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  1. Game of Thrones - hide spoilers please.

    need that HD link chaps, im not reading anything on here so if i've missed it apologies
  2. Jonny Evans

    cant see him going there if he wants regular football, surely
  3. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Where was this critical analysis when we were fvcking abysmal under Ranieri? I only remember you crying about us sacking the bloke
  4. Arsenal post match 4-3

    they did nowt wrong and were in no way at all at fault for either of the goals
  5. Ryan Shawcross

    Another United academy graduate who's done pretty well for himself. Mate has a season ticket at Stoke though and reckons he's past his best already, would moan about him regularly last season. Didn't realise he was only 29.
  6. Game of Thrones - hide spoilers please.

    That was superb, I am physically shook
  7. Mahrez to .......................?

    Probably not but they're in there, and probably will be very consistently over the next few years. Roma can fvck off with these bids though, he's not going for the same money as Pickford and fvcking Moussa Sissoko
  8. Anicet Abel Andrianantenaina...

    Actually remember getting this guy on FM10. He was quite shit
  9. Iheanacho

    another club would have moved in and allowed the clause to be in there, and we'd have missed out on him..
  10. Drinkwater

    Rather see him retire here tbh. That's not to say i don't see us being able to improve on him, but we all know he's capable of being excellent at this level. Big character in the squad, got a lot of football at his peak left in him too I suspect. Would hate to see him on Chelsea's bench.
  11. Gray - considering future

    Winks isn't better than Dembele, Wanyama or Dier but he still got plenty of opportunities. He'd probably thrive there but yeah he's not going straight into the first 11 at any of those clubs you'd think
  12. Gray - considering future

    He'd get game time at Spurs, not afraid to give their kids a go. Kane, Winks, Dier. Alli, Carroll, etc
  13. Cricket 2017

    Netted with the women in Derby a couple of times and they're all genuinely lovely people, players and staff. Over the moon for them.
  14. Slimani

    Basically Stevie Howard mate
  15. Slimani

    Where do people get the idea that he doesn't work hard? Every time i've seen him he's charged around like a madman. He's so much better than Ulloa, that's not even a debate.. it's just where they fit in the squad. I'd rather have a relatively happy Ulloa on the bench week in week out than a pissed off Slimani on huge money.