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  1. Youth Players- LCFC

    A club like Chelsea haven't necessarily progressed those players through their age groups, a large number will be players they have signed up from other academies, an even larger number will have been released by Chelsea in the process. I am, but I'm far from having all the answers, just an opinion. My only concern with Leicesters academy is why aren't a number of our players out on loan getting more first team chance, which in my opinion is the biggest aid to development at the u23 standard.
  2. Youth Players- LCFC

    There's only so much you can predict with young players regardless of how talented they are, physical maturation, robustness, and a players mental state has to all be taken into account. The science side of football isn't about churning out quality players, it's combining the latest technology and methods with sound coaching, and multidisciplinary support to provide a pathway for players to develop as close to their potential as possible.
  3. Youth Players- LCFC

    They have had careers as professional footballers, I'm not sure what other outcome you expect as it has served its purpose for those players. Our academy has developed over previous years and I would expect with the increased support through the age groups we will continue to see more players being produced that will stand a chance of first team football at our club.
  4. Youth Players- LCFC

    We produced an England and premier league striker in Heskey, Andy King and Jeff Schlupp have prem winners medals, max gradel, Richard stearman, Liam Moore, Cian Bolger, Alan Sheehan, Billy Kee, Tom Parkes and numerous others have gone on to have careers as professionals. As for every player making a career for themselves? Far from it, many players coming through our setups won't make it, as is the nature of the sport. I'm thinking your expectations of what our academy should be producing exceed reality.
  5. Youth Players- LCFC

    Plenty of players gone on to have careers from our youth setup. Obviously the aim is to get players into our first team however for a number of players coming through its to give them the best chance of having a career as a professional, which is the end goal for any lad entering an academy setup.
  6. Best job in the world?

    Sport scientist/strength and conditioning coach is up there, I love my job and it never feels like work. The pays not greatest but I wouldn't change it for the world.
  7. Fortnite Battle Royale

    Two games in and I'm horrifically bad at this haha
  8. How do I break it to her?

    If you're not happy then I'd say straight up tell her. No one should try to share the rest of their life with someone who their not happy with, it just leads to further issues. If that isn't reason enough for anyone I don't know what is. Just make sure you've got some protective gear on when you break the news.
  9. Championship 2017/18

    Unbelievable miss from a yard out, definitely should have scored. Boly is a beast of a man, who's the lad with the bleach blonde hair? He was everywhere but maybe didn't contribute as much as he could have. Good following from your lads.
  10. Championship 2017/18

    Wasn't overly impressed by Wolves, looked like a good team throughout but nothing that had me on the edge of my seat. Barnsley rode their luck today but were deserving of a point, good result!
  11. Failures with the opposite sex.

    When I was 18 I used to work in a village pub with a waitress who was drop dead gorgeous, the kind of girl you get nervous around especiallly when you had as little confidence as me. We finished work one Saturday night and with us both having our respective friends in town it made sense to share a taxi in. On the off chance both set of friends were in the same bar, and us playing catch up stood at the bar together having a few drinks. As the night progressed our group merged into one and my confidence grew and we spent the night dancing and chatting. At the end of the night we grabbed some food and jumped in a taxi home with some friends with her cuddled up to me on the back seat, result. Got back to the village, jumped out the cab, both living in opposite directions I grabbed my cheesey chips and headed for home to which was greeted with "aren't you coming back to mine?" to which I responded "nah I'm hungry". Whether I was too drunk, hungry or just not quite confident enough to see the job through I'll never be too sure, but my mates made work hell for me making sure everyone who frequently visited the pub was aware of my failings, including her dad who was the chef I worked with!
  12. Player of the First Half of the Season

    Yesterday for me highlighted how important Danny Simpson has been for us, gets my vote.
  13. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    Not sure, it's a very very soft penalty but there looks to be some contact although as previously stated we're a camera angle away from being sure. He's definitely played for it, but he could easily argue contact from walker knocked him off his stride. If they do ban him they risk setting a dangerous precedent for how much or how little would constitute a foul/dive.
  14. Just beautiful

    We can be far too slow moving the ball around and we have a tendency to play the ball behind the man rather into the grass when breaking forward, it's definitely a lot better than it has been.
  15. The club runs a pretty successful Thai Academy where a number of young Thai lads train over here for a set period of months, competing against a number of academies around the country. I believe they then return to Thailand and join the setup of a club we have connections with over there where they look to break into the league. From what I understand the Thai Academy is a separate entity to our own and there's no pathway as such into our own club.