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  1. We desperately need our senior batters (Horton, Cosgrove, Ackermann and Dexter) to start turning up and delivering centuries. The bowling unit is doing pretty well under Matt Mason’s tutelage, but the batters let us down time and time again.
  2. We are the unpredictables, as are our competitors for seventh. Best illustration of this is that the generally excellent Wolves have lost twice to the unremittingly awful Huddersfield.
  3. I guess a marquee signing should provide cover everywhere
  4. A tough day for his family no doubt. Bless them all
  5. Indeed, and worth noting against broadly the same attack we were an embarrassing 16-4 last year. Small steps, but big daddy hundreds like this build confidence and mean the next time they walk to the crease they will be feeling extra good about themselves. Hope one or two more batters get good time in the middle. Declare at lunch tomorrow and put pressure on ourselves to bowl them out again in two sessions.
  6. Absolutely agree. The manner in which this still young man has dealt with extraordinary personal tragedy is dignity personified. We are truly fortunate that he and his Dad chose to love our pretty darn middle of the road football club, and have led us all on the most extraordinary journey. I am by nature a bit of a pessimist, but I am extremely positive about the coming months.
  7. I’ve been going to Luz for 20 years and didn’t know there were any disused wells in the area. I’ve certainly never seen any, at least not obviously.
  8. I felt Gray was arguably man of the match against Brighton, but yesterday it just didn’t happen, and it’s the sort of game he should flourish in by now. I think Harvey will get loads better. Not sure Demerai will.
  9. Sadly we are paying for mistakes of previous seasons now. With a loss of £300k last year resources are tight. If you look at the estimated cost of Carberry and Pettini, along with having a deputy chief executive, I would guess that amounts to expenditure of about £210k last year which was pretty much wasted. And in Jones, who contributed so little for the length of his contract, that's another £40k or so. I know his problem was injury, but I think he had a prior record of injury before we signed him. Sure some recruitment mistakes will be made, it is not a perfect science, but decision making has to be better.
  10. That's not the kindest post you've ever made truth be told
  11. Excellent idea to start with Albo who is out for the rest of the season. The interim post may not be for you.
  12. Well, we have another game on Tuesday, and if there is just the slightest chance that a strong positive atmosphere could help us find a win then we owe it to ourselves to give it a go. Forget Puel. It’s clear he can’t inspire the fans or players, but maybe positive supportive energy from the stands will help the players, because goodness knows we need some help
  13. I’ve been on the fence for ages, having endured games like the 5-0 at Palace last season, but I think today tipped me over the edge. I hate sacking managers. It feels like a failure, but I think we need to get on with it. Good to know there’s another Fox in town. There are indeed plenty of us across the County. Hope we are all feeling a little more cheerful come Tuesday night
  14. City mean way more to me than they should. I’m 52 and should no better. But I feel pretty darn sad about it all tonight. Tonight’s game was a chastening experience and everything feels wrong at the moment. I simply don’t think Claude has the charisma to inspire the players or the supporters, and hence it’s time for him to be removed. God knows who we get to replace him.
  15. A decision may need to be taken on Mendy this summer. I think he came on a 4 year contract, so that would expire in June 2020. So we either offer him a new o or sell him if we want to recoup any money. He’s a decent enough player, but we have Hamza and I would like to see him play more next season. I say sell Mendy in the summer if there is interest. May also help to finance a Tielmans bid if he proves as good as we hope he will be in the next 12 games
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