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  1. New training ground

  2. Manuel Pellegrini

    Said this for a while now, out of all the options really think he best fits the bill. Gerrimin!
  3. Next City Manager?

    Can you imagine our transfer windows with Moyes. Linked with top player... linked with top player... get Victor Anichebe on a free...
  4. Next City Manager?

    Mentioned him earlier in this thread. Defo think he’s one of the better options.
  5. Next City Manager?

    Manuel Pellegrini
  6. Next City Manager?

    Knowing us we’ll get never been relegated Sam and actually get relegated with him. Typical LCFC
  7. Next City Manager?

    Wouldn’t mind Manuel Pellegrini if we could get him from China. Experienced, won the PL and plays attacking football.
  8. Cricket Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 123 seconds  
  9. How Was Your Day?

    Spent 2 hours in Oadby walk in centre last night to be told I’ve got shingles. Slightly painful but staying off work so not all bad!
  10. Vardy’s approach to penalties are much more effective that Mahrez’s but he had a shocker today! Been known to smash it down the middle and has done that in his last two games - he should’ve surely known it was only a matter of time till someone just stood there and batted it away.
  11. Derby sack chief exec for "gross misconduct". Wonder what he's done.
  12. FAO People who know about cars!

    Has anyone bought a car diagnostic scanner/reader before? Sick of paying £40 to a garage just to plug it in and read the error code to me. Seen quite a few online but can anyone recommend a decent one? Cheers
  13. New boiler

    Definitely do not get it from BG, massively overcharge you. Our old boiler died so went through the home insurance over and they quoted us £2400 for a top of he range Worcester Bosch. Went to an independant and got the exact same boiler (Worcester Bosch Greenstar 29 CDI) brand new and fully fitted for £1680 including 5 year warranty. I guess the only advantage of getting it from a big company is that they offer payment plans so you don't have to stump up all the cash in one go. We were lucky family we're able to lend us some cash. To to add to that if you get a perceived "lower brand" you could probably get it for a few hundred cheaper and a lot of these come with 10 year warrantys. Definitely worth shopping around.
  14. That Free Kick (WHU away)

    Anyone got a video of that Benalouane shot??
  15. Next Manager?

    Wouldn't mind Mancini out of that lot. Don't know how he'll cope in a relegation battle tho.