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  1. Harsh. Thought he was brilliant to watch during the time he was over here
  2. Why harm our own chances by dropping them though? Fine them, bollock them behind closed doors, anything
  3. Someone like Raphinha or Neto would be ideal, but there's no chance we stump the money they'd want for them. Wouldn't blame them in the slightest for sticking huge price tags on them either, we know that game too well
  4. I wasn't until I had a look at this thread. Shitting it now
  5. They have the most ridiculous squad depth in the world. Never look forward to playing them. Always expect to lose then end up inevitably disappointed (most of the time). Meh, move on. Chelsea losing is the main thing
  6. I'd give anything to see England win a tournament. Qualifiers are boring and so is our football but to see us even win the Euros would be incredible
  7. Young, aggressive, quick, comfortable on the ball. What a centre half we've got in this fella.
  8. Special team. We really should win a couple more trophies with this white ball side and I fully expect us to go close
  9. Drop Jonny B from the test side and let him prolong his white ball career? Absolutely dominant in this format. Joy to watch
  10. Undermining Pep's achievements in the game because he's only done it at top clubs is effectively the same as people who undermine Messi's because he hasn't done it in Stoke on a Tuesday night. People seem to underestimate how hard it is to win a CL too. How many in the history of the game have 2 CL's wins let alone 3? Fergie 'only' got 2, I never see people bringing that up as a way to discredit him.
  11. World class, without question. The wider footballing world won't agree until he's doing it in the Champions League but for me he has without doubt been performing to a world class level for well over a year now
  12. Can't get over how good this guy was today. And he scored a beauty. Please, PLEASE get him on a fat new contract
  13. Backed this lad from the off but after Palace Away I must admit I thought he was done here. Full credit to him, he's carried us through our most difficult period of the season. Long may it continue
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