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  1. We're such a good white ball side it's scary. Success in test cricket will/should always be our priority but I'm so glad we've turned it around in the shorter formats in the last 5 years or so. Brilliant to watch.
  2. Can someone get Guha out of the commentary box. Please.
  3. Only business Wolves have done is sell their right back
  4. We're so good at chasing in white ball cricket. Scary options with the bat
  5. Vaughan and Guha have been hard work to listen to. Can't bare listening to Vaughan.
  6. They talk shite but they've been brilliant to watch for me. Great chemistry between them on that panel.
  7. If we get Tagliafico in and make a profit overall it's decent business in the circumstances.
  8. Crawley looked the bollocks very early on today and I'm buzzing he's gone big. Looks a player. I'd have dropped Buttler a few weeks ago too but fair play, couple of good knocks back to back now. Good news for us
  9. Goober

    David Brooks

    Signings like that wouldn't go far in addressing our soft underbelly though. Need some warriors, not nancyboys
  10. Mad. I'm still utterly unconvinced by us as a test side but that's a brilliant comeback.
  11. Special knock from Woakes this.
  12. Riyad was generally pretty great in his last season with us. Especially when Claude first came in
  13. The day we let some 14 year old United fans from Dorset rattle us is the day we're finished as a fan base. Please don't nibble for these virgins
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