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  1. I didn’t realise how many manic depressives we had on FT until the first half of today’s game. Either they are all new or have forgotten how we played in the 15/16 season. Low possession but winning games on the break. In honesty I thought our best result would be a 1-1 or if lucky a 1-2 win. We totally exceeded my expectation, it was a reverse of our game against Bournemouth, long May it continue.
  2. I remember watching Matt playing for us and was always impressed with his enthusiasm and effort. Sad when he retired early, but enjoyed his contributions on Radio Leicester. He was one of the best contributors they have had.
  3. Not as excited as I was to hear Donald relate how the American revolutionary forces surrounded the airports to stop the British using aeroplanes against them.
  4. No, not at all. Racism is never justified. Politics should be kept out of sport as far as possible. I do think that a large part of the abuse by the Serbian fans was a result of the events in the Balkans in the recent past. Not reasonable but understandable. You still get negative comments on FT regarding the Germans and French and the UK hasn’t been at war with them for 75 and 205 years!
  5. Let’s face it, whatever term you use will upset someone. It would seem that some actively look for something to complain about. It reminds me of the 1970s film, “Every home should have one”, starring Marty Feldman and Julie Ege, retitled “Think dirty” in the USA. In the film a group of Mary Whitehouse devoteès sit watching films and TV looking for rude or non acceptable words being used. One of the group says, “I counted 12 bastards!” She was corrected by her friend who said, No dear, there were only 11 bastards, you must have misheard bedstead.” “I’d dear” said the First Lady “I wondered wh
  6. As you are all much better informed than me perhaps you can confirm when the term “coloured” became racist? 1980? 1990? 2000? 2010? or 2020? Perhaps you should inform the NAACP, (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People). You obviously label them as racists, which is quite interesting. In the interests of political correctness you should ask the group NWA to change their name and stop being racist too.
  7. This type of PC is stupid, as bad as Sainsbury calling an old lady a racist because she referred to one of their delivery men as “ a nice coloured gentleman”. I get rather sick of the continual change of what is and what isn’t acceptable. There was nothing disrespectful or demeaning in the phrases used. Can we get away with”Non Caucasian” or is that incorrect?
  8. My first ever live game was on March 5th 1960, we beat Man. City 5 - 0, happy days. In those days you could buy blue plastic stars with black and white photos of the players in the centre. My father promised to buy me a star for any LCFC goal scorers, something he later regretted. From memory I got stars for Jimmy Walsh, Howard Riley, Colin Appleton, Ken Leek and Gordon Wills. Been a City supporter ever since. Favourite players Muzzy Izzet and Frank Worthington.
  9. Tell that to Matt Mills, Derby County and Watford Chairman, Radio Leicester and the wolves in the Black Forest or where ever.
  10. We should give him an anger management course.
  11. With present squad 10th to 12th. With a new CF, CB plus winger top 6.
  12. To compare Brendon to that lazy, lying, fraud that acts as Cummings puppet is an insult to our manager and our football club.
  13. No Maguire will bring down Vardy in the penalty area, get sent off and VARDY WILL SCORE THE WINNER!
  14. What get Chris Sutton and Lawrenson to predict our results? Are you mad?
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