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  1. yes, he's one of those central wingers
  2. Thought I may actually get a bite there What with all you morons taking the day off to watch our overseas training session
  3. They should play it in different countries, like the European Championships does. Its always in Africa, which I know is a huge country, but maybe they should try a different country.
  4. According the West Brom official website, we are already 1-0 down!
  5. Kasper Simpson Huth Morgan Fuchs Albrighton Drinkwater Ndidi Mahrez Okazaki Vardy Strong bench
  6. Not 100%, but nothing serious. Very happy and settled player
  7. Are you OK babe?
  8. He's signing you knooooow, Kelechi Iheanacho It might happen tomorrooooow, Kelechi Iheanacho
  9. Rome is quite a pleasant place. 1hr 45 flight to Algeria. Nicer than London.
  10. Relax. It's happening.
  11. Iborra is a CDFwd
  12. Strange isn't it. Ive done the opposite and had his name tattooed on my forehead* *coverup of my old Maynard tat
  13. I "think" he is correct
  14. I scored the winner against Boldmere St Michael's in a cup final. This has just reminded me. As you were.
  15. Thanks Fam