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  1. The rimming around Maguire from the media, now that he plays for Man U is laughable. Keeps up with the old age tradition that just because a player moves to a top 6 club they instantly become 100 x better.
  2. Don't know why I never considered this, as my programme is just shoved in a drawer collecting dust. Great bit of memorabilia and the plaque looks great.
  3. With his wand of a left foot he's aiming to be the kicker. Which is literally come on, kick the ball under no pressure of being smashed to pieces, then go off again. Sounds like he's pretty suited to it.
  4. Rodgers said in his post match interview that during his ht team talk he told the wingers to play more central, so I think Barnes could be forgiven for that.
  5. Really happy with his play in general. Goals and assists will come in time as we've seen what he can do when he gets going (West Brom). He is the most exciting player we have in the squad in terms of his directness, which has been a joy to see. Him and Chilwell seem to have zero connection at the moment though which has been a shame, but that will hopefully develop with time,
  6. Just to recap: The Mercury are that desperate they have created an article (it's not) of Huth saying that Mahrez has done ok but can do better. Cheers for that deep and meaningful insight.
  7. Don't tell me we're last again ? Don't know if I can put up with the other 2 matches.
  8. Made my searching a lot easier as that was the first goal scored after mine as well. Never heard of him either
  9. As soon as I saw West Ham & Everton included in the link I didn't even bother looking at it
  10. Literally saw this as the race started, and chucked a tenner on him at 14.5 on the exchange.
  11. hoping for the best with sir eric, but that injury looked horrifying.
  12. what a run from Frodon that was. Never looked in trouble.
  13. Love Defi. 2 out of 2 today which has covered my losses for the 2 previous disaster days. Monalee in the next for me.
  14. Best performance of the season and in no way is this result puels fault. Barnes should have a hat trick, and obviously if the peno goes in its a different game.
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