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  1. The lasting feeling for me is disappointment because whilst all those achievements in your title are amazing especially vardy, it kind of feels we fluked it and our luck run out and we really are average at best. Injuries are not the answer as we were injury free for a long time and playing badly, Chilwell, Ricardo, maddison in side. I think this form will continue, win one , drop points in next 3, and Rodgers will go next season, in the middle of it. The problem with him is behind the mask , he isn't a great coach. He doesn't motivate the players to great things and tactically he certainly has shortcomings. I don't think he's the sort to adapt/evolve himself either. And I'm fatigued that we will then be on another rebuild job with our old stars probably over the hill and bright lights probably with top 4 sides.
  2. As much as I'd be overjoyed with a result , I can't see united not outscoring us with their attacking might and our makeshift defence, especially with no 12th man.
  3. Biggest game of season. Beat these well and we go on a run. Rodgers needs to earn his money. They have the ability.
  4. Well if he keeps on like he's done for months now he will be out midway through next season, possibly earlier. Will cost a fortune to pay him up . Very odd manager as clearly had more to him than new manager boun
  5. The other day (sat) you could get some great odds on us finishing outside top 4. I think it was 4.5 to 1. Sadly defo worth a few hundred quid as unless ndidi is jesus christ that will surely happen now.
  6. You sound like a psychologist!
  7. I remember when BR was Swansea manager. They played great stuff, got some good results but were pretty weak and generally faded.
  8. Its his 1st season in the PL effectively. He aint doing bad. Ronaldo he is not, but thats once in 20 years. He should be able to be coached /gain experience to become a very good player. I remember when Ndidi first came in. He didnt look to be any world beater. Now hes the heartbeat and probably the only player in our team whod get into any side in the league.
  9. I seem to recall when rodgers was appointed and ppl were opining on whether good /bad etc. Celtic fans and other experts were saying he seems to routinely err in bigger games. You can probably find the posts if you know how to search.
  10. The holding position he was asked to play requires different attributes and also a lot of experience. I dont know if he does it in the reserves but this is a different league. The ability to read danger, to set up moves, to steal the ball, positional sense, to be comfortable receiving the ball, to carry it quickly. Hes doesnt have that skillset to any real degree . The only reason hes in there is hes aggressive, but aggression isnt actually the most important attribute for that role (no one would call Kante aggressive, its very controlled blocking and stealing ) and for this reason without ndidi id play mendy there or possibly praet(although the latter none of us have really seen enough of to know his game)
  11. I don't think hes a holder. Hes a presser.
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