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  1. Why so negative? Didn't you see the other bit? "Jon Moss on VAR"
  2. Fresh ink this weekend #Skeggy2019
  3. He is a brilliant coach. He'll be in the big league again.
  4. exactly what i voted (without seeing yours)
  5. My Dad has bought a Wifi enabled security camera. It links perfectly with phone and iPad, but won’t recognise it on Reolink client on PC. There must be a simple fix. What am I doing wrong? Free choc ice for answer. X
  6. Blue top, gold shorts, white socks
  7. and that reinvestment graphic is to die for darling
  8. I’ll get us back on topic: Perez’s goal had a hint of Mahrez about it didn’t it? He has been a little frustrated at his own performances so far (according to on of his entourage) but I think when he settles, he will be absolutely crucial to our success. He’s a confidence player, so yesterday’s goal will have helped. Big game next Sunday isn’t it!!!
  9. I am a huge fan of exceptional performers and especially aesthetic activities. Such people can be very exciting. Mia Khalifa in season 2014/15 was at her absolute best. Many faultless performances, although i must admit that there were several occasions where I left early.
  10. player active and offside infront of keeper. A very good test against good oppo. Lots of positives. Roll on Sunday
  11. someone post it on redcafe please
  12. Football signed by the most expensive defender of all time
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