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  1. West Ham post match 1-1

    Should of gone for the kill after the early first goal. Showed no urgency, slowed it down too much & faffed around thinking the game was won. 2 points dropped!
  2. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    His interpretation was different to everyone in the ground & everyone that's seen the replay after! If a player is "99% certain" to go one on one with a keeper it's a clear goal scoring opportunity so he should of seen red! He was a rabbit in headlights & because it was so early in the game he crumbled under the pressure and bottled the decision. If the same thing had happened in the 70th minute he would of got his red card out!
  3. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Stones would of made up the ground if Andy Carrol was running onto it rather than Vards who is clearly one of the quickest strikers in the league! The referee bottled it! If it was the 70th min he would of shown a red! I asked the referees assessor what he thought at half time & even he said it was a definite red! I also asked what the punishment would be for the ref after making such an obvious error. "His inexperience & the fact a high profile player & team was involved probably had an influence on the decision so he'll be told to learn from his mistake & to be stronger in his decision making" was the response!! Fair enough refs are only human & can make mistakes but It's laughable that a sport with so much money involved and so much at stake that video technology isn't used to help them.
  4. The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    Sleep?? Were you really expecting gung ho tactics when your playing probably the best team in Europe that have been hammering teams by 3/4/5 goals each game?? It would of been complete suicide to try and go head to head with them today. When your up against such a good team the only sensible approach to take is to contain them and hopefully nick something. From his games in charge we already look by far a better tactical side than we were previous
  5. Can't remember the agents name off the top of my head but the owners instructed him to find them an English club to buy. Mandaric had a close relationship with the agent (no doubt due to the numerous brown envelopes stuffed with fresh £50's they exchanged over the yrs) and the deal was done! I'm sure it was a complete coincidence that Sven had the same agent also!! The owners were at the Boro game but it's laughable to think that was the day they set their hearts on buying us! It was a no brainer deal businesswise! We had all the infrastructure, a big fan base & more importantly we were available on the cheap! What amazing owners they've turned out to be though! I randomly bumped into them in a Thailand hotel a few years back and just shook hands & said I was a City fan etc. To my astonishment they insisted I joined them for a drink & we spoke about the club & their visions for hours which showed me how much they truly care about the club! I dred to think where we'd be if they hadn't of bought us
  6. New training ground

    Makes complete sense. It's been talked about for years. The big housing construction companies will be desperate to get their hands on such a prime location & will be queuing up with big offers for the land. Sell to the highest bidder and relocate.
  7. Seems a totally bizarre & rushed appointment to me but we must trust the owners judgement and back the new manager & team 100%. From what I've been told he was the number one target all along. He's raved about in France, has a track record of building teams & develops youth talent. He clearly impressed in the interview with his vision and plans for the future so hopefully the owners have made a good call. A close friend of mine who is part of the Southampton setup speaks very highly of him & said he shouldn't be judged on his time there. He was up against it due to their best players being sold & the replacements not being his own signings. His training methods & tactical knowledge are apparently superb
  8. Rudkin

    Interested to know your reasons for this Kitch?
  9. The Iborra Thread

    Exactly. He's been there, done it & got the trophies to prove it. We've not had a leader like that since Cambiasso. His experience is so influential & will improve the players around him. U can already see how N'didi is a completely different player with Iborra's guidance
  10. The Iborra Thread

    A leader of men! Conductor of the orchestra in the centre of the park
  11. Next City Manager?

    His names not been brought up at all but I'd have Brendon Rodgers as manager all day long! Plays good football, prem experience & gives youth a chance. Prob seems unrealistic but he's obviously taken Celtic as far as possible and could be interested at coming back to the Prem if offered the right deal.
  12. Rudkin

    1000000% not true
  13. Next City Manager?

    Totally agree with you about being progressive but that's not what's needed in the current situation. After winning the league we're now in a transitional stage that needs to be managed properly. It's too risky to appoint someone with little Prem experience & especially one that's not used to dealing with an English dressing. We've got a good squad of players but they need to be managed properly & not try to change things too quickly. We need to go back to basics & be sensible & for me Big Sam ticks all those boxes
  14. Next City Manager?

    There's some big decisions to be made. We need a strong character with experience that knows what's needed in the Premier league. This isn't a time for a risky appointment that could unsettle everything (especially the changing room) further. We need stability and know how to calm everything down & control this whole situation or else it could spiral out of control. It might be an unpopular decision with some fans but for me Big Sam is whats needed. It's a no risk appointment with proven record & can be trusted to sort this mess out
  15. Amartey - Captain of Ghana

    Embarrassingly disrespectful comment to a man that has captained us to the Championship title, the great escape & then the Premier league title!! How can u find it 'hard to imagine' he's a leader of men?!?!?!