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  1. just come across 40 odd people at Abbey park battling Articuno. I didn't have time to wait around otherwise i might of joined in.
  2. Do you know how much your friend has earned throughout the year as this would determine whether or not they should had actually been paying any tax. If they haven't earned enough then it should make things a bit easier. Also, if she has pictures of the rota signed by the manager then that represents a contract as there is that should be sufficient proof there has been an invitation to treat, offer and acceptance.
  3. are we only having one premier league badge on the sleeves next season as it is completely level with that monstrosity of a sponsor. Surely we wouldn't have them at different heights?
  4. I've just started an online match with a mate in league 2. I'm Mansfield (currently 2nd) and he's Exeter (currently 22nd ). I've just gone for a team full of loans at the moment, but does anyone have any hidden gems that they've bought in league 2?
  5. Life is strange was a brilliant game. The character immersion & story telling of it was fantastic. Killing Floor 2 is also a great game to play with mates. There's no real story involved or ending, but it's a fun survival game.
  6. Can't be any worse than the last monstrosity they gave us.
  7. When I got sick of fifa 17 is sold every thing in my club to see how many coins I could get (3.7 million). Then started selling it all on ebay. Sold 1m before I got banned, so there's still nearly 3 million coins sitting there
  8. Been waiting for years to have legends on ps4.. Now just to see if I can get unbanned
  9. the net book value of the squad is £40m but a market value of £236m . That's not bad going at all (although I'd love to see what that £236m is made up of) Also, I wonder what 'employees' we owe £20m to at the end of the financial year.
  10. Anyone care to post the article? As you need to login to read it. He got abuse as he was just trying to be cocky and claim the glory for himself whereas Waghorns was just an amazing save from the keeper, but at least he put the team first before his personal glory.
  11. I'm James Price and so's my wife.
  12. can he return the favour and let us have Abraham and Ake. Maybe chuck in Hazard for good measure.
  13. got the platinum for this last night. Soon as I finished it I put it on Ebay and got £30 for it so happy days. Whilst it is an undoubtedly beautiful looking game it became a chore at the end just to finish it. the ending wasn't great and it obviously held back to give rise to the inevitable sequel.
  14. Fair play leo. Deserves a start after his cameo.
  15. If it was the case that every bet was placed on a match that had no relevance whatsoever to him then yes I would have a bit of sympathy for him but the fact that some of the bets directly involved matches he was playing in (him to be first goalscorer etc) then he deserves all he gets. To bet on something that could change the outcome of the game is clearly just match fixing.