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  1. Vulpecula

    The OH Leuven Thread

    It's a big shame for everyone involved that things aren't working out at this point. Only his biggest detractors wouldn't wish Nigel well. We owe him a lot.
  2. It all reminds me of another very lazy player. Not a City player but one I watched when seeing another league game a few years ago, with friends. I've just googled the chap and he's now approaching the twilight of his career at AFC Wimbledon. He is white. You could see that the player had loads of skill. A great passer of the ball and very good at free kicks but the team's fans were constantly on his back, as he strolled around the pitch. I remember in this game the couple of times he ran very quickly were firstly to chase a ball that was obviously going into touch and secondly to harangue the referee. Obviously the fans noticed this too... He's probably had a half decent career but in no way lived up to his potential. His fault. I digress and it's off topic but just as an example of how fans don't like idle players, no matter their colour.
  3. I think the Nigerian players comment (ergo some fans don't like black players) is, in the main, a load of crap. Fans do not like lazy players - it doesn't matter whether they're black, white, purple, green or yellow! People loved Kante, apart from the fact that he's a great player, for the fact that he's so hard working and tenacious. I think the worst attribute a player can show to his team's fans is a willingness to play at considerably below 100% effort. Iheanacho is giving off vibes of being half arsed at the moment. Whether other things are going on with him, who knows? Fans cannot see whether there are other issues though and will react to what they perceive.
  4. Puel's fvcked up in the cups, whether by accident or design. I fume in that by one measure, we're the least successful FA Cup team. He should have been aware how much an FA Cup trophy would mean to us. An FA Cup win would mean so much more than (say) the monetary difference between 7th and 13th in the League for us. Does he get this??
  5. Vulpecula

    How are you feeling about the Cardiff match?

    I'm going but just want it over with tbh and can't pretend I'm looking forward to it. Like others have said, it all feels surreal at the moment. We probably need this though, to re-establish a chunk of normality. I suspect I'll feel much better in 24 hours or so.
  6. Vulpecula

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    Yeah, I feel the same.
  7. Vulpecula

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    He's now fouling more than the filthiest of dogs - a consequence of him compromising for his failing pace. Our recruitment seems to have been very poor in this area. How do we solve our current issue? I dunno. Play Evans more in the short term I guess and urgently look at our defence in January? Like others have said though, he is and always will be a club legend. It's sad to see his decline and sad that he maybe cannot see this and that it's time to let go and move on.
  8. Just reviewing the scores and seen I've inadvertently given Iheanacho 10/10. Was going to leave it as a default 5/10. Fat fingers and smartphones.
  9. No, things move on. Same as with Pearson, thanks for what you've done and you'll forever be respected / a legend but coming back now? I think it could end very badly. We're currently in a reasonable shape, IMO and the League Title is there for posterity.
  10. I had that thought as well!
  11. Vulpecula

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Thought I'd look on their main forum. You are correct, he was not held in great esteem at the end! https://www.grandoldteam.com/forum/threads/steve-walsh-no-longer-our-director-of-football.89863/page-469
  12. There's nothing impressive about public internet spats. They should take their grievances to PM and if they want to meet and sort out their differences in person, then we don't need to hear about it. Simple as. On topic, Harry was absolutely immense today! Fantastic!!
  13. Vulpecula

    Denmark v France match thread

    Agree. Awful. The crowd seem to be getting frustrated as well.
  14. Vulpecula

    Denmark v France match thread

    Dreadful turgid crap so far. 0-0 finish?
  15. Vulpecula

    Jamie Vardy

    Jesus H! No way would I be supporting Nigeria in the final against England, just because they had more City players in their starting 11. An England v Nigeria final would be an amusing thought though.