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  1. Just got a message from Lester 14 offering me 3 tickets? such a shame this Still looking for 1 or 2 for this if at all possible Cheers
  2. Looking for 1 or 2 for this if possible , Never been let down on here Great Forum!!
  3. I mean i may come off as a bit harsh but these comments off...."he was offside"... you play to the whistle you play to the game stops you dont just expect things to happen and calls to go your way . I was shocked he was playing as i feel Harry M and Johny could of dealt with Troy . i did forget about his block after the save but i mean he just looks like he is past it now
  4. worked out just as planned then must just be me that thinks Wes did f**k all ..really showed Troy whos boss . 1st game as a manager you want a win no matter how it comes , should of stuck with same squad or similar to Brighton IMO
  5. sure the ref and linesman called it offside and the goal was disallowed .....it was only his arm offside...still the wrong side of the man and disgraceful defending
  6. Brendan ...the god that everyone thinks he is....mistake number 1 was playing Wes i mean i cant think of one part of that game where he did something right. fair enough he had a great chance to win it come the end but he was a major part in both their goals going in. -Stood behind Deeney for the first -Well out of position for the second...he actually watched the ball go over his head and Harry Maguire had to come across and try to tackle I think he just got it wrong yes they are a physical team but why would you change formation after a win
  7. I can see there is a topic already on here but i am wondering if there are any fans willing to sell their season ticket for remaining games. Ideal scenario for the Puel out gang or anyone that has lost interest this season Please let me know or get in contact Many Thanks
  8. I will ring in. just tried to book online but no luck thanks
  9. Well Said! Why on here do we attack attack players? Far to quick to judge without any proof or backing . Give the lad a chance and see how he get on . We are in no crisis
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