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  1. Seen so many better team goals and moves than that City one. Knocked it around a knackered United side for a while before a hopeful cross into the box. Hardly cut them open with quick one touch passing or anything.
  2. Think we as fans could have made more noise during the game, particularly in the second half when the Burnley fans got going. The pre match and post match was special though. When the applause started ringing out during the video of Vichai... moment of the day for me and that will live with me forever. Seeing all the flags during the silence too, really special scenes. Proud of the boys and the club yet again. Loved seeing Nige, Claudio et al again too. Top is a very brave guy and I’m glad he got that rapturous applause from a pretty much full stadium 15-20 minutes after the game had finished. Still kind of disappointed about the result but some very special moments during the day render the result rather irrelevant. I love this club.
  3. Goober

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    We’re so lucky to have Kasper at our club. Brilliant player and a brilliant human
  4. Goober

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Our end sounded awesome today too, credit to all who were there. So proud of everyone associated with our club. The boys were awesome today
  5. Goober

    Thoughts with you all from MFC

    Thanks a lot mate, really is appreciated
  6. Goober


    I imagine ‘There’s only one Vichai’ will be best suited for singing?
  7. Goober

    Helicopter crash

    The situation is now difficult to put into words after the initial shock. God bless the innocents who may have lost their lives and I can’t bare to think how the families involved must be feeling. Echo the point of many others, had no idea news like this would be so difficult to take. Sickening and genuinely gutted. The sheer number from fans across the country/world offering their best wishes too, has been amazing. Really does means a lot, thanks to all
  8. Goober

    Helicopter crash

    Looks awful. **** me
  9. That would be nice, but in all likeliness we scratch around for a month, get someone a bit uninspiring in, play a bit crap and have everyone telling us we should have been careful what we wished for.
  10. Goober

    West Ham Home 1-1 thread

    All seemed a bit clueless and desperate that. Not very good. At least we’ve knicked a point there so it’s not all doom and gloom but the performance was light years away from that first half at Arsenal. I don’t get it
  11. Goober

    West Ham H Match Thread

    How can we go from that first half against Arsenal to this? Laboured, everything just chucked together hoping it works and nobody looks like they know what they’re meant to be doing.
  12. But it’s impossible to enjoy such boring football (despite us having scored 1 goal less than Liverpool and Spurs so far this season).
  13. For me, unless the board are absolutely certain they’ve found the next Pochettino or know they’ll get Howe/maybe Rodgers in, sacking him is pointless. Like many others, I’m still not fully convinced by the bloke, but I believe he’s trying to do the right things and I’m more confident in him as our gaffer than I was at the back end of last season. Questions should be asked of some of the performances and collapses so far this season but the meltdown from some is embarrassing. We’re doing okay, nothing more nothing less. We really should be winning the next couple, let’s see how we go.
  14. Goober

    Arsenal Post Match

    Devastated after that first half showing but we deserved nothing. Tore us to bits. Can’t get my head around it. Pissed off and pretty gutted. Chilwell and Maddison our standout players again. Evans is honestly no better than Wes from what I’ve seen. Ozil was absolutely world class that second half.
  15. I’ve got no idea but by all accounts he did a good job at Nice. 9th and a cup final in his only season at Southampton too, hard to say he was a failure there and they’ve gone to shit since. They weren’t exactly great under him in his season there by all accounts though. Again, jury still out on Puel for me but I’m still very much behind the guy.