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  1. Football never fails to baffle me. So wonderful at times earlier in the season. So ordinary against a pretty toothless Norwich tonight. I have no clue how the next few weeks will pan put. We might slide out of the top 4. We might go and win 3 on a row and wonder what all the fuss was about. After 45 years of supporting City I am none the wiser!
  2. Frankly only because we have 3 midfielders injured or suspended
  3. I did this a couple of seasons ago for a one day game. We got thrashed of course, but we all had a brilliant day, and tremendous value. The staff could not have been more helpful. Food is excellent and drink plentiful. We had a suite at the far end of the ground (ie opposite the pavilion), and it was excellent.
  4. 3 of the 4 blocks on sale at the moment, and about 700 left over those 3 blocks, with J block still to be released.
  5. I can buy tickets tomorrow, and I'm predicting there will be availability. If not, can I have first reserve on the two?
  6. Over the last 6 games we are fourth in the form league.
  7. Only if the Premier League controversially awards them 13 additional points if they win today
  8. As for the bloke sitting around row LL in G1, whose repertoire consisted of calling out Chillers, Kasper and whoever else dared to make a mistake, please don’t come back. Morbidly obese useless waste of (a lot of) space. Feel free to spend match day elsewhere being miserable.
  9. So, looking forward. Remember in one of the last games of that season, in April, when there was a spontaneous round of applause in which pretty much everyone in the stadium stood, and simply applauded. I think it was simply acknowledging the miracle that was happening. It is still one of the most spine-tingling moments I can remember in my 40 plus years as a City Fan. Everyone together, locked in admiration at what we were witnessing. This season isn't far off that in my opinion. We're not going to win the league, but we may qualify for the Champions League, and we're on an FA Cup run with the possibility of reaching the QFs. Everyone is a bit low after last night, but there is little point feeling sorry for ourselves, and a big game is around the corner on Saturday lunchtime. So how about, in the second minute on Saturday (random timing, but at the beginning) we simply stand and applaud for a minute, and see what happened from there? It's simple, everyone can do it, and it might just help to create a positive vibe for the game that transfers to the players. I know this lacks spontaneity, which was the beauty of the original event, but what do you think? No worries if people think it is a lame idea, but might it work?
  10. Surely this gives you the perfect excuse to get out of seeing Bryan Ferry? This cannot surely have been your idea?
  11. West Ham play Liverpool twice, and Man City, in their next four. They are in massive trouble.
  12. That’s big of you. This post is just about ok, but if you do a poor one I’m going to call you out and boo every time you touch the keypad. If Derby’s forum offer us 2 iPads for Chrysalis I’ll drive him there myself
  13. Astonished at this and other posts suggesting boredom and apathy. OK we are having a dip in form and confidence, but that happens to pretty much every team every season. We're third. We're one game from Wembley, we're arguable at our highest point in our entire history, and people are bored and apathetic. We might even stutter again tonight. It might be 0-0, but bored, feeling apathetic? Genuinely don't understand this. I'm nervous, excited, worried, anxious, and there are still eight hours to kick off. This golden age will pass you know. One day we will be back in the Championship having just lost 3-0 to Forest or Cov. These are glorious times. Let's try and appreciate them while they last. And for goodness sake have a drink or some recreational drugs before taking up your position in the KP tonight. We need all the positive vibes we can get.
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