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  1. This one for the atmosphere and general all round respect. Still gives me goosebumps
  2. I think we watched the same game πŸ‘
  3. Would be if it actually was McGuire. I wonder did any of you watch the game??
  4. Make no mistake Manchester United have top class players but we also have top class players and a game plan, played to perfection by a well coached side. I'm saying it now we will beat Peps lot aswell
  5. You also have to give credit to our recruitment team, I remembered feeling worried when Steve Walsh left for Everton but the machine keeps rolling and long may it continue
  6. Touchè, it was outrageous skill and pace though wasn't it??
  7. A boxer's highlight reel doesn't just consist of knockouts.
  8. LCFC v Man Utd 21/03/21 Jamie Vardy +2 Harry McGuire Victor Lindleof Can someone post a gif of the slabhead one just to immortalize the beauty of it. Please feel free to add any I missed or you remember.
  9. Join the clubs official website
  10. Under to play from the start, focus on getting him 1 on 1 with Chilwell and we win easily. Remember him getting torn a new one when he played against Mahrez.
  11. This was a game we would have lost last year which shows we have learnt and improved on last year. We can now stay in a game and gradually impose ourselves in games, brilliant win.
  12. To the top.... That is actually a flipping great shout, well done that man πŸ™Œ
  13. Sorry I forgot his God like worship from the fans, handsome bugger to boot πŸ˜‰
  14. On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, Youri Tielemans..etc (Just in the festive period, perhaps?)
  15. Nice and sentimental post but does it really when you add to the what they have to deal with these days? Mane Firminio Salah That 3 wins the league. X (who needs midfielders when if you're Salah you can pick the ball.up from halfway, run 20 yards then angle in un opposed and curl one top left and still score even if the keeper, me and the whole world knows where he's going to put it!!!)
  16. Happy with that, at times they had no idea how to adapt to our high press and just kept coughing the ball up and was a joy to watch
  17. Agree with what you're saying but you have to admit Rodgers introduced his "philosophy " straight away and you could see it from whatever part of the ground you were sitting in and it became exciting again , having the same players available to him as Puel. He has made us a team with identity, which i find amazing when you hear the pundits giving us plaudits I believe under Rodgers we can only get better and better. Long live King Brendan P.s, I was one of the few that wanted Puel to stay 😬😬
  18. This apart from a couple more significant signings is now Brendans team that hes built over 2 years, has surpassed the remit of his contract. We had a gut wrenching finish and he would have felt that the same as the players. We are sitting 3rd in the PL having been seeded as a top team in the UCL we are likely to progress, add that to the fact he will go to work in one of the best sporting facilities in Europe with wealthy owners who have invested in the city.. It's a definite no
  19. If someone is a successful or respected person in their own right, they are successful or respected because of their own efforts and talents rather than those of the people they are closely connected with. Although now a celebrity in her own right, the actress knows the difficulties of living in the shadow of her famous older sister. He's shown this at Celtic, just ask Neil Lennon . Same squad, sane team, different results.
  20. Bang on this lad. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. He's the best man for our club at this present time,and is a top class manager in his own right. Get off his back you bunch of haters
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