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  1. This fight just highlighted what level Joshua is actually on. Literally running all fight.
  2. Currently 15 wins 4 losses. Dont know whether to go for gold 1 or just call it a day with gold 3.
  3. The pack animations for the blue cards are annoying. I had a mega pack and opened it on the companion app. The main player it showed was the blue 79 rated Pulisic (which was crap), but in the pack was Alderweireld (sp?) De Gea & Suarez. It was annoying though as I had to quick sell Suarez, as I already had him untradeable.
  4. This whole var thing is absolutely ridiculous. Wish there was consistency with decisions. Mina on son - there is contact but the way son goes down means it's not a peno. Albrighton on mane - the way mane goes down is very theatrical but there is contact so he is entitled to go down and a peno. Hmmmm
  5. Not at all. if you both have objectives to do, let each other score until it's like 5-5, until you've both done what you needed to do. Then play for the win
  6. with the online only objectives, I messaged the other player at the start of the game to ask if they need to complete any objectives, So I can do mine aswell. pretty much everyone is in the same boat and need to do the objectives.
  7. Just as an extra bit of info. Takes about 15 minutes to get the 10 games for loyalty and even though you are quitting every game just after kick off, it doesn't add the loss onto your record (just uses contracts). you can either just close the app or like Will said, go to network settings and disconnect which is a hell of a lot quicker.
  8. I got OTW Ben Yeddar and Lucas Moura from my packs. getting that Moura and with Ndidi, Mharez both having informs is making me want to ditch my Bundesligue team for a prem side.
  9. absolutely terrible TOTW other than N'didi and Mahrez which will fit nicely into my team.
  10. I still don't get how we didn't get a corner after that shot
  11. I reckon I'm about 85% percent through it at the moment. I was initially put off by the reviews, but I am enjoying it, as a load it up and play for an hour or so. The missions get a little repetitive, as they do with most open world games. The graphics and weather effects are decent with some amazing backdrops (not quite as good as Red Dead though). Overall it's a decent game, which I'm not sure where all the hate has come from. I'd play it on the hardest setting though as the freaks (zombies) aren't that hard to kill, unless you get caught in a horde, then just run.
  12. Was going to suggest JD sports, but I've just checked their website and for some reason they have the home kit and away kit but not the pink kit on there
  13. The rimming around Maguire from the media, now that he plays for Man U is laughable. Keeps up with the old age tradition that just because a player moves to a top 6 club they instantly become 100 x better.
  14. Don't know why I never considered this, as my programme is just shoved in a drawer collecting dust. Great bit of memorabilia and the plaque looks great.
  15. With his wand of a left foot he's aiming to be the kicker. Which is literally come on, kick the ball under no pressure of being smashed to pieces, then go off again. Sounds like he's pretty suited to it.
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