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  1. You'll get slated for over reacting and negatively commenting on one of the 'most talented' players we've got, but you are bang on. He's looked bang average for the majority of his stint here, he has a couple of good runs for 4 or 5 games at a time a season then is anonymous rest of the time. Comes out says a few good lines, tugs on the heart strings, and everyone buzzes off him. He's skilful but its as far as it goes, he slows the game down, he tries to grab the headlines and he kills attacking opportunities for those around him. Honestly feel we would be better off without him near our squad
  2. No surprise our poor run of form coincides with Maddison back in the team, shocking that he gets defended so much.
  3. Thanks for your reply, doesn't sound like things are great there at the moment.
  4. I'll be honest I've seen a lot more of Sheff Utd than I have of Luton and KDH this season.
  5. In what way is it awful? I have no connection to Leicester's academy but I have worked in academy football with numerous people who have been at the club and speak highly of their experiences and dealings with the club. I have also been involved in an academy that has taken many heavy losses over the years and has a large number of players from those squads now involved in the first team setup. I'm not saying you are wrong, and things may be very wrong at the club but I'd love to know what makes it awful unless you feel this isn't the right place to discuss it any further.
  6. Ben Osborn from Sheffield United. Endless energy, presses well, technically very good, natural left footer, loves a tackle, think he would be a great option to add a bit of depth to our squad.
  7. After being at the club for five years I finished last week to take a role outside of football, what a time to go . The manager has done an unbelievable job since coming in, teams struggle to cope against the direct style of play, and the high press out of possession. On paper the players aren't individual stars but together and in this system they are doing something relatively special for the club.
  8. Hydration might be the key, always ran better in the sun but this week has been a struggle. Thanks pal.
  9. Managed two runs so far this week and I have no idea what's going on but everything feels like an effort. The pace isn't that bad compared to how it feels but wow is it taking it out of me the day after. Hopefully some normality resumes sooner rather than later. Good to see runs frequently being uploaded on the club page, hopefully some nicer weather will help everyone.
  10. To Madders, I think you're class but your child like behaviour, haircut, and desire to make it all about you is shit, best of luck at your next club. Smiv
  11. Whether it hampers us competitively for the rest of the season or not they should miss the rest of the season. Maddison will sure grow up when his child like behaviour costs him any chance of going to the Euros having played no football. The only way to punish players is to take playing time away. As for Choudhury and Perez, are we really worse off without them?
  12. The most recent season of the Expanse was excellent. Wanda vision very good. Zerozerozero I really enjoyed although I felt like I wanted a bit more from it. Now on to the most recent season of Cobra Kai for a change of pace!
  13. I was about to post something along the lines of come on we can get back in this.... You killed it for me
  14. They've cleared Barnes out on the edge of the box, and Richarlison has dragged Mendy back as he's transitioning, yet the only yellow is for Justin when their player has gone down under little contact. Davies has gone down twice without any contact. It is game management but a referee of his stature should have a better handle on the game. Doesn't help we have been sh*t
  15. Awful officiating, there doing everything to stop the flow of the game and Dean is obliging
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