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  1. League Cup - Quarter final draw

    Off for a bit of late evening entertainment - time to read the postings on the Fighting Cock! The worst football forum IMO.
  2. arsenal fan in peace...

    Not seeing it myself. Looks like a good discussion to me.
  3. World Snooker Championship 2017

    Apparently he's a good laugh away from the table but Selby is typical of modern snooker. Technically excellent but zero personality when playing. Hardly anyone I know takes much interest in snooker any more, even though the proficiency is far higher than in snooker's heyday. Maybe ditching the crappy attire might be a good start? The fags and booze previously made the watching more enjoyable - Bill Werbeniuk for instance provided entertainment in just how much he put away. It's all very stale now.
  4. Stoke post match 2-0.

    Maybe Shakespeare was Pearson's brain too?
  5. Can we continue to carry Mahrez?

    IMO, he's a luxury player. We currently need staple, bread and butter, hard working players, until we're safe. Gray please, to start versus Hull.
  6. Yesterday my dream died

    I'm sitting in the O'Neills in Seville (the one near the river) There are still foxes about and the evening is a pleasant one. Although I think the correct decision was made, I'm emotionally as flat as a pancake, especially after reading that. Commiserations Claudio and thanks for the wonderful memories. And the players had better finish higher than 18th...
  7. Nigel Pearson suspended by Derby

    With the proviso that he hasn't done anything really stupid, it's a shame for him. He's too good a manager to have this on his c.v. Without him, we could have been like Sheffield United, languishing for many years in the third tier.
  8. It'll be Pearsonites, who wont let go; the guy who's setting Pride Park alight.
  9. Mine still available...
  10. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I now have one adult ticket available. At the back of the stadium, so visibility might be compromised. Face value of £27, plus £2 for first class recorded delivery. PM me, if interested.
  11. N'Golo Kante - Confirmed - £32m to Chelsea

    I'm sure we'll soon know for definite. We've just got to move on now. We have no other choice. (this point not a reply to Raw Dykes)