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  1. Exactly this... Also after all that super league rubbish teams will what to beat the proclaimed big 6
  2. Been nervous all day.. Been for a walk, hoovering.. Now time for beer 😁
  3. Arsenal to beat Chelsea...gets them back in the mix. Man united and arsenal wins would be amazing for us.
  4. Playing golf is bad for hip Injuries..focus on the football maddison not getting a birdie.
  5. Where is the leadership/leaders on the field. Is it me or does something not seem right here, seem completely unarsed.
  6. Just seems to be no passion let alone any attacking football. Seems like they are just not arsed about top 4.
  7. Think overall there should have been an extra 5 minutes. 3 minutes in the first half should have been 6.
  8. Great Post mate, fully agree with the points you make. I don't get the mentality of Madders, huge stage of the season he's always talking about how much he wants champions league football. Add to this he's constantly going on about making the England squad why risk it for a few shandies and ice pops at Hamzas. Completely idiotic of him and shows a complete lack of respect for LCFC.
  9. Although I agree in part in terms of what perez and maddison could have offered in this game (still think they would have made a difference yet small) For me it's the disregard for your team-mates and manager. Also I'm sure because of their idiotic behavior this could have effected team morale. Clear to me at such a vital stage in the season they don't care about LCFC as much as they should.
  10. Easiest decision I've ever had to make in a poll. Considering what was at stake and the time in the season it's appalling behaviour. They have let their Team-mates, Manager, chairman and fans down. I hope they each do a public apology on camera.
  11. Even though I don't want them out the club Exactly this, can see through all the media training post interviews now. He doesn't care about the club, if you did even a little there is no way you would do what he did.
  12. Be proportional.. They broke covid rules possibly putting whole team at risk. One this could have meant more players out of further games and absolutely squashes morale I would have thought. They are on 120k/80k a week and did this before an absolutely huge game. Now I'm not saying sack then but I'd want severe fines and full apologies on letting down their team mates, manager, chairman and fans. Also apology in front of cameras not some crap on twitter. I'm shocked with madders as speaks so well but obviously just media trained.
  13. @Madders10 @AyozePG hope you're feeling as low as all Leicester fans right now. Most unprofessional thing you could have done, before a huge huge game. Probably stamped on all morale we had. Let your team-mates, manager, chairman and fans down. Hope it was a great party 🙄. Just tweeted this as I'm now 99% it's true. It's not even the impact of not having two of our most creative players playing, squad morale will be in the dirt.
  14. Man poo win or draw, need to maintain that gap.
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