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  1. I think this is a great way of looking at things. If we manage top four given the situation we are in now it will be an extraordinary achievement. Let's worry less about what we might lose, and more about what we might just achieve
  2. Man, you’re not reading the room. We’re all karma in this thread. So relax. Open a Grolsch. Take a walk. Appreciate the beauty of an nascent daffodil on a spring morning. Make a small donation to a charity. Tell someone you love they are great. We will win some, we will lose some. We will always love The City. I’m off to hug a stranger (virtually, from a safe distance obvs)
  3. 7 wins, from 12, and we will finish in the top 4 I reckon. Doesn’t matter when we get them.
  4. Too right mate. Now a return to the stands genuinely feels closer I am missing it even more
  5. You are so right. Well said. Fingers crossed the lads can find some hidden depths and chisel out a couple of wins over the next three games
  6. What a miserable couple of hours. We have been so darn good this season, but there is no doubt injuries have caught up with us big time. Really feel for the team. Burnley, Brighton and the Blades next. None of those games will be easy with our injuries and tiredness, but at least they don’t have the strength in depth of clubs like Arsenal.
  7. Madders needs a Naproxen prescription and he’ll be good to go. I‘m 54, take 2 a week, and did a 10k in 58 minutes this morning. Get down the GP James old son and you’ll be flying on Sunday 😂😂😂
  8. I noted last week we flew out on Wednesday afternoon for the Thursday game. Prague came into Leicester on Tuesday. Trained at our ground on Wednesday. Quite clear it was a higher priority for SP than for us, rightly or wrongly
  9. Every team (except Man City it would seem) has to live with losses. It’s how we react that is important. 4 league games in the next fortnight now. If we can harvest 7 points we will remain on track
  10. I love you all, you beautiful people.
  11. Well, we now have a week off before United in the Cup, whereas they will play on the Thursday. We have two weeks off after United for the international break
  12. Good news. Olivia Coleman is an excellent elder Queen. And takes an excellent corner
  13. I thought we started well truth be told. Prague came into after 20 minutes or so
  14. I know it’s always mardy on here after a defeat, but this is proper extended lockdown, not seeing yer mates down the pub, everything’s a bit rubbish mardy. Disappointing. But, we’re third, and now get a week of rest before playing Manure in the FA Cup quarters. Big 2 weeks of league football first. Up n at em
  15. We have 4 more league games until the international break (poor old Youri might play another 3 games in that break….). After that, so in early April, you'd like to think that little Wes, Ayoze and Maddy will all be fit ( I think we know Ayoze will be fit well before then, and it's all guess work with Maddy at the moment. Hopefully young Dennis might be available too. That gives us a few more options. So before then, in the league, we have Arsenal, Burnley, Brighton and Sheff United. If we can take 7 points from those 4 games I suspect we will have maintained our position heading i
  16. Scientists use data and evidence to provide advice. They are focussed on the damage caused by Covid, and thus it is only logical they seek to suppress the virus as much as possible. Their caution does not make them bedwetters. And I don’t think anyone wants lockdown to be any longer than is necessary. Questioning the character of those who hold a different view to your own is not a very mature way to look at things.
  17. Average points tally for the team finishing fourth over the last six seasons is 71 (high 76, low 66). Average over the same period for the team finishing sixth is 64 (high 69, low 62). There are going to be a lot of teams on the beach, with little to play for, relatively soon. The bottom of the table is relatively sorted, aside from Fulham, but we've played them twice already, and if they continue to improve they could take points off rivals. I'd argue Newcastle are more likely to be relegated at the moment. But before long about 8/9 clubs will have little to play for, and it kind
  18. I understand he tripped over one of Becky Vardy's skates (Elvis Hammond - ankle)
  19. Yes, it would appear to work. It baffles me (admission - I am a card carrying Labour Party member and local official), but when I speak to people on the phone (the only type of campaigning allowed at the moment) the general impression I get is that 'he's doing alright, as it's jolly tough'. I've never voted Tory in my life. I just don't feel Tory ideology is for me, but I know Labour has a huge hill to climb. My big hope at the moment is that we see something like what happened after WW2. The Conservative PM Churchill leads us to victory, is feted as a national hero, and consequen
  20. He is, arguably, a modern day Steve Earle. The footballer, not the singer/songwriter. Who is 75 now. Dear Lord. if you are actually the Steve Earle, I thought you were great. As was Jim Melrose.
  21. the one problem with your theory is that Perez is injured
  22. Yep, the poster admitted that the 'did not travel thing' was simply a guess presented as fact. Which I might argue was not overly helpful.
  23. I don’t think anyone said that to be fair. He posted some intel, none of us wanted it to be true, and happily it would appear not to be. if the original message actually referred to Mrs Vardy it’s actually rather amusing
  24. So was this a guess, or did someone tell you this @walkerleeds?
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