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  1. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    At todays prices he shouldn't be allowed to go for anything less than £75 million, the question is how or on whom would we spend it?
  2. If winning the Premier League and then losing games the next season is failure, I hope all our managers fail in the same manner, just as Chelsea do.
  3. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    Ignore the negative comments, Leicester people (and City Fans) enjoy being negative and looking on the down side of things. I can only speak English with a little school boy French and Latin (the latter not a lot of use.) I have have nothing but respect for people who can post in a foreign language. I welcome comments from Leicester City fans from anywhere in the world. Please keep sharing your thoughts and opinions.
  4. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Stoke City fans generally are some of the worst I have encountered, however two seasons ago I had an interesting and pleasant conversation with three of them at the Local Hero before we beat them in our Premier League winning season. Door men obviously hadn't done their work properly. They accurately described their team's weaknesses that became apparent in our win!
  5. Chelsea Post Match 0-0

    Disappointed, felt like a loss. Which is very harsh considering we outplayed Chelsea for 70 mins when it was 11 against 12. Chilwell played the ball and the Chelsea player was not in his view when he slid onto the ball. Two seasons ago this would never have been a foul. Strange that he got booked for two iffy fouls when Kante got away with a succession of fouls and only received one yellow. On the positive side Matty James showed how wrong the doubters were when they said he should be off loaded at the beginning of the season. Harry Mcguire dominated the Chelsea forwards and Wilf Ndidi was head and shoulders above Kante, literally and in a playing sense.
  6. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    I would agree. He was sublime during our Winning season, very average to poor last season (for whatever reason) but has got back to being the key player for us this season. Hard to compare him with our previous great players such as Izzett, Weller and Worthington. Would Mahrez have been able to control a football that had thick mud clinging to it and weighed three times the weight of the present ball, when soaked in water. Would he have been able to dribble through the thick mud that use to be goal areas in the 60 /70s. Also back in the day forwards were not given the same protection that they are today. Tommy Smith, Razor Rudick, Dave Mckay to name but three would have left Mahrez in a heap several times in every game. Frank Worthington dealt with all these disadvantages and still shone, not sure how Mahrez would have coped. However given how the game is played today Mahrez is a star, Frank would have been a megastar!!!
  7. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Question, is "The fighting Cock" circumcised?
  8. [OFFICIAL] Claude Puel is the new manager for Leicester City

    Totally underwhelmed. If this is the best the owners and Rudkin can do we should have kept faith with Shakespeare and Appleton. They obviously panicked and had not looked at possible replacements before acting. The appointment is a complete disappointment. Despite this I will support him as I would any City manager or player.
  9. Arriving late

    I arrived at the ground ground only 14 seconds late, but they wouldn't let me in until the queue in front of me had gone in.At least it was before January.
  10. Poll - Stadium expansion after 3 seasons in top flight

    If they want to do something more interesting do what Malcolm Allison did in the 1970's, either at Man City or Palace. They had Fiona Richmond in the players changing room, photos appeared with players in the bath and Fiona topless, can't remember if she got starkers or not, but it made for an interesting set of photos.
  11. Ulloa new contract

    Do not understand this at all. For a target man it would be Slimani for me every time. He is far better header of the ball when in attack and has shown how effective he can be at putting other players in on goal. On recent form it has to be Slimani. If giving Ulloa an extended contract means letting Slimani go its a step backwards.
  12. No more discount with season tickets

    Not too surprised with the withdrawal of the 10% discount. They obviously think that there is no need to offer incentives to Season Ticket holders. When they first took over you could get the discount at King Power stores in Thailand, which made the alcohol well worth buying, this however was withdrawn after the first season. They probably need the extra 10% to help fund the money they will have to pay back to the Thai government!
  13. How Thailand is falling in love with the Foxes

    Nice cut out of Kasper diving for the ball, in Phuket airport.(May 2016). Interesting that he was wearing a blue shirt. Tried to upload it but as its over 2Mbits system won't let me. This year in March I saw a new City shirt being worn at Bagan, in Burma. The wearer disappeared inside a Pagoda before I could take a photo. Looked like a Burmese or possibly a Thai tourist!
  14. LCFC/Kasabian - Terrace Wear Range

    Or do an homage to Frank Worthington, "1 hump or 2?"
  15. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Absolute B*ll*cks!!!!!!!