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  1. Burton Away

    If anyone wants to offer £20 for them both, will meet you later?
  2. Burton Away

    Two tickets may be unused for me..
  3. Nathan Ake

    What has happened to our right back?
  4. Tammy Abraham

    This would be a great signing!
  5. Musa arrested - Released without charge!

    Looks like he hit something at last..
  6. Unable to make home game

    Will do, cheers
  7. As a season ticket holder, I am unable to make the next home game. Is there anything I can do such as having an extra home ticket for a game or something?

    It looks like it'll all be up to Leicester to represent England in the quater finals
  9. Schlupp

    are we not selling as we need him to meet the home-grown criteria when submitting our squad for the champions league?
  10. Kate. 'Go get 'em Kante' I used to say
  11. Ulloa

    you missed every Slimani goal?
  12. Demarai Gray - Everton

    he is 20 years old? granted we are not nurturing him well, but his poteinial is massive.
  13. Leon Bailey

    If our interest is true, having Morgan may be a deciding factor.
  14. Liam Moore

    I hope we have a buy back clause because this could come back to bite us in the bum.
  15. Where did you read this?