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  1. Lol! Explain that one then
  2. Remember when Fraud Puel dropped him away at Spurs because he thought it was better to play Gray upfront Instead....
  3. Add the lack of duty free spending in Bangkok airport for the last 6 months & the foreseeable future to that list as well
  4. Do you have the same concerns about the long term contracts we get our best players tied down to or the transfer fees we get which are possibly down to how Rudkin/Susan deal with agents & negotiations also? Are these ‘clear problems’ the ones you read about on Twitter?
  5. Justification?!?! Are you joking?!?! How about the loss of match day revenue they’ve already taken & the obliteration of King Powers income from airport duty free? It wasn’t a kick in the balls when they were giving out freebies & freezing the season ticket prices every year was it?!!!
  6. It’s £70 ffs! After everything that family has done for our club it’s honestly shameful to even suggest that their trying to rip us off.
  7. What do you disagree with & done differently?
  8. It’s called the Wilfred Ndidi effect
  9. There’s more chance of us sacking Rodgers & replacing him with Peter Taylor on Christmas Day than there is of him being Arsenal’s next manager......
  10. This is a great tribute video from those that worked with the boss in the Polo World. An amazing man https://www.facebook.com/ThailandPoloAssociation/videos/176131623278274/
  11. ....so you’re saying Top & Rudkin aren’t just scrapping our entire scouting network to give Rodgers mate who has a shit record on Wikipedia an open cheque book to do what he wants with??
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