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  1. Meanwhile a glance at the Surrey squad is enough to send me scurrying behind the sofa. Burns, Foakes, Pope, Jacks, Amla, Overton, Plunkett..... 2-1 win for us. Kelechi and Ayoze for us. Pope with a late consolation for them
  2. He’s excellent is Dominic. Sees things so much more clearly than me!
  3. So we’re worried about how bad Southampton were last night, and how good West Brom were. We do like to worry. PS: I’m worried
  4. if, by chance, you hear of a way of gaining a further ticket, then as you can see I'm 5 miles up the road from you……. I'm not a key worker, but I am extremely nice
  5. probably not relevant to the thread, but a tip of the hat to you for your dedication and discipline. I hope that somehow some of the players who attended the party end up reading your comment, and reflect on what dedication and commitment really means. So in fact it really is rather relevant to the thread. @Hales I salute you!
  6. 3 weeks, and 2 games ago, we destroyed Man United in an FA Cup quarter-final having just walloped Sheffield United 5-0 the previous week. These last few days have been dreadful for the Club, no doubt about that. We have had so much thrown at us this season, but Brendan has never lost his cool, or resorted to moaning or complaints, unlike so many other managers with bigger budgets. I think the man is a class act. He was clearly rattled after today's game, no doubt by the defeat and the issues caused by Partygate, but again he remained calm and composed. If he can take us to the Cup
  7. There's only one thing I dislike more than bent coppers and that's daft midfielders. Brendan needs to call in AC-12
  8. Agreed. An extremely honest session is required tomorrow, no holds barred. At the end of it, a video conference call with Susan Whelan and Top, both expressing their extreme disappointment and dismay, and concluding with a call to action by Brendan. The meeting doesn’t finish until everything has been discussed, voices raised, apologies made and accepted. An extraordinarily difficult situation, but if we can mange it well, we can emerge stronger from I hope
  9. What about the uncooperative staff? Apologies, I realise this is just an autocorrect....
  10. I don’t see it as a demand,I think they see it as an opportunity. Frankly if we could sell out Grace Road with an IPL game and County made some much needed dosh from the idea, would we not rather like that?
  11. I’m not quite sure I agree. The World Cup in England was hugely well supported by people supporting India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. I went to watch NZ play Bangladesh at the Oval and it was a privilege to be there amongst thousands of Bangladesh fans. Just as the NFL fills Wembley, I think the IPL might easily fill the Oval, and it might all be quite fun.
  12. Kelechi barely moving in that picture. Wonder what’s wrong
  13. ok chief, if you've got some inside knowledge, please share it. If you're just seeking attention, feel free to desist
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