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  1. glenny_fox

    FIFA 19

    if that is real, then I'd imagine it would just be for a new trailer
  2. The shirt is really nice, I'd love the design to be on the away shirt. Although the only thing I can look at on that photo is Kaspers dodgy beard. looks like he's going for a half and half beard.
  3. glenny_fox

    God Of War

    I managed to platinum it which I'm sure it's the first game i've actually fully completed. Not all of the reals are accessible. There are quite a few that aren't. And the enemies don't disappear once you've completed the game, I just found myself running past them to find the last bleeding ravens (youtube was a huge help in that)
  4. glenny_fox


    I played it for the first time last night in a squad game with some mates, won the first time of asking :). graphically it's pretty sketchy and quite a few bugs (to be expected as only beta) but overall it's a decent playing experience. Although the cars are great a couple of matches where the circle was literally next to nothing there was still around 10 players left just driving around the circle in police cars. They also need to chuck in some more guns!
  5. glenny_fox


    Maguire is bound to attract attention from the top 6. Currently he is everything they are all clammering for. tank - check ball playing cb - check confident on the ball - check english - check goal threat - check can play in a 2 or 3 - check He's currently the best English cb and will be in the England team for a considerable amouont of years, especially as his game definitely isn't based around pace so there's not really a big risk of significant decline in his early 30's.
  6. glenny_fox

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Riyad Mahrez is the only player to contribute both 10 goals & 10 assists in 2 of the last 3 PL seasons. But apparently he isn't even worth 50m according to some
  7. glenny_fox

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Jamie Vardy & Riyad Mahrez have scored a combined 91 PL goals in the last 3 seasons - the rest of the Leicester squad have scored 73 PL goals for the club in that time. Hopefully our scouts already know the replacement for Mahrez otherwise we are screwed
  8. glenny_fox

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Why bring iborra back in? Choudhury brought the intensity weve been missing for 4 months. Against a midfield 5. Iborra will be a complete passenger. I'm hoping gray has a decent game as he only ever seems to perform at Wembley anyway with England.
  9. glenny_fox

    God Of War

    There's pretty much zero boss fights against the humongous enemies like in previous GOW. This one is more about boss fights against little enemies that do a ton of damage. I suspect that's to do with having a much closer camera. The skill tree becomes less and less important as the game goes on. I maxed it at about half way (not giving any spoilers away either)
  10. glenny_fox

    God Of War

    just finished the main story for this yesterday. I've done the majority of exploration, just got to find the rest of those flippin birds to get a platinum for it. The ending was slightly underwhelming in one way but leads nicely onto more GOW games. The game itself is easily the best game I have played in the last few years.
  11. glenny_fox

    God Of War

    I had the most irritating moment the other day. I got to a 'challenge' point where you had to kill 100 enemies without dying which took me nearly an hour. I got to the last enemy which was a traveller and he killed me with literally 1% health left. I haven't played it since then. easily game of the year for me though.
  12. glenny_fox

    What grinds my gears...

    It angers me that just because Apu is Indian, people jump on the stereotype bandwagon and demand change, completely ignoring the fact that every single character in the Simpsons is a stereotypical character, from the fat, lazy policeman, italian mobster, fat german kid etc etc.
  13. glenny_fox

    God Of War

    I am loving this game. Having played all of the previous GoW games, it's a pleasant change to see actual character development with Kratos rather than just being revenge driven. The exploration is great and achieves exactly what it's meant to be, a side game, in the fact that if you do it you get small rewards but if you don't do it you're not missing out on too much. The soundtrack & graphics are amazing aswell.
  14. glenny_fox

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Ni No Kuni 2. Great game which in many ways is completely different to the first with some nice additions and fast, smooth fighting. bit of a lack of voice acting so there is a lot of reading.
  15. glenny_fox

    FIFA 18

    I officially am bored of fifa until the next one now. https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app/?showoffId=gJJzCC50nNPZj:FFA18PS4 I've got that squad of untradeables which is pretty decent. Is it possible to transfer an account (that I only created for this fifa) to somebody else? also have 1mil in coins and probably another 500k in players stored in my club.