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  1. ^This Enjoy the fun. Hopefully see you all after.
  2. One is in already and he is just part of the “Stormgasbord”
  3. Praet is a mere fart within this storm. (Thats pretty much done by the way)
  4. Don’t question it... just do it. You'll thank me later
  5. Not dissimilar, but more like the 100 year storm in the original point break.
  6. Yet you have had ample warning. Under armour will be fine. Id also suggest getting your favourite tipple in to both celebrate and warm you during “Hurricane Conger”
  7. Peg down your tent. Put on your vest. Cover your balls in deep heat. The storm that has been brewing is about to blooooooow your mind
  8. Every chance. Just giving the queen fans something.
  9. ISMAILA SARR! Rennes will not let him go (Let him go!)
  10. They both are. Just fuelling conversation.
  11. who is 2 goals behind D.Gray having played 30 games less....
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