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  1. Fair play if true, genuinely wish the guy luck. Legend
  2. He's a brilliant young keeper. They paid what they had to
  3. We need to let the kid shine, all the talent and confidence in the world
  4. Did you see Hazard during the season in which Mahrez won the PFA POTY?
  5. This is what people will miss when he goes. Very capable of the sublime and moments of utter genius which very few players around the world, particularly in our market, can pull off. People slate the guy because he's not in the top 5 wingers in the world or whatever - he's ****ing sensational, so what if Gareth Bale and Arjen Robben are better? It doesn't take away from the guy's ridiculous quality. Never seen this Boudebouz play anyway.
  6. Think I heard Tim Vickery talking about this guy on talksport, was raving about him
  7. The assistant manager is there to back up the manager, offer him the right advice and support him. Shakespeare wants him because he clearly trusts the guy, on top of his recent very good work at Oxford
  8. Interesting. I firmly trust in Shakey's judgement of the guy
  9. remember seeing him well before we were linked with him, especially when Silva went to Hull, and I thought the guy looked seriously different class. Would be so happy with this especially under £20m
  10. Chilwell isn't too bad either tbf
  11. Finishing 1 point above West Ham and West Brom, who have both largely been utter shite, is no good for them these days. Why can't they aim higher?
  12. Sevilla at home was unbelievable from start to finish. The pre-match, post-match, everything.
  13. His goal vs Chelsea for me
  14. Utter legend and my favorite City player of all time. Winner at WBA Great Escape year still my favorite goal of his, and possibly ever