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  1. scinnell

    Yerey Mina

    Mina or Vida and I will be very happy
  2. scinnell

    Domagoj Vida

    Has alot of pace according to Football Manager.
  3. scinnell

    Comedy Transfer Rumours

    No, seen it on Twitter last year. Not sad enough to scroll through old tweets.
  4. scinnell

    Comedy Transfer Rumours

    Regardless, he was the first person to announce interest in Iheanacho
  5. scinnell

    Comedy Transfer Rumours

    In his defence, he was the first ITK to announce our interests in Iheanacho
  6. scinnell

    Jack Grealish

    Calm down 😂
  7. scinnell

    Vardy's miss

    If that was Slimani, would of been a lamb to slaughter!
  8. scinnell


    But Vardy and co got 100,000 p/w deals. What makes him less pivital in the title winning season?
  9. scinnell

    Burton Away

    If anyone wants to offer £20 for them both, will meet you later?
  10. scinnell

    Burton Away

    Two tickets may be unused for me..
  11. scinnell

    Nathan Ake

    What has happened to our right back?
  12. scinnell

    Tammy Abraham

    This would be a great signing!
  13. scinnell

    Musa arrested - Released without charge!

    Looks like he hit something at last..
  14. scinnell

    Unable to make home game

    Will do, cheers
  15. As a season ticket holder, I am unable to make the next home game. Is there anything I can do such as having an extra home ticket for a game or something?