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  1. There’s more chance of us sacking Rodgers & replacing him with Peter Taylor on Christmas Day than there is of him being Arsenal’s next manager......
  2. New contract incoming....
  3. ....because we’d already done it last season when we knew the big boys would come back in for Maguire & we’d be able to cash in! Why do u think we dropped coin on signing Benko & Cagi last season?!?! Im sure if u were in charge you’d happily give a “fat loyalty bonus” to someone that has just paid off 80% of ur new training ground invoice!!
  4. Every agent, manager, chief exec & football club chairman have known he was going for over a month also! They’ve had 80 million reasons to not wrap something up with us
  5. He can refer to whatever article he wants & have whatever opinion he wants but it won’t change the fact he was being very disrespectful towards JR in his original post & he was wrong.
  6. Lol! You’ve just read the Daily Mail’s gossip column about Susan Whelan & because the 50 word paragraph didn’t contain the words “Jon Rudkin” you’ve come to the conclusion he had nothing to do with the deal haven’t you? ?? To think that is embarrassing enough but to then attempt to use it as a deflection tactic from not having a response to being called out on your original post is just a cowardly act
  7. No idea mate & it’d be irrelevant anyway. The owners have put them in charge of running the football club. JR overseas the footballing side, SW overseas the business side. They work side by side so are just as important as each other
  8. After reading that I’m honestly 50/50 as to whether you’re a parody account on a wind up or not! Let me get this straight. You’re saying that Top set a transfer price to his director of football who then had nothing to do with the negotiations apart from accepting offers for the amount that was told by the club? So Rudkin was basically just a glorified receptionist for a World record transfer then?!?! If you think that was the actual case then how would it of been possible for JR to sign off a £70m deal for Maguire with no negotiations or any input from Top resulting in his dismissal in the fantasy land story u made up?
  9. What an embarrassingly disrespectful post to make. It’s like saying what’s Vardy done other than what he’s been told to do. Putting the fact he’s been a massive part of us becoming one of the best run Football clubs in Europe which has put us in the unbelievable position we now find ourselves in to one side, more importantly he was Vichai’s right hand man through it all which says everything! Instead of all the petty, uneducated, non factual, blame game & finger pointing comments that are thrown his way, he should be given a lot more respect when u compare us to the majority of other clubs for the very difficult job he’s had & the position he’s helped to put us in.
  10. This transfer negotiation is the same as Drinky’s & Riyads. The player & agent have been told they can leave but only if a club pays the fee we’ve set. It’s non negotiable. Maguire won’t be allowed to leave for a penny less than £85m
  11. It’s all complete bullshit that Harry has kicked off. All these stories are being put out to the media by agents & the United side in an attempt to get a deal pushed through. Top set the price tag early doors & has made it crystal clear to Harry & everyone else that’s involved what the price is & It’s non negotiable! ....He was taught well ?
  12. Albert


    Can u back that up with some examples?
  13. Albert


    If you honestly think the club have been twiddling their thumbs all summer & have only just made a bid..... You’re an idiot
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