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  1. I'm fed up, the situation is a shambles
  2. I know achilles issues usually occur after an increase in training, knees unfortunately can be from a number of things. But yes a period of time out of a normal routine such as not being on a treadmill or doing pilates probably isn't helping. I think the lack of any strength work is partly to blame for my struggles, going three months without access to any weights when it was part of a routine is probably not helping. Hopefully gyms will be given some form of reopening soon under some form of strict measures. Yes going from setting PBs and running well to struggling causes a dent in confidence. I agree about lockdown, I think from a mental state side of things it really is becoming a struggle, like you said mate it is something you'll get through. Thinking about it I've been a lot less productive with my days and that's coincided with my struggles when running. I hope it goes well for you mate, you never know, those PBs really do come at the time we least expect them, and at least getting out and running it should be seen as a success with how your feeling at the moment regardless of the time.
  3. Really struggling at the moment, the love for it has just gone and the runs I am going on are a mental battle. Feel like my fitness has just vanished, as soon as I hit 5k it's like there's nothing left. I seem to remember someone on here posting something along the lines of 'a bad run is better than no run', that will be my motto until I'm out of this rut.
  4. Just what you want when we duck out of tackles and keep giving the ball away, Demari Gray
  5. Being from the area but now living in Barnsley, are there any thoughts on what is causing this particular increase in Leicester? Barnsley was increasing in May, which wasn't a surprise with the amount of people who appeared to be out and about around the local parks, house parties etc ignoring social distancing guidelines. It appeared to slow down or at least wasn't as reported as much over the last month up until a few days ago when multiple cases were reported at a royal mail distribution centre.
  6. A mixed feeling in our house today, buzzing that it's back but the Mrs lost her dad in April. As Sheffield United fans they have had season tickets together for the past 15 or so years. It hit home to me when she told me she was dreading it, not watching it with him, not being able to talk to him about it, it was great to see what it meant to them to be able to witness what they had this season, like how my dad and I got to share the 15/16 season together. I really hope they finish the season strong.
  7. Possibly hardest run I have ever done this morning, timed 8.3km with 150m elevation as part of a virtual relay race around Barnsley. My colleague ran the same leg as me over a different route yesterday so my aim was to beat her time, missed out by 5 seconds. Pleased with how I ran but gutted that somewhere in my pain and suffering i didn't have it in me to push for that extra 5 seconds
  8. I use a Garmin forerunner 235, picked it up about two years ago and it's definitely got it's use for the money I paid. I probably haven't got the most use out of it for the information it can provide while I'm running but the data post running is useful once I've uploaded it to the connect app which then syncs to Strava. I also use a Flipbelt for storing my phone as I run, it was given to me as a Christmas present and its pretty noninvasive, it sits around your waste and sits tight to your body and has pockets around it to keep whatever you need in. Usually I just take my phone for my music, but I've had my inhaler, an energy gel, house and car keys in there at any one time and I couldn't tell.
  9. Congratulations mate, quality return on something as easy as just clicking a button and like you said to get them for your normal running is a bonus!
  10. I know a few coaches putting their names in for the role, two who I have worked with personally who definitely fit the criteria of building strong relationships with their players and are excellent coaches on top of that. However I find it hard to imagine that the club aren't going to promote from within unless they deem a candidate exceptional.
  11. Picked this up on EA Access having not played for a few years. On FUT is it just my bad luck or does everyone seem to have incredible teams? I'm getting picked apart every game and can't do anything to stop them. I'm by no means anything special but im always fairly competitive when playing against mates who are decent. Also why pause after every goal you've scored and leave the counter to run all the way down? Glad i didn't spend money on this.
  12. https://www.strava.com/clubs/663561# Just come across this, pro direct are doing a competition between the 8 remaining teams in the FA Cup. Another bit of added fun and something to motivate us for a few miles.
  13. Cheers mate, I think I'll stick to the shorter stuff and throw a longer run in every 2 weeks. 19 miles across two days is real good going, I doubt I'll be able to walk tomorrow let alone run! I know what you mean about getting the runs in when you can, the feeling of accomplishment is definitely worth it as well. Thanks again, appreciate it!
  14. Horrible 15km today, not sure why I went for it but followed a nice country path out to one of the nearby villages, route back into town was tough. Had a number of occasions where I seriously thought about walking and the last climb was a mental and physical f**ker. Not sure I'll be venturing around those kind of distances again anytime soon.
  15. Just finished Horizon, by finished I mean completed the main story and the frozen wilds, cant invest anymore into the smaller tedious tasks as I've already come across every major character who adds something. I was planning on getting back on Days Gone but despite my initial excitement I dont think it will do enough to grip me to put the time in. Got Dirt 2.0, Ghost Recon Wildlands installed, and may re-download Spiderman and go through that again!
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