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  1. Really is far too good for them in the state they're in right now, much better sides will be in for him
  2. You're talking about the lad like he's ****ing Ryan McGivern. He's not cost us a goal in god knows how long. At the very least he's been brilliant defensively this year. What am I in 'denial' about? He's been the least impressive of our back 4 but he's still a very good player. He's got plenty of room to improve and I'm confident he will. Pathetic negative overreactions on here don't surprise me one bit
  3. Thought he was great second half. Criticism is fine but **** me the lad has truly become the new scapegoat. Leave it out
  4. Delighted, weren't in full flow today but still managed a win against a Burnley side who look back at it again this season. Feels good
  5. Lucky. Will gladly take it after the Liverpool game, very harsh on Burnley mind. Buzzing
  6. Wouldn't be surprised tbh. Be very surprised if he doesn't move to one of the big boys eventually.
  7. I don't think it would've been fair to the thousands of England fans that travelled out there if England had walked off y'day. They did the right thing for those lot staying on and hammering Bulgaria. If Bulgaria aren't seriously punished after this though then I'm behind walking off if it happens again.
  8. Travelling support brilliant tonight again. They'll get stick but whether it's footy or cricket we've got the best travelling support in the world
  9. Good goal by Marcus Walcott that Can't be arsed with Gareth being a smug **** about the selection and picking him for the foreseeable now
  10. Southgate - 'SoMe pLaYeRs ArEn'T iN gOoD fOrM fOr ThEiR cLuBs' - Proceeds to start Rashford and Barkley. The ****
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