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  1. woznotwos


    Thanks mate , that's a good perspective to have .
  2. woznotwos


    No affairs , nothing , just drifted apart and mooching along until the spark went . I would have just carried on but she ended it . It'll be good for both of us i think in the long run. Its become more like brother/sister type relationship , if that makes any sense at all. To be fair in 3 days im over the heartbreak , its the other stresses going with it that are tough.
  3. woznotwos


    No kids , so that's something . Just the thought of starting again at 53 don't bode too well .
  4. woznotwos


    Due to be regular on here i think , wife's just told me she wants a divorce and is moving out.
  5. Anyone have a link to watch message me please
  6. One flew over the cuckoos nest
  7. My 3 favourite things are eating my family and not using commas
  8. Last Tuesday we decided on a week to Italy , but couldnt make our mind up between Lake Garda or Sardinia . After much umming and erring the wife said she'd look into it and choose one on wednesday. Iget home wednesday evening and shes booked a week in fu--ing Scotland.........
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