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  1. Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    They've just taken the pictures of the players wearing last season's kit down off the King Power.
  2. Liverpool (a) match thread

    And now our only RB is injured, if only we had a whole summer to buy another one.
  3. Welcome Islam Slimani

    Sky are useless, spend the last few hours going on and on about Hart, Bony and Wilshere. Then don't even talk about Slimani at all.
  4. FIFA 17

    A bit disapointing that Gray and Amartay don't have face scans this year.
  5. FIFA 17

    Are the servers down for you as well at the moment? I can't connect.
  6. FIFA 17

    I've heard some Vardy chants as well.
  7. FIFA 17

    I actually think this FIFA is gonna be great, from what I've seen from the gameplay and new career mode additions so far anyway, it looks like a big improvment overall. Think some of the player ratings are a bit off as the normally are, and in the favour of the bigger teams. And I'm guessing Musa, Mendy and Hernandez probably won't have face scans which is a shame. But I'm looking forward to getting the career mode beta tomorrow.
  8. Leicester vs Barcelona - Match Thread

    Thought Hernandez looked good when he came on. Still would like to see us try a 4-3-3 though and maybe bring in a new right back. Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Huth Fuchs Mendy Drinkwater King/Amartey Mahrez Musa Vardy Something like that could be good.
  9. Leicester vs Barcelona - Match Thread

    Mahrez isn't going to stick around for this. Think he'll go now.
  10. I think I can speak for all of us that we were never worried he was going anyway...
  11. Hernandez Signed

    What position did he play in more last season?
  12. Community Shield 2016

    Anyone know when tickets go on sale?
  13. FIFA 17

    You can chose any Premier League team to play for.
  14. Battlefield 1

    Can't wait for this game. The gameplay in yesterday's live stream was awesome. Haven't bought a CoD game for 3 years now, so hopefully next year they actually give the fans what they want. Will get that MW1 remaster whenever you'll be able to buy it on its own.
  15. FIFA 17 Ideas Thread

    Can see Fuchs has been scanned this year then at 1:24. Looks interesting, wonder if you can create your own player, or you have to play as this Hunter guy.