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  1. He looks strong too. Certainly has a role to play and a better player than he gets credit for IMO
  2. I’m not one to exaggerate, but I’m still not dry from the Meadow Lane match.
  3. He'll have a decent game for England, a good rest and we'll all be better off for it
  4. It all worked out OK though didn't it. Move on
  5. i got 32 and found it more of a spelling test than a quiz
  6. I think it’s a misquote? he actually said “he’s worse than Anne Diamond”
  7. Ranieri ”I did not steal the chairman’s wife’s handbag”
  8. He comes from Burnley His name is Harv Bar-nes and when he does his thing the crowd go bananas
  9. Actually looks less crazy with one eye covered. You ok if I get mine amended?
  10. That’s 12 and my guess doesn’t even play for us you plastic
  11. I had about 15 pints and went in straight after the title win. I asked for a fox displaying how I felt. I meant pride and passion, but he took me literally
  12. Finally! However, I still won't sleep well until that Maddison artwork thread appears again.
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