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  1. FIFA 18

    I will look to sell on, cheers for the advice!
  2. FIFA 18

    So I've just got TOTW Cuadrado as a Halloween special??? On the market he seems to be going for around 95k, worth selling or do I hold onto him and hope to get more value in future?
  3. Next City Manager?

    I'd hope not, Huddersfield behind the scenes is toxic at the moment!
  4. West Brom Post Match

    You're 14 months late!
  5. West Brom (H) Next Up

    Im dying for a win, not only for our league position but because I can't bare anymore negative bollocĀ£$ on from the doomsdayers on here!
  6. Pressure is on - bottom 3

    My defence of him isn't specific to Shakespeare, I'd want to see us give any manager some more time considering the start we have had. My only annoyance is how he's being put about as public enemy number one by a number of people on here after all he has done for the club. As for King that exactly what your going to get, he's bang average at this level but he's not someone who will cost us points like some suggest on here, he's just not going to be the man to win them either. Again we don't have any option and we saw at the start of the season N'didi and James were preffered.
  7. Pressure is on - bottom 3

    What options do you have in the middle at the moment? We've been done by injuries to Iborra and James. Drinkwater has moved on, his replacement is stuck in limbo. King takes an absolute beating on here yet he truly hasn't put in as shocking performance as many on here state, yet most have him down to have a bad game for the ball is kicked. It's hardly hoofball tactics we are trying to drop the ball into the channels when we're on the ball, other teams have played a high press on us and a lot of the time it's safer to get the ball back up the field and regroup rather than try and play it out and give possession away in and around your area. We have been lacking options lately and we should see a number of those coming back after the international break. Performances haven't been great, but how many managers currently and realistically available would have done a great deal better with their hands tied behind their back with the lack of options and injuries.
  8. Pressure is on - bottom 3

    Absolute drivel being posted by a large number of people on here, many of whom are not only predicting our current manager to fail but silently willing him to soothe their own egos and get someone else in. For those expecting Ancelotti you'll be bitterly disappointed. We've played 4 of the top 6 teams in the country, 3 of which we deserved something with the performance we put in, Man Utd being the exception. Brighton we got it correct although it would have been disappointing to have got anything other than 3 points. Huddersfield and Bournemouth we had one very poor half in eac game, the other half can at best be described as average, but we created chances in both games to go and win. Instead we settled for a point away which given playing Huddersfield while on a high and Bournemouth who we genuinely struggle against (same outcome as our title winning season) neither are bad results with points on the board. Performances haven't been great but we seem to forget we have missed a large number of players through injury and then some bizarre transfer sagas. Of course we have a lot of experienced physiotherapists, club doctors, sport scientists, recruitment officers and chief execs, and it's all pi$$ easy and those in the roles at a premier league outfit are out of their depth compared to the knowledge you seem to hold. Incredible that our fans are willing to turn on a man who has done so much for the club and has not only had to compete with a tough start on the pitch but problems off it.
  9. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Watched the U23s against Barnsley the other day, impressive team, Hughes sticks out as one of those with a bit more about him. Just watched first half at Oakwell and Harvey Barnes had a good half without having very much time on the ball, intelligent play and always looking to make something happen.
  10. Questions Thread

    Whether it's normal I'm not so sure, but it is something I have experienced a few months ago. I was constantly checking my phone and emails, I was getting so caught up in job applications I was meticulously going over every little detail. My girlfriend and parents commented on how I seemed more on edge and were constantly reassuring me. I didn't notice as such until I was offered a position and the feeling that came over me felt as though a huge weight was off my shoulders. Hope you have or get something soon.
  11. The manager confidence on here is going to fall.......fast.
  12. Iheanacho

    Vardy being managed through an injury, they happen. Slimani persistent on going injury problems. Nacho didn't get a full preseason with City so going to be behind. Iborra and Huth both injured and being introduced to match time with U23 and Iborra with 1st team. You can't just put players in asap as ideal as it would seem. Separately we have no idea on the Silva situation, but it's fine you pass judgement on staff roles you clearly have no idea about.
  13. Lunch at work

    Sweet chilli Salmon, butterfly chicken breast burger, rice and a mixed salad, raspberry yogurt for dessert.
  14. Andy King - 10 years since debut

    She's probably got a few better one liners than yourself as well!
  15. Non League Football 2017-18

    Gainsborough are going down the pan!!