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  1. Love that England kit. Anyone know where to pick one up for less than 60 quid?
  2. The 2 players you mention at the end there are capable back up for a club like ours though. It’d be nice to have Man City-style depth but you’ll never keep those players on the bench happy for long. If that pair are happy to play a bit part role next season we should be spending the money elsewhere. Think Tielemans, a winger and potentially another striker are our priorities. Hopefully we don’t have to see Amartey at right back too often though.
  3. Probably bored of their shit boring fans tbh. Wants to manage a proper club again I imagine
  4. Signed a few flops who we were allegedly after too - Lemina, Hoedt, possibly Elyounoussi who I can think of in recent times. Think their main problem has been poor managerial appointments though. Puel, Pellegrino and ****ing Mark Hughes is enough to send any club backwards. Probably harsh on CP as he got them top half and a cup final, but they never built on his work there at all. I think we seem set to do the complete opposite with Rodgers. Anyway, is anyone actually after Maguire? I'd be surprised after the average season he had here.
  5. Do fans actually care about this? I remember Neil Lennon being linked with the job here a couple of times and people on here (quite rightly) didn't fancy it at all. I don't think being a club 'legend' particularly matters if the fans don't think you're the best man for the job.
  6. Ive seen plenty of people annoyed that Jon didn’t get the throne and I can understand why - everyone loves Jon. I can also see why they’d think that his Targaryen name ‘went to waste’ but I think that’s more down to how the show rushed through everything. Think it would’ve been better if more people had found out about Jon, maybe we could’ve seen a power struggle between Jon’s loyalists and Dany’s, something more to flesh out that conflict But Jon being Targaryen was still a huge part of the story and set a lot of things in motion. It basically caused Dany’s downfall
  7. Jon being a Targaryen took away Dany’s claim to the throne and fuelled her paranoia. Anyone who says him being Targaryen had no consequences can’t have been watching the show all that carefully
  8. Yeah I was very satisfied with how they dealt with the end points of all the characters. Brienne writing Jaime’s deeds absolutely broke me, loved it. One complaint would be the aftermath of Dany’s death, would’ve liked more on that. Was hoping we’d see her in Valyria at the end with Drogon dropping her off there or something. But like I say that’s my only disappointment. Last 2 seasons were undoubtedly rushed and they deserve some stick for it. But I do think they wrapped it up well last night.
  9. Really enjoyed that So much I need to mull over about this season. Can't believe it's over. Crikey
  10. Rewatching The Bells now, have to say my opinion of the episode has done a complete 180 since last week. See things far differently and have to say it’s right up there for me in terms of favourite episodes Unreal. Can’t wait for the finale
  11. Regarding the AC fans not fancying him, may be that he’s just not got the right ‘chemistry’ in that side, as we’ve seen with Tielemans and some of our players at times this season, it can make a good player look poor.Could have the attributes to be exactly what we need. Literally never seen the lad play myself though, only know he’s scored a few rockets in his time
  12. Probably but that’s out of our hands. Can’t really look past the extra 100 odd they put on for their last 2 wickets yday. May be wrong but it seems to happen with us a lot. Not having a go, we’ve done brilliantly there to get that close
  13. Inability to polish off a tail has cost us again. Shame, but very good effort
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