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  1. Ps...if anyone likes Donkey Kong Country or 2D platformer games in general then you will love the Yooka-Laylee sequel; Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. Finally got around to playing it and it’s insanely good. 10/10 easily.
  2. Mario 64 was my first proper Mario game. Got a switch in October and been hooked on Mario All-Stars on the SNES ever since. Well, that and the Donkey Kong Country games. Super Mario Bros 1 is probably my favourite. Just so simple but addictive. Its a good game when played normally but it’s best played arcade style, trying to beat the game without a game over. Furthest I’ve gotten to before the game over is world 7-1. Sonic? I had it on Game Gear back in the day. Cool game but not played it in over 25 years. Mario wins for me.
  3. Hey. New to the discussion. I understand about CA/PA after using lockdown to edit a load of FM16 attributes so I can replay the 15/16 season in all its glory. City were dog rough at the start of that game. What’s Barnes’ CA/PA? I’d guess about 150/-9 at the start of the season? Have his best attributes be Speed/Acceleration/Balance/Long Shots (15+) left foot is half decent aswell. I understand a 15. Anywhere between a 10 and 15 is good for me. and then something like; 20 AML 15 ML, AMC, MC 10 AMR, MR, ST All subjective of course.
  4. Isn’t that what Nintendo Switch Online is? I’ve been enjoying plenty of SNES games recently. Never had a SNES back in the day as n64 was my first console. Right near the end of Donkey Kong Country - fantastic game.
  5. At £8.74 you cannot go wrong. Just don’t go in with the mindset that it’ll be as good as Banjo. It’s a good 7 or 8/10 game.
  6. Just completed Yooka-Laylee. 30 hours of fun right there. Recommended to anyone who enjoyed the Rare 3D platformers of the late 90s. Got it for £8.74 from the eshop, if it’s still that price then the game comes highly recommended. Bargain.
  7. Do it. I dusted off Majoras in December. Terrific game. Tooie and Majoras are both classics, even if the predecessors are ever so slightly better. However, they are both different enough to stand on their own two feet. Tooie is more like Zelda whilst Kazooie is more like Mario 64. And Majoras is just a dark, disturbing game - for all the right reasons. I’m not much of a shooter fan either, but Goldeneye was just class with friends and I really got into all the gadgets and secret agenty stuff in Perfect Dark. The story gets a bit lame near the end but the gameplay is so go
  8. Rare were golden during this era. Wish they stayed with Nintendo.
  9. Cool list. Can’t believe you have Conkers Bad Fur Day and Perfect Dark so low down and couldn’t really get into Majoras Mask and Banjo-Tooie. Those four games carried my gaming 2000 through to GameCube. That’s the beauty of opinions though. All subjective. Nintendo 64 definitely has my favourite catalogue of games.
  10. I’m feeling all nostalgic and going through my n64 games and trying to put them in order of rank. What are people’s favourite Nintendo 64 games? You can write a top-10 list or just generally write about one or two games you love (or hate). Here’s mine; Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Perfect Dark Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Goldeneye Banjo-Kazooie Banjo-Tooie Conker’s Bad Fur Day Donkey Kong 64 Super Mario 64 Mario Kart 64 Mario Tennis Super Smash Bros F-Zero X Jet Force Gemini Mario Party
  11. For sure. Just before Xmas I re-completed Majoras Mask. Puts Breath of the Wild to shame. I’m so disappointed in Breath of the Wild right now. I’ve played 30+ hours and I still don’t feel like I’ve progressed in the game. Could be such a great game aswell. The weapon durability kills it. My Zelda grades; Ocarina (10/10) Majoras (10/10) Twilight Princess (9/10) Wind Waker (9/10) Skyward Sword (8/10) Breath of the Wild (7/10) I’ve got to get Mario Odyssey. Been addicted to 2D Mario recently and also been enjoying Yooka-Laylee. Will get it at one point, a
  12. Now I’ve put 30+ Hours into Breath of the Wild, as a massive Zelda fan, all I can say is, it’s a massive disappointment. Started out really excited by it all. You can go anywhere and explore. Hyrule has never looked better. But the combat...I end up running away from every enemy. Weapons break far too easily and it is really not fun because of this. I wouldn’t mind a weapon durability system, if all the weapons weren’t made of glass. Ruins the game for me.
  13. Owned (and still do) an n64, GameCube and Wii but not the Wii U. Had about ten years away from gaming but bought the Switch back in October and I’ve been reeled back into it. What a system. Purchased two games with it; Animal Crossing for the Mrs. Don’t really understand the hype for it, maybe we haven’t played it enough but neither of us are hooked. The other game was Super Mario 3D All Stars for me, even though I still own 64 and Sunshine. Nostalgia overload. Re-completed 64, still a great game but not aged too kindly. Nearly re-completed Sunshine. Underrated game, aged really we
  14. If anybody has Mario Maker 2 I’ve created half a ‘super world’ in the NES game style. Maker ID: BKF-5MT-CMF If anybody wants to try it out. Currently working on worlds 5-8 to finish off but would love feedback from anybody that plays it.
  15. Wouldn’t say it’s mopping the floor with them. BotW has sold 21.45m and Odyssey 20.23m.
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