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  1. Smelly supporters

    Could be anyone’s brother, son, and deserves some help not ridicule. Clearly unpleasant for his neighbours though. Tell the club’s liaison officer who can perhaps identify him and see if he needs a bit of help. Perhaps the chap is in care and isn’t being helped with his personal care
  2. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Statistically your point is not really accurate. When we open the scoring in games we rarely even draw, yet alone lose. I know Arsenal was an exception to that. It’s fighting back after going behind that we struggle with.
  3. Everton (H) 29 Oct 16:00

    Selling one under 22 ticket for tomorrow's game, cost £32 and not looking to make profit.
  4. Puel's Diamond Formation

    Step forward Daniel Amartey ?
  5. Daniel Amartey

    Glad it’s not just me who thought he was outstanding tonight. Composed, good movement and precise passing. He wasn’t placed under much pressure, but a really good game
  6. Leeds pre-match thread

  7. Leeds pre-match thread

    Would you mind alerting our scouting team? We clearly need a back up right back
  8. Leeds pre-match thread

    Any sign of Matty James anywhere? They said he would be out for 4 to 6 weeks. We’re up to 6 now. You do worry with Matty
  9. Leeds pre-match thread

    352 Harry. Yohan. Drago Dimi. Kingeh. Vince. Wilf. Chillers Slim. Kelechi
  10. Leeds pre-match thread

    we've all been a bit meh in the stands of late. Big week this. Two wins and everything will look rather different. We know the Leeds fans will be up for it. Time to make some noise ladies and gentlemen
  11. Rudkin

    We are, of course, going to take an age to appoint a new manager aren’t we?
  12. Cheesed Off

    It is a truly awful thought that Rudkin might have pulled the trigger because he heard a few boos on Monday night. We were far from great but we probably should have won that game, so act after that game rather than as others have suggested during the international break is ludicrous. If the owners think he is competent, one has to question their judgement. I think they have become distracted. They’ve bought another club as we know, spent £15 million on racehorses a couple of weeks ago, and don’t seem to be in attendance as much anymore.
  13. Rudkin

    The only ‘dirt’ I can imagine being of relevance relates to the Sheffield based marketing company set up to help us circumvent FFP regulations.
  14. I’m quite sure this is simply agent inspired news. As if we would know who we want to sign in January as early as October.
  15. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    it occurs to me that even if we had signed Silva, he would be our only attack minded creative midfielder. We have a cupboard full of defensive midfielders like Iborra, King, James, N'didi, but nothing attack minded. Similarly too many strikers, too many central defenders, and only one right back. I appreciate the transfer market is not easy, but the lopsided nature of our squad is frighteningly obvious to those of us who spend too much of our time analysing the Club. I just hope we can find a way to scrape 15 more points before the turn of the year, so we reach half way in the season probably in about 16th position. Then, I hope alongside Silva we can secure a talented young right back from the champ to understudy Simmo, and a back up creative midfielder for Silva. We need to be scouting for those positions now, talking to agents in November, agreeing bids with clubs in December, and announcing deals in early January (Wilf style). At the same time, offload messrs Ulloa, Amartey and Musa. We will need to stop playing hard ball, so we if can get something close to £15 million for the three of them then that at least pays for our back up creative midfielder, allowing a budget of up to £5 - £10 million for an understudy right back