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  1. It was his dream to play for them since he was young, his Mum tweeted something about achieving your dreams. I think every club would have been a stepping stone until he actually had a offer to join them. So he got an offer, didn't do a Mahrez and made us a better team without trying. So, Congrats on achieving your dream, and thanks for making us more solid at the back.
  2. I know what you mean but I was talking about the song, if we could use/adapt it. It's a banger with the drum and dare I say clappers even 💩
  3. Can we do anything with this, @Union FS The words are: (very roughly) Oh San Lorenzo Oh San Lorenzo We drink wine from a cask Oh San Lorenzo We smoke the Marajuana too 💙🦊🙊😳
  4. Can anyone tell me what the sizing is like on the current kit. I would like to buy one that fits, unlike the black and gold pinstripe away kit which was more like something worn in the tour de France?
  5. This If you watch the goals again you have to say that he was a major player in both goals, both goals originated from his crisp first time ball in, and the fact he's on the edge of their box attacking the little scamp! I hope JJ is taking everything in and learning from him, because I could see a bidding war amongst the top European clubs at the end of the season. He is destined for greatness
  6. Surely we need to adapt this to Leicester and we have an anthem for Sir Vardy. P. S its also redundant as he doesn't play for England
  7. And with kind respect to you Sir, we are playing the most potent and professional football we have Ever played, your big win can and may happen, and as we march on we will fear no one and bogey have no relevance. There is something special we can all see happening here.
  8. If you look at our team next to theirs we are superior everywhere, (questionably Zaha if he turns up) and also have a superior manager, we on on a roll and confidence is at a all time high suggests Palace are no longer our bogey team. Keep our belief and our standards high, and, I can see the Leicester juggernaut rolling all over these 3-0 Leicester.
  9. 👏👏👏👏 Love it, let's get behind this one 2 versus could work with sustaining the song.
  10. I was in SK1 for the final game at Filbert St against Tottenham, the atmosphere was electric, we sang we all live in a blue and white kop for about 80 mins. People were taking signs off the walls, pulling the corragted iron off the back of the kop, people on the pitch, marvellous
  11. When we were shit we got into an fa cup semi final against Tottenham. Ian Wilson scored a beauty of an own goal, Tommy Williams broke his leg and Garth Crooks scored the winner at our end as well. That's where I was when we were shit, I cried on the way home.
  12. Great Post as usual ✌️ Re:Their midfield control the game by working like madmen so that the front 3 plus fullbacks can tear you to pieces. When Klopp was asked to define his style he referred to it as 'heavy metal football' or gengen, it will be a very tactical battle with 2 very astute tachticians and hopefully a great watch loss or a stalemate imo
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