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  1. Not too surprised with the withdrawal of the 10% discount. They obviously think that there is no need to offer incentives to Season Ticket holders. When they first took over you could get the discount at King Power stores in Thailand, which made the alcohol well worth buying, this however was withdrawn after the first season. They probably need the extra 10% to help fund the money they will have to pay back to the Thai government!
  2. Nice cut out of Kasper diving for the ball, in Phuket airport.(May 2016). Interesting that he was wearing a blue shirt. Tried to upload it but as its over 2Mbits system won't let me. This year in March I saw a new City shirt being worn at Bagan, in Burma. The wearer disappeared inside a Pagoda before I could take a photo. Looked like a Burmese or possibly a Thai tourist!
  3. Or do an homage to Frank Worthington, "1 hump or 2?"
  4. Absolute B*ll*cks!!!!!!!
  5. Alan Young didn't give a name, but he did add that he gave Melrose a dose of his own medicine!
  6. If you listened to Alan Young on Radio Leicester, you would see why City got rid of Melrose (Although at the time it annoyed me). Apparently in training, he took out a young player in the squad who had taken his place in the team.This p***ed off the rest of the squad and they all wanted him out.
  7. He made the right decision to move and get a regular game. When he was dropped by Pearson he was playing better than Wes. It was a case of a manager playing someone he had bought before a home grown player. After being dropped he was never given any real chances to regain his position. However from what I have seen there are far better options available to us to improve our defense, we just have to be willing to spend some money, it should have been done last year!
  8. Does this mean we can't call Derby fans Sheep sh*ghers, in case it upsets people who "love" animals?
  9. Spanish riot police absolute animalsSaw them beating city fans who were walking away as instructed. One guy was asked to move and as he stood up the police hit him with a truncheon smashing his glass and cutting his hand and arm, all this guy was doing was sitting quietly and drinking his beer. I aasked why he had hit him and he threatened to beat me as well. They then went to beat up three people standing nearby but stopped when they realised that they were Spanish, Don't make excuses for thuggish behaviour from Spanish police, especially if you didn't see what was happening
  10. None of these are in the same class as Junior Lewis!
  11. Some people have very short memories. If you compare DD and MJ you will see that for LCFC DD has scored 3 goals in 93 games whereas MJ has scored 5 in 99 games. During our great escape season MJ's performances kept DD out of the team, so much so that DD was considering moving clubs. Admittedly since then Danny's form has improved greatly, but without being injured you would have expected Matty's to as well. If Matty can get back to full fitness it would be equivalent to signing a new £15 mill midfield player. (Given what we paid for our recent purchases!)
  12. Really sad to see Claudio get sacked.I loved the guy he was like a favourite uncle. However I got the feeling we were sleep walking to the Championship. If you remember Peter Taylor took us to the top of the Premiership after taking over from Martin O'Neill. He did this by allowing the team to play as they had under MON. When asked about his successful start he said to judge him after he had got his own players in and playing as he wanted. We all know how that ended. This season Claudio was introducing more of his own ideas and personnel. More recently he seemed to be losing the plot with team selection and substitutions. In my humble opinion his sacking was; as Cromwell said of the execution of Charles I; "A cruel necessity!"
  13. Its a case of Dilly Dino,Dino Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Moss and should include Martin Atkinson for carrying out instructions given him at halftime by Wenger. Not forgetting the London Media. Can't understand the vitriol against Sam Bailey, I like her and was pleased to see a City fan win the X Factor. People who continually have a go at her are akin to those who would drown kittens!
  15. Its out of this world to win the EPL, its even better to beat Spurs. I have admired the way they have played this year but against Chelsea they were a disgrace, nine players booked, if that had been LCFC we would have had players sent off! I have waited since 1961 to get revenge for the FA Cup Final when they beat us by Dave McKay breaking Len Chalmer's leg with a tackle that today would have seen him sent off. That left us with ten men, as subs were not allowed then, It's taken 55 years but it was worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!