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  1. Vulpecula

    Tunisia v England match thread

    I'm very unconvinced too. He strikes me as being a well spoken fool, which is obviously a dangerous mix. My opinion was formed well before he became the England Manager too. Mind you, I'd be really happy to be proven wrong and we advance a long way into the tournament.
  2. Interesting that the 'traditional' big 5 still occupy the top 5 places, even though Everton have been mediocre for years.
  3. I had problems on my mobile at one time with those menus but could just type in the numbers and it worked!
  4. Vulpecula

    Lap of honour

    Not from myself and people near me. It was spontaneous and really classy from us, I thought.
  5. Vulpecula

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    I'd probably be sick of his 'great character' and 'outstanding' comments after about 3 interviews tbh. Mind you it'd likely mean we were getting good results, so I'd put up with it!
  6. Vulpecula

    LCFC v The Blades FA Cup scoreline prediction

    5-1. Can't stand the Blunts. Let it happen!
  7. The issue is that we need separate seating and standing areas. Simple as. I suffer with balance issues and standing in the same place for 45 minutes is an absolute nightmare for me. But I'm nowhere near disabled in a normal situation. Anecdotes comparing a middle aged woman with an 80 year old are laughable and naive.
  8. Vulpecula

    New chants and songs

    Pretty decent!
  9. Your embarrassment threshold must be low.
  10. I'm in two minds about this. The players show a proper spirit of togetherness and we win something like 3-0, or we play like we're shellshocked by the recent shenanigans and lose 3-1. Please be the former scenario!!
  11. Vulpecula

    League Cup - Quarter final draw

    Off for a bit of late evening entertainment - time to read the postings on the Fighting Cock! The worst football forum IMO.
  12. Vulpecula

    arsenal fan in peace...

    Not seeing it myself. Looks like a good discussion to me.
  13. Vulpecula

    World Snooker Championship 2017

    Apparently he's a good laugh away from the table but Selby is typical of modern snooker. Technically excellent but zero personality when playing. Hardly anyone I know takes much interest in snooker any more, even though the proficiency is far higher than in snooker's heyday. Maybe ditching the crappy attire might be a good start? The fags and booze previously made the watching more enjoyable - Bill Werbeniuk for instance provided entertainment in just how much he put away. It's all very stale now.
  14. Vulpecula

    Stoke post match 2-0.

    Maybe Shakespeare was Pearson's brain too?
  15. Vulpecula

    Can we continue to carry Mahrez?

    IMO, he's a luxury player. We currently need staple, bread and butter, hard working players, until we're safe. Gray please, to start versus Hull.