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  1. harpendenfox

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    Which unfortunately is delayed at Beford due to operational isssues and lack of available train crew
  2. harpendenfox

    Croatia vs Nigeria - Match Thread

    That’s the Moose we love.....
  3. harpendenfox

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Have to be honest and say I didn’t think we would score those runs, but delighted that we did. So pleased for Nico who deserves time in this post. It will be interesting to see who we might attract this winter too. It it would be great if a few more sport loving Leicester folk spent a day or two at Grace Road this summer. It’s a super friendly club.
  4. harpendenfox

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    The total irony of being deducted points for a slow over rate when a 4 day Game has fiinished in three days and time was lost to rain on day two.....
  5. harpendenfox

    Demarai Gray

    He’s been with us two and a half years now, and I’m not convinced he has improved in that time. Puel clearly wanted to back him and he looked decent for one or two games last autumn but he seems to have gone backwards in the last few months. Certainly no need to get rid, but neither would i classify him in the ‘keep at all costs’ category.
  6. harpendenfox

    The Arsenal next, lord help us!

    Please let’s not be all miserable and negative tonight. Life’s too short. Ignore the dreadful managerial situation. It will sort itself out. Two things. This will be Riyad’s last home game. Let’s celebrate his magic. And let’s get behind a man none of us can doubt with a long rendition of Jamie Vardy’s having a party and England’s number nine to send our talisman off to Russia with our loving endorsement. Lestah til I die
  7. harpendenfox


    Actually that is a bit weird taking a picture of him on holiday and sharing it. Harmless enough, but a bit odd
  8. harpendenfox

    David Wagner

    Whatever we do, we need to have it sorted by the end of May. There's such a lot to determine by the time the players return in July. The likely sale of Mahrez, the need to rid the squad of expensive mistakes like Musa, decisions on the future of the likes of Slimani, Mendy, James, King, Gray, Benny, Huth, Hamer, Ulloa, Jakupovic and Dragovic. Then the need to purchase a first team ready right back, centre back, winger, attacking centre mid and foil for Vardy. And that's without even contemplating bids for the likes of Wilf, Vards or big H. If we get it right we can realistically push for a top seven finish. If we get it wrong we could be relegated.
  9. harpendenfox


    Is it even possible for us to progress to some kind of next level? What would that mean? Replacing one of the big six? Not starting every season first and foremost hoping we’re not relegated? i would argue to get to the next level we need to some how secure a high quality manager of the calibre of Rafa, and I would argue the only conceivable way of doing that is offering him a war chest of £200 million, and I don’t think we have quite that level of ambition.
  10. harpendenfox

    Define Potential

    Another way to look at it. Let’s for a glorious moment imagine that Pep became our manager. Which of the current crop would he most likely improve significantly?
  11. harpendenfox

    Silva giving his shirt to a Palace fan

    I’m more concerned at how easily Adrien is being muscled off the ball than this nonsense frankly.
  12. harpendenfox


    Lineker was wonderful, but left fairly early in his career and improved no end. In terms of impact for Leicester, Vards has has had loads more. I think it makes total sense to do this (as much as these absurd salaries can possibly make sense, but you get what I mean)
  13. harpendenfox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    What's interesting is I think most of us agree where we need new talent. I fear big H will be the subject of a big bid too over the summer, so if he goes we need two centre backs, a right back, a winger, a ten, and possibly an attack minded midfielder in addition to Silva. So as many as six players. But if Riyad and H leave that's likely to bring in £100 million, and with a few sales of squad players likely too, we will have a 'war chest' (love that stupid phrase) of £120 million without even investing new money. City to spend £120 million. Now what could possibly go wrong...........?
  14. harpendenfox


    He's a mystery is our Slim. Great impact at times. Early goals against Burnley and Porto come to mind. Then in Shaky's early days in charge a frustrating evening against Sunderland changed after an hour when he and Albrighton came on and combined to break the deadlock. A lot of injuries over the two season's he's been in England, and some games (Fleetwood away springs to mind) appalling. He has some excellent attributes, and I would be happy enough if stays. However he is 30 in June, and with two years left on his contract if we can find someone willing to pay £15 million i would take it.
  15. harpendenfox

    Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    I’m pretty sure only 7 English clubs could play in Europe. The 8th place argument is irrelevant