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  1. Oswinner

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I don’t get this love-in for Wolves. They looked average at best. Media have been talking about them like they are the second coming and now people are starting to believe it, including their own fans. Well, they are in for a shock..!
  2. Oswinner

    fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    If he wants a release clause we should offer him less wages. Give and take...
  3. I don't celebrate reserve team goals very much. He's disrespected our club one too many times. He came out and said that he only played well to get a move away...what about playing well for your team-mates? Not to mention the 100k a week your bosses were paying you. Why sign a contract for 4 years if you so desperately wanted out? He's an idiot.
  4. The fans need to let him know what a **** he's been/being. Full-on booing him and chants of 'You're not fit to wear the shirt' would suffice. Showed his true colours, hope he rots in the ressies like Musa did.
  5. If he didn’t turn up to training without consent we should start by fining him some wages and go from there. He’s really insulted the club this week. Deserves punishment.
  6. Oswinner

    FIFA 18

    Fifa really needs an overhaul. This years version is the worst in years. No control over your players at all meaning loads of shitty high scoring 4-4 matches as players fall over the place until someone slags it in from 25 yards. So sweaty. Accidental Barge football at its finest.
  7. Oswinner

    Southampton (A) pre-match

    Soton have the best disciplinary record in the league (15Y/0R) We have the joint second best (16Y/0R). Cue mass bookings and sending offs tonight.