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  1. If she loses the appeal, Though unlikely what then. Is there enough evidence to lock her up for life.if she does end up getting out of prison I don’t want her given a new identity and Naomi it you for life at taxpayers expense.
  2. Once she is hear I bet we’ll never be able to deport her, they’ll say we can’t deport her to a war zone. I don’t know why she can’t fight her appeal by video link.
  3. Sheffield certainly showed steel. Cheers lads.
  4. Pick, we should go all out to beat these, even if it’s 5 - 3. I want us to go all out attack
  5. Good point away from home at a place we generally don’t do well especially after the Arse were all over us in the first half.it was good to see a referee go and have a look at the pitch side monitor as refs have been encouraged to do but none have until now, Arteta is just moaning because it was done to his team but hopefully more referees will follow suit.
  6. He only needs to touch it as long as the next touch of the ball is the back of the net and he’s not doing that.
  7. Well the team has some sort of virus which stops winning games and Rodgers needs to find the antidote fast or this season will die a slow death for us.
  8. Sloppy, Sluggish, Sh#te. We are throwing the season away. Pathetic
  9. Vardy to get his forEver ton! 🤞
  10. He's tired of waiting at the checkout waiting for the service to get the goods, so he goes to the self service which takes him longer to produce the goods.he desperately needs better service.
  11. It's all going Pete Tong, S O S. Save our season
  12. Posh upper class white privalege just doesn’t understand or can’t comprehend let alone relate
  13. We’ll meet again, I don’t know where and I don’t know when! {I haven’t actually met her }.
  14. Cheers Kingy. League One, Championship and Premier League Winner, over fifty goals for us and fifty appearances for Wales. Thanks for the service.
  15. Loved watching David Platt at Italia ‘90 and then his career in Italy with Bari, Juventus and Sampdoria. Also loved watching Dragan Stojkovic with Red Star Belgrade and then Marseille.
  16. Should we get rid of things that other groups may find offensive not just race and religion for example is the Venus de Milo and other such statues, relics offensive to disabled people
  17. We are passed 40,000 now, another grim milestone.
  18. I think everyone will agree with torture to get information in this case.
  19. Everyone keeps saying we are past the peake
  20. He comes across as an arrogant pr%-k who doesn’t give a toss about other people’s opinions or what people think of him. With Brexit getting done is there really any need for Boris to still have him around.
  21. Ground control to captain Tom, congratulations on your gong.
  22. Who else fancies small town girl on Ranganation. Absolutely gorgeous.
  23. Borussia Monchen because we played them a few years ago and I’d be glad to have them back. 😄
  24. He was great for us and at the time we were good for him, we gave him a platform for him to perform and show the world what he could do. He may have originally not wanted to join us but both parties should be grateful that it happened with what we both achieved together.
  25. Eternal thanks and gratitude to the generation who never gave up so we could live in freedom and the right to choose how we live. Also Happy Birthday to David Attenborough who is in ninety four today, an absolute legend.
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