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  1. 🙈 I know u were but when u said "passing to a team mate once in a while" exactly describes what Gray wasn't doing whenever he got a chance. We were in the shit. Times were desperate. In those situations u back the current PFA player of the yr that lit the league up previously and has proven what he can do. I agree he wasn't on top form but u keep him on the pitch & hope the tide turns rather than putting an inexperienced youngster into the battle
  2. Agree with your points in regards to decision making etc and I'm sure that will come with age & experience. For me whenever he was involved he was trying too hard to make an impact rather then keeping it simple at the appropriate times. In regards to his attitude I think the management could see that it was getting to his head slightly at one point last season and brought him down a few pegs after an incident when he back chatted to Ranieri half way through a training session. He was sent inside immediately and told to not return until he changed his attitude. I think this was the tough love he needed at that time and abit of a wake up call to show that he hadn't made it yet and still had lots to learn which he's taken on board fully. It was good management. Everyone knows he's a great talent but this has to be nurtured with patience, especially from us fans and he can't be viewed as a Mahrez replacement if/when he leaves. He knows he's at the right place at this time in his career and I'm sure we'll all see improvements in his all round game every match he plays.
  3. U talking about Mahrez or Demi Gray?
  4. The majority of teams game plan last season was to stop Mahrez & cut out any link between him and Vardy. When u are being doubled/trebled up against of course performance & stats will be affected.
  5. No! £40m which was reported is also a complete lie! Clubs release 'offers' to the media to try and start bidding wars all the time
  6. It's still early days in the transfer window. Of course no one is going to offer £50m straight away as every club will be looking at lots of different players & options. I can guarantee you now that once it gets to crunch time and clubs start to get desperate and have missed out on other targets they'll start throwing money around to try and get transfers completed
  7. Not doubting he's a decent player but that fee alone justifies the price we've put on Mahrez as he's such a unique player. There's plenty of players similar to Walker but only a handful of players that u can compare to Mahrez. The owners won't be messed around and we hold all the cards as he's got 3yrs to run on his contract. If nobody bids the right amount he won't be going anywhere! Offering 20m to the club & a multi billionaire owner for such a player is embarrassing and disrespectful to everyone. I've no doubt they were told to F off and told not to bother even getting in contact again unless the offers at least doubled.
  8. Kyle Walker has just been sold for £50m. A right back that struggles to defend and can't cross a ball. Mahrez is a complete one off. Why would we sell a Premierleague winning PFA & African player of the year that's got 3yrs left on his contract for anything less than that?
  9. Not going anywhere
  10. Bids & enquiries happen all the time that don't come into the public domain. Likewise, bids that are reported on twitter and the papers don't actually happen and it's just agents releasing fake info to either drill up interest or get the player a better contract. After the great escape Southampton came in for Vardy and made a bid but no one heard scooby doo about it!!
  11. Don't know mate. Doesn't seem the sort of person to kick off and cause trouble demanding a transfer etc. Usually once a player lets his club know of his intentions they are normally told to sit tight til a replacement is sorted etc. It's still early in the window so clubs aren't just going to sell once they receive a bid
  12. He wants the move. West Brom are playing hardball but I expect him to be a City player come the start of the season. We were in for him when he left United. Personally think it would be a great signing for us given his experience etc & would no doubt help in the development of our young guns Maguire & Chilwell. Very sensible signing if it materialises
  13. Without looking into the exact details I'm pretty sure he would of had a part in winning a lot of the penalties.
  14. Shakey's just saying the obvious which everyone of us would be saying in his position. Like I've said previously, we've got a very strong dressing room and players/management/staff wouldn't stand for anyone that would try and play up or rock the boat. They'd be put inline very quickly. Regardless of all that and pls trust me on this, Riyad isn't the sort of lad to behave and act like that despite what some of our skysports news fans think. The lad has been honest to come out and tell us that he thinks it's time to move on and if u take the emotion out of the situation do u really blame him? After everything he's done for us I personally believe he doesn't owe us anything and I'd wish him all the best in the next chapter of his career IF the right deal is there for us. If a deal doesn't materialise I for one would be ecstatic and would be drooling over the thought of him, Vards and Iheanacho as a front line.
  15. Truly laughable the stick Riyads getting! People accusing him of a bad attitude because of a 20sec video and writing him off as a one season wonder as he didn't hit the heights of the previous yr and we should cash in for £35m?!?! £35 MILLION IN TODAYS MARKET?!?! ARE YOU MAD?!?! Interested clubs aren't buying potential here. They're trying to buy a player that's done it and has the medals to prove it!! Pls look at other transfers and calibre of players going for similar prices and you'll realise that they're not even in Riyads league and that the club is 100% right at setting his value at £50m!! Andy Carrol went for £35m and that was 6yrs ago!! Arsenal are clearly interested but they're doing their usual tricks of trying to get players on the cheap! Switch the tables for a sec and imagine that he was an Arsenal player. U think they'd be wanting £35m for him or would they be asking for £50m+?!? Its pretty simple, if a club isn't willing to pay what he's worth then he won't be going anywhere. The owners aren't mugs and they won't be bullied by anyone, especially as he's got 3yrs left on his contract! Before anyone suggests he'll be a bad apple etc pls have a think whether the rest of the boys, the senior players and management would stand for anything like that!!