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  1. Post Diana we live in a world where we have to show our emotions and how we feel so deeply when something massive happens. we have to be seen to be emotional otherwise we fear we will be called uncaring, or not bothered.
  2. Leicester just want an explanation of the events as to why the handball was not given. it certainly won't change the result. they are just looking for clarification.
  3. Brendan needs to keep the players motivated and manage the disappointment, we've still got the top four to get and must remain focused. get through the next round of the F.A cup and who knows! one blip on the road to what could still be a great season.
  4. Oh well, we had the chance to get to a cup final against a team on any normal day you would expect us to win, absolutely Gutted. we blew it!.
  5. As long as it's not spread though this
  6. Tragic accident and just brings back the memories of the night Vichai died. as Leicester fans we can all relate to how everyone connected and who watched Kobe play must be feeling. my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends and even more tragic is the fact his daughter died as well.
  7. A great win and really pleased for Perez and Barnes scoring goals, hopefully they keep it up. Vardy's injury is obviously a major concern and hopefully he can come back quickly as he is the epicentre of our team.
  8. Good luck Kingy, he's now been on loan at a number of clubs, Swansea, Derby, Rangers and now Huddersfield. will he finish his Career by being a loan player or see out his contract with Leicester and move somewhere on a free. whatever he does good luck to him.
  9. They can't have their cake and eat it!. if they want to step back from royal duties then fine I don't have a problem with that but don't keep sponging of the taxpayer. they can both work and do other things and be self sufficient. they are either all in royals or all out not royals. the other royals are kicking up a fuss about this because they know this could be the first step towards getting rid of the lot of them. if Harry and Meghan are not needed in the royal family then it will show that others will not be needed and the taxpayer will rightly ask if we don't pay for Harry and Meghan why
  10. He has stated that he doesn't just want to sit on the bench, if he isn't starting games then he should stay at home and rest. even with Kane injured Gareth would prefer to pick younger players. not playing for England has benefited him and the Leicester team.
  11. The amount of games a club plays in a few days over Christmas and New year is Too much as the more tired you or your body is the more likely you are to pick up an injury. Clubs have to manage their squads over Christmas as best they can as the fixture congestion piles up. The fans love the busy Christmas period but it has been long mooted about a winter break which other top leagues have and we don't which would help players recover and get refreshed for the second half of the season. top teams are lucky than others where they can rotate their squads.
  12. They ar a good team and congratulations to them but we don't need to lick there a#87holes.
  13. on paper we should beat these, we should put out the strongest team possible and have no excuses if we don't get to the final. ideally get a big lead in the first leg and then if we do we can coast through the second leg without going full steam.
  14. At two - nil up at half time we should have buried them but like us we allowed them back into the game!. having them score in the last minute you would have thought they would of had the momentum going into the penalty shoot out so it was great to see Kasper make some saves. their fans celebrating baines goal and then losing the penalty shoot out ( the highs and lows of being a football fan) and great that we missed the two manchester clubs and got Villa in the semis.
  15. World class means they would walk into any other team in the world and make them better. That means teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juvenntus, Bayern. Kante possibly Riicardo Mahrezz wouldn't improve those teams, he may be doing well at Man City but he hasn't improved them.
  16. Caroline has announced she is stepping down as the presenter of Love Island. caroline said she would not present the shows sixth season "in order to not detract attention " from the new series after she was arrested and charged with assault. Apparently she has been copping a lot of Flack!
  17. Absolutely hate the Cronyism that goes on in British Politics where that if you fail miserably as an mp or cabinet member you are rewarded to a seat in the Lords with all the taxpayer funded privelages. it says all that is wrong in British society.
  18. Everton and their fans will really be up for this one as it looks like either Thursday or Friday Ancelotti will be confirmed as their manager, so he may be at the game watching and they will want to impress. They will most likely put out a strong team and hopefully we will do the same. they are going to play with passion and intensity and we have to be a=ble to match that if we want to go through the tie.
  19. The italians are idiots and so are their ultras unfortunately racism is ingrained in their culture as well as sexism. it is so ingrained they don't realize or think it is racism.
  20. really tough games, these will be all over us but will give us chances which we have to take to win the games. if we can get two draws that would be an amazing achievement. any win will be fantastic.
  21. a Really disappointing game, sometimes these are how games go and you have to fight for every point. Norwich were clearly up for this and are battling against relegation. we just were not on it today. but the unbeaten run goes on.
  22. How strange would it be if we end up hoping for a last minute Deeney winner!
  23. Just voted, i agree with people saying their needs to be electoral reform. we need to make it so there are less safe seats for parties and it should be about every vote matters and not just people feeling like their vote doesn't matter because they live in a constituency that is a safe seat for the MP of whoever party.
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