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  1. I actually have 2 blue and a white. blue ones will come with white Nike footballs (pictured). White one with a green nike football. pics attached + when he signed them. Surely more interest now he has assisted in a World Cup!
  2. I saw Duncan Norvelle in an airport. Obviously I shouted "chase me" (hilarious, I know) as I walked away and about 5 seconds later, someone else shouted "chase me". 5 seconds later... "chase me" repeat x 100. I also saw Dom Jolly in a beer garden. same as above with "HELLO!". There is a morale to this story and if you become famous and think a catchphrase is funny, take heed. Both seemed as if it had happened before
  3. LinekersApples

    James Maddison

    don't panic, we've already signed the Portugeuse Danny Simpson
  4. LinekersApples

    Silly New Rules

    Yes, but a festival rather than anything serious and very loose timing....may have been 3 mins?. Yes....I know that's too long. sorry Mum
  5. LinekersApples

    Top 20 Richest Football Clubs

    We should be classed above the Italian sides with their debts too, particularly Milan!
  6. LinekersApples

    James Maddison

    Don't panic. We'll just by the Turkish Messi (or the Belgian Maradona, or the Irish Pele')
  7. LinekersApples

    Silly New Rules

    We've done something similar in youth festivals for a bit of fun. golden goal extra time starts 9 v 9 and a player has to come off every 5 minutes. I think we got to 6 v 6 once, but never further
  8. LinekersApples

    Big Banter Ben Departs....

    John Terry was paid a lot of money by Villa for what he brings to the dressing room. Ben will be sorely missed....but don't worry, we expect the laughable, likeable rogues of Demarai and Kelechi to fill the big banter shoes. Oh how we laugh at those guys.
  9. Yep. Fully aware that you can now pick up shirts for cheap and get them signed if you know a player. School based Charity had many items signed on the day and bought 3 shirts at the time for whatever they cost (£40/£50). This is running elsewhere and has a bit of interest. Just trying to generate more
  10. LinekersApples

    Jack Grealish

    We won't sign both
  11. LinekersApples

    Jack Grealish

    If we forget about price (which as fans of a rich club, we probably can), then surely everyone agrees he is a good footballing acquisition and something we don't currently have?
  12. I have 2 signed 2017/18 shirts.up for grabs via silent auction (PM me your bid for either or both). Shirts cost full price when signed, so keep that in mind! Both signed by Harry at a recent event for the playstation schools cup/soccer am event. I'll dig out the pics of him signing for authenticity of required. All money is going to charity and i'll chuck in a signed Harry Maguire football with each shirt, a couple of playstation drinks bottles and I think I have some signed pics too. I certainly have blanks from the event if not. Would make a nice display of our ever present, player of the year for a Leicester fan. This will also greatly rise in value if you add it into a case, or when he scores the winner in the world cup final! With that in mind, bids close on June 14th.
  13. LinekersApples

    Owners into UK Horse Racing now

    Vichai likes a punt. That's why Rudkin still has a job. spot the typo.
  14. LinekersApples

    Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Yoshida Tadic Redmond Austin Bertrand Cedric Ward-Prowse Simms
  15. Lots of 7s. A couple of 6's, Imagine if we had fullbacks who could defend and attack? we'd be at least top 7