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  1. No passengers in that Sheffield United team. Great to watch
  2. Think it's naive to completely dismiss the idea that's there's no corruption of any sort or at the top level over here. The 2 main bodies of the sport in FIFA and UEFA have been proven corrupt beyond doubt in the last decade ffs. I don't think anyone is claiming there's a worldwide conspiracy where everyone is out to get Leicester, but there's clearly a bias there. Just look at the decisions that the likes of Madrid and Barca have got in Champions League in recent years as well. There's absolutely something there. Has to be.
  3. Quite annoying that Villa have completely collapsed after the first goal tbh. Will totally gloss over the fact they were cheated. Well on top until that penalty ffs
  4. It's one or the other for me, and both answers are seriously depressing.
  5. So you're telling me that the officials on VAR - who are supposed to be professionals of the very highest level - are actually this inept? It honestly can't be possible. Game's ****ed. It's nowhere near a one off incident this either. Hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist and it seems absurd to even suggest it, but I'm convinced it's corrupt.
  6. Little bit frustrated that we were so sloppy in added time there. Really had them on the ropes. Take the point though and always happy with a late equaliser
  7. Perez was very good at the weekend. Deserves to stay in in his preferred position. Let Barnes come on with 20 to go and cause havoc again. Had enough chances starting for the time being
  8. What a difference a win makes. Arsenal looked good against Wolves but I fancy us for this one. I liked the look of 3 at the back yesterday so wouldn't mind us giving it another go here. Madders hopefully being back fit gives us another brilliant option as well.
  9. Surprised me how good he is at linking up play. Thought he was an out and out poacher when we first got him but he's actually a very good footballer. Have to get him in the side more often. Like to see a lot more of him, Vards and Ayoze on the pitch together.
  10. Can see Vards regularly starting for us until he's like 35 or something. Couple more years hitting 20 goals isn't too unlikely. Every chance he makes it to 150 for me. Never, ever leave JV
  11. How good does that feel Buzzing. Fully deserved today. Everyone played well. Well in boys
  12. Been good today. No idea how we're not winning. Stats will say we've not tested their keeper but we've had a few great opportunities
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