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  1. His passing ability is on par if not better than Kante’s, its his decision making on the type of pass to play is what needs to improve which will come with experience & when he has a settled CM partnership also. People forget he’s only 21yrs old (a yr older than Choudary) but he’s already clocked up 50 Premierleague appearances, played at a World Cup & was the top tackler across the top 5 leagues in Europe last season. The only thing that will stop him playing for a top 4 club is if he decides to join one of the European elite instead! All the big teams are keeping tabs on him
  2. Albert

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    We bought him when we played a counter attacking system which was never going to suit his style as he wasn’t given the service into the box where he could attack the ball which is his main strength. Whenever he was given that service he scored goals. We’ve now sold him when we’ve changed our system to one which allows us to get crosses into the box which he would of thrived off so seems crazy to let him go without having a similar style replacement.
  3. Albert

    Danny Drinkwater

    Maybe you’re right but seeing as we only currently have Wilf, Silva & Iborra as realistic natural 1st team central midfielders getting Drinky back on loan is a no brainer for me. He’s a reliable/consistent player who knows the club, won’t need time to settle & would also fill the senior role in the changing room that will be missing now that Kingy, Huth, Ulloa & Simo have left.
  4. As I’ve already said it does seem very harsh but the reality is that it’s true. Without question He’s one of the best in the league at chasing lost causes, running non stop & working for the team but technically he’s very limited for a CF which is backed up by his stats of 14goals & 6 assists in 93apps! It’s quite hard to provide analysis & video clips of players mis placing passes/shots etc but feel free to share the vids of his goals and assists that back up your claims of him being a technically good player...
  5. Albert

    Danny Drinkwater

    Lol! I was in the King Power when Fuchs scored a 20yard screamer on the half volley....doesn’t mean that it was one of his strong points! Im pretty sure that all the hardwork & tackles Roy Keane did enabled Scholes to do his thing & he didn’t do it all himself! I’m not trying to compare DD to Scholes, I’m comparing their roles in the team! Out of interest how many games have u seen Choudary play to rate him so highly?
  6. Albert

    Danny Drinkwater

    Modric, Xavi, Scholes etc couldn’t either! They had someone next to them that did all that which allowed them to dictate & control the pace of the game which is what Drinkwater did when he had Kante next to him. The fact we haven’t resigned him (yet) is because of financial reasons and nothing to do with Puel rating him or not
  7. We all love Shinji & he had an instrumental role in the title winning team through his tenacity & work rate which we will obviously never forget but to say he’s technically good is crazy. He struggles to pass the ball to a teammate if they are more than 10yards away, can’t strike a ball cleanly from outside the box & spends alot of the time on his arse winning free kicks from not being able to trap a ball dead. Sounds harsh but it’s true
  8. Albert


    New contract to be announced next week.
  9. Albert

    Best Manager?

    People have short memories.... Stepped upto the plate when called upon & masterminded the memorable 0-0 draw away at Plymouth Argyle in 2007 & also the emphatic 3-1 win away at Burnley in 2011. #clublegend
  10. Albert

    New training ground announced

    I’m sure the council will be reminded of all those big charitable donations that the owners have made over the years to the Leicester hospitals & Foxes Foundation etc....
  11. Albert

    LCFC Owners Racehorses

    They dropped serious coin on some of Frankel’s offspring last yr
  12. Albert

    Darnell Johnson - SIGNS 3 YEAR CONTRACT

    Not sure to be honest mate. Last I heard was that he’d been offered a new deal which his agent was trying to renegotiated. I’ve kept a close eye on him for a couple of yrs now & lads a real talent that has all the natural physical attributes a player could wish for. He’s a Leicester lad & The club has high hopes for him so I would be amazed if a new long term deal wasn’t agreed. It’s probably just the usual greedy agent politics that’s delaying it. When everything is hopefully agreed the club will no doubt look to send him out on loan to the lower leagues similar to what they did with Choudary & Chillwell
  13. Albert

    RUDKIN - How Does He Keep His Job?

    Come on mate, do u honestly think the owners are keeping him in such a vital position of their multi million pound business because he has dirt on them & are too afraid to get rid?!?! if they wanted to get rid of him they could do it in a click of a finger. They’ve spent near on £20m buying horses the past yr so it wouldn’t be too much of a problem if they really needed to silence someone. They could do it using the change they have in their penny jar!! In any business the rich & powerful will always keep people close to them because of the trust & loyalty they have with them not because of fear!!
  14. Albert

    RUDKIN - How Does He Keep His Job?

    I’ve never bad mouthed the guy as I can see the difficulties of his job. Whenever people get frustrated because we don’t make a signing that they read about on Twitter or a deal takes time to complete the finger of blame is always pointed towards him due to his position but people seem to be oblivious to all the complex factors that are involved in a transfer deal. I’ve said this before but do people honestly believe that Rudkin sits in his office twiddling his thumbs by himself waiting for things to happen and then agrees fee’s/salaries/bonuses/contracts by himself?!?! There’s a whole team of finance people, lawyers, agents & senior management involved and when a deal is in place Rudkin is the guy that reports everything back to the owners. As I’ve already said he’s an easy scapegoat that gets called out for being out of his depth when transfers don’t happen but is then never mentioned when we pull off the numerous great signings we’ve made. People will obviously make up their own opinions of Rudkin but the fact our billionaire businessmen owners who could could employ anyone they want for the role have kept him in his position says a lot.
  15. Albert

    Danny Drinkwater

    That’s not how it happened mate. Chelsea approached us very early in the transfer window & Drinky told us he wanted out which the owners agreed to but only if their price tag of £35m was met. Chelsea refused to pay that amount & tried to negotiate throughout the window but the owners made it clear that they wouldn’t accept a penny less than the asking price. We had already agreed the Silva deal as a back up but it wasn’t until the afternoon of deadline day that Chelsea finally agreed the £35m fee.