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  1. Whatever we think of the manager, for someone to leak team information the night before a game is not on
  2. harpendenfox

    Time for Puel to go

    A significant part of management, in any field of work, is having the ability to inspire your workforce. Yes you need a strategy too, and I think Claude has a strategy, but from what we see, and what one or two informed posters have suggested, he is failing to inspire anyone. After a long period of prevarication that’s why I am now very clear we need an immediate change. Things will get no better under Claude. We will regress further.
  3. harpendenfox

    Chrystal Palace Away Match Thread.

    Thankfully I think about 34 will do Mr Weller. I often chastise you for being a bit negative, but right now I’m with you I’m afraid
  4. harpendenfox

    Crystal Palace (A) 15 Dec Pre Match Thread

    Bless you for your optimism, but we don't often win games comfortably do we? One glorious spell in the title winning season when we thumped Newcastle and Swansea away in successive games, but that was peak Vahrez.
  5. harpendenfox

    Andy King to..........

    You believe he should be a regular starter?
  6. harpendenfox

    Adrien silva

    Ghezzal was awful in the first half against West Ham and was subbed. Next home game against Burnley he was excellent. from what I have seen Adrien is not strong enough, brave enough or quick enough. He is handsome though and probably a very nice chap.
  7. harpendenfox

    No Vardy No party

    Are we over or under training apparently? For me we look slow transitioning from defence to attack and vice versa.
  8. harpendenfox

    Loss of momentum when attacking

    I understand there might be some relief if he was booted, but I think pretty quickly that would change to the slow dawn of anticipation of who might be next
  9. harpendenfox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Agreed. No one is saying he is like for like, but I worry that Vardy's ongoing groin problems may mean he needs an extended period on the sidelines, so I think there is a growing case for Barnes to return in January.
  10. harpendenfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    He seeemd to be everywhere at times today. A really exciting player to watch. MOTM for me, too
  11. harpendenfox

    Man city tickets needed

    I've also got two season tickets which will not be used on Boxing Day. Seems a shame for there to be two empty seats. Any news on this ticket resell scheme?
  12. harpendenfox

    Royal Visit to the King Power Stadium

    I’m not a big fan of the Royals, but I think Prince William is an impressive young man.
  13. harpendenfox

    Ben Chilwell: A possible star in the making

    We’re 3 points off 7th with 26 games to go.
  14. I'd been toying with volunteering at our local food bank up the road from me in Luton, and had been putting it off. I think it's fair to say that the Vichai tragedy made me get on with it and sign up, and I did my induction session this morning. Glad I did too
  15. harpendenfox

    A Legacy For Your Tributes

    Wonderful ideas beautifully presented by the Club, which continues to surpass itself through these difficult days.