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  1. If they R number never dips below 1, then the number of cases will rise and rise and rise until we all have to catch it several times a day to keep up.
  2. The aspect of her immune system that remembers previous invaders and knows how to block them wasn't tested first time round. If Covid kills 0.05% of who it infects, then 180 million people should have had the disease to reach 90,000 deaths. I think your decimal place is misplaced. Or mine is, but I have tried to check thoroughly! It is unlikely that you can still spread covid if you are immune with the vaccine. This vaccine works like most vaccines in that it stop the virus multiplying like wildfire inside the body. With most viruses, the less you have in the body,
  3. Maybe it says more about your colleague's Grandma, that her immune system doesn't work?
  4. What you have read is correct, but the headline is inaccurate and sets you off on the wrong track. The point is that a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine appears to provide 33% protection (or 60% according to the pther survey) after 14 days. No figures have been produced for what happens after 15 days, or 21 days, or 28 days, or 12 weeks. As you say, it's not effective at all before 14 days, but it can't be because of the very nature of vaccines. Before long Israel will be able to produce figures of infection rates between 14 and 21 days after the first jab. And not long after t
  5. Farmers feeding "steroids and stuff" are doing it because they want to make more profit, not because they are concerned that people might starve.
  6. Surely the reason people are getting fatter is because our bodies have been designed by mother nature to put weight on? Mother nature is concerned that we can breed and raise children. Excess weight is good to help us live to 40 or so, which is all mother nature requires for the propagation of the species. And of course once the body has got used to carrying the weight, then taking it off is hard but putting it back on is easy. I think there is plenty of food on this planet. It isn't shared out fairly, but that's another matter.
  7. I'm not keep on the idea of working to increase the number of pensioners while simultaneously reducing the numbers of working age. I dare say the people of working age might not be too chuffed either. If you think the population is too large, why do you object to fat people dying and reducing the burden on the state? If you're not a vegetarian, how have you come to the conclusion that the amount of meat you eat is fair and reasonable and the amount other people eat is wrong? Of course, you may be numbering yourself among the guilty? Would you enforce the number of
  8. At risk of being controversial, I presume it's the Africans and other poor people that you are getting at here? Most of the rich countries are not having enough births to sustain the population. The UK's recent population growth is fuelled by immigrants. And if fat people don't die, then they live on to draw pensions, and if we want to pay pensions AND continue having a decent health service and an outstanding medical science base, then we need enough younger people to fund it. Whereas Africa, that's the reason the population is expanding. Because poor people from poor countr
  9. Excess deaths, death certificate records, and official stats based on positive tests in the last 28 days, all come up with a similar figure. There are loads of anecdotal evidence of wrongly recorded death certificates etc., but unless they can prove that the excess deaths are substantially caused by lockdown-related rather than directly covid-related (and they can't, at least not for this year just gone) then we can take them as being basically correct. If 80,000 should be recorded as 20,000, then we would have a serious issue. If 80,000 should be 75,000, that's just playing rou
  10. Yes it is, and some alleged Covid deaths are certainly overstated as a result. However, there are also some Covid deaths being missed, though probably not many as that is the main emphasis of all death certifications. Overall it's not a big issue because the overstatement won't be by a huge number - at worst I wouldn't put it above say 10% of "official" covid deaths where the covid was incidental. What we don't know is how many covid deaths were where covid just hurried it along. Eg. people with terminal cancer who died sooner than they would have, or people who (even though the
  11. There are several of this sort of theoretical study showing what might happen. Why does the study not give some numbers - there are literally millions of confirmed coronavirus cases, and there are thousands of these specific variant cases - where are the numbers to say how many of the new cases have been identified, how many have had coronavirus before, and how many would be expected (based on averages) to have had coronavirus before? If they would expect say 100 of the confirmed cases (on average) to have tested positive for coronavirus in the past, and the actual number is zero,
  12. Nothing at all to the virus itself?
  13. Unlikely to be more than coincidence. Baed on 80 year life expectancy, one person in a thousand dies each month. So if 20,000 have been vaccinated across a representative cross-sample of the population, then we would expect 20 to die within a month. Obviously if you inject people who are already old and sick, it will be a much higher number. It may be that someone who is old and dying may already have all the froeign boides that their body can cope with, and this vaccine shuffles them off the mortal coil a little faster. But I don't think this has any implications for the wider
  14. How many times have I heard that comment? 99.
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