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  1. Any team that takes points from Bramall Lane this season will have to battle ****ing hard for them. Brilliant result and I'm ****ing delighted
  2. Does he start over Maddison/Tielemans for you?
  3. Who from this Everton squad do we feel would actually strengthen our 11? Richarlison, maybe Digne? They're all good players but on paper their side is very uninspiring for me. Lacking real pace too, apart from Walcott who is ****ing crap
  4. Sinking in that we've almost certainly lost our chance of regaining the Ashes this morning. Series could be over with 2 to play. What a waste
  5. Certainly exacerbates things. I remember Swann saying a few years back Root was the dressing room prankster and giving him captaincy wouldn't benefit him at all. Can only say he's been proven right. Just isn't himself anymore. He was genuinely the best in the world a few years back. Really frustrating.
  6. I'd ask him to stand down after this game but I can't imagine that would happen. No shame in it, he's just not a good captain. Certainly not ready for it now anyway
  7. Well according to the Test rankings you'd have: Kohli Smith Williamson Pujara Nicholls Markram De Kock Karunaratne Root Du Plessis Warner Vs. Cummins Rabada Anderson Philander Jadeja Wagner Boult Abbas Holder Ashwin Roach I feel like the batsmen would win, but it's a good question. No ****ing idea tbh
  8. 'Give the bowlers a day to put their feet up' Padded up before lunch
  9. The Roy experiment going exactly as many had predicted then. I really thought he'd be up to it. Shame
  10. Well this has all gone brilliantly in the end. Jofra you ****ing don. Broady brilliant again too.
  11. The one where he cupped his ears and skipped down the touchline is my personal favorite  Someone needs to make a GIF of that celebration tbh
  12. Vards thrives on being the bastard so I'm sure he'll love the stick he'll be getting. Büzzing for this one
  13. The man even wears black boots. Cult hero describes him perfectly, absolute tank
  14. The meltdown over this penalty rubbish is one of the worst I can remember. Genuine non story. They've not even argued over the pen
  15. That Wolves end always looks class when they're all stood
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