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  1. Just like they were closing in on Chilwell last year.....
  2. 29yrs old with 330 Prem games under his belt yet you judge him on a 90mins performance.....I suppose you would of said the same about Huth when we signed him?
  3. With only 1yr to run on his contract I'd make Ryan Shawcross an offer he couldn't refuse. Would suit us down to the ground
  4. Tied down to a 4yr contract with no release clause. The club has the all the power in any negotiation. I've no doubt the owners will put a £50m price tag on him to any suitors. On a separate note. The negative talk from some of our fans about Riyad recently are an absolute embarrassment. He's the most gifted player to ever wear our colours and we're lucky to still have him. You don't realise what you've got til it's gone....
  5. Think the owners would seriously consider cashing in on Riyad if the right offer came in for him but it'd have to be around the £50m mark and only to a European club. No chance they'd let him go to an English club. If United sell De Gea to Madrid which is pretty much a done deal from what I've heard and they came in for Kasper, he'll be off. Personally don't see it as Mourinho likes big, dominant & commanding keepers but if it did happen we'd get big money for him due to the contract we've signed him down to. Can see us cutting our losses with Musa also but everyone else will stay. Itll be an interesting summer! Lots of money in the bank and a squad that needs an overhaul
  6. More chance of Donald Trump buying us and installing Peter Taylor as manager...
  7. I'd take a point now but fancy us for the 3 as West Brom seem to be on the beach already. They'll be plenty of fire in our bellys after that Arsenal game also. This fixture brings back some great memories. Steve Howard hat trick a few years back and obviously the last minute Vardy goal in the great escape. That goals up there in my favourite goals as a City fan. For me that goal, that moment, that spirit was the spark for everything that has had happened since
  8. Dave Rennie = Snake
  9. Winksy and all his 18yr old followers trying to make a name for themselves as the Leicester City Ultras in the square. Aggravating the police and waiting for a response which they got. Everywhere else has been fine. Majority of locals are Real Madrid fans and wishing us all the best
  10. Obviously no one can knock his work rate etc but he rarely does anything on the ball in dangerous areas and desperately lacks a final ball. For a striker he never seems to get into good enough positions to shoot. Would love to know his shots on target ratio for us
  11. I've no doubt the owners/club will learn from any mistakes made this year
  12. Every player we signed apart from Benny was a Walsh signing. The majority of players we sign are tracked for 2yrs+. Just because the head of recruitment leaves doesn't mean the whole scouting network collapses.
  13. Yh you would but I'm not naive enough to think the club didn't have other options. I'd rather the club got there number one target than bowing out of a deal because of a clause insisted on them that's a drop in the ocean to them financially in the grand scheme of things. Saying that, I wouldn't believe everything u read in the papers regarding clauses as 9 times out of 10 it's just a money hungry agent trying to generate interest in order to get a player a move or an improved contract. Demi Grey is an example in point
  14. and you think we don't?