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  1. Eternal thanks and gratitude to the generation who never gave up so we could live in freedom and the right to choose how we live. Also Happy Birthday to David Attenborough who is in ninety four today, an absolute legend.
  2. Scumbags, unfortunately there will always be people who are usually career criminals targeting people or places who don’t care about other people’s circumstances, or will take advantage of other people’s misfortune.
  3. Some reports say he’s dead and his sister is going to take control. If true it will be interesting the rhetoric between her and Trump!
  4. When something big like this happens everyone says they will change something in their life or things will be “different” or they will treat people better and have a new zest for life, the reality is that if and when things get back to normal people will just snap back into the old routine, and there is nothing wrong with that if it makes you happy. Getting back to normal is often the best thing for people to do.
  5. My brother is painting the fence at this very moment. He’s painting with his shirt off🤪
  6. An amazing game to go to when we all ran on to the pitch afterwards, I got to shake Tony James hand once when he was signing autographs some time later.
  7. Denmark winning Euro 92 when they didn’t even qualify. They only got in because Yugoslavia were kicked out because of the war in the balkans. They didn’t have much time to prepare but went on to win it. Truly amazing.
  8. There are different levels and types of intelligence and stupidity, and sometimes smart people can be dumb and sometimes dumb people can be smart. You can be smart at one thing and dumb in another way.
  9. Walking outside and was passed by a police car twice, worried I might get stopped and fined but they just drove by. Anyone know of someone who has been stopped and fined!. I am used to social distancing anyway so doesn’t affect me much. I usually go library but can’t do that now.i hope everyone on foxestalk stays safe. My mental health is taking a real hit with all this and I imagine it’s affecting everyone like this.
  10. The golden age of Izzet, Lennon ans Savage in midfield.
  11. Michel Barnier, the EU's Chief negotiator has tested positive for Covid 19. he wants to do a trade deal with Britain for Toilet rolls and Pasta
  12. Might need to buy a new calender
  13. Q could be for Quality football we play or Q Quick counter attacking football better than what he put!.
  14. Maybe being without football for a month will make fans appreciate it more, after all we don't realize how good something is until it's gone or we think we should have appreciated it more while it was in our lives. Maybe we will all stop taking it for granted and be more supportive of evryone and everything to do with the game. i did say maybe!
  15. If they are in isolation on their own and nothing to pass the time, there is one use for it!
  16. My going out suit from now on
  17. Why not keep the rest of the season but have one player from each club be the team who they represent on xbox, so Vardy represents Leicester vs a player from the opposing team and they are both in isolation booths. so no risk of contact and the fans could all watch online from the comfort of their homes.
  18. To those who have stockpiled pasta To those who are searching the black market for hand sanitizer To those in supermarkets fighting over toilet rolls and those trying to flee out of Corona infected areas Never again look down on those who flee war and famine
  19. we can all speculate who the three are but the number could increase not forgetting the coaching staff and anyone else connected with the everyday running of the football club, the club and the stadium might have to into lockdown.
  20. Devastated for him and the team, one of our most consistent players.
  21. to the tune of Lola by the KInks so football still playing, I don't understand, the games going on but we're not allowed in the stand Bloody Corona, Blu, Blu Bloody Corona, Co Co, Corona I really hate this Corona, I don't want the Corona
  22. I am not happy that anyone got the virus but if it did happen to someone then it is good that it has happened to a cabinet minister!. now they can have some inkling of what it is like for ordinary people living in this country and if it makes them a better person overall for having gone through something ordinary people in this country are going through then at least something positive would come out of the terrible situation.
  23. If your having football problems, I feel bad for you son. Jamie Varrdy's on ninety - nine goals, one more and it's his Premier League Ton, whooa
  24. We've had bird flu, Sars, swine flu, zika and the one we have at the moment is Coronavirus. after we've sorted this there will be another. where do these diseases come from, where do they go and why is there always something! is it natures way of cutting down the population. humans have spread far and wide much to the detriment of all other species and to nature itself. if nature chooses to fight back, humans cannot complain!.
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