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  1. I’ve read ever single post on here and I’ve come to the conclusion that.... Ismaila Sarr really needs to work on his long throws
  2. No, this is the Pontus Kamaark, Kasey Keller, Theo Zagorakis 3 way mud wrestle that we've all been crying out for for years. Finally the club are listening to the fans.
  3. Part of my year off included Gamstop and other blocks. Blocks don't remove temptation but they do make it impossible to act upon.
  4. I’m 140 days into a non gambling year. You’ll have seen on past threads I was often referring to odds for transfers, sackings etc.. About half of my “inside info” came to fruition and the other half wasted my money and probably that of others I “tipped off”. I decided just just after Christmas to have a year off. Over a third of the year through, I might make it a lifetime choice.
  5. I know. I recently heard him referred to as ex Real Madrid star Jonathan Woodgate. Made less than 10 appearances.
  6. I was drunk not lobotomised (I imagine more than 50% of people on here didn’t know that to be fair)
  7. Some quite amazing images on here. A season we'll never forget, but sadly for all the wrong reasons. Bringing things back to matters on the field, I'm afraid that this is an iconic moment....
  8. first game a total mis-match and should (ironically) have been a cricket score
  9. Real Madrid's Jonathan Woodgate is taking over. Hopefully they'll have a good season, implode and finish just outside the play-offs again..... not that I have anything against the Parmo eating, smoggy bastards.
  10. You are sick. All of my grandparents are dead. Grandma June.
  11. All these comments about fashion when you’re all dressed head to toe from sports direct 😂😂😂
  12. Best team in the Midlands each year (that should always mean at least top 10 and sustained progress in other competitions)
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