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  1. Vulpine Victor

    Moronic things fans near you say....

    Shaqiri is Swiss from an Albanian family, which is why he did the Eagle hand shape when he scored against Serbia. Not that it excuses it!
  2. Vulpine Victor

    Baghdad Bounedjah

    We signed Alan Smith from Southern League, Midland division, that worked out pretty well!
  3. Vulpine Victor

    Baghdad Bounedjah

    Could be as silly as paying £1million for a none league player!
  4. Vulpine Victor

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    It is obvious Puel wants to play with an attacking fullback, if Amartey is out for a long spell and he doesn't want to play one of our younger players he could do worse than go for Palace's Aaron Wan-Bissaka , who looks accomplished in defense and is quick and skillful when attacking. It is rumoured that Everton are interested, it would be good to beat them to him.
  5. Vulpine Victor

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    Historically yes, but their last League Title was over thirty years ago! On that basis the following should all be classed as big clubs, but we would expect to beat them this season:- Villa - 7 League titles, Last one 1980/81; 7 FA Cup, 5 League Cup and not forgetting European Cup. Sunderland - 6 League titles, last one 1935/36, 2 FA Cup. Sheffield Wednesday - 4 League titles, last one 1929/30, 3 FA Cup, 1 League Cup. Blackburn Rovers - 3 League titles, last one 1994/95, 6 FA Cup, 1 League Cup. Everton have been living on their past for years, recently they are just a competent Premiership Club with less success than us since 1996!
  6. Vulpine Victor

    So many "puel out" calls from fans, so who replaces him?

    If the owners want to go for a big name they could do worse than Engelbert Humperdinck he has a big name he is a Leicester guy after all!
  7. Ricardo can't defend. First goal against Liverpool! Despite the crap he gets on here Simpson is a far superior fullback. If he had been playing we wouldn't have conceded four goals. In the previous season I lost count of the number of times he got across to rescue poor marking by Morgan, Huth and even Chilwell. Before people say he doesn't get forward enough, the first priority for a fullback should be to defend. Rushing forward down the wing leaves the centrebacks exposed, especially when they are as slow as ours are.
  8. Vulpine Victor

    New training ground announced

    If the builders were one of the firms that fund the Conservative Party, planning permission would be granted even if the local authorities rejected it. Money talks especially for our corrupt government.
  9. Vulpine Victor


    Being little never stopped Giles or Bremner being among the best midfielders of their time.
  10. Vulpine Victor


    Being little never stopped G
  11. Vulpine Victor

    Silva and Drinkwater minutes played.

    No he's not even on the bench.
  12. At the beginning of the season after Chelsea bought Drinkwater and we cocked up Silva's signing I had a bet with my sons that Silva would play more minutes for us than Drinkwater would for Chelsea. Given injuries to Silva I thought I could be wrong. However if seems DD played 563 minutes to Silva's 763! Apart from his bank balance what if anything has Drinkwater gained?
  13. Vulpine Victor

    Riyad Mahrez

    You obviously never watched Frank Worthington. In the days when players performed on muddy pitches and the ball was as heavy as lead and defenders were allowed to take out forwards time and time again without being booked or sent off.
  14. Vulpine Victor

    Lap of honour

    I was in Thailand last week. couldn't see a single LCFC shirt in any King Power shops in Bangkok or Phuket airports. Other than mine the only city shirt on show was a street dealer who didn't know anything about LCFC!
  15. Alf Tupper always ate fish and chips before a race, but he still won. That wasn't illegal but helped him, Just as well the diet police never caught him, don't tell the Daily Mail or Sun,