champs league for only the 2nd time in our history and not be able to go to the KP and watch the games or go to the away games. Whilst I'm certainly not dismissing the fact we are in the Europa league, like many on here seem to be doing, I wouldnt mind as much only having to watch them games on the tv. And if we manage to get out of the group, the knockout stages would be after xmas and by themn hopefully the stadiums can reopen and we may get a nice trip to a European city. And I genuinely think, with the right signings, we could compete in the europa league and go all the way. Wolves have proven you can still do well in the league and compete in the Europa league, and they had to play horrible qualifiers last summer as well. Onwards and upwards, im starting to be a bit more positive after being gutted yesterday
  21. If Brendan takes Nacho off anytime soon, I'll drive to the KP with my pitch fork! In all seriousness though, Gray and/or Barnes could be useful later on. Maguire is a cart horse
  22. Their attack is very very good. Their defence and keeper are woeful.
  23. Didnt want champs league anyway 😭
  24. Christ we are making spurs look decent. Was always going to be a tough task with our absentees but our defence is tragic
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