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  1. He will sign regardless of any media hype, we are a great upwardly moving team and he clearly loves it here, and why wouldn't you when the manager selects you for every game possible. Unless it's about the money then he will sign
  2. He scores the type of goals Mahrez scores, I love this lad
  3. A song for Brendan with a wee tribute to our close friends in the north... When I'm with you Brendan I go out of my head I just can't get enough, etc
  4. Swap deal or "sweetener" for Edouard ?? He was loved at Celtic..
  5. He should have scored with the 1v1, I saw Brendan say Fuchs sake when he missed. I hope he can become more clinical because at the minute that's what's holding him back
  6. My wife loves him and has has nicknamed him Foffy, I told her to stop calling him that but secretly I kinda like it
  7. Forgot to add that which makes it even better, and although I hate to bring it up and no comparison to the kinetic understanding of Mahrez assisting Vardy but without looking he knew where Vards would be in that split second. Very exciting times
  8. If you have played football before then you should appreciate how good that assist is. First of all the turn and run, then the speed to latch on to the pass, then comes the hard bit, the timing and skill to exact that sort of pass from a very very awkward ball bouncing and travelling at speed. Classy footballer who will fit in well
  9. All for the team and in a cynical way and not rashly
  10. Just like to say I picked up on this pre season and was met with derision
  11. Well said, his team was constructed in 3 years because his method was backed 100% by the club and financed in the same stoic way, im sure at the start of his tenure Rodgers called it a long term project. Liverpool didn't even think abput sacking Klopp the season Leicester did the double over them, yet, because we over achieved last season people want to criticize what we lauded when we snared him from Celtic. People who have only followed Leicester recently really need to know how good it is to be a Leicester city supporter in this modern era, and how much we are still punching above our
  12. Or the players we have are not skillful or creative enough to play his style? We just need 2 players who cost 60 mill or above and we clearly don't have the money. He has a winning style or philosophy as he likes to call it but with 80% of the personel required to play it. We are so close to being a great team instead of a good team and I don't believe it's his fault
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