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  1. I think we'd seriously struggle to turn down £65m. Good deal for both parties, but I'd be more than happy if it's rubbish and Harry stays. He's far better than he's shown this season and he's only going to get better
  2. A Dier-Henderson midfield 2 is even worse than the Ndidi-Mendy 2 for me. Don’t complement each other at all and I have no idea what Dier offers, he may prove me wrong but in no way is he being picked on merit currently. I have grown to like Henderson over the last 12 months though, he stays in there for me. Id like to imagine that someone like Maddison or Grealish will be brought into that midfield role eventually. They’ll both need to find consistent form at the top level first tho
  3. Mad seeing Chilwell starting for England really. Class
  4. I know he’s Spurs but people forget Alli is still only 22. Not hit the heights of his breakout season in a while but he’ll be a player for us
  5. Scotland I remember them giving us plenty of stick for celebrating reaching the WC Semi’s. Bags of ****ing shite
  6. Chelsea were shit but they still had a squad containing Hazard, Costa, Fabregas and the like. City were well under par but they still had the likes of Aguero, David Silva etc. We still shouldn’t have been anywhere near that title no matter how badly the big sides underperformed.
  7. What the **** Lad scored a worldy free kick at the weekend, paid an emotional tribute to a young girl, and some weird blokes hate him because he tries the odd step over. Can’t be arsed
  8. This thread explains a lot about our away support
  9. I’d love to know what people actually mean when they call it a fluke. I doubt it’ll ever happen again but it was completely and utterly deserved. Calling it a fluke says nothing at all
  10. Prefer Messi, always said he’s the better of the 2 but in recent years Ronaldo’s proved they’re pretty much inseparable. Both absolute phenomenons, love watching them
  11. Messi quietly having another unbelievable season. Ran out of words to describe him years ago
  12. Seen them create a pretty great atmosphere there a few times in the prem. They’re hardly a Reading or a Hull
  13. Impossible to expect to win a cup but I’d hope we’ll take them very seriously next season. In Brendan’s first full season I’m thinking competing for 6th would be excellent but comfortable 7th would be fine and far more realistic.
  14. Looks like he loves it here. Hopefully we can convince him to stick around for another year or 2. the lad is destined to play at the very top eventually but I think we’d be an excellent move for him at his age, can honestly see it happening.
  15. Interested to see what sort of business Wolves do this summer
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