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  1. glenny_fox

    FIFA 19

    Underrated as usual. scored over 50 prem goals in 3 years, with one of the best finishing percentages of any striker, and still only an 82 with 81 finishing.
  2. glenny_fox

    Escape Rooms

    I'm going on Friday night to the Leicester one, doing the chronos room. Any advice, like how do I get out
  3. glenny_fox

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Gray as a lone striker? Puel is persistent got to give him that.
  4. glenny_fox

    Rap & Hip Hop

    Some of the flows and beats are weird, but lyrically its still pretty great.
  5. glenny_fox

    No Man's Sky

    Since the update the game is much improved, but they could still make it a hell of a lot better mainly by having better multiplayer still
  6. glenny_fox

    What grinds my gears...

    Same as my company. There's a woman has had around 6 months off on the sick & during that time I've had 2 days sick (1 day for ankle ligaments & 1 day for food poisoning) where I could of easily of took 3 - 4 days off on each occasion if I didn't have a conscience. Yet my 2 days is viewed twice as bad as one 6 month period. utterly ridiculous.
  7. glenny_fox

    mahrez, in for a tough season.

    I don't get these type of threads. Mahrez is one of the best (if not the best) players I have ever seen in a Leicester shirt. We would not have won the league without him and he'll forever be a legend to me just on that season alone. I really hope he does well at Man city, and I think he will have an amazing season once he settles in. He deserves his shot at the best, just like Kante did for Chelsea.
  8. glenny_fox

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    You should create a book of all your puns... you'll rake it in.
  9. glenny_fox

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Ricardo rw? Strange one
  10. glenny_fox

    New fence quote

    I always use small firms out of the local mags you get. never had any problems with any of them. I've always found that smaller (one man bands) rely mainly on good recommendations so are more likely to do a decent job.
  11. glenny_fox

    What grinds my gears...

    The main thing I took from this advert is that the dirty bastards don't wear gloves. Her hands could of been anywhere, let alone some of the actual states that work in the kitchens there.
  12. glenny_fox

    Matched betting

    what sort of betting markets were you betting on to get those sort of returns in the world cup? I'd love to do matched betting but the times i've looked at it, it seems a lot of work for little returns initially but I have never looked into automated betting though.
  13. glenny_fox

    Betting Thread

    Had my 50 free bet from bet 365 on first goal scored in the England match to be a peno. Returned 375. Never been so happy to see Harry Kane score
  14. glenny_fox

    England v Belgium

    Always feel sorry for vardy when he plays for England. Guy literally never gets any decent service.
  15. glenny_fox

    England v Belgium

    When you have a midfield of Delph dier and loftus cheek there is no chance of us creating a chance.