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  1. What get Chris Sutton and Lawrenson to predict our results? Are you mad?
  2. You obviously missed the cross that Ricardo scored from!
  3. Don’t like Dele Ali, but his comment wasn’t racist, actually it was quite funny. Only. mistake was putting it in the public domain. PC gone mad.
  4. Wait until he tells them to FOAD!
  5. Boris wasn’t hiding, he had found another pig’s head to f**k.
  6. I voted leave, on the basis that the parties would be sensible. Ideally I wanted a customs union to protect trade and jobs. The complete mess May and Boris (who sabotaged all May’s attempts)have made show that no one had any idea what mad agreements they would make, certainly not theDUP. The only sensible way forward is to agree terms with the EU and then let the population vote if they still want to leave or remain. This time with actual facts to go on, not the lies put out by Farage, Boris and Cummings.
  7. Only one group taking Russian money, Boris, Farage and Cummings. Putin financed Brexit campaign, why else is Boris sitting on the report into Russian interference in our elections. Mirrors his interference in the USA. Putin getting what he wants. An idiot in charge of the USA and a mini me Trump in the UK helping to weaken the EU while causing the breakup of the UK.
  8. Zero hour contracts, not real jobs. How can you get a mortgage or plan for the future with a part time job. The economic crash was global, the banks that caused it were bailed out. The establishment looking after the establishment. Austerity was a political choice, making the poorest in society paying for the mistake of the financial sector. Once again Johnson ( Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, to give him his real name) once again never answered a question just bubbled on. Heaven help us if this UK version of Trump wins the election. It will be the most reactionary right-wing government we have had in modern times.
  9. Hope he makes a success if he gets the job. But it must be said his record after leaving LCFC is pretty crap. Historically Martin O'Neil, Jimmy Bloomfield, Matt Gillies and Ranieri were more successful and hopefully Brendon will take us on to the next level.
  10. Have you ever heard of recording matches to watch later? No need to watch live these days. If it’s recorded you can always decide to watch or not later. I didn’t watch our Manure game as everyone said it was crap. I made do with MOTD.
  11. This is one of the most ridiculous comments I have read. I can only assume that you have never played football or gone to many City matches in the last few years. Albrighton has been one of our most consistent players who always gives100%. Yes it would have been better if he had booted it into the stands but at least he got back to take the ball off Origi. Kasper was as much to blame for not claimed no the loose ball.
  12. Got worried when I saw the first picture, thought that Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha was feeling under the weather. “Top is sickkkk”. False alarm just someone trying to sell a crap shirt.
  13. Couldn’t speak English so we sent him to Scotland?
  14. Selling Maguire to Manure £80 mill plus ........ £85 mill? Telling Manure to FOAD. priceless !
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