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  1. Dylster


    Maybe 3-5-2? Kasper Maguire Morgan Huth Albrighton Gray N'didi Drinks/Iborra Boudebouz Vardy Iheanacho Possibly Chilwell in for Gray or Fuchs for Morgan or Huth.
  2. Dylster

    Chris Smalling

    Can't see why Spurs would be interested in him as they have Vertonghen and Alderweireld already.
  3. Dylster

    Kelechi Iheanacho

    This is what happened with Real selling Morata to Juve, so they could just buy him back for 30 mil when they sold him for 20 mil.
  4. Dylster

    Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    They've just taken the pictures of the players wearing last season's kit down off the King Power.
  5. Dylster

    Liverpool (a) match thread

    And now our only RB is injured, if only we had a whole summer to buy another one.
  6. Dylster

    Adrien Silva

    We're done, we could be in trouble with the lack of depth at CM and RB.
  7. Dylster

    Welcome Islam Slimani

    Sky are useless, spend the last few hours going on and on about Hart, Bony and Wilshere. Then don't even talk about Slimani at all.
  8. Dylster

    Islam Slimani

    Sky are so slow.
  9. Dylster

    Adrien Silva

    No CM or RB is kinda disappointing.
  10. Dylster

    Adrien Silva

    45k? Bargain
  11. Dylster

    Adrien Silva

    No reliable source has said we have met the release clause yet.
  12. Dylster

    Adrien Silva

    They said his name once. That's about it.
  13. Dylster

    Islam Slimani

    They basically just repeat the same stuff for hours. The guy at Leicester hasn't said anything new all day.
  14. Dylster

    Adrien Silva

    Don't think this one will happen now. It'll just be Slimani tonight I think.
  15. Dylster

    Adrien Silva

    Probably just changed the title.