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  1. Albert

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    To those in the away end today.... Each & everyone of us that can’t stand by your side will be with you in spirit! I know you’ll do us all proud! ‘Sing your hearts out for Vichai’ 🙌🏻
  2. Great read. It just sums the man up. He was so kind & just wanted to make people happy & put a smile on their faces. I remember Madrid away. Everyone was in the fan park, drinking beer, singing songs & smiling from ear to ear. We were hours away from playing Atletico in the Champions league quarterfinals! We were in Dreamland pinching ourselves as it didn’t seem real. It was the times of our lives! Out of nowhere Vichai & Top casually strolled into the square just like every other fan had that afternoon to join in on the moment. He wasn’t just our Chairman he was one of us! After being swamped by everyone trying to shake his hand & get a picture security tried to usher him off into their people carrier. He refused to leave until everyone got their picture! I’ll never forget it & will cherish my photo with him forever 💙
  3. My seat is behind the dugout infront of the Directors box & it has always been part of my prematch ritual to turnaround and watch Vichai take his seat. He’d always have that infectious smile on his face as he greeted everyone & shook hands with the fans that sit in the row infront of him. Whenever i caught his eye he’d always give a smiling nod & a thumbs up. It was only a small gesture but it just added to the love, respect & admiration I felt towards him. At the next home game & every other one after my ritual will continue but instead of looking behind I’ll be looking up knowing he’ll be smiling down, nodding & giving a thumbs up. RIP Boss
  4. For me when it comes to Vards then yes he’s undroppable! Who would u replace him with?? Regardless of form you don’t drop your best player especially when he’s such an influencial leader of the squad! U can dress it up however u want with regards to form etc but the fact of the matter is we are by far a better team when Vardy is in it than when he’s not! It’s just another erratic decision from a manager that will just alienate himself even more from the players, staff & the majority of fans that aren’t wearing blinkers
  5. He’s far from being in control & is just making yet another bizarre decision that alienates himself further from both the players & fans! To drop your best player & leader of the pack just shows how deluded the guy is
  6. He was brought in firstly to keep us in the Premier league, secondly to change the philosophy/playing style of the team & thirdly to introduce/develop the talented youngsters we had. He’s done everything he was asked & laid the foundations for the club to start a new ear which he deserves a lot of credit for, however..... He has ZERO man management which has had a major effect on the team spirit, he clearly can’t motivate the team hence the good/poor 45minutes, he’s erratic with his team selections which always leads to inconsistency but crucially from the owners point of view he has ZERO rapport with the fans! He’s not a long term appointment & he’ll be gone the moment Rodgers/Benítez become available
  7. Albert

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    ....the **** that has worn the armband & been an integral part of our team for the past 6 yrs who has never let us down & led us through the greatest era in our history?!?! His time is coming to an end which is clear to all of us but you should hang your head in shame making such embarrassingly disrespectful comments to such a legend.
  8. Albert

    Puel goes. Who do you choose?

    Brendan Rodgers
  9. Inviting Ranieri back to make a half time appearance with the Birch when half the ground are singing his name & the other half are having a fag outside or a piss in the toilet would be an absolute insult to the great man. The Kings return deserves the biggest of receptions & I have no doubt the owners/club are waiting for the right moment. ....I’m sure the new stand that’s in the pipeline won’t be named the ‘East Stand’!
  10. Albert

    The King's reign seems over.

    Spot on Col. From league 1 to the Prem title & the rollercoaster in between he’s been there every step of the way. An integral part of the journey both on & off the pitch. A true club legend. ....he’s never moaned because he’s the absolute model pro & would never do anything that would have a negative effect on the club or the dressing room. He’s dedicated his whole career to us despite having many opportunities over the yrs to cash in & move on especially during our dark days in league 1 & Championship. For his service & loyalty alone he deserves every single penny he’s getting from us!
  11. His passing ability is on par if not better than Kante’s, its his decision making on the type of pass to play is what needs to improve which will come with experience & when he has a settled CM partnership also. People forget he’s only 21yrs old (a yr older than Choudary) but he’s already clocked up 50 Premierleague appearances, played at a World Cup & was the top tackler across the top 5 leagues in Europe last season. The only thing that will stop him playing for a top 4 club is if he decides to join one of the European elite instead! All the big teams are keeping tabs on him
  12. As I’ve already said it does seem very harsh but the reality is that it’s true. Without question He’s one of the best in the league at chasing lost causes, running non stop & working for the team but technically he’s very limited for a CF which is backed up by his stats of 14goals & 6 assists in 93apps! It’s quite hard to provide analysis & video clips of players mis placing passes/shots etc but feel free to share the vids of his goals and assists that back up your claims of him being a technically good player...
  13. We all love Shinji & he had an instrumental role in the title winning team through his tenacity & work rate which we will obviously never forget but to say he’s technically good is crazy. He struggles to pass the ball to a teammate if they are more than 10yards away, can’t strike a ball cleanly from outside the box & spends alot of the time on his arse winning free kicks from not being able to trap a ball dead. Sounds harsh but it’s true
  14. Albert

    Best Manager?

    People have short memories.... Stepped upto the plate when called upon & masterminded the memorable 0-0 draw away at Plymouth Argyle in 2007 & also the emphatic 3-1 win away at Burnley in 2011. #clublegend
  15. Albert

    New training ground announced

    I’m sure the council will be reminded of all those big charitable donations that the owners have made over the years to the Leicester hospitals & Foxes Foundation etc....