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  1. I know they were ruled out anyway but the offside finish and the crossbar shot were class
  2. Ah yes turkey, your right, I forgot about that option. Yes maybe over 10 then. Nice lifestyle too and shouldn't be too hard a sell to him.
  3. Post covid, I can't see anyone paying that for him unless he's willing to go to China, Russia etc. More like half that figure
  4. To me it seems like nacho could have the quality but has a bad attitude and hamza doesn't have the quality but has a good attitude. But what do I know.
  5. Tom12345, your analysis is sound.
  6. I think for our aspirations of top 6 and maybe sneaking into top 4, we need to bring in a better, more effective player and I don't think James gets into any of these peers' sides, probably not even back up on this form, if perez is going to.be used.as bit part and praet doesn't have enough flair.for.brendan. Think BR trying to play him into form/confidence but I'm not really sure he's got that calibre consistently.
  7. This is a great list and I'd swap nearly all for Madders!
  8. You hate Mendy mate, if he saved your life you'd still want to c**t him off.
  9. I think Rodgers knows what we all do but is trying to build up his fitness, form,confidence . So dropping him will only be counter productive. But he has shown he will drop you for longish periods ie Perez , Praet, Choudhary so I think there will come a point where he will see we can't carry James any longer . James has got to start producing effective consistency in the same way other players he is compared to do.
  10. I agree with you in fact, any of the technical midfielders praet,mendy,telemann,maidstone,perez etc could play it all day long, he should not be dining out on that one. I like him but he's not good enough to start, whether that's form based or he's just not that good I'm not sure.
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