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  1. I’m loving this lad. Great sense of humour, actually injects some thought into post match interviews and a bloody good player.
  2. Genuinely weird for such a professional club that our team is regularly revealed three hours before kick off by some gobby bloke on twitter
  3. I would most definitely recall him now if we can. If DP is out for 3 months we undoubtedly need cover for YT and JM. Sure he would be on the bench primarily, but he would see plenty of action, and once he’s on the pitch it’s up to him to show if he deserves a start.
  4. Think it ends in June this year. 4 year contract agreed June 2017. £32,000 per week
  5. I’ve listened to quite a few radio pundits of late. Pat Nevin is excellent. As is Rob Green. Vicki Sparks was the commentator on our game on 5live yesterday. Also excellent, as was her summariser Stephen Warnock
  6. I think we said that at the restart last season too!
  7. It would be great if he could play 60 minutes against Stoke. 5 subs allowed so plenty of flexibility. Fingers crossed for the silky skilled genius
  8. Very wise! And, genuinely, I think many of us are so pent up with frustration at the end of this incredibly demanding year that a quick rant on the internet has become a form of therapy. We are all in desperate need of a full house at the KP. The ups and downs, the frustration, the joy. I miss it like hell. Here’s to a much better 2021!
  9. We've played 8 more games than Villa. Maddy has a slight knee problem, as does little Wes. Chestnuts and Wilf just back from long term injury. Vards has an ongoing groin weakness. Youri has played virtually every game. I'd have liked him to play, as he is critical to us, but perhaps he's knackered. He's also played in loads of internationals.
  10. Ridiculous to slam Rodgers for that outcome. We were by far the best team and should have won about 3-0. Kasper made a mess of the one shot he had to save, Kelechi made a mess of his pen, and we had loads of half decent opportunities. I think we probably know that Hamza and Kelechi aren't what we need anymore. If only we could unearth a JJ style striker to learn from JV for a couple of years and gradually play more and more as he ages. We're second, it's close at the top, there are loads of daft results - I refer you to Man City 1-1 WBA and Liverpool 1-1 WBA. We will not be immune
  11. That’s not logical though. We’ve rotated today because we had a game 48 hours ago, not because of the game on Sunday
  12. A point today and a win at Newcastle would represent an excellent Christmas campaign for us
  13. Keep it negative lads and lasses. It's the only way. 2-0 Palace. Two sublime Benteke goals
  14. A. Were you both born in Leicester/shire? B. What happened that your brother made such poor life choices?
  15. True, it is. But I rather like the considered contributions of guys like the Bear and others from around the country. At the end of the day we’re all just saddos on the internet seeking some distraction from the shit in the world by nattering about the footy. Not really worth getting irate about big lad.
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