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  1. Yeah and all the "big clubs" that underperform liverpool, spurs ,arsenal etc. Just invest more and more and it makes it even harder next year. Timing is everything I'm life.
  2. I'd say unlikely. It's gutting but it's a marathon and if we don't make it, over the 38 games we have not been good enough.
  3. I know I'm a dinosaur and the guy may well be innocent but for these sorts of crimes I'd like to see death penalty. Will never happen though. I do find it interesting that terror attacks seem to end in attackers being shot dead now. I know the argument is they could have explosives, but sometimes I wonder if there's a policy.
  4. Mendy, youri and praet was really good. We got several good results and performances . I think it was harder when madders got fit and took praet place / now injured, as he doesn't work as much and you need a superman like wilf . I personally think this choudhary renaissance is just to flog him in summer.
  5. Really hoping its good news, but I'd question why Justin and Youri are playing near enough the full 90 of every game. Its no surprise they are going to pick up injuries. I know the importance of these players but better to miss the odd game than the rest of the season especially when you have opportunities to rest ie fa cup
  6. We will see in the summer, but i think it may be strategic and the minutes he's getting now are as much about keeping him in the shop window as man management and rotation.
  7. It seems like he plays nearly every minute of every match. He's that important for us.
  8. Whose better peak Vardy or peak Suarez? Its the only striker i can think of like Jamie.
  9. I'm very impressed by his form, well done James.
  10. It'll be fascinating to see how Rodgers and the team adapt in this upcoming period without our talisman. I don't feel as pessimistic as I previously would have done. I might be wrong, but I've got a feeling we will hold it together.
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