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  1. I love that Iheanacho card
  2. That Ricardo card will be naughty!
  3. Should have gone off at 5 minutes
  4. I love the change in opinions about players after each performance
  5. This team but Albrighton and Ricardo instead of VDC and Under.
  6. Kasper Justin Fofana Morgan Thomas Choudhury Praet Under Maddison Albrighton Iheanacho
  7. Very harsh on our best centre back Evans..
  8. Imagine if Sheffeild Wednesday never took that approach with Vardy...
  9. Don't forget the Soyuncu contract they predicted in October too
  10. 9 goals this season. But needs to improve 9n his 3 assists, which I think he will.
  11. If we sell Chilwell, we need to buy a first choice left back. Can't rely on a youngster after one promising game IMO. He should be a back up, and not be thrown straight in because that will destroy his confidence when he has the inevitable dip in form.
  12. Palace, Bournemouth and Sheff Utd need to be must wins IMO
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