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  1. I can see there is a topic already on here but i am wondering if there are any fans willing to sell their season ticket for remaining games. Ideal scenario for the Puel out gang or anyone that has lost interest this season Please let me know or get in contact Many Thanks
  2. I will ring in. just tried to book online but no luck thanks
  3. Well Said! Why on here do we attack attack players? Far to quick to judge without any proof or backing . Give the lad a chance and see how he get on . We are in no crisis
  4. Yeah its crazy. Paying membership ( which i dont have a problem with) most clubs now have it that way. It is the way the club make it , make you feel pointless for having membership which i only got because i didn't renew after title winning season for personal reasons. Membership is made t pointless as it doesn't even get you close to being considered for a season ticket . Thanks for letting me know your keeping all 4
  5. Thanks for the update mate. Just thought it was worth asking as i wont stand a chance with the Ballot/membership system
  6. Like season ticket holder giving their tickets out to people when they cant go ? etc
  7. Any season ticket holders that dont want to renew ? I will happily buy their season ticket off of them no problem Just let me know cheers
  8. Anyone not interested in renewing their season ticket. If you renew i will buy it off anyone face value of course. Just let me know
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