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  1. no game now for 8 days. give the lads a couple of days to rest they deserve it after that run of fixtures
  2. why does he insist on this tactic he knows it does not work
  3. Can not wait for brendans pathetic excuse for that crap 🙄
  4. With arsenal winning tonight I bet they can not wait to play us now, our heads will be down.
  5. no way will we score two on this performance. Well done rodgers for being so negative.
  6. Not much faith on here then for top 4 by looking at percentage saying no. I think we have to many players going missing at the same time and with no vardy we have no striker. Even if Vardy dose not score he draws the defenders away from our other attackers.
  7. If they don't start him then why not sell him or send him out on loan. He will never gain any confidence sitting on the bench and not getting any game time 😒
  8. Bet all those thinking it would be a walk over are back tracking fast. We have no attacker. Been needing one for a couple of years. Its the same leicester that turn up at this time of year. We go on a losing run.
  9. That,s how Leeds play for 90 minutes, they never seem to burn out.
  10. I would have given Nacho a go. He will never gain any confidence being left on the bench.
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