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  1. woznotwos

    The gym

    What exercise bud ? Muscle ups? Managed to get the press up position with no legs, struggling to do a press up though lol. Nearly got the front lever to just slightly angled upwards.
  2. woznotwos

    The gym

    Anyone else into calisthenics ? Just trying to branch out into something more interesting
  3. Link please folks ? Pretty please.
  4. But im only on my third date ..........................................
  5. I'd really like to see Barnes utilised in Madders position if he's unfit
  6. Drawn at MK Dons after they've beat Liverpool apparently.
  7. woznotwos


    Thanks mate , that's a good perspective to have .
  8. woznotwos


    No affairs , nothing , just drifted apart and mooching along until the spark went . I would have just carried on but she ended it . It'll be good for both of us i think in the long run. Its become more like brother/sister type relationship , if that makes any sense at all. To be fair in 3 days im over the heartbreak , its the other stresses going with it that are tough.
  9. woznotwos


    No kids , so that's something . Just the thought of starting again at 53 don't bode too well .
  10. woznotwos


    Due to be regular on here i think , wife's just told me she wants a divorce and is moving out.
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