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  1. If you want to compare the Championship to the Prem then look no further than our no10. He was a clear stand out and out witting many defenders and scored top bins for fun, however, he himself has identified that the keepers are a lot better than he had faced previously. Madderz also looked a little low on confidence when things weren't going right, and he's been a focal point of the team since the first game. Football is all about ability yes, but confidence is what you need to flourish. You can see he is nervous and probably thinks he doesn't belong in the prem being so young, and that's all he needs: man management in the off season to make him believe he can shine and he will 100 for the club. I believe our new coaching staff will achieve this. On a side note he's a Leicester fan and only wants to play for 2 clubs, us and England. Love it!
  2. Agreed. Recruitment is massive in the PL. However it is a very tough and unforgiving part of the the game. As a scout you could either play it easy and identify proven PL player's and spend a fortune on them hoping that they will fit in, although a lot don't, prime example would be Dennis Wise, who looked great in a great Chelsea side but did f.a for us. Or you could take a punt. Personally I think we have done a great job. You could hit back with Musa/Slimani etc.. But if they played to the standard of when we scouted them then people would be saying 'how good is our recruitment team'. Football is a strange beast. Some players have only 1 good season, and some can only play in 1 team. Take Liverpool for example, everyone was pissed off the got Naby Kieta but he's been absolute dog poo for them. Also look at $145,000,000 for Coutinho... Is that bad business from a poorly run club? I think not, that's just football for you. On the upside, we got Ricardo in at a risk and its more than paid off. In essence, I'm trying to say that it's a whole lot tougher than us back seat drivers realise.
  3. He has excelled in every league he has played in, and the pl won't be any different. He is a gifted footballer, but the thing I like that nobody has touched on yet, is, the rapport he has with Vardy. He's clearly a fan, as you can tell by the celebrations after a goal. He also seems to encourage him after a miss placed pass, which for us bodes well for next season. P. S, if you can't see how good he is then, please watch him next season and then get back to us all.
  4. Gwyn


    Iff papy concentrates on his fitness I can see him playing the metronome position BR likes to play. He is quite skillfull on the ball, and can play triangles. I think he's still carrying a touch too much weight that he picked up from being on the sidelines for so long, and the apparent lack of conditioning he received during puels reign. I was a firm puel inner also
  5. I'm predicting a very close 2-1 with Barnes breaking his duck with an individual piece of brilliance.
  6. This guy is absolutely electric, even in defence he's looking to go forward. When he gets the ball I immediately sit up, I know every time he gets the ball something exciting is going to happen. He also seems like he is older than he is because he is so calm. I lauded puel for the signing, but that's all gone now. I hope he gets on with the gaffer because, IMHO I can see him being the most sought after right back, /midfielder in the league next season. And another conundrum, would he be better utilised as a attacking midfielder??
  7. After the final whistle on Saturday, Mr Vardy was asked "what was your favourite goal of the 100" and he answered with Liverpool and wba away. Which got me thinking, my immediate thought was the spurs game. Albrighton chips a ball into Vardy who runs onto it perfectly and deftly lobs lloris on the volley.. 😍😍😍t then again there's been so many, also brilliant play from the team and the Great man finishes. Let's make a book for Jamie, what's your favourite goal...
  8. Now that he's dipped his toes in to management, would anybody fancy a bit of Frank lampard? Not only would he be able to persuade ligit talent to come here I think he has a passion of how football should be played. I know he's only learning the ropes but I would wager he will become manager of Chelsea one day
  9. Honourable mention to Ricky for the sublime control. He's some player
  10. This is not a bad shout. I actually thought nacho looked lively and he does have a goal in him. He's also got pace, unlike madderz, surprised to see how slow he is. If he could work on that then he would be a mighty fine player.
  11. One for Harvey To the tune of Johnny Cash, burning ring of Fire https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hbo6WhbNRsc 🎥 Johnny Cash The Ring Of Fire (with lyrics) - YouTube I fell into a burning ring of fire We went down down down But,he'll take us higher And it's Barnes Barnes Barnes Will make us fire That boys on fire.. Repeat x50 Feel free to change the lyrics, but think it could be a catchy one
  12. Like this one, short and sweet
  13. My all time favourite is a little bit different. When we beat palace away, and suddenly everybody thought in unison "holly shi* we could do this and just stood and sang . Cue Lee from Leicester on the Robbie Savage show 6.1 mins in, I always thought Keegan could have said this too .. "Now you tell me Robbie" 😂😂 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ADhGGQqUUOM 🎥 Leicester fans @ Crystal Palace, 19 March 2016 - YouTube 🎥
  14. Agreed, he was majestical that day. And his hatrick goal was sublime, and I think he knew it judging by the hand over the mouth celebration.. it was like he was saying wow did I just take a cross on my chest in a crowded penalty area, take a touch and smash it home like I would do in training!!
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