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  1. Man U 2 - Leices 0 Post match thread.

    Lost 6-3 on aggregate away at The Emirates and Old Trafford. 2 big aways over with. Won first home game & in next round of cup. 2 potential banana skins avoided. Exactly as we all expected & possibly better. Season starts again in a fortnight.
  2. Manchester Utd (A) Pre-Match Thread

    Saw this on Craig's phone earlier. Seems legit
  3. New chants and songs

    De Mar I Gray This is how we do it down at Filbert way...
  4. Sunday league

  5. Smaller Pitch

    I can confirm that the pitch is the same size as last year and it is your eyes that have grown a year older and bigger. This makes things look smaller than they are, even when they are exactly the same size as they've always been. Its known as the "cream egg effect"
  6. BHA pre match

    Are we a) booing knockeart b) booing mahrez c) both d) singing that "Tony,tony/Riyad, Riyad" song e) having that riot we discussed its all very confusing
  7. Kel-amity looming

    Get a room
  8. Computer Nerds, I need your help!

    warranty long gone. i've given up with it. all 3 HDMI's have packed in too!! it is a youtube only screen in our kitchen!
  9. Shakespearean Chants

    "The referee's a puny milks-livered skainsmate"
  10. Computer Nerds, I need your help!

    Thanks Stan, but I've done all that several times and have in fact bought a second LG which is fine with all apps. I think this must have a cache problem? I'm at a loss. Thanks everyone one else too Netflix fine on all other devices. Fine on the TV I'm on about. It opens, I can select, but nothing plays. Internal date & time correct (automatic). Firmware up to date. Switched off and on a lot!! It is an older tv (5 years?), but it all suddenly stopped about 6 months ago. Thought it was IP so changed in desperation. Laptops, iPads, phones, other tv all fine. It's just this twat
  11. Only joking....but I do need help. LG TV works fine with PlayStation, live TV, internet and YouTube, but all streaming has stopped. No Netflix, iplayer etc.. have tried all all sorts including factory reset. LG & Netflix no help at all... but surely a City fan will be. There is a balti pie (or whatever the equivalent is in new money) for the most helpful nerd person.
  12. Favourite player nicknames

    Dion Dublin (the Shower Clearer) 9 OF 20 David Cannon/Getty Images So called by long-time Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson in his first autobiography in reference to the England striker’s, shall we say, impressive manhood. As the Guardian documented, Ferguson said:
  13. away to spurs (last game of season) at wembley

    Come in January instead. We will inevitably draw them away in FA cup 3rd or 4th round and away allocation could be 13.5K.