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  1. What we need are more completely neutral experts like Gary Lineker who are always totally objective.
  2. It was a joke, don’t get upset about it. Personally I would object to be called a cvnt, being called an English cvnt would not increase or decrease my objections.
  3. Would he have got away with it if he had left out the word “Arab” or would that just have been sexist?
  4. He scored a great goal against Derby County in the FA Cup in 2017, it was his first goal for us and was from outside the area.
  5. No way, Junior Lewis was by far the worst signing. Silva was very unfortunate and had no chance after LCFC screwed up and left him unable to play for six months.
  6. We always play better when the three Belgians are playing.
  7. Frank was one of the most skilled footballers I have ever had the pleasure to watch playing for LCFC. His book “One hump or two” is a great read, especially funny regarding the two players hiding in his wardrobe!
  8. You obviously never watched Weller, Birchenall and Sammels. If they had played on the pitches we have today with the protection refs now give they would have been the equal.
  9. What makes you think United would even make the semis?
  10. Come on without ,come on with in, you’ve not seen nothing like the mighty String. To the tune of Quinn the Eskimo.
  11. Out of interest are the newts Palmate, Great Crested or just Common?
  12. You really should get a grip. Braga (with virtually the same team) last year drew 3 - 3 at home with Wolves and beat them 1-0 at Molineux. Are you really saying that Wolves are Championship standard, If so you need to watch more Premier League football.
  13. I remember Wolves being a big club in the 1950s when Billy Wright played for them. When I worked in Birmingham a Walsall supporter did say that their local rivals were Wolves. Villa fans dismissed Brum and considered West Brom rivals and vice versa. They both dismissed Wolves as from 1980 - 2000 they were not a consideration. During this time I remember many games when Steve Walsh and Steve Bull regularly kicked the sh*t out of each other. I never forgave Wolves taking the Doog from us when he carried on scoring goals for fun.
  14. With two attacking players standing just in front of the keeper ( within 2 foot) in an off-side position they are bound to be interfering with play. As someone more qualified than me said, “If they are not interfering with play, what are they doing on the pitch?”
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