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  1. He's awesome. Can't believe no one's came in for him with a serious bid yet. World class
  2. He's matured brilliantly this year. He's winning us games now.
  3. Absolutely brilliant. Defended very well when we had to. Should've tied it up sooner but I won't complain. Buzzing!
  4. Wes clearly going off after shirking that 50/50 cos he was on a booking. Good move by Brendan
  5. Madders is in brilliant goalscoring form, thank ****. Been off it so far but they've been really good, every little flick seems to be coming off for them. Buzzing to be going in ahead but cant continue like that or they'll punish us.
  6. I've seen Chilwell's chipped in with a few goals and assists this season but he offers absolutely nothing going forward whenever I seem to watch him. Was the same the majority of his time here in his last season or so as well. When he came through I feel like he was far more impressive going forwards? Or am I remembering it wrong
  7. It's a strong tackle, slightly high, but not a red. Mount is a nob
  8. United have about 4/5 players there who can win a game on their own. Seem to have plugged some leaks at the back since Bailly came in too. Ole winning a league would feel so cheap though, really hope it doesn't happen
  9. Ait Nouri looks quality. Didn't realise he was only 19
  10. If you offered me those 3 sides to beat for a chance at a quarter final I'd snap your hand off. Very good
  11. Happy to have avoided Chelsea and Everton at the end their. Shame we're away again but it's absolutely winnable, especially with these likely being more interested in promotion
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