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  1. What has happened to our right back?
  2. This would be a great signing!
  3. Looks like he hit something at last..
  4. Will do, cheers
  5. As a season ticket holder, I am unable to make the next home game. Is there anything I can do such as having an extra home ticket for a game or something?
  6. It looks like it'll all be up to Leicester to represent England in the quater finals
  7. are we not selling as we need him to meet the home-grown criteria when submitting our squad for the champions league?
  8. Kate. 'Go get 'em Kante' I used to say
  9. Where did you read this?
  10. If he wants to go then I will still love him. Do not understand this bitterness. He could of left in January and we would of never won the league. Instead he agreed to stay till the end of the season and sign a new contract with a release clause. I am so grateful.
  11. Didn't we say Cambiasso was irreplaceable? Enjoy the ride.
  12. We sang this When Bolton got beat by Blackpool? When we made the play offs ala Knockeart.
  13. They officially signed this weekend, Pearson wanted them to go Boro with him if the chance arose
  14. How can people not want this? The money this will generate will be huge and also our reputation in America and all over the world will increase. we may be never get this opportunity again. Enjoy it while we can.
  15. Anyone tried Riyad in a false 9 position up front. Took to it like a duck to water on my save!