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  1. I think Ned Eck made it clear he wanted to keep, and the priority was to keep Ned Eck, as he is also perhaps our best batter. Lewis Hill can also keep, so Nobby wasn't offered a new contract. Makes reasonable sense.
  2. He's like that irascible elderly relative at Christmas becoming more outspoken as the festivities proceed. You listen politely at first, but by early afternoon you're giving him an increasingly wide berth as he starts abusing everyone and everything. Time me to go to bed Roy
  3. It was great. Folllowed by the roar from the crowd as it finished. We all get annoyed with the club about this and that, but there's an awful lot that is excellent.
  4. Absolutely. Looks like more of a footballer than Wes or Huth, but doesn't quite have their strength. Gives us a good option in certain games. What a month he has had!
  5. Good idea. A list of some of the achievements on the runners. The words THANK YOU on the main spread.
  6. Stop acting like a surrender monkey mad dog. This isn't about logic, it's about dreaming about what might be. This will most likely never happen again. Dare to dream
  7. Gordon's alive ?
  8. Way too much pessirealism on this thread. Can we beat Madrid on Tuesday? We won the Premier League last season. We, if anyone, are allowed to believe in the unlikely. No shame if we go out, we have already exceeded expectations. Fans and players alike can just go for it. cannot wait.
  9. I have little doubt that energy levels will be fine on Tuesday as the adrenaline cuts in. We may not necessarily be good enough to win the tie, but it won't be for a lack of energy
  10. Fantastic point for us today. I declare us safe
  11. Today we are also a little bit Watford. I would like them to take 3 points from Swansea
  12. No clackers next week please. Just a refs card set for us to brandish in unison every time a Madrid player comes within a yard of one of ours
  13. You sound like Donald Trump.
  14. Chillers for Fuchs is one obvious rotation. Slim for Shinji. Possibly King for Drinky who I feel will struggle to complete 6 games in 19 days
  15. And not based on any substance frankly