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  1. We play a poor Middlesex team at home on Monday. Evans for more runs for the 2s and Taylor played too, although he didn’t bowl. If fit Taylor comes back in. Possible line up: Horton Evans Azad Cosgrove Ackermann Dexter Swindells Taylor Klein Wright Abbas That strengthens the batting and gives us six bowlers
  2. Fair play, I’ve questioned his application but he has shown what he can do this week. Let’s hope it is the start of a prolific run for him
  3. We are massively subsidised by the ECB. Have been years. Without its support we would have gone into liquidation years ago
  4. That’s true with regard Cozzie. He makes run scoring look easy, but not for long. That’s why I’d recommend he has a game in the 2s and tries to bat all day, get used to spending 4 hours at the crease. I don’t think he has managed that for two years. Likewise Horton, frankly. You see other experienced pros around the circuit trying to find form in the 2s so should our guys. Horton doesn’t move his feet to wide ones, Cosgrove gets stuck on the crease. It’s not even that complicated!
  5. Totally agree with this point. Our purpose as a County has to be to develop young English players supported by some senior pros. Ackers, Wright, Mo set the standard. There is little point spending large potions of our budget on players in decline.
  6. This is a game we could/should have won if we displayed more tenacity in the batting department. It's strikingly clear how far the bowling group has developed, but that's not the case with the batting group. Longer term I hope we are trying to identify a couple of reasonably experienced batters for next season - I know that is easier said than done though. There simply aren't many about who aren't already playing for their first team. Further ahead both Cosgrove and Horton will be out of contract at the end of 2020. The former will be 36 and the latter 38. I think Javed and Dexter are out of contract at the end of 2019. So there are lots of batting berths to fill. It's only logical now to give Evans a good run at the top of the order to see if he has the potential. Otherwise we will never know. It would also make sense to give Swindells a run soon. And perhaps Cosgrove needs a game for the seconds in an attempt to bat for four hours and rediscover the art of compiling a game winning knock of 130 plus. I don't doubt he has the ability, but does he have the desire?
  7. Cosgrove, going well with the dogged Hasan, then tries to hit one out of the ground and is caught. It is just so disappointing. If they get you out, then fair enough. Ackermann just went to a good'un, but to just give it away like that is heart breaking. Our bowling unit has improved considerably under Matt Mason. There have been some improvements in the batting department too, but not enough to win more games. I suppose, trying to be positive, if we can sign a couple of batsman with some County experience next season we could be a good team. And I've said before if he is available let's give Sam Evans a run at the top of the order and see if he can add some fortitude to the top order. Hasan has proved it is possible.
  8. Struggling today. Basically we have 3 batters who seem capable of runs, Hasan, the admirable Ackers and the improving Dearden.
  9. Excellent day for the 2s yesterday. Bowled Yorkshire out for 72 and end the day 210 for 3. A ton for Sam Evans opening up. Hope he gets a run opening for the firsts.
  10. Agreed. Dexter adds a bowling option too. The only other option would be too try Sam Evans as opener, give him a run and see what he can do, and Dexter replaces Mike. Thus Harry at 6, Dexter 7, Hill 8, Taylor 9. That adds to the batting and doesn’t weaken the bowling
  11. 5 for Klein, 4 for Griffiths and a return for Dexter
  12. It is perhaps we who should be handing out gifts to Top to show our appreciation and respect. Perhaps a simple sign with the word Top written on it.
  13. Apologies for forgetting Dieter, and I agree he gives us something different
  14. So two four day games is all we have in the rest of May, so no one is going to feel too exhausted. What’s our best 4 day team? Definites: Horton given he is captain Ackermann Dearden Hill Taylor Wright Abbas then pick 4 from the maybes.3 batters and 1 bowler Maybes: Azad Javed Cosgrove Dexter Parkinson Griffiths Davis i think my additional 4 would be Azad, Cosgrove, Dexter and Parkinson
  15. I say we bring on Harvey and see if we can get away with removing no one
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