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  1. LcFc_Smiv

    Luca Connell

    Watched him a number of times in U18 and U23s football, always impressed, good prospect.
  2. It's strange but a relief to see other people think about this as well. I've been best mates with a lad back home for as long as I remember, went the whole way through school together, I went off to uni he went straight into work but still saw each other regularly. However my work life is relentless, I don't really have my weekends and getting time off is pretty impossible until May/June time meaning I have to decline the chance to go to a lot of social stuff that him and his Mrs invite myself and my girlfriend to. It makes me wonder how long our friendship will last, we both keep in touch via the phone but it's hard for myself knowing that I'm missing out on a lot with him and my group of mates from back home. I always think who would I ask to be my best man and he's the only option I have as true mate, but will that still be an option in a year or two time as we see each other less and less. It's weird talking about your mates this way and makes you feel soft but I guess it highlights to me no matter how tough I perceive myself to be you always need those important people in your life.
  3. Great that it went our way but getting fed up of watching Maddison rolling around week in week out, it's becoming embarrassing.
  4. We did Lisbon last year, brilliant little trip. I echo what Dr Marco said, we also found a great tapas bar where we played 20euros each and had a full tasting menu. You can reorder as many dishes as you want at no extra cost, some are unbelievable, others not so nice but its a great experience to try stuff you may usually avoid. If you like cocktails, Cinco bar and park bar (although its very busy) are great.
  5. Watched this back around January time and thought it was very good. Flew through a few different shows recently: Animal Kingdom- good full on action show, not overly keen at the OTT drug use, story dies down a bit as you go through the seasons Umbrella Academy- really enjoyed it, bit bizarre in places but it had me hooked Just sat back down to continue with 19-2 a Canadian police show which is fairly good, filling time before I find something else that hooks me.
  6. LcFc_Smiv


    Strength and conditioning coach
  7. Mercedes still have far too much dominance, Ferrari just don't look competitive, Max's car seemed to only challenge when Hamilton felt his car wasn't operating to full capacity. Really hope there's more to come from these challenging teams or else Mercedes 1 & 2 doesn't make for great competition.
  8. You'd love to grip Maddison up and hammer him for these embarrassing theatrics.
  9. Maddison and Ndidi slow everything down, limit the touches and pass the ball
  10. Possibly my favourite show, it had me hooked the whole way through.
  11. Cardiff was my first home game since our champs league game against Madrid, there was elements of the club that were unrecognisable to me the other day. The entrance to the hospitality suite looks more like an entrance to a up market nightclub, shirt guns at half time, and now we're charging £600 for a kid to have the honour of walking out with their team. I get it footballs a business and has to keep moving forward, I appreciate everything the owners have done but it's becoming too much like a show and moving away from what football for me is all about.
  12. Taken from Sky Sports website: Sky Sports News reporter Rob Dorsett has been bringing us up to speed about why we are all yet to discover who was on board the helicopter that crashed outside the King Power Stadium last night. "I understand there are some sensitivities about why this announcement has taken so long," he said. "Leicestershire Police tweeted about three hours ago saying they were hoping to update people shortly. "My understanding is that it is going to be a joint statement from the Police, from the football club and indeed from the family, and that is complicated by the cultural situation in Thailand and the formalities that need to be followed there. "But also, practically, the time difference - it has just gone 1 o’clock in the morning in Bangkok, so communication between England and Bangkok is a little difficult. "But all of the authorities are hopeful of getting a statement out as soon as possible."
  13. Anyone watched the Canadian police drama '19-2'? Started watching it on Amazon Prime a week or so ago, season 2 episode 1 is one of the most gripping episodes of tv I have ever watched, the rest of the show is very good with some strong stories playing out along the way.
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