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  1. This is a great tribute video from those that worked with the boss in the Polo World. An amazing man https://www.facebook.com/ThailandPoloAssociation/videos/176131623278274/
  2. ....so you’re saying Top & Rudkin aren’t just scrapping our entire scouting network to give Rodgers mate who has a shit record on Wikipedia an open cheque book to do what he wants with??
  3. .....what are the odds that those who are making a big deal & kicking off about politics just because our owners showed respect to their countries new king are Corbynites?
  4. ....I heard the Queen WhatsApp’d you that info because of the Facebook message Prince William had sent to Harry?
  5. I’ll give you 1k in cash if you quote anyone that has said at the age of 22 playing his debut season in the Prem that Madders is “the finishing product” .....he’s already got more goals & assists than both Ronaldo & Mahrez did in their 1st seasons or are you comparing his stats to the two ‘finishing products’?
  6. ......Might be worth noting down the stats he’s got so far this season & compare it to past Prem league midfielders who were his age & playing their 1st season of Prem football! .......Might also be worth comparing his Prem stats from this season with the likes of Erikson, Lindgard, Bernardo Silva & the majority of other top midfielders in the league!!
  7. .....The great man who devastatingly is no longer with us tried to replace him in the summer & had told the relevant people to find replacements straight after the West Ham game. .....All the player power talk that supposedly got Ranieri & Shakespeare the sack is a complete myth brought about by journalists trying to create headlines! ....All the current talk about players & staff being unhappy/frustrated is 100% true!
  8. If you went to the Chelsea game & didn’t come away from it thinking we weren’t lucky & it wasn’t a complete smash & grab u must of fallen asleep for the majority of the game! Man City I 100% agree with you that Puel got it tactically spot on! I’ll always give credit when it’s deserved but that result, tactics & performance just adds to the frustration! If he can get the tactics & team selections right against one of the best teams in Europe at home why can’t he get them right against the teams we should be beating at home?!?! In 18months he’s failed to get 3pts at home against Palace, Stoke, Swansea, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Cardiff, Burnley, West Ham x2, Southampton x2!! If you were in charge of the club & you were paying a manager £2m/yr with the squad we’ve got is that in anyway acceptable??
  9. So you consider it being a success that he’s made basic management decisions you & I let alone a different manager would of made?!? What do you think to the fact in his 18 months he still hasn’t found out what his best 11 is, the constant chopping & changes to the team he makes every week, the obvious lack of motivation/consistency of the players, his stubbornness to persist on using tactics that clearly doesn’t work with the players he has, the fact he’s drained all the energy out of the club which has lead to him losing the majority of fans & his laughable home record?
  10. Every other manager didn’t have a squad with the quality we now have. Beating lower opposition to get to the Quarter finals but then play the B squad & get knocked out is a missed opportunity, not an achievement. A top 10 finish should be the minimum expected given the quality of our squad & if you take into account all the points lost against teams we should be beating its another missed opportunity as we should be in the European places. In the last 38 Prem games we’ve won 13! In the last 19 home games we’ve won 6! Ignoring the fact he’s already lost the players/staff & now the majority of fans if you think those stats & the whole atmosphere around the club is acceptable you’re in denial!
  11. .... and Wes, Huth, Simpson, Albrighton!! We had a good run in the transfer market!!
  12. We signed Vards, N’Golo & Riyad for less than £10m combined which is an absolute joke also!! You win some, you lose some!
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