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  1. Are there any videos of the goals? Couldn't watch last night and can't seem to find any videos in here!
  2. Anyone on here listen to them? Their new single 'Gigantic' has just been released.
  3. I have too many favourite samples so instead I'll share a fascinating video which shows you how The Prodigy used loads of samples to create 'Smack My Bitch Up.' Really goes to show the level of craftsmanship that goes into their songs and fair play to the guy who recreated it for the video! RIP Keith Flint.
  4. Only Liverpool and Manchester City have earned more Premier League points than the 16 Leicester have won since Brendan Rodgers took charge in March.
  5. I'm going with this weekend in the 55th minute after skinning 3 defenders in a mazy run from the halfway line
  6. I concur with Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgensen and Alex Honnold. Incredible feat to achieve what they have. Wouldn't fancy sleeping in one of those portaledges! The Dawn Wall, Free Solo and Valley Uprising are all great documentaries too. I used to do a bit of climbing with ropes on rock faces, mostly around North Wales and the Peak District. If I was free soloing like Alex Honnold I'd have died dozens of times by now! It's pretty telling that Alex Honnold is pretty much the only one doing what he does, most of the other ones have sadly died doing it.
  7. Fvcking hope we don't get Rodgers in.
  8. True that but I always try to do what's right, not what's easy ?
  9. Basically what I was saying was that these votes are pointless straight after a match and that I am still Puel in. And that I don't normally vote but did today to piss a few off. Then put a laughing face emoji.
  10. Normally I don't really vote in these things, bit pointless only posting them after bad results as others have said. For the record I want to see him stay til summer at least. Voted in today to piss off the Puel out crowd ?
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