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  1. The Premier league should now deduct Chelsea 2 points for their continuous on field scuffles so we get in the champions league as well as them 🤣
  2. Don't know how reliable this guy is, but thought I'd post to stoke the fires some more. I can't see Liverpool paying the money we'd want though.
  3. Hope all the Chelsea fans are ok after those 'wild' celebrations. Love that roar from the Leicester fans though.
  4. The only thing that could of made that moment any better is if he did an Adebayor style celebration
  5. is anyone on Telcoin? I bought some yesterday & it's already gone up over 100%
  6. Just going off that video alone, he is so unlucky not to be top of the assists chart.
  7. At 372 matches for Leicester, Kasper Schmeichel holds the European record for most league matches played for the same club during the last 10 years. Lionel Messi is 2nd at 340 matches for Barcelona.
  8. 100% Vardy will in there one day. I think he'll be looked back on alongside the likes of Cantona.
  9. I'd expect some form of punishment if I signed a legally binding contract to work for company B. But realistically, the people that matter won't push for a punishment as it will likely hurt their brand as well. It's only the fans that will scream for a punishment as we have nothing on the line.
  10. The goals scored in the Chelsea v Man City & Leicester v Southampton matches were scored at the exact same time on 54 minutes 43 seconds.
  11. absolutely disgusting. another move just designed to keep the rich, rich. what motivation would liverpool have to play prem games this season if the wildcard was in play. just literally put all their eggs into the champs league basket, seeing as they would be guaranteed to get in the champs league.
  12. Not exactly a shock. Everton lost 140m Southampton 75m Brighton 67m etc etc And none of those clubs have built a world class training facilities in that time.
  13. Looks like the 'human' version of Golem from Lord of the Rings.
  14. Gone under the radar a bit due to others great performances (and Sheff Utd' lack of), but I thought he was quality yesterday. Some of his breaks were amazing and just what we needed when playing 3 at the back. His defensive header that lead to our goal was top class as well. He's still growing in experience so will make the odd mistake, but he is a Rolls Royce defender in every sense of the word.
  15. I don't know why but Keowns voice annoys me. Doesn't help that he is a terrible analyst, and his shoes are untied 😅
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