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  1. Any gifs of Jorginho's theatrics last night?
  2. It is indeed from Sublime, I'm a big fan haha
  3. I wrote a little ditty about the state of things at the moment, hopefully it puts a smile on a few faces. Not written anything, let alone uploaded it to the world in years so be kind It's a bit sweary so watch out if you're playing it with kids around. Take it with a pinch of salt, just a bit of fun In a nutshell the song's message is be nice to people, opinions should be secondary to friendship etc.
  4. Went to and played a few gigs myself (in my sh!t metal band I was in) in the latter years of The Charlotte, will miss that place. They got some unbelievable bands in over the years.
  5. I'll ignore the first point as total bollocks. I wouldn't sing the national anthem in the presence of the queen either. I object to the monarchy as do many others, including politicians and it is the right of those who object to express it in this way.
  6. I know you said you weren't influenced by the right wing media machine but this really makes its sound like you were. Probably indirectly through friends and family I guess.
  7. I think it could be a tight game, hopefully we don't lose though!
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