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  1. Lets see how the next 4 league games go, Arsenal(a) , Leeds(a), Wolverhampton(h) and Liverpool(a).
  2. Do you think he will be here in a year from now. Personally I don't and it won't be to replace Arteta...
  3. If you want some perspective on Alan Rodgers, watch Leon Knight. That guy is far more dislikeable.
  4. The Matt Piper one is very good. Comes across as a real and decent human being.
  5. You'll give the boy a complex! Its just his facial features..probably Mongol ancestry
  6. The manager's tactics are often wrong as on Sunday when we can't get a foothold, and its game over by half time. We never seem to play well and lose, we are always awful which indicates something more than just bad luck or one of those days. I really hope Rodgers can take on board the criticism of his tactics and develop and that he has now bought himself the players he thinks he needed so he can etc. He will surely know from analysing with his team of aides and press, no matter how stubborn he is. We could be a really good side , more consistently if he does.If he can't he will lose his
  7. Scary how rodgers gets system so wrong sometimes and then is so entrenched he just won't change it. Its probably game over now.
  8. Either your trying to provoke or you don't understand football.
  9. Much shorter and stockier than most DMCs
  10. I think his unusual physique for a PL footballer helps him excel at winning the ball back ,like Kante, perhaps not as fast, but more powerful. Bigger guys would foul more but he seems to bump players off the ball. He really was excellent. Also has the composure to distribute after.
  11. You can get 25 to 1 on him in the PL sack race . I don't think its a bad bet.
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