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  1. Name this Leicester team

    His throw ins were like missiles if I remember correctly?
  2. The owners would never sell the naming rights! Personally I can’t stand all these ridiculous sponsored names but it’s just another example of clubs selling their soul to the highest bidder! When we originally moved from Filbert St it was going to be called Filbert Way but as we were desperate for Cash we sold out to Walkers who wanted to call it “The Walkers Bowl”!!!
  3. Vardy breaks a new record

    If he had a Brazilian passport he’d be playing for one of the Worlds elite clubs. What he gives to a team in workrate, passion & desire is priceless and the stats he’s got shows he’s up there with the best of them! Lukaku 75m Morata 70m Lacazette 55m Aubameyang 60m When you compare him to all of those and what they individually offer a team I’d have Vards over each & everyone one of them!!
  4. Name this Leicester team

    Anyone remember this centre half who had the same technical ability of a baby elephant?!?!
  5. Personally speaking & having thought about this long & hard ive come to the conclusion that I don’t want to see him pull on our jersey again! His memories will live forever & over time I’ll prob feel different but for now I’m done with him. Without doubt he’s one of the best, if not THE best players I’ve seen pull on the shirt but for me his recent actions are a total disgrace, hugely disrespectful but most of all an absolute insult to the badge, club, owners & especially us fans. Everyone of us has supported him every step of his journey to becoming one of the Worlds elite players and after what he’s helped us achieve not one person connected to LCFC would begrudge him a move to a bigger club. He has seemed to forget all of that though, totally disregarded the meaning of respect or loyalty and instead thrown his toys out of the pram claiming he’s depressed despite the fact he’s on a contract of 100k+ a week. A completely selfish act! Perhaps if he wanted to leave he shouldn’t of signed his contract without a release clause! For me his actions are unforgivable & a kick in the teeth which he should be made to learn from. Players that want to be here & develop should be given the game time. He’s made his bed so he should be made to lie in it until he gets the move he so desperately wants in the summer!
  6. If Pep wanted him in the summer he would of told his club to pay the £50m asking price rather than spending it on full backs! Mahrez was a panic buy that they thought was possible due to agents
  7. I know for a fact that is absolute bullshit! Man City only became interested after Mahrez’s ‘super agent’ initiated the move due to the Sane injury & thought he could bully us into a deal
  8. We snubbed West Ham not because of this but because of what Karen Brady wrote about the owners in her Sun column when they sacked Ranieri! The owners can’t stand her & the other senior figures at West Ham which is why they sat in the away end earlier in the season rather than in the directors box
  9. Sagna was about to come here ?!?

    Wanted ridiculous wages
  10. Matty James

    Says a lot that he’s started ahead of Iborra & Silva recently especially after being out for so long with his injuries. People also forget he kept Drinky out the team in the great escape. Very underrated, Great professional & top lad 👍🏻
  11. Set pieces

    The 2 key factors in dealing with set pieces. 1) Communication & organisation which we lack abysmally when Huth isn’t in the team. 2) Having a goalkeeper that commands his 6yrd box & is able to deal with crosses which are Kaspers obvious main weaknesses & the reasons why top clubs haven’t taken the chance on him.
  12. Albrighton

    1) We’d won 2 games in 24 matches and were rock bottom. Albrighton came into the team which gave us the balance that allowed us to switch to a 3-5-2. We then went on to win 7 out of 9 games in which he assisted 3 goals & scored 2. He WAS one of our best players in those last 9 games along with Cambiasso/Vards & he had a major influence on the team. 2) A player that “runs around a lot” and gives you work rate off the ball is just as important to how a team operates & performs than a player that does the business on the ball. 3) My post was to give the guy some credit (which he rarely gets) & praise for everything he’s done for us since we signed him on a free. For you to not see what a great servant he’s been and just reply with a pointless negative post is quite embarrassing
  13. Albrighton

    Yet again he ran his heart out for us yesterday & what a delivery it was from him for the equaliser. Vardy, Mahrez & Kante have had the obvious attention & headlines for being bargains but what a signing Albrighton has been on a free. I don’t think he gets enough credit for the influence he’s had on our fairytale also. People forget that he didn’t get a look in when he first signed & only broke into the team when we switched to 3-5-2 in the great escape. He was one of the best performers in those last 10 games and has been an ever present since. He’s scored some monumental goals also. Our first ever Champs league goal & that winner against Seville that took the roof off the King Power will live with all of us forever. He always gives 110%, runs his socks off for us & fights for the badge every time he puts the shirt on. What a fantastic servant he’s been for us
  14. John Moss unfit to ref?

    Jon Moss is a prime example of why the death penalty needs to be brought back