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  1. That was pretty ****ing special. Unreal performance.
  2. If Barnes scored that Son goal we'd all be creaming let's be honest. It's a quality goal that very few players in the world have the pace, control, balance and composure to score
  3. Wolves quietly climbing up that table after a ropey start. Goes to show that Europa League doesn't automatically mean your league campaign is in the bin
  4. Huge fan of how he's bought into Brendan's style of football off the ball as well. Works his bollocks off and he loves putting a shift in for the team. He cannot be ignored for England any more, he's got everything
  5. Thought he was good tonight. Fizzed a couple of dangerous balls in and linked up nicely again. Subbed off somewhat harshly but definitely the right call from Brendan who took the game by the scruff of the neck getting Gray on. Barnes's pace and power caused them all kinds of problems second half so right call keeping him on too. 7/10 for me and certainly outperformed Barnes while they were both on the pitch. Good management from Brendan yet again and shouldn't feel too disheartened at getting hooked early.
  6. Might be. But I'd snap your hand off for fourth if you offered it now
  7. Madders loves it here. We're brilliant at recruiting the right characters
  8. Quarter final of the cup, second in the league, outrageous goal difference. Surreal
  9. ****ing fantastic. Everyone at the club take a bow.
  10. Demarai looks a new man under Brendan now. Inspired sub getting him on early
  11. Ayoze our best player. Tielemans good. Ricardo decent. Playing at a poor tempo
  12. I'm far too confident for today's game. Think it'll be 3-0/3-1.
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