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  1. FREE HARRY. (With every newspaper). If only he a was an Algerian, we could have had a “Free Harry” campaign, how dare we hold him prisoner when a “Great club” like Man Utd want him?
  2. Why is it that the people with the most money are always the worst at paying other people what they owe? I was under the impression that Riyad lived locally. Did he move to London in case he got a move to a London club or a continental one? Disappointing to see this account. The Manchester City and Algeria footballer Riyad Mahrez and his wife Rita have been ordered to pay more than £3,600 in unpaid wages to their children's former nanny. The couple "made an unauthorised deduction" from the wages of Catalina Miraflores, an employment judge ruled. They have also been ordered to pay an extra £150 in damages after they "failed to pay certain expenses". Ms Miraflores told The Sun: "I worked really, really hard for that money." City broke their transfer record to sign the £60m winger, now aged 28, on a five-year deal from Leicester in 2018. He was part of the squad that became the first English men's team to complete a domestic treble this year. Man City's Mahrez scores in Algeria win Mahrez happy to fight for Man City place Leicester owner like a dad to me - Mahrez The Sun reported that Ms Miraflores was hired in 2018 by the footballer - who reportedly earns £200,000 a week - to look after his two daughters. In a written ruling, Judge John Sherratt said: "The respondents have made an unauthorised deduction from the claimant's wages and are ordered to pay the claimant the net sum of £3,612. "The respondents, in breach of contract, have failed to pay certain expenses to the claimant and are ordered to pay damages to the claimant in the sum of £150." A separate claim of unfair dismissal by Ms Miraflores was rejected by the tribunal on the grounds that she lacked two years' qualifying service. The BBC contacted Mahrez's agent for comment.
  3. English fans causing trouble in Porto. A complete disgrace to all genuine football fans, Despite the result of our game, Porto was my favourite place during our European Tour. I found the Portuguese police very good, unlike the Spanish, especially in Madrid. We had many happy hours drinking and kicking footballs around down by the river, with no trouble at all.
  4. Don’t understand comment regarding Matt Jones, he was one of our better players until he got injured and had to retire.
  5. On holiday in Gran Canaria, saying to another City fan, much to my sons embarrassment, “Who needs Cantona, we’ve got Ormandroid!”
  6. Tommy Williams should be on the list, as a teenager he took out Tommy Smith of Liverpool, the hardest player at that time.
  7. Spider Kalac, a bigger keeper than the others and he played for Milan in the Champions League on several occasions!
  8. Can’t see any point in a loan without the option to buy. If he is poor we will have wasted a starting place that could have gone to one of our own young players and if he is a roaring success a higher placed club, even Spurs would take him at the end of the season.
  9. Shaqiri is Swiss from an Albanian family, which is why he did the Eagle hand shape when he scored against Serbia. Not that it excuses it!
  10. We signed Alan Smith from Southern League, Midland division, that worked out pretty well!
  11. Could be as silly as paying £1million for a none league player!
  12. It is obvious Puel wants to play with an attacking fullback, if Amartey is out for a long spell and he doesn't want to play one of our younger players he could do worse than go for Palace's Aaron Wan-Bissaka , who looks accomplished in defense and is quick and skillful when attacking. It is rumoured that Everton are interested, it would be good to beat them to him.
  13. Historically yes, but their last League Title was over thirty years ago! On that basis the following should all be classed as big clubs, but we would expect to beat them this season:- Villa - 7 League titles, Last one 1980/81; 7 FA Cup, 5 League Cup and not forgetting European Cup. Sunderland - 6 League titles, last one 1935/36, 2 FA Cup. Sheffield Wednesday - 4 League titles, last one 1929/30, 3 FA Cup, 1 League Cup. Blackburn Rovers - 3 League titles, last one 1994/95, 6 FA Cup, 1 League Cup. Everton have been living on their past for years, recently they are just a competent Premiership Club with less success than us since 1996!
  14. If the owners want to go for a big name they could do worse than Engelbert Humperdinck he has a big name he is a Leicester guy after all!
  15. Ricardo can't defend. First goal against Liverpool! Despite the crap he gets on here Simpson is a far superior fullback. If he had been playing we wouldn't have conceded four goals. In the previous season I lost count of the number of times he got across to rescue poor marking by Morgan, Huth and even Chilwell. Before people say he doesn't get forward enough, the first priority for a fullback should be to defend. Rushing forward down the wing leaves the centrebacks exposed, especially when they are as slow as ours are.
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