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  1. FT charity of the Season 2018/19

    http://jhmt.org.uk/ Charity ran by ex city player as a result of losing his son. Steve works tirelessly to raise awareness. There's already some support from the club and ex players, but a great charity to support. http://www.bodiehodgesfoundation.co.uk/ Nick is a very close friend and has again worked tirelessly after losing his son. If nothing more, I urge you all to visit both sites and consider both charities when involved in fundraising.
  2. LCFC v The Blades FA Cup scoreline prediction

    strong starting line up. 3-0
  3. Jonny Evans Billiard Room Lead Piping
  4. What does LC need to become a top-6 side?

    Double the investment. in particular: 2 clappers per chair 2 beers per match 2 doughnuts double length scarves double height jester/santa hats
  5. Man City (H) League Cup pre-match

    Fuchs. sorry.
  6. Man City (H) League Cup pre-match

    Fuchs. not Huth. apologies.
  7. Man City (H) League Cup pre-match

    leak: Hamer Amartey Dragovic Mcguire Huth Gray King Iborra Chilwell Okazaki Ulloa
  8. Name this Leicester team

    Tit head, tit head, over water carrying device?
  9. Name this Leicester team

    Broad Hall Spoon of Vomit
  10. Bastian Schweinsteiger

    The art of sarcasm is wasted on the young. You should have put it in txt spk @FIF innit
  11. Next City Manager?

    next manager = Andros Townsend
  12. Man U 2 - Leices 0 Post match thread.

    Lost 6-3 on aggregate away at The Emirates and Old Trafford. 2 big aways over with. Won first home game & in next round of cup. 2 potential banana skins avoided. Exactly as we all expected & possibly better. Season starts again in a fortnight.
  13. Manchester Utd (A) Pre-Match Thread

    Saw this on Craig's phone earlier. Seems legit