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  1. He's been our best player so far this season and I've no doubt he'll be our future captain. He sometimes tries to play too much but personally I'd rather he did that & learn from any mistakes which will make him a better player and us a better team. Rio Ferdinand said after the game that he made similar mistakes at that age but quickly learned. I've no doubt Harry will do the same. It's refreshing to see one of our centre backs trying to play football rather than hoofing it aimlessly into the channels. To be fair to him today also for their 3rd goal he wasn't trying to over play it he just didn't realise the pass from Wilf was mean't for Albrighton rather than him.
  2. Wilfred Ndidi

    Spot on. The slagging off comments are embarrassing and to call the guy lazy is laughable. He was having to do the job of 2 players for the majority of the game and for a 20yr old with limited experience it's too much. Like you said kingfox, it's so obvious he needs an experienced player next to him to take the pressure off and help him out. Why Iborra wasn't on the pitch today instead of Kingy is totally baffling! After everything he's done for us I don't want to disrespect Kingy by slagging him off but he struggled to get into the team 4yrs ago when we got promoted so he's clearly not at the level that's needed in a Premier league central midfield today especially if your playing a 2.
  3. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    The Asia football market is one that FIFA is yet to properly crack. The revenues from commercial deals are endless especially with the start of the Chinese league etc. I'm quite sure it's been explained to FIFA what power & influence our owners have over that whole market especially the business side & what the benefits will be of keeping them as 'friends'! The saying goes.... "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours"

    Spot on post mate, u clearly have common sense and look at the whole picture rather than looking at the situation with blinkers on and completely disregarding the many factors/domino effect that are involved/influence transfer dealings! I tip my hat to you! .....I understand people are frustrated and annoyed with the situation but some of the comments/negativity that's been thrown around, the jumping to conclusions etc and finger pointing of blame are quite embarrassing
  5. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    The documents were sent before the deadline our end. The fact that FIFA have rejected it as it arrived 14 seconds late is an absolute joke. People can bang on all they like about "rules are rules & deadlines are deadlines" but this isn't a game show where your against a clock! There's millions of pounds worth of business and a players career to factor into the equation! U could understand if it was a couple of hours late etc but 14 SECONDS?!?! It's laughable! I've no doubt the owners will be doing everything possible to influence the decision so hopefully those in power will see sense and sign it off.
  6. Are we content to be Chelsea's feeder club?

    No we're not a feeder club but we have good players that have proven themselves at the highest levels so the big teams will obviously target them. They offer big wages which attracts the players and offer transfers fees that the majority of payment is upfront rather than spread over time with add ons etc which is attractive for the club. Majority of players that go there know it won't be for the long term but are guaranteed to cash in and that's why I was so disappointed that Drinky made the switch! Good luck to him though. He's been an integral part of our rise & success
  7. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    After the 2hr extension was granted by the FA all the relevant paperwork was complete and submitted on time. Club did everything by the book and are confident transfer will be completed. International break & other transfer cases are the only reasons why it's not been made official.
  8. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    He's got one of the best first touches in the game! The way he brings the ball down and stops it dead is a joy to watch! It's been an absolute pleasure watching him develop into the player he is now & has given us some amazing moments. I desperately hope another club doesn't pay his asking price and he stays for another season. £50m is an absolute bargain for such a talented player in today's market especially when u compare it to the £120m Barcelona have offered for Coutinho who for me isn't any better than our Riyad & If he didn't have a Brazilian passport wouldn't be worth half as much
  9. Mike Dean Stuffed Us Yet Again.

    To be fair to him he was almost 10 yards away and was clearly obstructed by the huge c*ck swinging from his forehead..... How is it even possible to miss such an easy decision?
  10. Mate, you're making a mountain out of a molehill and making wild assumptions that are just fantasy. You're looking into it far too much if u think there's any unrest in the squad because of what Shakey said or because he answers a question from a journalist about Riyad.
  11. Media comments becoming risky & calling out players?!?! Are you high? He was completely right in what he said about Benny and I guarantee every player in the dressing room completely agrees along with 99.99% of fans. His attitude towards the challenge & comments after showed discipline and set an example.
  12. I was in two minds whether Shakey should get the job but now it's official I'm happy with it. He was a safe & less risky appointment but was unsure whether the owners thought it might of been time to close that chapter and start a fresh. Putting emotions aside I had the same thoughts. Thought they might go for a 'name' and splash the cash to try & start a new era similar to how they did with Sven but they've taken the safe option and I can't argue with that. As a coach he's one of the best in the business and has all the attributes to be a great manager. No doubt theyll be experienced additions to the backroom staff to help him also. Think the club will take the same safe approach with regards to the main transfers this summer I.e Proven Premier league players. Goodluck Shakey!
  13. Mahrez Value if worst came to worst

    Tied down to a 4yr contract with no release clause. The club has the all the power in any negotiation. I've no doubt the owners will put a £50m price tag on him to any suitors. On a separate note. The negative talk from some of our fans about Riyad recently are an absolute embarrassment. He's the most gifted player to ever wear our colours and we're lucky to still have him. You don't realise what you've got til it's gone....
  14. West Brom Pre Match Thread

    I'd take a point now but fancy us for the 3 as West Brom seem to be on the beach already. They'll be plenty of fire in our bellys after that Arsenal game also. This fixture brings back some great memories. Steve Howard hat trick a few years back and obviously the last minute Vardy goal in the great escape. That goals up there in my favourite goals as a City fan. For me that goal, that moment, that spirit was the spark for everything that has had happened since
  15. match thread ranieri MNF

    Dave Rennie = Snake